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Entertaining Guests

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Scene 1: The bathroom

I’m sitting in my bathtub. The water is hot and bubbly with tangerine scented bubbles. It is soft on my skin and I relax back, feeling slippery and buoyant in the water. I take my hand and reach down between my legs; gently rubbing my labia and clitoris, when you walk in the bathroom.

You’re talking on your cell phone – and the conversation seems to be about arranging for a few people to come over to the house for drinks. You’re not really paying much attention to me – you’re laughing and talking on the phone, and standing over me by the edge of the tub. You reach down and unzip your pants – and pull out your dick; slowly massaging it and still concentrating on your call. You start to grow hard and you glance down at me and cock your head as if to suggest I should get to work.

I get up on my knees and take your dick slowly into my mouth. I push down your pants and start to lick your balls. All the while, you’re still talking on the phone and laughing with whomever you are talking to. I feel like your sex slave; insignificant to you, but I know that it is my job to satisfy you. I like serving you because it gives me purpose, and I know that no one else brings you to the edge like I do.

The bubble bath slides down my breasts and you glance down smiling- while I continue to suck your dick and play with your balls. Suddenly, you end your phone call and put the phone down on the bathroom sink, and tell me to get up on my hands and knees. You sit down on the edge of the tub behind me and slowly start to massage me between my legs while I’m on all fours. You play with my clit, and slowly insert your finger inside me, and then begin to play with my ass. You begin rubbing a bit faster and harder on my clit, bringing me slowly to arousal – when you stop. You stand up and tell me to get dressed. You tell me you are planning on having a few people over, and I’m going to be servicing the party. You tell me to wear the outfit you put on the bed – and you walk out of the room.

Before I get out of the tub, I shave my legs and pussy, and then put lotion all over my body. I do my hair and go into the bedroom to find a box on the bed. Inside, wrapped in red tissue paper is a white apron/skirt with a matching bra. There are also some garters and some stockings, with a pair of black pumps. I put on the hose and skirt; shocked to see that it doesn’t close all the way in the back. I know that you want me exposed and accessible. I feel vulnerable and afraid, but I know this is my job as your woman and that you will be greatly aroused if I perform well and please our quests. I also know that I too will be greatly pleasured if I do my job well, and I start to get wet with anticipation of what’s to come.

Scene 2: The Kitchen

The kitchen is filled with people, standing around with drinks and munching on food that is out on the counter. I walk into the room and you look at me smiling. You introduce me to no one, but instead you lead me into the kitchen and tell me that the bar is set up over in the corner, and that I should make myself useful by refilling our quest’s drinks and making sure there is enough food laid out for everyone. No one is paying much attention to me, so I begin to go about my work. I’m feeling self conscious but I know that no one is paying any attention to me. They all seemed to be interested in you and your witty remarks; laughing and drinking. I feel invisible, and thus relieved, but also secretly excited about what is to come.

You’re standing in the kitchen laughing and talking to people like you usually do. Your conversation is focused on a man sitting on a bar stool on the other side of the counter. You are not paying any attention to me, but casually you look over while I’m bending over the stove getting something out of the oven and tell me to put down the tray and come to you. I cross the kitchen and you kiss me, and then move me to the other side of the counter next to the man sitting behind the counter. There is a bar stool between myself and where he is sitting. You are standing behind me. The man slowly unzips his pants and brings out his cock. You gently push me over the empty bar stool towards the man’s crotch and tell me to please our guest. He seems not surprised at all; as if he were expecting this from me per an earlier promise that you made to him. He is not particularly interested in me, but seems to be enjoying my touch. Occasionally he reaches out and strokes my head; encouraging me to keep going about my job.

You continue to talk to the man about casual stuff. You are laughing, and talking to other people in the room; all the while you are lightly touching me between my legs as if its an after thought. You are fingering me and rubbing my clit as I take his cock into my mouth and start giving him a blow job. He is laughing and sipping on his drink while he continues to converse with you. I am nothing but an object in the room being used for pure enjoyment. I feel the man start to get harder and harder, and he is now straining, getting ready to come. You are continuing to stroke me between my legs, when suddenly you reach down and grab my hair, and gently pull my head up off his cock. You lean down and whisper in my ear that if I miss a single drop of his cum you will fuck me in the ass right in front of everyone.

The man is starting to strain, and it’s apparent that he’s about to come. You continue stroking my back and moving your hand across my clit- slipping your finger in and out of my cunt and then rubbing my clit with my juices. You suddenly reach down and unclasp my bra and remove it – whispering in my ear that you want everyone to see my breasts dangling down as I am leaning over. You pinch my right nipple gently, pulling it and rolling it until I become hard.

You continue stroking me between the legs, while talking and laughing with other people in the room, when suddenly you see a bottle of olive oil sitting on the counter beside you. You reach over and uncap the bottle. You slowly pour the olive oil over my ass and begin massaging it all over my ass and my cunt. You whisper into my ear that you are ready to fuck me if I spill a drop of cum from the man who’s coming into my mouth. I’m greatly aroused but I dare not spill a drop for fear that being sodemized would be too painful. I take all his come while you continue to massage me with the oil. It is getting hotter and hotter. I’m ready to come myself, but then the man stands up- finished with his business, and zips up his pants. I stand up and you are gone. You’re mingling with our guests while I’m left breathless and unfinished.

I go over to the sink and hold on to the edge of the sink. My breathing starts to slow, but the aching between my legs is intense. I almost feel like reaching down and touching myself in order to bring myself to orgasm, but I know somehow that this is against the rules. I drink a glass of water and begin washing dishes in order to distract myself, when suddenly you return to me. You’re standing pressed up behind me and you reach around and start fondling my breasts. Slowly, you slide your hand down between my legs in the front, and very, very softly you start massaging my clit. I spread my legs a little more while you slip your finger deep inside me; withdrawing your finger and rubbing my clit with my juices. You are very slow and soft – and I can’t stand it another moment. I start to come; feeling waves and waves of spasm as my orgasm carries me completely away from what’s going on in the room. I don’t care that people are in the room with us, all I know is that I’m coming with such intensity that it really doesn’t matter. I must finish or die. I slowly return to myself, and then I realize I’m so weak that I can hardly stand. I nearly collapse into your arms. I look around and the guests are all gone. You pick me up and carry me to the bedroom.

Scene 3: The bedroom

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of your wife’s rich and fantastic fantasy life…..…

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