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Fantasy Cum True

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You awake to a beautiful warm day, the morning rays of sun are reflecting off the pool and dancing across our bedroom window. You roll over and give me a warm, wet kiss your tongue probing the inter depths of my mouth my eyes open and are immediately filled with the beauty of your face. We kiss and hold each other, our bodies rubbing up against each other re-igniting the fire that we had attempted to extinguish the night before MMMMMMmmmmmm what a night that was. Happy Birthday I say you pull back and with a look of shock say "I had forgotten it is my birthday isn't it." Yes I said and tonight I plan on taking you out for a romantic dinner just the two of us. A limo will pick us up around eight and will take us to the finest resturant in town and then it's off to the theater to see River Dance. You smile and and can't believe it you give me a long kiss and say thank you honey you must have read my mind I've always wanted to see them that's the best birthday present anyone could give me. With that, you slide out of bed and go to the kitchen you return a short while later with fresh coffee and fresh fruit for us to have for breakfast You say, you want to keep it light so you;ll have room for your dinner tonight. After we finish breakfast in bed and kiss and cuddle some more you say, I feel like a nice relaxing warm bath. A grin comes across my face you say, I know that grin I know what you want you want to join me I just smile and say well something like that well then come on, you take my hand and lead me to the bathroom. About half way there, you stop and turn to me and say, I forgot, we're having the bathroom remodelled we only have the shower in the guest room downstairs, damn and I was so looking forward to a warm, relaxing bath oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for a shower. I kiss you and say, I'm sorry honey come on and lets go downstairs and use the shower, I'll wash your back for you. Once downstairs we walk thru our large playroom. We built the playroom a few years back for the occasional swing parties we throw. We've had some fun times in here, haven't we?? You turn and with that sexy smile of yours, say we certainly have. Your head turns and you notice a new bath tub in the middle of the room what's that? oh that's the new tub for the bathroom up stairs they just delivered it yesterday. It's beautiful, you say...I love it it's one of those old fashion claw type tubs isn't it?? Yes would you like to lay in it, just to see how it feels Wow I'd love to, and with that, you open your robe and let it drop to the floor and stand there totally naked you're so sexy and with that you step into the tub and slowly lay back OHHhhhhhh it's just great it's so relaxing I just wish it was filled with warm water. I smile and go over and kiss you, you look up into my face, why do you have that silly grin on your face and I say,"well, would you mind if it was filled with something else warm.?? A look of puzzlement comes over you and with that I let out a yell a second later all the doors leading into the room fly open. Men hundreds of them parade into the room all totally naked and all have hardons. I look at you and say baby you know that cum bath you've always wanted well Happy Birthday today you're going to get it Your eyes roll back and a look of disbelief comes over you. You say "fuck" Ican't wait with that, I move up to the tub you take me into your mouth and start to suck taking me deep into you mouth while a hundred plus guys watch us you continue to deepthroat me I've arranged it, so I'll be the first to cum faster and faster you go...then just at the last moment you move your head back and let me shoot a huge load onto your face the first string of white semen shoots up across your nose, up to your forehead the second and third onto your lips and run down your chin baby that's just the beginning. With that men surround that tub stroking their cocks you move from cock to cock trying to suck as many as you can guys start to cum shooting their loads everywhere onto your face your shoulders breast feet everywhere as soon as one guy cums another steps up to take his place it's a continous flow of cum, you've never seen so many cocks, nor so much cum after the first 1/2 hour or so there's about an inch of cum in the bottom of the tub you/re glistening where cum has coated your body you can't believe what's happening Ok guys let's give it to her now "I say",WOW what are you going to do now? Well these guys went all out they knew how much you wanted a cum bath sooooooooooo they've been jacking off and saving their cum the last couple of weeks. Damn you say, I can't believe it. Well just look at this, guys start carrying in buckets, buckets full of cum, they move up to the tub, the first bucket is handed to me and with you laying back and looking up at me, I slowly position it over you face and slowly tilt the bucket, so the cum just slowly runs out, it drips down and hits your forehead and at that moment, you shudder with sheer excitment and cum like you've never cum before your own juices shoot out of your pussy and mix with the cum in the bottom of the tub. The excitment of watching you cum makes me loose control and the bucket flips completely over spilling it's entire contents on your face, a full two gallons of cum has just fallen on your face, it's the biggest facial ever your face is glistening white in cum your hair is soaked cum running off every strand of hair you scream, more, more, and with that, more buckets are passed up and slowly dumped onto you each one, filling that tub a little fuller, guys keep jacking off, adding fresh cum to the mixture in the tub, it's so crowded that some guys are jacking off into condoms and passing them up, to be emptied into the tub, slowly the tub fills, finally after a couple of hours and several hundred guys cumming and several buckets of saved cum, being dumped on you, the tub is filled. You're laying, neck deep in cum, the biggest smile I've ever seen covers your glistening face. I turn to you and say ok baby, there's your cumbath. I love it, you say, now I'm going to enjoy it and with that you start scooping up the cum in the palms of your hands and actually begin to bathe in it, you're actually washing yourself starting with you face even though its been covered you scoop up more cum and rub it in not missing an inch of your body finally exhausted, you lay back and say, I'm just going to lay here and relax, with that I hand you a champange glass and say sip on this honey it'll help you relax what is it? I smile and say,a cum cocktail, of course, you laugh and shake your head, you're to much, I still can't believe I'm actually laying in a bathtub full of cum. After sipping the cum cocktail you stand, the cum dripping off every part of your body thick ropes of white semem lace parts of your body your entire body glistens it's a beautiful site your gorgeous tan body soaked with cum a dream cum true. You thank everyone for cumming and turn to me and say baby, thanks for the greastest birthday gift of all time, I smile and say, just wait till next year how would you like to swim in a pool full of cum, with that your legs give way, and you fall back into the tub, cum splashing everywhere and completely covering you again, a few seconds later , with cum covering your face, you turn to me and say, I can't wait till next year, I'm looking forward to that birthday swim.

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