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Farm Adventures

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This story was written for a friend that was new to the lifestyle. She had spoken of fantasies in conversations we had shared so I turned one of her fantasies into a story. I have changed the names but not the location to share this on the site.


Farm Adventures

It was a cool evening and the long walk had relaxed Lynn more than she had expected. Walking in the evening with Pete was one of her favorite things to do. When they returned to the house, she was surprised to find a dozen red roses, a silk bra, garter belt, nylons, and crotch-less panties lying on the bed. Pete whispered gently in her ear that she was to take a long bath with the special items he had left her in the bathroom. She smiled and nodded her consent. Pete left the room and she began to undress, mentally trying to prepare herself for whatever Pete was up to. She went into the bathroom and drew a hot bath, pouring in the scented oils as he had instructed. The bathroom soon filled with the odors of Jasmine and Vanilla. As she returned to the bedroom, she admired the outfit that lay before her.

She returned to the bathroom and slid slowly into the hot water, feeling the warmth make her skin tingle and smelling nothing but the Jasmine and Vanilla. Somewhere deep within her she could feel stirrings of excitement for the unknown pleasures to come. She lay there soaking up the warmth of the tub. Pete slowly entered the room unbeknownst to her. He came to the side of the tub and knelt there watching as she lay there with her eyes closed. He reached across her and smiled as she opened her eyes, slightly startled. Taking a soft wash cloth in his hands he began to bathe Lynn ever so gently. The soft cloth and the fact that he is bathing her cause her to become even more aroused. His soft tender touches and the smile that he is wearing is the biggest turn on she has ever experienced. Gently he begins to run his hands across her body hitting all the nerve points that he knows heighten her arousal. He spends time stroke every inch of her pussy while she lays there moaning and begging him to not tease her and relieve her need. He simply smiles at her and brings her to the edge of what would be her first orgasm tonight. As she is reaching the crest and about to cum, he stops and goes back to washing her body as she groans from the frustration and desire she is feeling. She knows begging is useless at this point; Pete will let her get off when he chooses and not before.

When she has been teased to the point where he thinks she can take no more, he pulls the plug on the hot water and suggests she shower off the soap and get ready. He will pick her up in 15 minutes. He makes her promise him that she will not play with herself during his absence to relieve the tension that is building within her. She promises and he helps her rise in the soapy tub to start showering off. Unbeknownst to Lynn, he has set up a small camera in the room so he can make sure she does as she promises. He leaves the room and goes to his own to prepare for the evening. While he showers, Lynn comes out of her shower and slowly begins to dress. She focuses on how pleased Pete will be because despite the desire to do so, she merely towels dry and does not touch herself.

Once dressed, she does her hair and makeup fully aware of the swollenness of her clit. She silently sits on the bed wondering what events the evening will bring. Over the bra and crotch-less panties that Pete gave her she wears a beautiful black dress with a pair of sexy black heels. She sweeps her hair up and the image is complete.

Pete arrives in a black tuxedo. Lynn has never seen him looking so handsome. It is formal night at the Farm and all the men will be dressed to impress. The ladies will be in their best evening wear and it should be a wonderful evening of fun and laughter with good friends. As they step out of the main building, finds a horse drawn carriage waiting for them. She smiles at Pete and giggles at the image of the two of them riding to the club in this carriage. Placing a soft wool blanket across their knees, Pete slowly lifts her skirt. He gently pushes her knees apart and strokes her pussy. The softness of the strokes has her melting again. Sighing his name; she throws her head back and stares up at a sky that is bursting with pin point lights. He begins gently stroking her clit, watching her intently. She moans softly, conscious of the fact that the driver is there and might be able to hear her. Again Pete brings her to the edge of release and slows his strokes. He takes his time so that she can calm down again and slip back from the edge. As her breathing returns to normal, he picks up his pace stroking more intensely but as she reaches the point of bursting, he slides his fingers away from her clit and slowly inserts one and then two into her careful not to hit any of the spots that would push her over the edge. Lynn is soaking wet and horny as hell.

The driver lets them know they are only 5 minutes out from the club so Pete reaches over and pulls some feminine wipes from a bag she had not noticed on the floor of the carriage. He gently cleans her pussy and adjusts her crotch-less panties and dress. She is speechless, eyes glazed over with desire as he reaches up to stroke her cheek with a rose from a vase she had not noticed. He places the rose back in the vase and whispers ?we will save that for later? and smiles as he returns to his seat.

They arrive at the entrance to the club and Pete steps out to assist her. As she climbs down from the carriage, she sees the entrance to the club and silently wishes that some of their friends would be joining them tonight. She knows they will not but refuses to allow this to spoil her evening.

When they enter the club, Lynn notices a few familiar faces as Pete steers her to a table. It is a small crowd and she wonders why the club doesn?t have more people there since it is already nearly 9:30. The DJ is playing really good music and the few people there start dancing. As they step onto the floor, everyone parts so that they can dance in the middle. As the music plays, she begins to feel various hands roaming over her and taunting and teasing her.

The DJ changes the tempo of the music and people begin to pair off to dance to the slower, sexier dance music that is playing. She is in Pete?s arms and dancing across the floor when suddenly she is partnered with Dave and sees Jo dancing with Pete. Dave?s hands are slowly sliding up and down the backless portion of her dress and she feels herself becoming aroused again. Dave gently kisses her neck and slowly kisses down the front of her dress to where it covers her breasts. His hands come up and slowly stroke her breasts as they sway to the music. Just when she is beginning to breathe a bit more heavily, she is partnered with Jo. Jo is softly rubbing her body against Lynn?s and sending Lynn?s mind on a wonderful trip. Jo slides her hands in the long slit at the front of Lynn?s dress and begins running her hands over the lacey panties that Lynn is wearing. Almost immediately, Lynn feels wetness beginning to gather.

As the music plays on, Lynn is passed off to another partner. Joe begins a slow Lambada-like grinding dance with her. Rubbing her body against his and exciting her even more, his hands tracing long lines down her back and up to her neckline. He kisses her chest softly and licks ever so gently along the neckline of the dress. Lynn is leaning back grinding into him and lost in the abandon of the partner switching. Suddenly she is in Dee?s arms and feels the nails on Dee?s hands lightly tracing up and down the back of her neck.

Smiling she stares into Dee?s eyes and sees safety there. She knows that no matter what happens tonight no one will harm her and she relaxes into the dance all the more. The nervousness she initially felt fades away and she surrenders to the pleasures being given to her. Dee slides her hands up between the slit in the dress and slowly rubs against Lynn?s clit getting her even more wet and excited.

Suddenly she is in Tommy?s arms and he is gently nibbling on her earlobe and kissing her neck. She is moaning in pleasure and Tommy slowly unzips her dress. It slips down her body and onto the floor as Tommy lifts her up and away from the dress. She barely notices as someone picks the dress up and moves it to the side. The hot music keeps pumping out from the speakers and Lynn feels it in every inch of her body. Her pussy is flowing so strongly she can feel the juices beginning to run down her leg. Tommy gently slips one finger into her and she allows a loud moan to escape. Lynn cannot remember ever being this horny. Suddenly the finger is gone and a mouth is encompassing her right breast. As she leans her head forward to look down, she realizes she has been passed to yet another partner. Cheryl is gently sucking on her breast and teasing the nipple through soft silky fabric. Cheryl reaches up and as she continues to tease the breast, grabs the hair on the back of Lynn?s head, and pulls gently to hold her head back.

At this point someone begins kissing her neck and up behind her ear. Lynn is moaning so loudly she can be heard over the music. She knows there are other people there but at the moment does not care. She gets passed from male partner to female partner over and over until she loses count. Each partner teases and taunts her bringing her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm but never quite letting her get there. Suddenly after an unknown number of dance partners, she is swept off her feet. She opens her eyes to find herself in Pete?s arms as he smiles down at her. She lays her head on his shoulder and allows herself to be carried from the room.

He gently places her on a king size bed and she vaguely realizes that they are alone again. She tries to ask Pete what is going on but he just smiles and places a finger across her lips. He whispers softly in her ear that she should relax and enjoy herself. He promises her that this will be a night she will never forget and no one will hurt her. She murmurs that she is sure of that and smiles.

He gently pulls her into a sitting position and she notes that the music has stopped and vaguely wonders why. It is too early for the club to close. Suddenly she is enveloped in darkness as a blindfold covers her eyes. As she is guided into a horizontal position, she realizes that there is almost complete silence. She can hear murmuring somewhere outside the room but she does not feel as though anyone is in the room with her. She starts to get a little nervous but remembers what Pete had whispered to her. She willfully relaxes and realizes that the sheets on the bed are silk and not the normal material found on sheets at the club. For some reason this turns her on even more. She hears a click as the door to the room opens but no one speaks. She waits silently knowing that she is safe here. Suddenly there are hands gently stroking her body. She can tell they are female hands because of the fingernails but does not know whose hands they are. She moans softly as the hands slowly part her legs and begins gently stroking her inner thighs. Suddenly the bed shifts and lips encompass her nipple through the bra?s thin silky material. When she reaches out to touch, her hands are gently pulled up over her head and a silk tie is wrapped around her wrists. She tries to move her hands again and realizes that they have been bound to the headboard so that she cannot touch anyone. The hands between her legs are suddenly someone else?s and another mouth begins to play with her other breast. The person between her knees is now softly lapping at her pussy, teasing her clit to a full erection and sucking gently on her lips.

Suddenly a mouth is over hers and she is being kissed deeply and passionately. She does not recognize the kiss but is thoroughly enjoying what is happening to her. Other hands begin to roam over her body and as her pussy is licked and sucked on she feels fingers slowly being inserted into her. She can tell from the angle that the fingers do not belong to the person sucking her lips and that turns her on even more. Suddenly the kisser is gone and she is aware of a cock pressing at her lips to be sucked. She hungrily sucks on the cock as if it were the last cock she was ever going to suck. She feels a feather tracing its way down her abdomen and suddenly no one is touching her. The cock is released reluctantly from her mouth as she moans in pleasure.

She rides the waves of pleasure that the feather is bringing her and moans softly. The room is silent as she moans aloud. Suddenly the feather is gone and there is a cock slowly pushing its way into her. The person fucking her is moving so slowly that she is bucking her hips trying to bring the cock in faster. Two different hands hold her legs so she cannot achieve what she wants and she is gently forced to wait while the cock is ever so slowly entering her. Mouths reappear at her breasts and a pussy is gently lowered over her mouth. She has never tasted pussy but is so hot right now she doesn?t care and begins licking and sucking on that sweet pussy for all she is worth. She licks and nibbles at the clit and slowly runs her tongue up and down the inner lips of the pussy. She doesn?t have a clue whose pussy but she is enjoying every lick. As she picks up the pace, she notices the heavier breathing above her and realizes the woman whose pussy she is licking is on the verge of cumming. Her mouth is suddenly filled with the warm juices of the woman she has just been eating and she feels her own orgasm building with her at the excitement of what is happening. A new mouth takes over at her pussy and she realizes that this is also a woman. The hair of the woman is rubbing her inner thighs and she can feel a stiffness to it that is caused by hairspray or hair gel. The woman who is eating her pussy is very talented and quickly brings her to the edge of an orgasm. Half expecting to not be allowed to cum, Lynn is surprised when her orgasm overcomes her. She begins thrashing on the face that is planted in her and soaks the woman in her juices.

Suddenly the face is gone and a thick hard cock is pumping into her. She nearly screams from the pleasure and surprise but quickly begins riding along and pumping back at the cock. The pussy in her face is gone and someone gently cleans her face with a warm wash cloth. As she is about to cum from the fucking she is receiving a cock is gently pressed against her lips and she begins sucking on it and moaning as she reaches climax # 2 of the evening. She is breathing hard and fucking and sucking for all she is worth now. Pussies and cocks are alternated back and forth on her mouth and she licks and sucks for all she is worth. Each time a partner changes on her face, the partner between her legs changes as well.

Suddenly the room went quiet and all hands are removed from her body. She feels her arms being gently lowered and unbound. She is still hot and ready to play and wonders what is going on. Pete whispers gently that it is time for a break. He takes the blindfold off and she finds herself alone with him. He gently kisses her lips and bathes her body while she lays there slowly catching her breathe. In the background she hears music playing and realizes that at some point the music started again.

Her eyes glazed over from all the sex she has just had she is slowly pulled to her feet and her dress is carefully placed back over her under garments. Pete sits her back down on the bed and slowly puts her shoes on. She can barely stand from all the orgasms she has had and he gently guides her back out in the main dance room. The same small crowd that was there when they arrived is milling about drinking and smoking. None of the people look like they have just had sex and this momentarily confuses Lynn. She gently licks her lips and tastes the pussy she had eaten there so she knows that this was not a dream. Pete guides her to a chair and goes off to get her a drink. She is now chatting with everyone and wondering why no one is acknowledging what has just happened.

Lynn watches as the couples dance and wonders which of these couples she has already had sex with. She sees Bobby and Janie switching partners back and forth with Joe and Dee. Tommy and Shy are dancing across the room. Even Dave and Jo are dancing while she sits and recovers. As time passes, she regains some of her energy and begins to move towards the dance floor. The DJ picks up the tempo and puts some hot Latin music on. The couples on the floor all begin to do very erotic dances, bumping, grinding, and laughing as they go around the floor. Partners are switching off so fast she cannot keep up.

Suddenly she is swept into the crowd of dancers and hands begin to caress her body. She is lost in the music and touch of all these people. She realizes that her friends have planned this night with Pete for her benefit and she feels nearly overwhelmed with emotions from all that has transpired. Just when she feels she is spinning out of control, she is in Pete?s arms and the music changes to a slow dance. The volume is not as high as it was and she can hear Pete talking to her softly. He is asking if she is enjoying herself and she just smiles. She turns to him and says ?I am having the time of my life, thank you for giving me this gift?. Pete smiles and waves to the DJ as the tempo of the music picks up and again Lynn is passed partner to partner. Her dress is not removed this time but the hands roaming her body and the lips kissing her turn her on all over again.

Suddenly she is swept up in to Pete?s arms again. She looks over his shoulder as she is carried away and realizes that no one is following. Pete takes her to a different room this time and slowly removes her dress. He takes off the bra but leaves the panties and lays her gently on the bed. He strips down to nothing before her, his proud cock standing out straight and hard. She reaches for him and begins softly sucking on his cock. She feels it pulsating between her lips and her pussy begins to pulsate as well. Pete slowly pumps in and out of her mouth but just before he reaches orgasm backs away and Lynn is suddenly enveloped in darkness as he slides her blindfold in place. He carefully lays her back down and now she can hear voices coming down the hall towards the room they are in. She recognizes all of the voices but cannot see the people standing there.

Pete knows that Lynn loves porn and he starts playing a hot porn tape on the video screen in the room. Lynn cannot see it but hears the moans and passionate grunts of the people on the screen. This turns her on even more. Her pussy is now dripping wet and she suddenly feels a cock rubbing her pussy lips. The cock begins spanking her clit as she squirms around trying to work it into her pussy. From beneath the spanking cock, she feels fingers being inserted into her and cums in an amazing orgasm all over someone?s hand. Just as she is beginning to come down from the orgasm, the cock is suddenly thrust into her. The owner of that cock starts pumping into her hard and fast and brings her to another orgasm almost instantly. Then suddenly there is a mouth licking at her clit and sucking on her inner lips. She feels the tongue probing inside her and nearly screams from the pleasure. A cock is placed between her lips and her hands which are still free are placed on a pussy and a cock. She begins stroking the cock and pumping into the pussy with her fingers.

The sounds of the porno are now mixed with the sounds of the people in the room all cumming and fucking around her. She feels movement on the bed beside her and realizes that someone is getting fucked right next to her head. If she listens carefully she can hear the sounds of the cock pumping in and out of the soaking wet pussy and can hear the balls slapping on the woman?s pussy as she is getting fucked. The sounds and smells in the room combined with all the body parts touching her bring Lynn to the most explosive orgasm of her life. She nearly faints from the pleasure and goes limp after she is done.

No one is touching Lynn now but she can hear all of the other people getting off. Moans and screams resound in the darkness and despite her tiredness, Lynn finds herself getting aroused again. Suddenly the blindfold is lifted and after a moment to adjust, she can see Pete beside her. He is tenderly stroking her body and as she looks around she sees all of her friends in the throes of passion with each other?s partners. Pete begins kissing her and then slowly mounts her and fucks her with all the other people in the room. The situation is more than Lynn can bear and she begins cumming again, moaning loudly and in chorus with all the other women in the room. The entire group seems to orgasm nearly simultaneously, each pair cumming and then relaxing side by side.

People begin chatting softly to each other stroking and touching, reaching out to their respective partners to touch base after the extremely hot sessions they had all just taken part in. Lynn is amazed that so many people could have sex at the same time and then just start talking like it is the most natural thing in the world. As she lays there with everyone, cuddled in Pete?s arms, she realizes that something in her has changed and she will never be the same woman she was before this night. Any inhibitions she had left have broken away and are gone. She smiles softly to herself and snuggles closer to Pete.

After a rest period, everyone returns to the dance floor. The party continues and only now does she find out that special arrangements had been made with the Farm to make this night a possibility. The ?party? had been planned for a Thursday night since the club is not usually open and Pete paid extra for the DJ and barmaid to come in and work. She kisses Pete and thanks him for this special gift. The group gathers as the night is coming to a close and takes group photos for Lynn to keep as a momento of the evening she has just experienced. They exit the club and the carriage driver helps her up. She now notices what she did not notice before. The driver is extremely handsome and looks to be very well built under his suit. She smiles sweetly at him as she takes her seat.

In the carriage, Pete begins to caress her legs and softly kiss her. He reaches to cover her with the blanket again but Lynn pulls his hand away and murmurs to leave her exposed. He smiles at her as he realizes what she is doing and reaches for the rose. He spreads her legs making sure to sit off to the side so the driver can see what is happening. The driver peers over his shoulder and notices what is occurring. He slows the carriage?s pace, watching Lynn. The horse knows the trail so he doesn?t have to worry about it wandering. As she slowly begins to grind her hips against the rose petals, the driver licks his lips and looks into her eyes. She mouths ?find a place to park? and the driver immediately begins looking for a place to pull the carriage off the road. In moments he finds a place and sits staring as Pete is now using his fingers to bring Lynn to yet another orgasm. She motions for the driver to join them in the back of the carriage and he climbs over the driver?s bench.

Cool air rushes over Lynn?s steaming hot pussy and she fills a thrill of excitement as the hot driver climbs back. She guides his face down into her pussy and he begins to lick her from top to bottom, gently he grinds his nose into her clit and she begins moaning. Pete slides her down on the seat and the driver moves with her every step of the way. The driver is sucking on her lips as Pete slides his rock hard cock into her mouth. She sucks on his cock and then reaches into his pocket for a condom. She taps the driver on the head and hands him to condom. The driver quickly removes his pants and a thick hard cock springs free. He slides the condom on and begins moving between her legs. He thrusts into her so quickly she gasps and Pete slides his cock further down her throat as she does. The driver is now pumping into her at different paces. First, fast and hard and then long, slow strokes. The air fills with the moans of their pleasure. As she rides out another orgasm, the driver withdraws from her pussy and switches places with Pete. She licks hungrily at the cock that is now being pushed between her lips. His cock is so thick she can barely get her lips around it but she sucks at it for all she is worth, moaning around the driver?s cock as Pete strokes her pussy with the head of his cock. She stops sucking long enough to beg Pete to fuck her and then gasps as he thrusts his cock into her. She is filled at both ends and loving it. The driver pumps his cock in and out of her mouth in rhythm with Pete?s cock pumping into her pussy. She screams with pleasure as another orgasm races through her body. They collapse in a heap in the carriage and after a few minutes of recovery time, the driver puts his clothes back on and gets back in the front seat.

Pete and Lynn lay curled in each other?s arms for the short ride back to the main house. Once there, they spent the rest of the night snuggled in each other?s arms.

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