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Part 1

All of us could hear the rain falling steadily on the tin roof of our rented vacation cabin deep in the northern woods, as darkness fell over the forest. The four of us were warm and comfy, yet a bit bored as we are used to the hustle and bustle of the big city. It was our first vacation together since our parents got married 3 months ago, my Dad Robert and Cindy's Mom Cathy. I am Richard, 19 age and Cindy had recently turned 18. Cathy recalled that she had brought along a few games just in case of inclement weather, and she fetched them out of the car trunk. Cathy returned with a board game, and everyone in the room could not help but notice how her breasts stood at attention in her rain soaked tight blue blouse. My Dad poked fun at her, and Cathy just giggled. After a few moments of easy laughter, we got down to setting up the game on the kitchen table.

We were all having a blast, until the bright flash and roaring thunder hit close-by. In another moment, all of the electric power went out. Cindy screamed, and her Mom blurted out, 'relax young lady, we have some candles in the kitchen silverware drawer'. Dad rifled thru the creaky old drawer, found the candles and matches, and soon a faint light bathed the cabin. Two small candles is not much of brightness factor to the eyes in such a large area, but we continued to play the game, and the girls were kicking our butts good, but the two candles eventually burnt down. There was only two more remaining, yet the night was far from over. We decided to burn them one after the other to conserve our light.

After a few more minutes, Cathy stood up, stretched her body out from the chair induced stiffness, and announced that she was ready for a bathroom break, and was done with the board game. Cathy turned to me and asked if I would be so kind as to accompany her upstairs with the candle. I was kind of taken aback by her request, glanced over at my Dad, whom quickly gave me an encouraging glance and said 'escort the lady please'. As we approached the top of the stairs, I could see that Cindy had lit the other candle, she and Dad continued to play the board game.

Robert and Cindy continued to talk softly, and I heard her giggle loudly at his words that I could not quite make-out.

Once we got inside the bathroom, Cathy told me to close the door. There I stood as she tugged her blue jeans and panties down to her ankles and sat down on the toilet. My face was blush red, but my eyes were wide open. Wow, Cathy was a beautiful woman, she took my breath away. For a moment, I kinda envied Dad. She broke the silence and asked me to enter the bedroom thru the jack and jill door to turn down the sheets of the bed.

As I finished with the bed, I felt the warmth of Cathy's naked body press against my back. Her arms quickly wr*ped around me and her hand tightly covered my mouth, as she whispered into my ear, "I have been waiting for this moment for so long Richard'. Her voice was sultry, and her touch was like fire. I was frozen as thoughts raced thru my mind, yet was totally at her beckoning. Cathy told me to get undressed, and slip into the bed, under the sheets and comforter, and I did as instructed. Her hands explored my body while soft lips caressed mine, and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I gasped deeply as her gentle fingers gripped my erect cock. She whispered into my ear, 'Your cock is much thicker than your fathers, but not quite as long'. Cathy placed the head of my cock in her cupped palm, and noticed what every other gal that I was ever prior involved with noticed, that my tip was huge, not just big, bulging fat and round with a very pronounced corona crown. I was proud of it, and told her so. She nibbled on my earlobe. and whispered that she lusts to feel it deep inside of her hot kitty.

For the next few minutes, Cathy quietly spoke specific instructions and guided me along to exaclty what she wanted done to her body, precisely at what location, and specifically what techniques to perform. I was powerless to do anyting but totally obey, after all, Cathy was a registered nurse and knew what she was doing. I was glad that one of use did, I was shaking like a leaf. Half of me was concerned that my Dad would bust thru the door and kick my butt, the other half wanted to give this MILF a good hard fucking. Cathy must have sensed my tension, and assured me that it was 100% ok to continue, that my Dad was fine with this, and there was plenty that I did not know, or yet understand about my Dad. Before this night was over, I was going to find out everything.

Cathy has smooth, light complexion skin that has a sweet scent and a salty taste. I explored every inch of her, sneaking a peek at her facial expressions of eroticism and pleasure every now and then along the way. She wrapped her slender hand around the nape of my neck, and tuggingly urged my face towards her wet musty gash. My tongue felt the silky ripples of her pussy lips, steamy hot full of blood, and fully engorged. Her vaginal fluids tasted like the food of Gods, ambrosia on Earth. To drown in her wetness was all I could want, and I sucked, licked, massaged, and thrashed that womanhood until her hips bucked. Holding her back from falling over the edge until she felt my dick in her muff, I gave her my best tongue teasing.

Eventually she exploded in frustration, put her hands on my shoulders, and pushed my face away from her warm wet crotch. Cathy announced that she was taking her turn now, and we traded positions on the bed. My eyes shut, my head rolled backwards, and my body relaxed anticipating her touch. Cathy finally took my stiff cock into her hands, and lowered her soft mouth on it. She began to suck, lick, twist, and slide at the same time. I squirmed in agony and pleasure, wanting to release so badly, but she kept me from exploding with her timing and technique, payback.

Cathy stopped, moved towards the center of the bed, spread her long slender legs apart, bent her knees sightly, and placed her feet flat on the mattress. She silently gestured with her lips, saying over and over to me...'do me nice'. I mounted over her, and she guided my cock towards her pussy. I watched as her facial expression changed from lustful into pleasurable agony, her vaginal muscles pushed apart from my the girth of my cock head as I entered her body. She is so wet and silky, that I can feel her outer labia spread open, as the inner lips lightly grip the contours of my penis head. She grunts as the head plows thru first, then groans softly as I hit bottom, and we begin to slow fuck. Our pace is rapid enough for awhile, then steadily increasing in rhythmic intensity, we both move towards orgasm together, aware of nothing in our surroundings except ourselves and each other.

Our erotic embrace naturally flowed into such position that my cock head prodded abruptly against her cervix. We both could feel the sensation as her uterus was rocked by the impacts, reverbicating throughout her primary sex organs. Then it happened, my cock head seemed to double in size and get dark red of color, it does this everytime before I cum. I could feel that deep down burning sensation within my loin, and knew an erruption was soon to occur. Cathy's breathing pattern suddenly became erratic with sharp full breaths. I could feel the outer portion of her vaginal walls clamp down harder on my shaft, and her deeper vaginal region open up wide like an umbrella.

The warm gush from far within Cathy suddenly engulfed my cock, her back arched, her skeletal muscles tensed, as her vagina and lower pelvic muscles rhythmically contracted then relaxed. Instinctively, I thrust my hips forward, driving myself ever deeper within her. Cathy squeeled as my thick and warm semen slammed into her cervix, I leaned over and kissed her mouth deeply, the sounds muffled in echos shared between our locked lips as both of our bodies went spastic with contractings from deep within our pelvis that radiated throughout our genitals.

Our erotic dance slowed as our bodily fluids mixed in passion, and we kissed for awhile. My rod never going completely flaccid, rather growing stiff hard again as our bodies rubbed together. Cathy insisted that we change positions, she wanted to get fucked from behind, while she on arms and legs towards the edge of the bed, and me standing in back of her. As we began to switch positions, it was then that we both noticed two other figures moving on the floor in the dim light. Cathy gently caressed my face with her hands, told me to just relax, and enjoy the view.

After she got into position, I stood behind her, and pushed my big fat red plum head into her slippery muffin. When it slammed home, she thrust her entire body back towards me and grunted.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and held on tight, then adjusted my pelvic thrusts to hers, and pulled her hips into me with my upper body strength. In perfect synchronicity, we fucked like two demons possesed with lust.

Both Cathy and I could view my Dads outline hovering above Cindy's darkened figure on the floor with her legs far up in the air, and ankles spread far wide apart. Every swift and forceful downward motion of his body sent her legs bouncing, and we could hear Cindy's high pitched moans of pleasure fill the air. My eyes watched both Dad's and Cindy's bodies move while I felt my own body's sensations of sexual intercourse. Mind and body totally engaged, sexual bliss, never before experienced by me. I could not stop watching them fuck, nor could Cathy and I stop fucking.

Cindy was the first to go into uncontrolled loud vocal expressions of orgasm, followed quickly by my Dad's three grunts, then one long moan. Upon hearing all of the excitement, Cathy suddenly gasped in deeply, and released a huge sigh as she surrendered to another shuddering orgasm.

I gripped her tighter, then shot my spunk again deep into her receptive womb.

The four of us exhausted, we collapse in silence as the last flickers from the candle light fell away.


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