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Fantasy by JanJClare

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This story includes light bondage and bi-sexual behavior I hope people like it.


Quiet, I heard absolutely nothing just quiet. I couldn’t move, and my eyes were covered with a blindfold. “Honey!” I yelled and still heard nothing, “HONEY!!” I screamed and then heard a noise, only a bird outside on the bird feeder. Where could she be? Is she tied up also? Did we get broken into and now we are both being held captive? My mind kept wondering, I knew I had to try and keep things in perspective. For all I knew whoever tied up LeAnne in the other bedroom tied me up “what are they doing to her?” I thought. Is she lying there naked, are they rapping her or worse?

That is when I realized I was laying there naked, I knew when I went to bed I had pants on and how someone was able to get me undressed and tied up without me waking up is beyond me.

I heard a door open but could still hear no voices, “Who is out there!” I yelled but I realized if it wasn’t LeAnne I should be quiet I might piss someone off. I couldn’t hear any voices and once again all was quiet.

It seemed like hours that I just lay there helpless and naked. How embarrassing it would be to have someone other than LeAnne find me but at this point I was praying for anyone to show up, that is when I heard the door to my room open.

As the door opened instead of talk I tried to listen and gather all of the information that I could. I knew at least two people where there but didn’t know who. I could smell cologne or perfume it smelled nice but I couldn’t say if it were on a male or female. The door closed, and to my astonishment everything was still quiet even though I could hear them breathing.

“Come on you fuckers! Who the hell is there?” I yelled, smack! I felt as something I think was a whip of some sort slapped against my right thigh not really hard but enough to get my attention.

I lay there a moment longer and still nothing no sound, no demands nothing but silence, now I was more than pissed. “Alright you bastards, say something or, or, (I was thinking of something clever to say to someone that held all of the cards) I will call the dogs!” I said then realizing I hadn’t even heard the dogs through all of this.

Smack! I felt on my left leg now a little harder. I felt like yelling out not because it hurt but more from being startled by the blow. I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of yelling, if they wanted something from me they were going to have to talk to me, or so I thought.

I felt someone get on the bed next to me, then something cold, hard and cylinder shaped was being rolled over my body. I didn’t mind this too much in fact, it felt pretty good until they started touching my balls and cock with this device. At first I squirmed but of course I could not move. It felt good, then they turned on the device and I felt the vibrations created going through my balls I was instantly hard. “Ummm,” I heard from a female voice as the (what I now know is a vibrator) circled my balls and was moved up and down my cock.

“Shhh”, I heard from a male voice and then a little chuckle from yet another female voice. “Ok, who the hell is here?” I demanded wondering who was looking at me, playing with me while I was helpless, my wife would never do this to me without telling me first I thought.

I heard a click, it sounded like a tube or bottle being opened. I realized it was my tube of lube once I felt a hand go past my balls and rub lube on and into my ass. Ok, now I knew it wasn’t my wife, the hand was much to big to be hers and I felt a lot of hair on the arm as it grazed my balls. The finger being used was large and just barely pierced my ass; it caused a spasm to go through my body as I tried to jerk away. I couldn’t pull away and as the finger was removed the vibrator replaced it, and a set of lips encircled my cock as the vibrator was slowly pushed into my ass. I was getting my dick sucked as someone worked the vibrator in and out of me. I couldn’t help myself, this felt so good and not knowing who was doing this made it even more exciting I started to moan and groan with each lick of the ladies tongue and push of the vibrator.

It wasn’t long and another set of lips were sucking on my balls when I felt a body cross over my upper body and a very wet, hot pussy was lowered onto my face. I was being torn apart mentally, here I was getting one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had but by whom? The pussy did not taste familiar, I couldn’t tell who was sucking my cock or whose hand was working a vibrator in and out of my ass. I decided to play along and see where this was going to go. Sticking out my tongue I quickly found the ladies clit and started flicking it, slowly at first and then working it harder with each flick until I sucked the clit in my mouth and sucked on it as if it were a small penis waiting to explode.

I was so excited and was very close to exploding into the mouth that was still working my cock, but I decided that wouldn’t be a good thing to do so I concentrated on eating the pussy on my face. She moved up a little and I was able to stick my tongue inside of her very tasty love hole as her juices trickled down my lips and onto my face when suddenly the pussy was jerked away, the blow job stopped and the vibrator was pushed into my ass but left there all by itself.

Once again I felt a body cross over the top of mine but this time I felt my cock being held in place as a pussy was lowered onto it. Then another body crossed over me and another pussy was placed on my mouth, this time I knew who this pussy belonged to or I was pretty sure that it was my wife’s.

I was ecstatic, and totally loving everything that was happening. I was getting fucked in my favorite position by a woman whom I may have never met with a vibrator in my ass while I was licking and sucking on what I thought was my wife’s pussy. When I felt something enter her from behind and then I realized she was being fucked from behind as a set of balls slide over my for-head and the shaft connected to these balls entered my wife.

I couldn’t hold back, I came harder then I ever had in my whole life. The lady riding my cock knew I cam but kept her full force attack up and down on my cock. The pussy in my mouth started getting wetter with each lapse of my tongue until she cam and squirted and her juices filled my waiting mouth. The man pulled out and even though I couldn’t see what had happened I knew he exploded all over whom I thought to be my wife’s ass and back. They didn’t let me up so eventually as I continued licking her pussy some of his cum trickled into my mouth. Tasting male cum for the first time other than my own sent me over the edge once again and this time the lady riding me cam in unison.

She collapsed on top of me and the lady on my face climbed down. Someone undid the blindfold that was keeping me blind just in time for me to see my wife get between the other ladies legs and start licking her wet and cum filled pussy. “Hyena baby, eat that pussy” I said and the lady on her back lying next to me smacked my ass with her hand rather hard. “Only when you are given permission to speak can you speak.” She stated, I started to say something else and before it came out she smacked me again even harder.

Realizing the situation I knew I had better keep my mouth shut. I watched as the two women pleased each other, my wife by this time was sucking on her clit and working a dildo into her pussy as the lady moaned and her body shivered with each pass of my wife’s tongue. The man in the group hadn’t said anything up to this point until I heard “you enjoy watching the two of them don’t you?” “Well of course dude!” I returned to him. Once again Smack! My ass was swatted again by the woman being pleased by my wife, “you will say yes or no sir or mame!” she said as she smacked my ass again to make her point.

“Ok, yes sir!” I said with a little attitude that they let slide. “If bi-sex is what you like to watch you should perform it as well.” The man said as he started to climb onto the bed next to my head. “No sir!” I said and of course Smack once again. “You will not and cannot refuse!” The woman who was now standing up told me and putting on a strap-on dildo, “you will do as you are told.”

Ok, now I was in for it I thought as the guy with the cock that was still dripping cum on it’s tip got even closer to me. I had always wondered what it would be like to suck a dick and even had told my wife sometime I wouldn’t mind trying but I never dreamed it would be like this.

He placed the head of his cock in front of my mouth and said “touch it with your tongue” I hesitated and of course I got swatted again. I stuck out my tongue and could see as my tongue touched the soft but yet hard tissue of his cock. “That was good, now take your tongue and lick the cum off of the tip of my cock.” I was told looking up and seeing the lady with the strap-on and the urge to spank bending my wife over the bed.

I stopped worrying about the cock and licked it as I watched her take her strap-on as skillfully as any guy would use his dick and slide it into my wife’s waiting pussy.

Before I knew it I was giving him a full-blown blowjob and I was rather enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth and the taste of his pre-cum. “How do you like us turning your husband into a cocksucker?” I heard asked as the lady was pounding into my wife. “I love it,” she gasped back to her and to my surprise my wife was watching me give this guy a blowjob and it turned me on even more to see the smile in her eyes. “Tell your husband to suck his balls.” I heard and then a smack this time not to me but on my wife’s ass. “Honey, I want to watch you suck his balls,” she told me as I let his cock slide out of my mouth just to be replaced by his balls. Thankfully they were shaven I wouldn’t have been able to handle the hair in my mouth but I had him moaning as I gently sucked and licked his balls.

The lady sensed her friend was close to cumming so she said “now you little slut, get up there and help your husband finish my husband!” At first LeAnne hesitated only to receive a firm smack on the ass. She climbed up my body on all fours rubbing her gorgeous tits up my legs letting my cock slide between them and then finally resting with her face directly above mine and the cock that I had now been enjoying. LeAnne reached down and placed my cock into her pussy and started licking the opposite side of the cock that was above my mouth. We licked him and took turns sucking him and when our lips would reach the tip and touch we would kiss as best as we could with the cock between our lips.

The man started to moan very loudly and I knew he was going to erupt. We were both told to take his load in our mouths so we put our mouths around him as best as we could and LeAnne stroked his balls to help him along. He burst; his cum hit our mouths, lips, faces and everything else. Having this happen turned me on so much that I started to cum in LeAnne’s pussy. I didn’t realize how much LeAnne was turned on until I felt her pussy tighten on my cock and she too came as if she had never cam before.

By this time we were all spent and knew we were done for the day, I was hoping that I was going to be untied. “Are you going to behave yourself if I untie you?” “well of course I am I don’t want to get smacked again.” I told them as the started to undo my straps.

I looked at my wife who knew I was waiting for an explanation, “honey this is Joan and Rick, Joan is a Dom and we decided it was time for you to live out one of your fantasies.” I love my wife so much, even more for allowing this to happen.

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