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Dream Pt 4

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After the night of fun and frolic, we slept in to recuperate our energies for the next adventure. We had made plans to go to a club where the people were friendly and adventurous. As we got ready to go out, we talked about what kind of people we would look for to try to meet and possibly hook up with. I was interested in meeting a couple and you wanted to try to find a couple of females that would be willing to come home with us.

When we got to the club, the music was already pumping a hot rhythm and the dance floor was packed with undulating bodies dressed in sexy outfits showing a lot of skin. We found a table not too far from the action and ordered drinks. She spotted several interesting possibilities, while he was watching a group of women dancing together on the dance floor stroking each other and grinding their asses into crotches. When she looked over at him and saw his grin, she knew what that he would love to get in the middle of the group, but knew that it would be better if she went over and started dancing near them and letting them know that she wanted to join them on the dance floor. She gave him a little kiss and a smile that promised him she?d do her best to get them invited to the women?s table for further explorations.

She started dancing near the group and smiled at them as the music continued to make everyone sweat to the beat. She felt hands on her as she turned around, there were two women smiling back at her and as we danced together, their bodies swayed closer until we were in a chain of swaying flesh, hands stroking up and down legs and over breasts. Somehow she ended up in the middle between and was stroking the one in front and reached back to grab a hold of the legs of the woman behind her. She looked over at him at the table and gave him a big smile with the promise of a better show. When the music ended, she whispered into the women?s ears, they looked over at the table, smiled and he could tell they were agreeing to come over. She walked back to the table, took a drink and smiled and told him we would have some company in a minute. Shortly thereafter, the two women came over to their table and they introduced themselves to him and took seats on either side of him. He started chatting with one, while she talked to the other, getting to know each other, finding out their interests and some small talk. After a few more dances, they agreed to come back to the house for drinks and to see what happened.

Once back at the house, she lit some candles while he made drinks for everyone. The two women sat on the couch near each other and when he walked in with the drinks, they made room on the couch for him so he sat between them. Soon the talk was of likes and dislikes in sex and we started rubbing his legs and arms and soon one was working his shirt off, while the other was kissing on her and were taking their blouses off. He watched her work on taking off the woman?s panties and kissing up her thighs to her pussy, spreading her legs apart so she could taste the sweetness between. By now, the other woman had taken his cock out of his pants and was slowly licking up and down the shaft, sucking on the head and worked his pants off so she could get to his balls. He looked over to see her face buried in the pussy of their visitor and smiled when she looked up at him. He leaned his head back and enjoyed the blow job he was getting then he reached over and started sucking on the woman?s breasts while she was being eaten out. As the woman was getting close to cumming, he felt his cock getting harder and the sucking and stroking getting faster, he was close, but wanted to save it, so he pulled back and watched the furious tongue action and the two fingers that were plunging into the woman as she bucked and moaned on the couch. She pulled back and her face all shiny with pussy juice, she leaned up and gave him a big wet kiss.

She told him that the three of them had a little treat and she went around the couch and picked up his favorite toy and put it on as the women started playing with his cock and licking up and down his chest and neck. They led him over to the middle of the floor and had him lay down on a blanket with his ass propped up on a pillow. He had an idea what was coming but could do nothing but smile. Soon he had a pussy on his face and he was licking furiously on the juice dripping and felt a probing of his ass and knew she was gonna fuck his ass with her strappy. As he felt the pressure increase, he felt another pussy come down on his hard cock and envelope him in wet and heat. The ass fucking was slow and deep as was the pussy riding him. He got a quick look at the two woman on top of him and saw them kissing and playing with each others breasts. He couldn?t see her face, but knew that she was getting a good show as well. The two woman changed places and he got a good look at her face and knew that she was letting him have his pleasure and wanted him to enjoy himself as much as possible. They smiled at each other right before a pussy came down once again on his face. He felt the new pussy on his cock, but this time the speed he was getting fucked started to increase as was the ass fucking. He felt himself getting close to cumming and the women jumped off his cock and his face and each took a hold of his cock, taking turns stroking it and sucking till he couldn?t hold back anymore. His ass was getting slammed and he watched the women take his load in their face and mouths, not letting a drop go to waste. They licked off what was on their faces and went up to give her a big kiss to share his taste. Then they came over and gave him a big kiss and said they enjoyed it and would like to do it again real soon, but they had to leave, so we got up and gave them both a kiss goodbye with promises to get in touch real soon.

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