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Do they see me watching?

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Im on my way to a swingers hotel party on a warm rainy summer night. Dressed in a black tight dress titties barely covered by red bra no panties thigh highs and heels! I'm meeting two very sexy females to fulfill very naughty erotic fantasies.

As I enter the lobby of hotel body hot and wet from the rain. I see the girls chatting and by their body language they are ready to fuck. Sabrina's leaning against the winding stairwell in her sexy white form fitting strapless dress perfect contrast showing off her sexy curves and brown skin. Layla close against her in her red floor length dress looking so vulnerable yet sultry.

Just the sight of them pressed against each other is getting me hot. I'm feeling my silky pink pussy swelling inside,dripping creamy juices down inner thighs. Thinking only naughty thoughts in my mind as i reach the girls. Both seeming shy and unsure what to next I push softly against there bodies forcing them closer to the rail kissing Sabrina's dark skin, so soft, my lips kissing her sexy shoulders as Layla joins in kissing up my back across my shoulders with her tongue she licks and kisses my neck marks from her wet red lips. Im thinking no way possible we are stopping now, its feeling so hot intensity rising. People are beginning to notice and watch the three of us as we satisfy our needs. Sabrina and Layla completely lost in ecstasy, oblivious to our surrounding audience and the fixation they have on us. As we rub and touch our sexy lovers silky wet pussys under dresses things getting very hot, things have escalated to self gratification by our audience.

We begin to move toward the party the touching becomes passionate urgent yet missing dominant sexy black male which we are yet to find. As we enter the suites we are still hot nipples hard thighs dripping with sweet silky cream. I look around the room uncertain of our options, the urges needs and fantasies we have require a sexy seductive passionate dominant confident dark skin man....can one man please all of our needs? The man we need isn't here not even close! Pussys still wet and throbbing desires still flowing through us we can feel sexual desires from head to toe...I motion girls out to balcony warm wet air rain falling ever so lightly against our skin. From below sexy dark well. dressed man with deep mysterious misunderstood eyes watch these sexy females, their hot wet skin shimmering in the moonlight. They are kissing and touching, so sexy I hear the sighs and moans of all three woman together giving each other ultimate pleasure. Do they see me, do they even care im watching them my dick so hard blood thrusting through im wanting all of them....I want to take them pleasure each of them while they pleasure each other and give into my every need and want without judgement. As the moans get louder I see fingers sliding in and out of those pale pink silky wet pussys they begin to lick and suck each others pussy, its more than I cant take im going to them. We are in complete ecstasy eating each others pussy, tongue's sliding in those wet pussys flicking sucking on clits, all at once they begin to rush things the moans getting louder the intense feeling shutters through our bodies. As if we are all controlled by one pussy the moans escalate, heavy breathing, creamy white juices squirting each female taking special care to caress kiss and lick all the creamy juices, tasting so sweet and luscious.

As the sexy guy from below entered the suite he again finds himself watching these women together each pleasing each other and the six guys who are so hard standing there waiting to join. As they each suck a dick on hands and knees gently sliding up and down the shaft then deep down throats another man enters them from behind those big black hands on their asses pulling them into them, they moan still sucking the black hard throbbing dicks touching their female lovers as the dick slides in and out of silky tight pussys they are getting so close they need that intense feeling that can be felt deep within the bones....nearly earth shattering it seems, I'm longing to feel multiple orgasms with enough intensity that it sends chills through our body's leaving a desire to always want more..

As he stands watching these women being pleased in the rain on the balcony he's hypnotized by that girl in black sexy seductive wanting and needing look in her deep blue eyes. She's watching him as he's watching them desires running through all of there bodies. I watch his every move, im feeling a need a want from deep inside, I must have him, all of him inside me. As I motion for him to join, my hearts pounding my legs shaking hes so fine perfect actually , standing alone sexy, mysterious his hat shadows his eyes, his lips sexy and inviting with strong hands and arms he's here to take this pussy as he comes closer im still on my knees the others still sucking and fucking licking giving into all their needs. Stretching the limits of pleasure and moving into needs and wants. In the rain with the sweet smell of sex in the air for all to see, sounds of moans screams whispers and heavy breathing he pulls her up toward him. Pushes her against the wall slides his black hard throbbing cock into her silky wet pussy....she moans as he forces her arms to the wall kissing her with such urgency, he watched for so long I have to have her. Kissing her, touching her breast, pulling her hair just thrusting deep inside that pussy. I need to be gentle im going to make her mine, as he looks into her eyes its all to clear....she needs me to take her, to control her sexually. As he flips me over against the wall he takes me from behind. As I scream out his name he pushes deeper, the kisses are hard and urgent. He's all over me hard deep and throbbing inside me, I feel the head of his dick every ridge sliding against every wall of my pussy, he's so much more than I could have imagined. My body's numbed tingling throughout, my tight wet pussy grabbing his dick as he squirts into me his strong hands passionate kisses pushes be over the edge. I'm there the place I've been longing to find, intense sexual seduction dominant passionate all in one sexy man. My legs shaking and my pussy quivering creamy juices from both of us squirting with every he gently pulls away I take all of him in my mouth taste of sweet cum on my lips, he pushes hair from my eyes so he can see the intense blue content loving eyes....he's gave me everything that I needed...the true feeling if ecstasy.....

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