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Its hard for me to remember all the details of my kinky dream but I will do my best. You and I were at a bar having a drink. You were wearing a short lacy skirt with one of those hot corsets with the leggings that only go to the tops of your thighs, I was wearing slacks with a suit jacket and a nice shirt. Strangely there was no bartender, just a guy with two other girls sitting at a table behind us. You were very sexed up, you kept rubbing your thigh on the inside of my leg and nibbling on my neck, which made your skirt ride up your hips, reveling that you were not wearing any panties. Slowly you began to unbutton the bottom part of my shirt so you could put your hand inside, it didnt take long before your hand made its way down my pants to find my cock getting hard, I then noticed that your other hand had made it between your legs.

I couldnt really tell if the guy and two girls could see all this and I didnt much care. You slowly slid your hand out from in between your legs and ran your wet fingers across my lips. This was getting me very excited. You then began to run your hand up the back of you thighs, pulling up your skirt, with your ass sticking out you ran your fingers slowly over you ever wettening pussy. The people behind us no doubtingly could see you doing this. I grabbed the back of your hair and gave you a long wet kiss, then took your hand that was in your pussy and sucked on it. Your moans were delightful, I moved around behind you as you laid your hands across the bar with your back arched and your ass sticking up. I bent down and slowly ran my tongue up your leggings to your flesh just under your skirt. I put both my palms on your butt and spread you open. As I did this I glanced behind me, wondering what the two girls and guy were doing, not so supriseingly they were getting naughty as well.

One of the girls already had her top off and the guy was sucking on her breasts, the other girl was watching me, staring at us it seemed. I smiled at her the turned back towards your wet pussy, I bit the bottom edge of your skirt and pulled it up with my teeth, reveling all of your ass and pussy, I slid my tongue down your ass and over your pussy. Standing up, I put my hand over your shoulder, putting my fingers in your mouth, you sucked on them graciously, I then pulled my arm back and slip my wet fingers over your dripping pussy, sliding them back and forth over your pink pussy lips, then all of the sudden and hand grabbed mine, it was the girl that was staring at us.

She had semi short dark hair and was wearing a skirt like yours but a bit longer with high heals and a lacy top. She quickly took my hand and began licking my fingers, she then took my hand and pushed two of my fingers inside you. It didnt seem that you knew what was happing as you were still hanging off of the bar not facing us, but that didnt last long because she began caressing your ass as I was fingering you. By now your pussy was soaking wet. She began to run her hands up your back as she moved to the side of you. She slowly moved her arm underneath one of the straps on her top, pulling out one of her breasts, massaging you with one hand and herself with the other.

She was a bit shorter than you so as she moved closer to you her breast was right in front of your mouth. I could see over your shoulder as you opened your mouth and began licking her nipple, she then took her other hand and grabbed the back of your hair and pushed your head into her breast. I could also see that her other hand had made it up her skirt. It was getting hot as we both began to feel the charged sexual energy in and around us. I could tell by the look on her face that her fingers had made there way to her pussy. By now I was really giving you a good fingering, slapping your ass, “You like that baby”I would say between slaps, your reply between licking her tit was a moaning “Yes” You then grabbed her hand that was up her skirt and sucked on her wet fingers, with a big smile on your face you ran your tongue between her fingers then pushed her hand back between her legs.

By now her skirt was up over her hips and I could see her fingers pushing in and out of her wet pussy, she then ran her hand over her ass and onto your ass then into my mouth, I pulled my fingers out of you and ran them across her wet lips as she slipped her fingers inside of you. My cock was so hard it hurt to have it in my pants. While she was fingering you I unzipped my pants and began stroking my cock. I could tell your knees were loosing there strength and you needed to sit down, so I turned you around and lifted you up onto the bar. You laid back and stretched your legs into the air, spreading your legs you slid one of your hands down your body and began fingering yourself. The other girl had climbed onto the bar as well and was making her way between your legs to your dripping wet pussy. She was beside you leaning over tummy. Taking one of your legs she spread it even further, then pulled your fingers out of your pussy and sucked on then, before running her tongue down below your bellybutton.

I could see that your hand had made its way between her legs and that you must have been fingering her, she then grabbed my head and pushed it into your wet, pink pussy. As I sucked on your pussy lips she was flicking her tongue on your clit. I dont know how she did it but with her other hand she found her way to my cock and took over the stroking for me. I could see you licking your fingers then they would disappear again between her legs, after a few moments of this she took one of my hands and pushed it between her legs, my fingers easily made there way to her pussy, taking turns fingering her. Then you stood up, sucked on my fingers that were in her pussy, jumped off the bar, bent down and put the tip of my cock in your mouth while she was still stroking me. She followed you and ran her tongue up one of your arms onto you neck while your mouth was on my cock, sliding her tongue up your neck and onto your lips, you stroked my cock as your mouth met hers, she licked your lips and sucked on your tongue then put her wet lips on my cock. You began running your tongue across her neck down her chest onto her exposed breasts. Standing with her ass in the air as she slid her lips over my hard cock. You slowly licked her hard nipples for a few moments then stood up and walked behind her and began caressing her ass.

I heard a few slaps then watched as you buried your face between her ass, spreading her cheeks your tongue made its way into her dripping wet pussy, I could tell you were doing a good job because she could no longer keep my cock in her mouth. She was moaning with ecstasy as I moved around and spread her ass even wider for you. Sliding your tongue in and out of her dripping wet pussy I begged you to let me have a turn. After a few minutes of you giving her a through pussy licking you let me have a turn. You fingered her and rubbed her clit while I tongued her, she came several times I am sure.

Now it was your turn, she stood up and grabbed both of our hands that were fingering her and licked them clean, then she grabbed you and started licking your lips, running her tongue across your mouth, I could tell you were enjoying it. She then bent you over and we both gave you the same treatment that you and I gave her, we took turns fingering and sucking your wet, pink, swollen pussy, until you came on her. By this time my cock was so hard, with your ass still in the air I stood up and was approaching your hot cunt with my cock, when she noticed this she grabbed my cock and put it in her slippery mouth to get it wet and ready to penetrate you, her saliva dripping off my cock I slid inside you, she moved in front of you and began making out with you while I pounded you from behind, she then sat up on the bar with her legs spread and pushed your face between her legs into her pussy again, it was a challenge for you to lick her while I was fucking you, and after a few minutes you gave up and decided that fingering her required less attention. I knew that at this point you would be much more comfortable on your back, so I pulled my throbbing cock out of you and pulled you to a nearby couch, next to the guy and the girl. Who at this time were fucking like mad as well. He was on his back and she was riding him like crazy. As I laid you on your back the girl that was playing with us followed and began sucking on your tits, she slid over and gave my cock a good wetting before I slid inside you again, then she was back to sucking your hard nipples.

Her tongue slowly made its way down to your pussy as I was fucking you, she spread your legs wide and started rubbing your clit with her lips. This sent you into hyper drive, your body was electric, you shivered and clenched so many times as she sucked your clit while I fucked you. You begged me to cum. I pushed deep into you and let go a mind blowing orgasm that never seemed to end, my body quivered then shook, then quivered again. My cum was dripping out of your pussy and I was still shaking, I thrust into you again and again as you squeezed every drop from me. Then we both collapsed in a heap and the girl got up and walked away. Then I woke up with the biggest hard on I have ever felt. I had to masturbate right away. Thinking of my dream I came in about 30 seconds, then fell back asleep.

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