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Finding New Swing Friends

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Here is a record of our first experience in finding new swing friends on your web site...

Fell free to contact us if you have any questions.

thanks, D & D

Finding New Swing Friends

Deb and I have been together for over 7 years, dedicated to each other as life long partners. She is 48 and I am 58. We met nearly 8 years ago on an adult web site when our, then relationships were fading in sexual fulfillment, plus we were both interested in experimenting adventures such as 3somes and swinging with other couples. The first time we met we shared our life’s joys and disappointments. I was married 33 years and Deb had been in a dedicated relationship for 23 years. Deb was my first affair in 33 years of marriage…

Deb and I are soul mates, secure in our deep love for each, with so many common background experiences and interests… we are both 5’10”, 175 lbs, athletic, and both were high school sports stars. Deb was Texas State high school track champion two years in a row… those long strong legs and determined spirit has made her a talented and sexy lady… and successful business woman as well. Even though she has added some weight since her track and basketball star days she still has those long strong sexy legs, but now in addition has 38DD cleavage that turns heads everywhere we go… and she is still a fast woman too!

We have learned a lot since our first swinging experiences; questions to ask, things to look for… the most important thing is that we follow Deb’s instinct. We have fun when we do, and we don’t when we don’t! As a result we have made just one rule, “The women rule!”… And that works well for us. Plus, we always knew were going home with the one we love, then luv to share the experience as we engage in hot steamy sex together as recall the events that just occurred in the swing adventure.

So, after many adventures we settled down with one couple we played with over the past 5 years. We have become great friends, fun luvers, with awesome travel and sexual adventures. We became such great friends that we could comfortably share each others partners in 2somes or 3somes with no concern about jealousy or feelings of improper, “screwing around”. Unfortunately our friends moved. So we decided to go back on line at Christmas time to search for another compatible couple to grow a new friendship, share erotic adventures, travel, etc., together. After reviewing many sites we decided that “Swing Life Style” would be the best one for us to join to search out, chat, and find new swing friends.

After a few contacts we ended up with Kari and John. Like us they are hard working professionals, very successful in what they do. Kari is 49, petite, 5’ 4”, 120 lbs with a nice body topped by 36C breasts. John is 54, 5’ 10”, 180, shaved head, great smiles on both of them! Through emails we knew that both have very pleasing personalities. So, we met for dinner. We talked openly about our lives, families, careers, life style experiences. Kari and John were looking for the same as us; a straight couple that could grow in friendship and erotic sensual swinging fun relationship. We set a day and time for them to come over to our home for our first play time.

While we were both nervous with anticipation and wanting to please our guests Deb was more nervous then me. So, a couple hours before they were to arrive I offered to give her a massage, just to help calm her normal anxious feelings. We both got naked as we always do when massaging each other. We have a special massage area in our basement surrounded by sheets and a bed spread to give a soft warm atmosphere. Our professional massage table makes for both the masseur and the massaged to enjoy the relaxing pleasing experience. Our oil warmer allows for instant warm sensations to sooth, yet arouses the senses. Well, as I always try to do, Deb became relaxed and aroused as touched all of her 7 Tantric senses, caressed her wonderful smooth soft skin and firm muscle structure. As I massaged her firms ass, stretched her legs apart to run my fingers over her butt and then down her pussy slit, she spread her legs further to allow me more access and penetration. Soon she was moaning softly. That invited me to climb on the massage table so I could then massage her with my whole body. Soon she had me hard has a rock as my cock slide from her swollen pussy slit up to her oily ass hole, then past her ass checks; which gave my inner thighs, cock and balls that slippery warm exciting sensation….

Soon with just a slight downward and forward dip of my hips my cock drove into her pussy with a gentle but demanding thrust. A warm wet wonderful sensation engulfed my cock, then my total being as I moved up and inside her awesome luv tunnel… It wasn’t more than a few strokes of my cock in her before the back of her neck and shoulders started turning red – her initial orgasmic sign! Then I felt a warm rush engulf my hot shaft as Deb started moaning with her first of many “O’s”. She raised her buttocks allowing me to withdraw from her pussy and stroke lower, driving the head of my cock up her now white hot clit. As I stroked her clit with my cockhead a few more strokes, she came again. Deb can ejaculate her clear liquid cum in copious amounts when she is excited beyond her regular orgasms, making my cock lubricated, which in turn drives me crazy! Eventually I lost control as I feel the, “Here I cum!”, sensation start at the base of my balls up through cock, boil up and out, exploding thru my cock a stream of white cum – then when it slams into her pussy walls it creates such a hot erotic feeling we both end up crying out our pleasures of glorious orgasms. I laid in top of and inside of Deb for a couple more minutes until the spasms subsided. Regaining my senses allowed me to slide off Deb’s ass and back, then off the massage table. OK, now we were pleased, primed and pumped to play when Kari and John arrived!

Deb and I then soaked in our tub, with candle light, sipping on wine, plus Deb wanted a shot of Jack Daniels to take off the edge just a little bit…We thoroughly washed. each others bodies, dried off and put on our robs. Kari and John arrived with wine and snacks and warm smiles. After hugs & kisses Kari and John went to our guest bedroom to slip into their robes. We headed to our basement massage “playroom”. Earlier we had put a king size futon on the rug. We started out on the futon, consumed wine and snacks while chatting. Electricity was in the air!! Finally we all sensed it was time. I offered to give Kari a massage to which she replied, “Sounds great!”

It didn’t take long for John to move closer to Deb on the futon to begin foreplay by touching and kissing each other. Kari and I moved to the massage table with just a white padded bed spread separating Deb and John from Kari and I… just enough soft privacy while yet being able to hear the erotic playful sounds each couple would share as we shared each other’s partner.

Kari shed her rob to reveal a thin black tank top with a peek-a-boo lattice covering over her breasts… tiny black thong panties covered her shapely bottom. I undid my robe belt, we embraced, touching each other’s body all over as our tongues and lips kept exploring each others mouth, face, neck, and shoulders. Simultaneously she reached into my robe to feel my genitals as I slipped my hand under her tank top to feel her supple breasts and perky nipples. What a turn-on as we both let out soft pleasurable moans. We could hear Deb and John moaning on the other side of the bed spread wall separating us. Oh, how arousing as my mind visualized how John might be drawing those erotic pleasing moans from my sexy Deb!

Kari then slipped off my robe. As she did I felt her hand gently cup my balls, then wander up to squeeze and stroke my cock. I was nervous so was barely semi-hard but as she continued stroking and rubbing I felt myself begin to grow. I pumped some warm oil from our massage oil warming dispenser to begin massaging her beautiful breasts… her nipples responded immediately to long hard points. What an awesome rack on such a petite body! “It’s gonna be tough to complete this massage!” , I thought.

Kari pulled her arms around my neck, climbed up on my hips wrapping her legs around my waist. Lucky for me we were near the massage table so I could catch my balance against the table’s edge. I then turned around to lay her on top of the table. She leaned back and for the first time I saw her full bushy dark brown pubic hair – wow! Call me old fashioned but I prefer a mound of natural hair, so full and silky soft – so beautifully natural. (After I met Deb I asked her if she would be willing to let her pubic hair grow back – she has the most wonderful mound of soft silky blonde pubic hair)… Again Kari’s brown pubic mound was an erotic contrast to Deb’s sexy blond hair!

I pumped some more oil in my hands to rub on her flat belly and pubic area. As I got to Kari’s upper thighs she spread her legs so I could apply oil around her dark thin skinned labia covering her pink pussy. A few more stokes with my hands from her face and neck down to her toes was all I could manage – I did not want to turn this sexy bod over to massage her back side when that beautiful fur covered pussy had invited my mouth and tongue to give it special attention. So I climbed onto the table with Kari, kissed her lips, ears, then down I went to her rock hard nipples, naval, and reached her inner thighs, teasing around her now puffy engorged pussy lips. I spread them with my tongue as she continued to match moans with Sheila – oh our awesome is this! I was imaging how John must be pleasing my Deb based upon her very pleasurable moans I was hearing… way to go Big John!

As I fluttered my tongue to stimulate the full width of Kari’s pussy she drew a deep breath and exhaled a sensual moan…”Ok, I must be doing well here, arousing her sensual energy zones!”, I said to myself.

As I began to concentrate on my tongue on her clit I slipped my index finger into her now wet pussy opening; to explore her G-spot was the mission. Soon I discovered those tiny fleshy ridges inside her inflamed upper wall in her warm pussy. As I accelerated my strokes on her clit with my tongue and with my fingers on her G-spot I could feel the warm rush of cum surround my finger. My tongue then darted down into her pussy opening to lap inside, then up to her clit several times as Kari’s hips writhed up to meet my licking action. Oh, is her cum juicy and sweet tasting! Then I took one last gulp of Kari’s cum, licked and sucked my way up through her soft hairy mound, navel, belly, both breasts, nipples up to her neck and mouth as we played with each others tongues, and mouths…. Kari luvs sensual play too!

My body was now on top of Kari with her warm oily skin making my body slide smoothly over hers. She spread her thighs to invite me inside. I wasn’t hard enough yet so I swung around on the table to the 69 position. Kari eagerly took my semi-hard cock into her mouth as I rested my chin on her oily silky bush, and then I dived my tongue back and forth into her pussy. Oh her tongue and mouth feel good on my cock! After growing hard inside her mouth I pulled up, swung back around, positioned my knees between her now raised spreading thighs and directed my cock into her fleshy slit, rubbing the tender part of my shaft up between her labia… Oh, I am growing more and our eyes met with that unsaid desire of our gentiles must meet together! As I slipped my cock into her tight but very slick opening we both moaned in unison, “Ohhh, yes that feels so good!”

As I stroked inside of Kari I felt that awesome feeling of my cock now growing rock hard to its stiffened state for pleasurable action. And, then I felt her warm juices begin to flow around my shaft, then seep out to moisten my balls as they slapped up against her tight smooth ass checks… “Oh, Babe, you are sooo so silky, wet and warm inside!” , I mumbled lowly…

I drove my cock up and inside further with each stroke… in a few minutes Kari was into a grand orgasm, and I was close behind. She gasped, “Ohhh, that feels so good… don’t cum inside me, cum on me and in my mouth!”

I withdrew as I felt my balls begin their tightening tingling sensation that moved up my shaft. As I grabbed my cock for a controlled stoke a wad of cum burst out onto her belly and heaving breasts… Kari quickly sat up just enough to grab my cock to direct the next squirt into her open mouth. As her lips passed my cock helmet to slide her mouth up my shaft another load spewed out passed her lips. My cum made her lips move so slippery up and down my shaft, smoothly, gently, yet she was so assertive, straining her neck to go the full distance… and she didn’t stop sucking me! “Suck me dry Babe… Wow, you are awesome!” , I moaned out loud…

As I continued to feel Kari’s wonderful mouth and tongue on my cock we could here moans of orgasmic ecstasy coming from both Deb and John… Kari looked up at my smile and I could see her grin even though her mouth was still locked around my still erect shaft. Wow, she is keeping me hard! So, what is a guy to do here? Well, I gently withdrew as Kari released her cum soaked lips around my cock… with one smooth move on my hands and toes I slid down her hot sweaty, sexy oily bod to drive my cock back into her still warm wet pussy.

We kissed and licked together as I stoked my hardness in and out for a few minutes until I blissfully murmured, “I don’t want to overstay my welcome here, but, you feel so damn good and you are keeping me hard, so please tell when you want to stop this pleasure!”

Kari replied, “You also feel so good, this has been fantastic, but I have to take a break!”

(And I really did too.)

So, we both slipped off the massage table together. Deb and John were laying together on the futon, caressing each other, smiling, with soft giggles. I went to get ice water for us all as Kari headed for the bathroom. Together we all four then laid on futon finishing off our home bottled peach wine, snacking and engaging in sensual conversation – saying we should plan to get together again.

After John and Kari left Deb and I talked about what a nice couple and what fun luvers they were. Deb also liked John’s oral talents and his wonderful big hard cock cumming inside of her…

Well, that was enough for my cock to start growing again. So, we made mad passionate luv together – starting out soft and slow – ending up so hard and furious that Deb ejaculated upward onto my belly splashing our bodies from our gentiles to our faces… Oh, can she ever ejaculate so hard, with volume, when she is erotically supper charged! This happens every time we have swung with another hot sexy couple that we truly connect with!

So, since I never did finish Kari’s massage on the back side of her sexy body, I guess we just gotta get together again to complete the job we started, right?!

Deb n Dale

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