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Dru, part 1

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Dru didn?t speak the language. It had not been a problem earlier, but her guide had disappeared an hour ago and now it was a really big problem since she was officially lost. The little South American village she was in was off the map and now so was she. The people in the village were small, brown and although they smiled at her a lot, she was getting nervous. It was beautiful here; she was surrounded by pretty mountains, ancient ruins and immense jungles. The thing is, all the people here were staring and whispering.

Dru was not a person that usually stood out, despite her 36DDD, she did not get the stares she was now receiving. Her white skin, red hair and above average for this section of the world height was not doing her any favors either. At 36 years old, she knew enough to know something was not right. As she continued to ask if anyone spoke English, she caught a bunch of the natives staring at something behind her. She turned too late. All she saw was a small man in a brown robe with a blow pipe, then the world just faded away.

When Dru woke she rather out of it. She seemed to be in a very large room, every noise she made seemed to echo. Dru moaned, her head ached and she felt like her tongue was covered with felt. She eyed the tray laying next to her on the floor with misgivings. It had a bowl of fruit and a pitcher of water. At least Dru hoped it was water. She looked around, huge stone walls towered around her. The hazy light from a hundred candles did little to make the dark corners seem less ominous. The room was empty except for a very large statue. It was a male statue and would have been a good eight feet tall except he was kneeling, legs apart, arms folded. Dru and the statue had something in common, both were naked. The statue was sporting a very impressive erection. Dru flushed, very impressive.

Dru got up unsteadily and walked around the room. There was no furniture of any kind, no windows and no doors that she could see. Eventually her exploration led her to the statue. He was made of very dark stone, it almost seemed like he was made of solid ink. She could see no chisel marks, no pits or blemishes from his making.

Dru blushed again as she looked at him. The statue seemed to be staring at her wherever she moved. Nervous, Dru circled him and notice a very fine butt on him too. Hesitant, Dru ran a hand down the statues broad shoulders and back. The rock was warm to the touch, slick, solid and smooth. Embarrassed now for some reason, Dru backed away for the moment.

For the rest of that day Dru explored the room as best she could, still looking for a door she knew had to be there. She kept an uneasy and wary eye on the beautiful statue. Eventually the candles died down and Dru fell into an uneasy sleep grateful for warm night. She didn?t feel the second blow dart hit her at all.

When she woke, again the room was filled with candles and this time there was a real reason to panic. She was chained to the wall, directly facing the statue.

Around her were a half dozen of the native men in robes gently beating drums. Next to her were two women, naked and shining in the dim light. They were younger than Dru by a few years, small, dark and very pretty. They rose and started moving to the beat of the drums. They danced around each other, stroking each other everywhere, kissing and pinching each others nipples. They danced so close to Dru she could see their nipples glisten from the kisses. Dru?s breathing became slightly erratic. Soon they were dancing in front of the statue, they fell before him and began stroking each others butts, sucking each others breast, fingers she could not see very well in the dim light stroked between their own legs and each others. Even over the beat of the drums, Dru could hear the women moan. Soon one began to orgasm, something that to Dru?s embarrassment turned her on to the point the she could feel her pussy juice run down her leg just a little.

When one women had cum, she walked unsteadily to the statue got down on her hands and knees and began licking his erection. The other women came up behind her and began to stroke between her legs. She began pumping the woman?s pussy with two fingers. Soon it was three fingers and she fucking her friend vigorously. The woman?s body surged up to meet her friends fingers. The woman was having a violent orgasm when two men left their drums and went to her. They pulled her sucking mouth away from the statue, turned her around and began thrusting her small writhing body onto the statues cock. It was obviously work and she struggled to accept the ridged unyielding member. Her understanding friend was now laying on the ground beneath her, licked her clit and making her cum again and again. Dru was now oblivious to the chains that held her. All she could see was the statues cock, as the men slowly moved the woman back and forth on it. She was in quite a state now. Helplessly being fucked from one orgasm to the next. Despite all efforts, they could not fully fit her onto the statue. Dru watched as the cock slide, wet and dark, in and out of her. Dru could have sworn she saw it grow thicker while she watched. She looked up at the statues face and it seemed to be staring at her again. Oblivious to her surroundings now, Dru could feel her pussy swell and she itched to touch her clit.

Eventually the two men pulled the woman off the statue and she collapsed next to her friend. Dru shook her head as one of the men approached her, she could see the dart and knew they were going to put her out. Dru struggled in the chains and the men laughed as she felt the little dart pinch her again.

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