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First Time Bi

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Debbie and I had a chance to talk about our trip to the swing house. She said it was a wild time and she had really enjoyed herself. I asked her how her first women to woman experience went? She said it was a great experience. I asked, than you want to do it again? She smiled and said oh yes.

I suggested we could find a couple to swing with that the woman was bi-curious and she could introduce her to her first experience. Debbie liked the idea of having a woman for her first time and thought it would be exciting. I said I will see what I can find.

I placed an ad in the local swingers magazine. It read “ Couple seeking another couple with bi-curious female for her first experience and full couple swap.

I was amazed. I got 8 responses. I showed Debbie and she was surprised as well. So we went shopping lol. Most of the couples responding were younger than us, which was fine with me, as your women are what I like as well. They all were between the ages of 19 and 25. Debbie and I are in our late 30”s. Some sent “G” rated pictures.

The one couple said that they were new to swinging and that the woman was very interested in having her first bi experience. Their picture showed a very beautiful girl 20 and her partner was a nice looking guy 25. She was 5’ 4” and he was 6”2”. Debbie likes tall men.

Anyway we responded back and eventually agreed to meet for a drink. We met at the bar and sat and chatted and had a drink. Debbie said power room time and her and Sara went off to talk I am sure. Sara was absolutely gorgeous and real sexy. His name was Ron and we had our chance to talk as well. I asked Ron if they had done any swinging before and he said they had been to one local swing dance and had gotten up close and personal with another couple, but didn’t actually do anything except some close dancing and butt play. We had a lot of fun. So you want to swing than? He said yes they had talked about it and were ready to try it.

Debbie and Sara returned hand in hand. She said why don’t we go to our place? I said ok and thought great we were on. Debbie told me later that she and Sara had talked and she had shared with her about some of what her recent first experience was like and what had happened and was that what she was interested in doing. Sara was a little nervous but was real curious and willing.

We arrived at our place and Debbie made us all drinks. It was decided that for this time it would be separate room play, although later the ladies might get together with us present if all went well when the girls were alone. We talked and it was decided that we would swap partners first and than the ladies would be together later. I put on a xxx movie to set the tone for the evening. I sat next to Sara and Deb next to Ron and we watched the video For a while and we were all turned on and soon Deb took Ron’s hand and off they went to do their thing. I put my arm around Sara and gave her a lite kiss and asked ready and off we went to a different room.

We got to the room and I kissed her again and she was willing and excited from watching the movie. I unbuttoned her top and she had wonderful boobs. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard and her breathing increased. I asked, first time doing this? Yes she said, Ron and I have talked about it for a long time and both were excited to hear from you and Deb. I reached inside her blouse and played with her boobs and she said nice I like that. I asked so you want to have sex with Debbie and she said yes have been curious about what that would be like. I slid my hand up her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties and she leaned into me and kissed me and said hummm feels good when you do that. I leaned in and took one of her hard nipples in my mouth and sucked and licked her boobs and she said love that.

My hand slipped under her skirt pulled her panties to the side and with my finger I flicked it across her clitoris and she shuttered and pushed her pussy against my finger. You know Debbie will do this to you and will go down and lick you? Her breathing increased and she said she will and I said oh yes and I pushed her skirt up to her waist and pushed her panties aside and began licking her pussy. My finger slipped inside and fingering her and sucking her and she suddenly began to shake all over and began to cum and I backed off and as she was cumming flicked my tongue on her clit and she began to jerk and rotate her hips and climaxed crying out and finally collapsing on the bed breathing hard. I said that is what Debbie will do to you and what you will do to Debbie.

Sara said, never done that, but I want to see what it is like to have sex with another woman. I said you will tonight, but first you are going to have sex with me. I stood in front of her and she unbuckled my pants and reached in and took my now very hard cock out and moved her head forward and took me in her mouth and I almost came, but was able to hold off. Her mouth was wet and hot and I moved in and out in a fucking motion. I pulled her up to me and kissed her and we both removed our clothes. I turned her around and pressed on her back and she bent over and I entered her from behind.

She was tight and wet and pressed back against me and said oh yes good good and I pushed her down to her hands and knees and rode her hard and fast. I than went over the top and sat on her ass and moved in and out of her with all my weight on her. I was grunting and she was as well and I said cum with me and she said oh yes and I pounded her harder and felt my cum rising and grunted and said cum and exploded inside of her and she cried out and shuttered and came with me. We both collapsed on the bed panting and kissing each other. I said you are very good at that and she smiled and said you are too. I said, maybe we will have time to do it again later. I love doing 20 yr old ladies.

We returned to the living room and Deb and Ron were waiting. Debbie had that just been fucked look and had a smile on her face. Of course Sara did to and Ron noticed that look as well. We had a drink and I asked if they were ok as it had been their first full swing experience. Debbie said oh Ron is ok for sure and laughed and Sara said I am ok too.

Ron said really having fun.

Debbie Story with Ron.

We went into the bedroom and I turned and leaned up and kissed Ron. I love tall men.

He had to lean down to kiss me. I was ready to do this guy and didn’t waste any time letting him know and kissed him again with an open mouth and so we began. I said sit down and he sat in a chair and I stood in front of him and undressed myself for him. He sat and watched me with his hand on his cock and he was rubbing himself through his pants. I moved over to him and got on my knees in front of him and loosened his belt and pulled his pants over his knees and released his cock and took it in my mouth. He was big, and very long and big around. I sucked on him and licked his balls and his ass rose from the chair and pressed into my mouth and I couldn’t handle it all he was so big.

H e was ready for me and so I moved up and sat on his lap and he entered me and I was filled up completely and was so wet and ready for him. I rode him and he filled me up like no other man had ever before. His cock went in so deep it couldn’t go in any further and I crashed and burned riding his cock and I came very hard panting and I heard him grunt and knew he was going to cum as well and pulled off him and took him in my mouth and he exploded in my mouth and throat and I sucked him dry. I really love doing that and so did he. We hadn’t taken very long, but it was very, very good.

I will never forget that totally filled up experience and just wanted to do him again soon.

We all needed a break in the action and so we went to the hot tub with drinks and relaxed in the water not saying much. After a while Debbie moved over to Sara and sat next to her and whispered something in her ear. Debbie than leaned down and gave her a long and passionate kiss with an open mouth and flickering of her tongue inside Sara’s mouth.

Sara returned the kiss and leaned against Debbie surrendering to the moment, her first moment.

Debbie put her arms around Sara and they were boob to boob and kissed her again. Sara Was obviously turned on by Debbie’s touch and kisses. Debbie leaned in and kissed one of Sara’s boobs and took one in her mouth and sucked on the nipple. Sara leaned back against the side of the tub and opened herself up to Debbie’s attention. Debbie moved into Sara’s opened legs and they were in full body contact. Debbie’s hand moved down between Sara’s legs and by the motion of her arm we could see that she was fingering Sara’s pussy. Sara through her head back and murmured oh yes and we could tell she was moving her hips back and forth with the movement of Debbie’s fingers in her pussy.

Sara shuttered and cried out and grabbed Debbie and pulled her close and road her fingers to a climax. She kissed Debbie and continued to kiss her until her breathing returned to normal.

They switched places and it was Sara’s turn to do Debbie and following Debbie’s lead took one of her boobs in her mouth and her hand moved down between Debbie’s legs and she was fingering her. Debbie was getting hotter by the minute and after a while of being fingered she pulled away and told Sara to sit on the edge of the tub.

Sara sat on the edge of the tub with her legs wide apart knowing what Debbie was going to do to her. Debbie buried her head between Sara’s legs and began to lick her pussy and Sara said oh yes that feels so good and pressed herself against Debbie’s mouth and leaned back to give Debbie full access to her pussy and made grunting noises and grabbed Debbie’s head and with back and forth movements of her hips shuttered all over and completely lost control and came in Debbie’s mouth. She laid there panting and with a quivering pussy. She pulled Debbie up to her face and kissed her passionately.

The two of them sat back down in the tub and looked over at two turned on guys with hard on’s. Sara said wow what an experience that was. Us guys moved over to the girls and sat next to them. Me next to Sara and Ron next to Debbie.

Ron and I both knew what we wanted. For Ron it would be his first time watching Sara with another man. And my first time watching Debbie. We both stood up with our cocks hard and Debbie went down on Ron and Sara went down on me. They sucked our cocks and Ron watched what Sara was doing to me and was thrusting into Debbie’s mouth and was so turned on he got that I am going to cum look on his face and exploded in Debbie’s mouth and she took it all and swallowed all his cum.

I pulled away from Sara and leaned down and asked are you ready to do Debbie. She looked up at me and nodded yes. I motioned for Debbie to sit on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide waiting. Sara moved over to her and kissed her and moved down Debbie’s body kissing and licking. When she reached Debbie’s pussy she hesitated for a moment and than made her decision and buried her head in Debbie’s pussy. Debbie just laid back and opened wide. Sara was bent over at the waist with her ass in the air licking and sucking Debbie. I moved behind her and entered her from behind. Ron was standing there watching me fuck Sara and it wasn’t long before he was up and ready again, apparently turned on by what Sara was doing to me and to Debbie. After a while I slipped out of Sara and motioned for him to replace me. With his very large cock he entered her and she knew who it was fucking her now and became more intense with what she was doing to Debbie, knowing Ron was now part of the scene. Debbie was totally turned on and was making all kinds of sounds and movements by this time. I just sat and watched this whole scene evolve. Finally Debbie moaned and jerked and thrust her pussy into Sara’s mouth and had her cum and Ron watching thrusted harder into Sara and came inside her and she cried out and came with him. They all looked over at me all panting and satisfied. I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub obviously in a aroused state and asked would one of you ladies please take care of this motioning to my cock. They both laughed and Sara looked at Ron for permission and he nodded yes and she moved over to me and took me in her mouth. So with Debbie and Ron watching Sara gave me a blow job and she really worked me over and it didn’t take me long and I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed all I had to give her.

We were all done for the night. Sara said she had a great time and Ron agreed. They had a lot of firsts and I think a little shocked by all they had done. A couple of months later we did get together again, but that is another story.

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