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My wife Lynn and I have dabbled in swinging and group sex for about 22 years now. We found it makes our sex life hotter and wetter. What happened on a cold February night a few years ago still leaves us both in awe. With that said , Lynn approached me one night and stated she had a fantasy about being taken by a group of guys and me watch. I thought arranging a fantasy like that might be a big project, Well, So I thought.

I met my friend Franco at our favorite shot and beer place to watch a football game. Franco and his wife Jen have been friends of ours for a longtime. His friend Alex was at the table with him. I have seen Alex and his wife Denise at a few holiday parties over the years , just causal conversation nothing more.

As the night went on, a commercial for a new reality show about trading wives came on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Franco and Alex looking with shitty grins, Alex saying ? That should be the real deal ,Yeah Franco.? Franco exclaimed back ? Not gonna be the real deal Alex!.? Franco then looked at me nervously, I could see he was afraid a secret was revealed and he wasn?t sure how I was going to react. To calm Franco, I immediately stated ? You bonehead, Lynn and I have been swinging for years!? A deep sigh of relief fell around the table and conversations began. After finding out Franco ,Jen , Alex and Denise had been swinging for awhile together, I joked ?That?s just great , Lynn and I been going to clubs and surfing the net only to find group sex was just a phone call away.? After more discussion, I explained the fantasy that Lynn wanted me to set up. Lynn wanted to have a dream like atmosphere in the basement .With some old stage lighting and a small fog machine from an old DJ business , I would be able to somewhat create that along with mood music and candles. The rest would be up to the guys. Franco and Alex were intrigued by the plan and both agreed it would be fun.

A few weeks went by, Lynn and I cleared a weekend, I told her I had her men set up. She seemed a bit surprised and grilled me with questions . I just said ? The guys very nice and let?s leave mystery as part of the fantasy.? I then got a call from Franco , he told me Jen and Denise knew about the fantasy and wanted to attend. After further discussion ,I agreed, still not sure how I was going modify that night to accommodate couples. I reminded Franco that Lynn did not know who players were and Jen couldn?t reveal the surprise. As the night arrived ,I found out ,I didn?t have to modify a thing.

I was in the basement that afternoon setting up the lights and the fog machine, Lynn came down with candles and walked into the back room .She emerged with an old free weight bench. She had added some extra cushion, a little bling ,,bling, and tie ups with Velcro. We had experimented with light bondage in the past ,just never really focused on it. Lynn centered the bench in the room and I helped her move the couches for the my viewing pleasure. I set the lighting and filled the fog machine with the fog juice. We adjusted the sound system and went up stairs. As the arrival time was near we grabbed a shower and changed clothes. Lynn put on her back leather teddy ,thigh high stockings ,and threw on some sweat pants. I grabbed a T-shirt and sweat pants.. We went to the kitchen and uncorked some wine, Lynn got her fixing out for her Famous Appletinis. She thought she was making enough for her, she soon would find out she would need to make more.

Around six o?clock the doorbell rang. I yelled to Lynn to get the door. I heard a group say ? HI Lynn.? I could hear Lynn exclaim ? OH MY GOD,OOOOH MYYYY GOD!!!!!!? The group entered the hallway,small overnight bags in hand , the guys bringing their favorite flavor beer. Lynn looking at me with panic and excitement ,not knowing what to think. I took their coats, told Franco to put the bags in the guest room. Then Jen ,bless her heart, looked at Lynn and requested those famous Appletinis. The gals scurried into the kitchen ,lots of whispering ,giggling and laughing. I brought Franco and Alex downstairs to scope out the playing field, I cranked up the fog machine as that would take a while to fill the room. We came back up stairs and showed Alex around. As time went on there was still a lot of giggling and laughing coming from the kitchen ,I saw the Appletinis were being mixed more frequently. The guys and I went into the TV room and further discussed how we would proceed with the evening. We would soon find out the Guys were not the planners this night.

A short time later I ran downstairs to check the lights and fog machine. The room was filled with a Haze and the colored lights created an effect better than I expected . I heard the gals come down the stairs, There were ? ooohs and aaahs? just like a fireworks show. Lynn walked up to me and grabbed me. She started to kiss me passionately ,then whispered that she was so turned on. Then she turned and Said ?More Appletinis Girls??? . They started back up stairs ,Jen lagged back a little. She walked up to me and started to nibble on my ear. She whispered that she was hot and wet .Since I never heard this before from her ,I got nervously excited. She stepped back,winked and ran back upstairs. I soon followed to find the gals had gone to our bedroom and closed the door. More laughing, giggling and whispering continued.

Franco and Alex had gone to the guest room to put on T-shirts and silk boxers.We met back in the TV room and cracked open another round of beer. Awhile later Jen arrived in the TV room and announced?Go downstairs BOYS!? She went back to the bedroom ,we went downstairs. The room was very euphoric the music,the haze,the lights,totally transformed the usually dull area. We kicked back on the couches and sipped some more beer. We all had shitty grins on our faces at this point. We heard the gals coming down the stairs, the moment had arrived, so far totally not, what I envisioned. The gals walked into the room, Denise on one side ,Jen on the other. Lynn in the Middle .Lynn was blindfolded. All three gals looked very sexy .They were all just about medium build,with relatively the same working mom figures.Denise,Black short hair with piercing dark eyes,just about 34 C/D breasts,nicely shaved pussy, wearing a tight crotch less fishnet body stocking,with a sheer over jacket.Lynn still wearing her leather teddy her breasts about 36C,nipples at this point totally erect . She had her thigh high stockings and some boots I never saw before. Lynn was shaved, always leaving a little groomed patch kind of shaped like a heart. The black outfit highlighted her Blond hair and blue eyes. Jen ,I will say the wild one of the bunch. A brunette /blonde feathered hair also about 36 C breasts. Totally shaved pussy and wearing a dark blue teddy with stockings. Jen then announced ? I give you the Queen of the Night?. Denise and Jen led Lynn over to the bench and gently laid her down. Propping her hips up slightly Jen and Denise began to slowly tie Lynn to the bench. Once that was complete the first of many surprises that night began. Jen and Denise began to kiss. Their tongues licking and mouths suckling. They then went on each side of Lynn and began kissing and licking her body.Jen arrived at Lynn?s mouth and softly kissed her.Jen?s tongue attempting to penetrate into Lynn?s mouth. Lynn hesitated for a moment and then they began to kiss with total resolve. Denise made her way to Lynn?s pussy and shoved her face into Lynn?s crotch. Lynn again flinched with hesitation ,then let out a pleasure groan.I was familiar with that groan.All three gals were fully involved moaning and groaning in pleasure. Jen then whispered into Lynn?s ear. Lynn again hesitated and whispered back ?Yes,Oh Yes,? Jen stood up and straddled Lynn?s face. She slid her pussy onto Lynn?s mouth and Lynn obliged with her tongue. The intensity increased as the gals became more involved . Denise thrusting her tongue deep into Lynn s now streaming pussy .Denise also fingering her own pussy. Jen?s hips bucking faster and faster on Lynn?s mouth. At this point ,the guys and myself became mesmerized at the site of our wives about to unleash orgasms I don?t think they even expected. Denise now positioned herself so Lynn?s and her pussy could grind together .Lynn and Denise began to moan louder,the motion quicker and faster. Jen was first, her body trembled and she shrieked,her hot juices streaming all over Lynn?s face and neck. She immediately jumped off, knees to the ground,kissed Lynn passionately. Then Lynn and Denise both let out a groan and a scream. Their crotches drenched in juice. Denise dropped to Lynn?s side and placed her head on Lynn?s belly ,Jen on the other side nuzzled her head on Lynn?s chest.They let out a satisfying sigh. At this point my cock was hard as a rock, I was sure Alex and Franco were in the same condition. Franco in his witty way blurts out " Encore, Encore.? Jen lifts her head and tells Franco? No, No it?s your turn now, Mister.? The basis for this fantasy was about to take place.The gals took a small breather,grabbing water bottles. Jen flipped off Lynn?s blindfold.Denise pulled off her body stocking indicating it was soaked . She put back on the sheer jacket and added some bling on her ankle and some nipple clips. I slid off the couch and came up to Lynn she kissed me passionately.I askedsoftly "Ok,so far?? she replied ?OOHHH Yeah?.I made my way back to the couch and sat back. Denise pulled Alex off the couch pulling off his boxers. Jen grabbed Franco off the couch and tore off his boxers. As I suspected ,both of their cocks standing at attention. Lynn still strapped in,looked over at the manhood with a wondering gleam in her eye. She then looked at me with a thankful passionate smile. Jen and Denise both stroking and sucking on their men. Enjoyment on both Franco and Alex faces. Well now, Franco looked to be about 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. Alex looked to be about 7-8 inches long and about 2 inches thick. So measuring up as we guys sometimes do, I would say I was at the low end of that totem pole. Just over 6 inches long 2 inches thick. I,in my witty way commented ? Franco you freak of nature? which caused the group to chuckle. Jen and Denise then brought their men over to Lynn .Alex in Lynn?s right hand and Franco in her left. Lynn began to stroke on the guys. Jen and Denise sat on the couch one on each side of me. Jen licking my ear and moaning .Denise the same in the other. Franco?s cock found it?s way to Lynn?s mouth first .She struggled a moment and then began to suck and moan. Alex kissed his way to Lynn?s pussy and began twirling his tongue on her clit.She began to moan more and more. With every moan Franco?s cock was deeper and deeper into her throat. Jen and Denise each put one hand on my sweat pants and yanked them off. Jen grabbed my cock and kissed the head ,she swirled her tongue all around and then put her head on my shoulder,gently stroking my cock. Denise put my balls in her mouth and gently tugged at my sack. She then put her head on my other shoulder continuing to massage my balls. Apparently the gals were intent on watching with me.

Alex released Lynn?s legs from the straps and threw them over his shoulders.He thrust hard into her hot steamy hole.A steady motion causing Lynn?s moans to become more frequent still,Franco?s cock in her mouth with occasional gag sound forgetting his size.Lynn trembled out an orgasmic shriek and coated Alex?s cock with her hot juices. Franco pulled his cock from Lynn?s mouth and reached over to unstrap her from the sex bench. He grabbed Lynn by the arms,motioned to Alex to stand.Franco then put Lynn on her knees in front of Alex.Lynn shoved Alex?s cock in her mouth using her hands to power stroke him and massage his sack. Franco grabbed the bench and moved it out of the way ,the same time grabbed a comforter that was folded in the corner of the room and spread it out on the floor.Franco then grabbed Lynn by the hips nearly lifting her in the air ,positioning her for his contribution. He thrust his cock into her. Lynn screamed. An erotic sexual scream it was. Franco began slowly and started to pickup the tempo. Faster,deeper,harder.Lynn taking Alex?s cock to the depths of her throat. Alex showing signs he was about to blow. Lynn fell into a sexual frenzy arching her back farther.Franco now in full motion, Lynn moaning and continued frenzy, she pulled her mouth off of Alex and grabbed around his ass. Lynn ?s body shaking and trembling let out a crescendo of screams and her hot juice shot out all over Franco?s cock and body . She collapsed happily to the floor,panting and moaning. Franco reached down and kissed her neck. Lynn grabbed for Alex to come to the floor. Franco pretty moist from sweat and sex crawled to the couch. So far ,none of us guys popped off yet. Amazing a bit ,almost like someone put Viagra in the beer.

Lynn had Alex on the floor.She tasted him again and knew he was about to blow.Lynn looked at me with a sexy grin and said ? Honey I want you too.? I knew immediately she was going for a double. I had some lube downstairs,anal is something Lynn and I tried from time to time never really focused on it either. Lynn positioned herself onto Alex?s cock and started a slow up and down motion. Jen and Denise both kissed me then went over to sit with Franco. They both whispered to me as they got up this was so hot.Lynn began to moan again her motion a little faster. I got behind Lynn and positioned myself to enter her ass. I spread a little lube on my cock and into Lynn?s ass. She paused for moment so I could enter her. We started to thrust to the music.Alex?s and my cock in motion like a fine tuned motor. Alex began to grunt,I knew he was about to pop off. We all went faster,Lynn moaning louder.Alex now tighten up, let out an ?OH YEAH?.With that he blew his hot load deep into Lynn which immediately caused her to reciprocate all over myself and Alex.At this point Alex was spent,so was Lynn,they both laid on the comforter,nuzzled and sighed.

I still, hard as a rock, looked over at Jen ,Denise and Franco on the couch. Denise was riding Franco like he was a frenzied race horse, Ok close. Denise slowed and looked at me ? I want to try that too .? She said between moaning and panting. So I crawled over to the couch and gently lubed Denise up .She slowed her thrusting on Franco. She stopped completely ,allowed me to enter her, as I did so she gasped , Jen ,now coaching her to relax gently tugging on her nipple clips. Our motion began to increase as Denise settled in. She moaned and whimpered. Pain and pleasure I presumed. Denise began to tremble and moan louder. Thrusting hard on both Franco and myself. Franco was about to pop,he grabbed Denise around the waist ,letting out a groan of pleasure ,releasing his hot wad into her. I swiftly pulled out of Denise as her ass tighten around my cock. I was ready to blow. She leaned forward buried her face in the couch pillow muffling the loudest screams of the night ,her hot juices flooding Franco ,the couch and anything in a 2 foot radius. With out missing a beat, Jen grabbed my throbbing cock towards her jerking it wildly. My hot load shooting on her tongue,neck and breasts. Jen licked her lips with a big grin and I dropped to the couch. We all just laid still from a while. The music stopped ,the fog machine blew it?s load too .There was a sweaty silence. The fantasy Lynn and I thought about for the longest time was complete. Nothing like we ever dreamed.. We all lumbered upstairs, the girls went to the bedroom again. The shower came on. I fired up the shower in the guest room. The Guys and I each took a power shower. Of course, the gals still in the bedroom by the time we already popped on sweats and were in the TV room. The gals came out of the bedroom naked, smelled nice with clean hair combed back. They went right to the kitchen and threw down a couple of shots of JACK . They came into the TV room and cuddled with their men. We all just kind of looked at each other in total amazement. A rerun of SNL was on TV now. We watched for awhile. Then, Jen sat up and looked at Lynn. She wanted to know the sleeping arrangements.Lynn said ?Well I am taking Alex to the guest room?. Jen said ?Great ,I know what I get to do in your room? Smiling at me with a devilish grin ?. I always wondered for years what he would be like? still looking at me .Jen grabbed my hand and we went to the bedroom. As we walked away Denise looked at Franco and said ?Guess it?s just boring you and me again? They both laughed .The moaning of sexual pleasure rang out All over the house until dawn.

I think that night many fantasies were fulfilled. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think it all happened as it did.We haven?t topped that night yet.Let?s just say summer barbeques /parties now come with little Erotica.

Lynn's and my sex life HOTTER Than Ever

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