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Family Lust & Lost Lovers

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Family Lust & Lost Lovers

It was a little after eight o'clock in the morning when I got home from my all night job at the 7-11 store. Mom was in the kitchen as I came in the back door. "Hi mom, "I said as I kissed her on the neck and getting a little feel of her firm small breasts as I did. Mom was wearing only her long t-shirt which she sleeps in.

"Now enough of that you need to eat after a long night at the store." She said as she wiggled her small little ass toward the stove. "What do you want to eat? How about some ham and eggs this morning?" she continued. I followed her close and cupped her firm little cheeks in each hand. "You know I do love your sweet ass Mom" I said.

"Oh Carl you really do need to eat. But I can see you're in one of those moods. Did something happen last night to get you turned on?" She asked as she was smiling now and turning to look at me. Her eyes fell on my crotch and it was easy enough to see the outline of my hard on through my jeans. Her eyes brighten up and she let her fingers trail over the bulge in my jeans. Her nimble fingers quickly had my belt open and my zipper down as I stated to tell her a short story.

Do you remember Brenda Bellamy, Jake Bellamy's daughter? They used to own the cabin next to ours up at the lake. Kitty smiled wide as she did remember Jake Bellamy very well. One summer not too long ago Jake and Kitty had a little fling for almost a whole week before his wife and daughter came up to join him. Kitty had also been alone as Carl was still in school and Frank her loving husband of well over twenty years had to work that week. But Kitty had come up early to clean up and get the cabin ready for the summer. Carl was only about fourteen then as Kitty remembered that week very well. Kitty was now stroking her son's fully erect cock remembering back over the years. Carl was now twenty-one so that had been seven years ago. My oh, my how times fly's when you’re having fun.

Carl was not to going to let his mother have all the fun so he slipped a hand up under her t-shirt. Kitty kept her pussy shaved and Carl found it smooth and dripping wet. Carl cupped his hand over the puffy fat little pussy and let his thumb rub her clitoris.

Kitty had her eyes closed now as she remembered how Jake had licked her to a climax right there on the front porch the first time they met. It was sex at first sight for both of them. Jake had walked over when he saw Kitty outside and introduced himself.

When their eyes met they each felt and knew right away there was something special between them. Jake had kissed her and she just relaxed and let him have his way with her. Jake had pulled her jeans down and sat her on the edge of a chair then he went down on her licking her to a climax right there on the front porch. Thank God no one had come by. They later went inside and he fucked her to another climax and Kitty had sucked him to a climax all on that first day.

It was on that last day and only hours before Jake's wife and daughter were due to arrive that he had taken her to the bathroom so they could shower together one more time. As they kissed Jake worked a soapy finger well up into her tight little ass. Kitty had never had a finger in her ass before and much to her surprise she found it both erotic and exciting. She told Jake how good it felt to her and he said she just might enjoy his cock in her ass. The thought of him fucking her in the ass was so explosively erotic Kitty damn near came right then.

It took a little work and a lot of lubricant and a few moments for Kitty to relax enough for him to get his wonderful cock head inserted in her eager tight ass. But after a few minutes it started to feel so wonderful Kitty told Jake to shove more in her and before long Kitty was screaming for Jake to fuck my ass. Oh my Jake fucks my ass hard. So it was that at age thirty-six, Kitty Monroe took a cock up her tight little asshole passage for the first time. But it was not going to be the last as Kitty had learned something that day and she wanted to experience again soon.

These memories came flooding back in such a rush that Kitty had a strong need to once again experience that wonderful feeling. Kitty dropped her son's jeans to the floor and told him to fuck her ass. Carl was quickly rubbing some of her own wetness from her pussy on her ass. Carl liked to fuck his mother's tight little ass. Carl loved his mother and he knew she liked this and for some reason it was special for her. So Carl took her by her slim hips and placed the head of his hard cock to the tiny opening.

Since that day seven years ago Kitty had been fucked many times by both her husband and her son in the ass and each time she loved it. So when Carl's cock head pressed her tiny ass it opened up and let him enter without any hesitation. Carl watched as his long strong cock disappeared up into his mother tight ass. This sight always was so exciting for Carl he loved to fuck his mother and he loved her so for letting him.

Carl felt his balls bounce as he got up solid to her ass. He had all his cock in her and they both were so excited. Kitty was breathing heavy in load gasps as Carl pounded her ass while his flat muscular belly smacked her firm bottom. Carl had her by the hips and was jerking her hard back into him then letting his cock pull almost all the way out before ramming in back to the hilt again and again.

Kitty was screaming for Carl to fuck her harder. Carl felt his balls pull up and his cock as he started to jerk pumping a hot stream of sperm well up into his mother's tight ass. Carl cried out "I am cumming Mom, I am cumming." Kitty just screamed as she let go with a climax that shook the whole house. Kitty was jerking and wiggling her ass her hair was flying all direction as she shook her head from side to side. Carl thought "Gees' Mom this is great. It has never been this good before." Carl was still pumping his mother full of cum when his Dad came in and stood in the doorway watching the wild show.

A few minutes later Carl had departed the kitchen and Kitty was pouring her husband a cup of coffee. Kitty felt the wetness run down the inside of her legs.

Frank smiled and said, "Baby you better go get cleaned up." Kitty did not say anything but as she walked by Frank lifted her t-shirt and asked Kitty to bend over. Frank spread her sweet cheeks and looked at her well fucked ass. It was red and puffy still dripping his son's cum. Frank bend close and licked cum from her ass.

Kitty was shivering so hard her legs damn near gave out. Kitty felt the crunching in her guts again and her nipples started to hurt. "Oh, Frank do me please I need you to fuck me. I am so fucking horny this morning." Frank was excited from the show he had witnessed he needed not to be asked twice. He leaned his wife over the table and dropped his shorts to the floor. Frank had his cock well embedded in her pussy a second later. Frank fucked his wife hard and fast the way she liked it. Kitty was screaming with another climax almost as soon as Frank got in her swollen cunt.

Carl had showered and gone to bed after his long nights work and morning encounter of lust.

When Kitty came out of the shower Frank was sitting on the bed and looking for answers. Kitty knew what he wanted and started by reminding him of how she had screwed Jake Bellamy a few years earlier. Frank knowing was one thing; that of course was not so bad but what was bad was how Jake's wife had taken it when she found out. There was a big fight through divorce court and it all ending with Jake's wife dying in a burning car crash. Jake had taken his daughter and moved off somewhere. Well if what Carl said was true Jake and his daughter were back in town.

Frank knew then why Kitty was so horny that morning. They had been married a long time and through the years both had enjoyed a freedom to move about the world of sex pretty much as either wanted to. However, that encounter with Jake had damn near split up Kitty and Frank. So now Frank was wondering how it would all end if Jake was back in town.

Carl came down to share the late afternoon with his mother and father. Strolling naked into the den he kissed his mother and she in turn patted his bare rear. Frank said "So tell us about your meeting with Brenda and Jake Bellamy?"

Carl sat on the arm of a chair and let his long cock and heavy testicles hang down like a thick sausage. "At first I was not sure it was Brenda. But then when I saw Mr. Bellamy come in and I was sure it was her and I introduced myself. But she knew me right off and she said they were back and going to live in their old house. Boy you should see her she is beautiful. Blonde, busty, long legs and a fine ass that gave me a hard on just seeing her walk."

Kitty said, "You sound like maybe you would like to see her again."

Carl said, "Oh, damn straight, I would give a month’s pay to get her fucking ass in my bed."

Frank said, "Well I only remember her as a child but if she is as fine as you say, son bring her around so your mother and I can get to enjoy her as well."

Carl looked at his mother and started to remember that summer and all that happened. "Damn would it be great if Brenda has the same relationship with her Dad as I have with you." He continued "Just think of it. We all could share both of them and make it one big happy family get together."

Kitty watched as her son's cock started to fill out and come alive. Frank said, "Son, go give them a call and see if you can get a date with Brenda I think your mother would enjoy seeing Jake again."

It was the next Friday evening when Kitty opened her front door and invited Jake and Brenda Bellamy into her home. Frank and Carl followed Kitty to the front door and while Frank shook hands with Jake Carl took Brenda by the hand and headed out back to show her the new pool. Carl had dated Brenda twice during the week and with his mother prodding had invited both Daughter and father to a late evening pool party. Kitty took Jake by the arm and the three followed the kids out back to the large pool. It has one of those large screen rooms that covered the entire pool. There is an eight foot privacy fence all around the back yard as well. The kids were already inside the room. Jake noticed that even though it was screen you could not see through it after dark. Once inside the room Jake saw there was a wet bar and lounge chairs set up on both sides of the pool. A netted area in the back was a kind of changing room. The whole set up was very private and impressive. Jake said, "I guess with a set up like this you don't have to go to the lake anymore?"

Frank said, "No we do just fine here so we sold our cabin years ago."

Kitty tugged Jake to the bar and fixed drinks all around. Brenda and Carl sat together on a large padded lounge while Kitty and Jake took up a seat on a swing set. Frank stood at the bar watching the event of the evening unfold. No one made a move to go swimming but they all had a few more drinks.

It was Frank that started to drop hints as to the special relationship between he and Kitty with their son. Jake was a little ahead of everyone in the drinks department but he got the hint and started to laugh as he said, "When a daughter loses her mother as Brenda did one might say she clings to the father much more than normal." Kitty said, "A family can become very close and loving to recover from a tragedy."

She had let her hand slowly rest in Jake's lap. Frank was getting a hard on as he watched Carl slip his hand up under Brenda's shorts. Frank said, "Would anyone like to take a dip?" Then as if it were a joke he said "Bathing attire is optional after dark." Carl said something to Brenda and they both jumped up and quickly dropped clothing as they raced for the water. Frank was very impressed as he watched a fine firm ass disappear below the water. Brenda did have a fine figure.

Kitty let her blouse fall and Jake said, "You still got the prettiest tits I ever saw Kitty." Frank said, "Well come on we may as well join the kids what do you say?"

The three were naked seconds later. But Kitty was not going to let Jake near the water till she had a chance to renew an old friendship. Kitty was kneeling in front of Jake and his cock was deep in her mouth. Frank jerked his head around when he heard Brenda's voice say "Daddy surely loves to have his cock sucked. He had me sucking his cock long before he took my cherry. But as they say fair is fair because he had been licking my cunt long before that."

Carl said, "There is just something about watching my mother suck cock that makes me want to fuck her. But tonight Brenda I would love to get some of your fine pussy." Frank said, "Brenda, Kitty has your dad really hard and I think we would like to watch your Dad fuck you. How would you like that?" Brenda had a good grip on Carl's erection. But Carl agreed with his Dad by saying "Mom come on let it go so we can all watch Jake fuck Brenda." Jake laid down on a lounge and Brenda sat across him taking Jakes cock easily. Frank was getting a hand full of Brenda's firm tits and Carl was fingering her ass. Kitty was trying her best to sit on Jakes face. But he was busy fucking his daughter.

The scene was set for a long night of swapping the two girls between the three guys. Brenda got very excited as she watched her father get Kitty on all fours and ram half of his cock into her ass. Frank asked Brenda if she would like a fuck in the ass. Brenda said, "Yes but be easy Frank I have only had it that way once."

Carl watched as his Dad got behind Brenda and bent her over a chair. Carl stood close and helped by pulling her ass cheeks wide apart. Frank told Brenda to relax and just let it go. He said he would be easy and let her expand to take him all. She did and before long Brenda was enjoying a full hard cock deep in her ass. Carl thought about watching the show but he was so hot he went over to his mother and got down in front of her on his knees. Kitty was enjoying Jake but she was always ready to take a hot cock in her mouth. So there we will leave it Kitty enjoying a long lost lover and her husband enjoying the long lost lover's daughter and Kitty lovingly taking care of her son one more time.

Brenda and Carl slept well together that night. Kitty enjoyed being sandwiched between Jake and Frank till the sun was high the next morning.

These five lovers came to enjoy many nights together.

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