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Fantasy Day

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Even though Denise had awakened that morning just after daybreak to Greg showering, she was able to go right back to sleep. He had promised for weeks that her birthday would be something to remember and today was the day so she felt that she needed to be well rested for whatever was in store for her. He had given her a beautiful jewelry set the night before that included earrings, necklace, ring, navel ring and toe ring, all which were diamond encrusted fleur-de-lis: something that she collected for several years now. Today, as their tradition went, would be a fantasy day but she didn’t have any clue which of her fantasies would be granted this year. She faded in and out of sleep for the next couple of hours, half conscious thought, half dreaming about the things that may take place today and finally got out of bed around eight. The first thing she noticed were some clothes and a note lying on the rocking chair in the sitting area of their bedroom. She walked over to see what it was and read the note.

Put these on and meet me at the boat. Be there at noon.

That gave her plenty of time. She made herself breakfast and took a long bath with scented oils. She decided that since he had probably gone to great lengths to work out all the details of a new fantasy that he deserved the works so she took extra time to make sure her hair and make-up were perfect. After she was satisfied with the way that all had turned out, she put on the new jewelry and admired it then went back to the chair to see what he had laid out for her. There was a tiny g-string bikini bottom that she had bought on line from an Australian bathing suit manufacturer. It was white but extremely transparent when wet and was so narrow that it barely covered the area of her pubis that was slightly more pigmented than the surrounding skin. She really didn’t care for the suit itself but loved the attention she had gotten from people noticing when she wore it the last time they had gone to Jamaica. Also on the chair was a pair of loose fitting denim shorts that she had cut down to Daisy Duke style, frayed edges and all. Greg had told her several times that he loved these shorts because if her legs opened up just a bit, from the right angle you got a nice little beaver shot. She then put on the white spaghetti strap tee that was so short it gave one just the slightest view of the underside of her 36D breasts when she stretched her arms up high. Under the chair was a pair of white sandals that had just enough heel to shape her legs and give her a little wiggle when she walked but not high enough to look trampish.

She gathered up her boat bag that contained her tanning oil, a large beach towel and sunglasses and headed out the door to the garage. As she dropped the bag in her convertible 350Z, she realized that it was only 10:30. She had quite a bit of time to kill but was so anxious to find out what was going to happen that she almost went on to the boat anyway. But, Greg had obviously worked out a plan and it would be a shame to spoil it by not sticking to it so she decided to stop off at Kimberly’s house on the way for a little visit. It would be fun to hang out there for a short time because her husband, John would be there and with the way she was dressed, he would probably spend the whole time looking her up and down, and having trouble speaking because of his tongue hanging out. She found it fun to tease John. Kimberly had told her in confidence once that every time Denise had been around in one of her skimpy little outfits, they had great sex that night. They had been to a few swing parties together and in fact had been great friends for a few years now after meeting at a local house party. John had Denise at a couple parties but Kimberly had her nearly every time. Besides, she always got the better end of the deal anyway when he would practically screw her stupid after a visit from Denise.

She pulled in to Kimberly’s driveway and rang the doorbell but no one answered. Her car was in the garage so she went around back to see if Kimberly was on the patio. She rounded the corner and found them on their tanning chairs. Kimberly was tanning in nothing but a small bikini bottom and John was sipping coffee. Denise called to them and walked over. Kimberly called back but barely moved. John jumped like a gun had gone off when he saw Denise. He could barely say good morning with his jaw hanging open so Denise poured it on a little thicker. She gave her walk just a little more wiggle, walked over and kissed John on the cheek. She went around his chair to Kimberly and straddled her, sitting down on her lap and kissing her full on the lips. It lasted long enough to appear very passionate but short enough to be friendly. Before she broke off the kiss she looked out of the corner of her eye and noticed that John was already getting erect. It was very obvious since the loose fitting shorts were suddenly getting a rise in the front. John adjusted himself quickly and Denise sat in the empty chair across from them.

“Wow you’re certainly in a good mood. What’s up?” Kimberly asked.

“Today is our annual fantasy day. I’m on my way to go meet Greg now to find out what we’ll be doing.” Denise said excitedly.

“That’s right! Today is your birthday. So, you have no idea what he’s up to?”


“Wow! I’ll bet you’re nervous.” Kimberly laughed.

“Not really. Just very excited. He always comes up with something good.”

They chatted for a while, had a mimosa and discussed what they would wear to the next swing-club theme party. Denise checked her watch several times to make sure she wouldn’t be late and promptly at 11:45, excused herself to go meet Greg. She kissed them both goodbye and headed back to her car, adding a little more wiggle in her walk for John’ sake.

When she got to the pier where they kept the boat tied up, she heard the low rumble of the engines right away and knew that Greg had the boat ready to go. As she passed through the security gate she heard voices and saw that, as she got closer there were other people on board. She counted six guys besides Greg but only recognized one. It was a guy they had seen on a swinger’s website that Denise had thought looked like a movie star that she was in total lust with. They had discussed contacting him but hadn’t seemed to have gotten around to it yet. She was a little confused until she stepped aboard and then it dawned on her what this year’s fantasy would be. She gave Greg that sly smile of hers letting him know that she had figured it out and to signal him that it was all OK with her. In fact, it was more than OK! She had wanted this for a long time but had just recently gotten up the guts to tell him. When he saw the smile he was a little relieved. He wasn’t 100% positive if she was ready for this one yet. All the guys pitched in undoing the dock ropes as Greg brought the engines up slightly above idle to take them out of the slip. She pulled the oil and towel out of her bag and sat them on the seat next her. She put the sunglasses on so she could discretely check out all the guys. Greg turned to her as they were heading for the buoy that marked the boundary for the harbor.

“Let me introduce you to everybody.” They all started gathering around.

Anthony was the tallest, about the same height as Greg but with dark hair and was the one that looked like the movie star, Nicholas Cage. Now that she had seen him in the flesh she was convinced even more that Anthony could pass as his twin. He had that same brooding look and easy smile. Keith had boyish good looks although by his demeanor he was obviously in his thirties and blonde hair that was a little on the long side. He had the look of a young man that had seen many hours working with his hands outdoors. Jimmy was about the same age but looked more like his muscles were from long hours in the gym. With a little work he could probably be a competitive body builder but he didn’t quite have enough size for that yet. Mike looked like he had ridden up on his Harley Gregson straight from a biker rally. He was six feet tall; head shaved like Greg’s, an ear ring and several tattoos. He was very gentlemanly and well spoken which was not what she expected based on his looks. Ted was recently retired after twenty years in the Marines. He obviously kept himself in great shape and was the type of guy you easily expect to take charge in every situation he’s in. Dante was a tall, very muscular, light-skinned black man. He looked like a boxer or some kind of athlete. Denise allowed herself a subtle glance down and noticed by the lines in his shorts that he was hung like a horse!

“Oh, he is so going last.” she thought to herself. “Otherwise I won’t make it through the other ones.”

By the time the introductions were all done they were passing the buoy. Denise decided it was time to start getting all these guys in the mood. She shimmied out of her shorts and took her shirt off. She did a quick check of all the guys. Yeah, they were all checking her out. It reminded her of a pack of wolves encircling a wounded deer. She noticed she was already getting moist form being practically naked in front of all these guys. She looked up at the rear-view mirror and saw Greg was staring back at her with a big smile on his face. Greg checked to see everyone was seated and pushed the throttles forward. The engines roared to life and within a few seconds, the cabin cruiser was skimming the glass-like water of the reservoir. He checked his compass and adjusted his heading for a place that was known to a few of the locals as “The Naked Stump”. It was a favorite with the swingers who had boats. If you saw a boat anchored there it was almost guaranteed there was some nude sunbathing and if you saw several boats tied together there, it was usually a swing party on the boats. The reservoir patrol tolerated and ignored it. Regular people avoided it. Within a few minutes Greg pulled the throttles back to idle the engines and they drifted to within a few yards of the stump. When they had come nearly to a complete stop he pushed the switch to release the anchor, cut the engines and adjusted the stereo to a volume that normal conversation could take place. She was chatting with all the guys, answering questions about how long they had been in the lifestyle, what clubs they had been to, where they usually hung out, what kind of music they liked, and favorite movies. It seemed like every one was trying to capture her attention and make her feel desired. She definitely did. The mimosas were flowing, the beers passed around and she didn’t know if it was all the attention or her third drink of the day that was making her feel dizzy. She was getting more and more excited by the minute just thinking about what was about to happen. Hands were everywhere, gently stroking her thighs, her hair, shoulders. Finally it was Anthony that took the first advance. He was sitting on her left and moved his hand from her thigh to gently stroking her breast. She almost came right then. She breathed in deeply, her head tilted back and her eyes closed. Jimmy, on her right, followed suit and started rubbing her other breast. Mike was a little bolder. He kneeled in front of her and reached for the g-string. She lifted her hips and he slid it off easily. Placing his hands on her knees, she easily opened her legs wide enough to allow him full access. He started licking her pussy, gently at first, but with increasing fervor. He sucked on her clit and then started gently nibbling on it. A lighting bolt shot through her body and she came. She moaned and her body spasmed uncontrollably. She placed her hands on Mike’s bald head, holding him there until the convulsions stopped then gently pushed him away. She smiled widely and stood up.

“Let’s continue this in the cabin.” She announced.

She almost didn’t make it down below as her legs felt like rubber. She went straight forward to the bed in the forward berth. She reclined on the king sized bunk and watched the men coming in to the cabin one by one and stripping out of their shorts. Every one of them was hung very nicely and all pretty much around the same size as her husband. All, that is, except for Dante. He wasn’t even erect yet and was at least ten inches long and she didn’t think she could get her hand closed around it. She knew she would have to take charge or she might get Dante too soon and if he didn’t go last, she would never be able to finish the rest of them off. With a sexy come hither pose and a coy little smile she looked at Greg.

“You sit there and enjoy the show.” She pointed to the seat at the corner of the bed.

“Anthony, you’re up first. Mike you come up here and Jimmy, you too.” Anthony easily slid his eight inch dick into her dripping wet pussy all the way to the hilt as she moaned in pleasure. She laid back and took Mike in to her mouth and Jimmy in her left hand, fondling him gently. She matched Anthony’s strokes in and out of her with her mouth pumping Mike in rhythm. After a dozen or so times she pulled his dick out of her mouth and gently rubbed it as she started sucking Jimmy. She alternated Jimmy and Mike, not wanting either to come yet. Jimmy groaned and pulled out of her mouth and laughingly said you’re too good and I’m too close. He crawled off the bed and Keith took his place. He was only semi-hard so she sucked him like it was the last dick she would ever have in order to get him up all the way. Anthony shoved deep into her pussy and groaned. His arms were shaking and he nearly collapsed but mustered up the strength to pull out. She stopped sucking Keith long enough to tell Mike he was next and then called for Ted to come up on the bed. Anthony pulled off his condom and collapsed on the floor like he had just run a marathon. She went back to alternating two dicks in her mouth, Keith and Ted, until they both felt like they were going to burst. Mike was pumping in and out of her pussy and she almost choked from trying to give head and scream at the same time. Greg sat in his assigned seat and watched. He was smiling and thinking to himself that this was like having your own live porn show just a couple feet away. He had always loved watching her fuck and felt like his erection would rip his shorts but kept telling himself to be patient. This is all for her…for the time being anyway. She would occasionally give him a glance and loved the fact that he was watching. It made it even more thrilling for her and just knowing he was watching was almost enough to make her cum. She was having orgasm after orgasm and it seemed like it would never stop.

Mike started shuddering and yelled as he came. “Two down” she thought “and I’m still not even close to being finished yet.”

“Jimmy, have you recovered yet?”

“I think so but I may not last very long.”

“That’s OK. You’re up.”

Jimmy put on a condom and moved in and slid inside her. The orgasms were getting more intense now and she could barely control herself now. She was getting really close to a huge one. She pulled Keith and Ted out of her mouth and was screaming in pleasure. Jimmy lasted maybe five minutes and she could tell he was just starting to come so she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in to feel the pulsations deep inside her. This set off a wave through her whole body and she ejaculated when she came this time.

“Oops. I hope I’m still on the towel.” She giggled.

She was feeling like she had had her brains fucked out but still wanted more. She thought to herself that maybe she could heat up the action a little and really get everyone hot. Greg would love it. She got up and positioned Keith lying down and mounted him. She then smiled that devilish smile of hers and said, “Baby, do we have any lubricant on the boat?” He knew what she was about to do and almost jumped out of his seat. He reached in to the cabinet and pulled a bottle out.

“I hoped you would be needing this.”

She squirted a little on her fingers and rubbed it on her anus. She then handed the bottle to Ted and said you’ll need to put on a condom then cover your dick with this.

“Are you starting to get dry?”

“No. You’re going to fuck me in the ass while I fuck Keith.”

He complied then gently slid in to her back door. She groaned and, for a few seconds, looked like she would pass out.

“Oh yes. God yes.” She looked at Greg. “Do you enjoy watching me fuck two guys at once?”

“Hell yes!”

“Do you like watching me get fucked in the ass?”


“Good. Because I like you watching me get fucked in the ass.”

He leaned over and kissed her.

She screamed again and started bucking like a wild animal. Both Keith and Ted came at almost the same time. The feeling of a dick coming inside her pussy and one coming inside her ass was almost more than she could bear. She collapsed on to Keith. They all laid there for a moment catching their breath and then started to separate.

Now was the moment of truth. The only one left was Dante with that massive piece of meat between his legs. He was now fully erect and headed toward her. She lay back up on the bed and he climbed over her. “You ready for this or do you need more time to recover.” He said softly.

“Don’t torture me. Stick that big dick in me now before I scream!”

“Oh, you’ll scream.” He slowly slid his massive dick inside her. More, more, more. He was surprised that she took the whole thing. Most women he had been with would put their hands against his chest to try and stop him before he got all the way in. He was right. She screamed. Not from pain but from the feeling like she had never felt before. She had never felt this filled in her life. It almost hurt. Almost, but not quite. He started stroking rhythmically in and out. Slowly and gently at first but she was meeting his every thrust with one of her own trying to draw him in deeper. He picked up the pace and so did she.

“Oh God yes! Shove that big dick in my pussy! Oh fuck! Yes!” The thrusts were getting deeper and faster. She was a woman possessed. He pulled her legs up so that her ankles were even with his head. She started screaming louder.

“Oh shit! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want every inch of that dick inside me! God yes! I can feel it in my chest! Fuck yes!”

The intensity grew. The pumping deeper and faster. His head went back as he made one final plunge deep inside her. She screamed. They came together. They both ejaculated. He slowly looked down at her and she started giggling. “I made another mess.” He started laughing as he pulled out. She crawled off the bed and hugged Greg.

“Happy birthday darlin’.” He whispered.

“Thank-you sweetie” She cooed and kissed him deeply.

They all went back out on deck looking like a football team that had just finished a long hard drive to the goal line. Beers were opened and they plopped on to the seats. Denise came out on deck, still naked, but with a huge smile on her face.

A few minutes later they were passing the buoy again back in to the harbor as Denise was putting her shorts and top back on. She wasn’t sure where the g-string had gotten to but figured she’d look for it after they were docked. When they backed in to the slip all the guys went about tying off and Denise stepped out on to the dock. The guys, one by one, stepped off the boat saying goodbye to be greeted with a deep lingering kiss and a gentle grope. They each remarked on how much they enjoyed it and how they would be available anytime she wanted to do it again. After the last one left she stepped back on to the boat and kissed Greg.

“I had such a great time baby. Thank-you for my fantasy.

“I enjoyed it too. But, I’ll bet your poor little pussy is worn out.”

“Yeah I think so.” She took a step back still holding on to his hand. “But my ass is still OK.”

She pulled him down in to the cabin and he closed the door.

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