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Dinner and Drinks with an Old College Buddy

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?Dinner and Drinks with an Old College Buddy?


What a treat it is to be able to leave work early on a Friday and if everything was on schedule Jen was now leaving her job early too. A call from Lee an old college buddy of mine was the catalyst to our small adventure. His job had brought him out to San Diego and on a whim Jen and I talked him into extending his trip so we could make the drive from L.A. to spend a couple days together.

Back in the day the three of us we inseparable. Lee and I roomed together and when Jen and I started dating we fell into a natural rhythm of pulling Lee along when ever he was free. Hell, Jen and I were so comfortable in Lee?s company that we?d wind up in the throws of passion on my side of the room while he?d struggled to study. Oh how easy life was back then. Our college days ended, Jen and I married and Lee?s job took him to the other coast but we never lost our close bond. We kept in touch, got together when we could and at every reunion we stripped away the years. We?d laugh, tease and go through the ?do you remember when?s?, as we shared drinks at some secluded bar and this trip promised to be more of the same.

I got home found Jen?s car in the drive and headed up the stairs. Jen was already packing our suitcase and garment bag which was spread all over the bed. I changed added a few things to the suitcase and in no time we were on our way. We had managed to make in onto the road heading south early enough to miss most of the traffic and within a couple hours we were pulling into the hotel. Lee had left instructions at the front desk and we were escorted to the room being pleasantly surprised to find it a two bedroom suite. We found our bedroom and started to unpack when I looked up to see Jen with a mischievous smile and something half hidden. Curious, I tried to look around her only to see one of those colored plastic bags over a hanger and Jen?s teasing eyes as she said? ?Don?t get to anxious big boy you?ll get to see this tonight. I think you?ll like it.? With a raising of my eye brows I knew whatever it was would be something very sexy and I couldn?t wait to see in on her.

Jen had the body of a gymnast. A bit taller but athletic, still toned, small cone shaped breasts and gently rounded hips with a tight firm butt. Oh how I loved it when she wore things that showed off her frame and now hoped she had something like that on that hanger. I must have telegraphed what I was thinking because with a giggle she said ? ?Save that for later you horny boy? and danced away heading for the bathroom. She closed the door and started the shower when I heard the suite door open. Lee had returned and with handshakes and hugs we greeted one another. Lee?s smile was as I always remembered it and we began to cover the changes in our life as Lee wandered to the bar and poured a couple drinks. With a clink of glasses and a wave of his hands he said ?How do you like all this? The company is paying it, well most of it all I have do have to stock the bar so enjoy.? Nodding I told him it was cool and we headed to the couch when our bedroom door opened and out rushed Jen.

Her hair was still damp and she was wearing a thin silky robe tied at the waist well almost tied that is and she rushed over to Lee throwing her arms around his neck and kissing his lips. Her every step flashed some of her body and not for the first time I thrilled as her body pressed into Lee?s.

Over the years Lee had become some of our fantasy fodder as his close familiarity with Jen and I had crept into our love making. One evening as I stood behind her with my rigid cock flattened against her and my hands tweaking her nipples I whispered. ?Do you remember doing this back in the dorm room with poor Lee trying to study?? Her body shuddered and taking the cue I added ?I?ll bet you wanted Lee to stand up, strip naked and press his hardened manhood into you like I?m pressing mine or maybe you hoped he?d come around and stick his dick into your face so you could get it from both of us.? Her moan had said it all and as we fucked I filled her ears with images of Lee and I taking her together. Shit, that night and those thoughts had her wickedly wet and wild. Needless to say we visited that over and over.

Now Lee had his hands around my almost naked wife and more than anything I to see him slip the robe from her shoulders but sadly he broke the kiss took a drink and headed to his room saying ?he had to get ready.? Jen turned and with a devilish grin passed by casually asking, ?so what do you think of turning our fantasy into reality?? At first I only half heard the words and as she passed I bumbled an almost incoherent ?what? and then turned and followed her into our room.

Jen knew the answer to that question but just stood there with an innocent smile and watched me squirm as she repeated? ?how would you like to turn our bedroom fantasy into reality?? Then she added ?You know Lee has wanted this for a long time and just now when he saw how near naked I was he hardened as we kissed. I felt him pressing against me and I pressed back. So what do you think? Do you want to invite him into our bed??

?Right now? I stammered as the thought jolted me. ?No you silly ass? she answered adding, ?not right this very second but tonight sometime tonight. This is also about seduction and teasing not just screwing.? What else could I say but ? oh hell yes? as we had lit up our sex with this thought for a while and lamely added ?but it?s really up to you and anything you do you is ok with me!? I realized I was already hard as a rock when Jen answered with a cryptic ?and anything you do is okay with me? anything.?

I reached for Jen but again she batted me away telling me ?get out of here I still have to finish getting ready.? Heading into the other room I picked up my drink and downed the remainder of the glass in a single swallow then poured myself some more. A few minutes later Lee came out of his room and said ?you better pour me some more too because that pretty wife of yours drives me crazy.? Laughing I said, ?Ya I know she told me how crazy you felt during that kiss.?

Lee began to stammer and apology but I stopped him midstream and said ?oh relax we?ve been together for years and we are as close as any friends can be so nothing you and Jen do together would ever require and apology? as long as I?m there too? I added evilly. Lee?s laugh echoed my own and as we waited for Jen we nursed the drink we had. Our conversation drifted easy and light until Jen stepped from the room.

Both our jaws dropped! There she stood in a short little emerald green dress with little thin straps over her mostly bare shoulders. Her skin warm and stunning against that color but the most inflaming part was how tight it was. It flowed over her tight frame leaving little hit at what lay beneath it. Her cone shaped tits were clearly defined as were the rise of her nipples and as she spun around for us the dress danced over her beautiful behind dropping seductively over her cheeks leaving little doubt at to their shape.

In our stunned silence Jen said ?What, don?t you like it? Guess I?ll just have to change? and teasing headed back towards the room. Lee and I sputtered a ?no? simultaneously and in a tongue tied duet we managed to put voice to how marvelous she looked. How she made it out of that room I?ll never know but when she stepped back into the room to pick up her purse Lee in a still stunned whisper said, ?Do you think she?s wearing anything under that dress?? It ?doesn?t look like it does it? was all I got out as Jen reappeared.

The three of us linked arms in the hallway and happily wandered to the elevators. Where we spend the seconds waiting telling Jen how hot she looked. Jen beamed at the compliments and gave us both quick kisses of ?thank you?. The elevator arrived as Lee was saying ?With all the video surveillance in these places now days I wonder what they thought of you taking turns and kissing both of us?? Adding hell ?I bet even then these elevators are monitored.?

Laughing we looked around but saw no visible cameras when Jen said ?that kiss was much to get excited over?. Then as the doors closed she pressed herself into me in a languid, seductive kiss and then broke away from me and reaching up she took hold of Lee?s neck giving him a even more passionate kiss. I didn?t know how I was going to walk as my cock was ballooning my pants outwards watching them when in a surreal moment Jen?s hands left Lee?s neck and disappeared between the two of them. I knew she had just touched Lee?s tool and when they broke apart I saw a bulge similar to mine in Lee?s pants.

Absently, I heard Jen saying ?now that will give them something to wonder about? as I found myself thinking what a marvelous thing a hard cock was as it shouted desire and attraction by it?s very existence. Catching Jen?s eyes I noticed she was busy looking from my crotch to Lee?s admiring how quickly we had both responded to her. This evening was going to be wicked!

Dinner was rather uneventful. Lee had chosen this place on a recommendation of one of his clients. It was one of those trendy little places where the food was artfully presented but the portions woefully small. Considering where we were heading the meal was perfectly light and one not to weight us down later. Leaving the restaurant we headed out for a night cap and a little dancing.

Lee took us to a great little place where we found a darken booth all to ourselves. Our butts had barely touched the seats when Jen leaned over gave me a peck, winked and pushed Lee out of the booth telling him, ?Come on Lee I want to dance.? Lee threw a smile my way and turned taking Jen to the dance floor. It was impossible for me not to watch and luckily the booth while not close to the dancing was elevated on a second tier which allowed a great view of floor.

The band played a number of classic rock songs and I watched Jen as her lithe body danced. Damn, she sure could move and I looked at how comfortable Lee and Jen were as they swayed to the music. They looked so good together that I didn?t even realize that I was day dreaming until the two of them slid back into the booth. Truth be told my dirty little mind had been visualizing what it would look like to see the two of them dancing together naked. Jen and Lee seemed warm and flushed and greedily took sips of their drinks as I watched the rise and fall of her perky tits.

Looking at my sexy wife I kissed her and pulled her back to the dance floor with an ?It?s my turn.? The music played and Jen and I spun bodies entwined into a pressed dirty dancing. Dancing is something we have always done well and with my leg between hers I pressed my hand into the small of her back and thrilled to the feeling of her pubic mound grinding against me. The evening traveled on and the bar filled so now we were just three in a room of many sharing dances and drinks. Between Lee and I we hardly gave Jen a rest and by the early hours the three of us were dancing together.

Finally, our arms linked around Jen the band moved into a slower song Jen pressed herself into Lee leaning in and kissing him passionately and then switching to me for an equally intense kiss? I glanced around and knowing smiles lit a few faces near us. Something about seeing others realize we were a threesome was tantalizing wanton and Lee and I openly pressed our bodies into Jen. After this we had to relax and headed back to our booth sandwiching Jen between us yet again.

Reaching out under the table I rested my hand on her leg and stole a glance downward only then realizing that Jen?s free hand was already resting very high oh Lee?s thigh. She had turned my way as she felt the contact and then followed the focus of my eyes on her hand. I glanced up and made quick eye contact with her as her gaze pulled me back to her hand as she reached out with her little finger and ring finger tracing the line of Lee?s hard on. She did all this as she watched my face for its reaction. My eyes popped as I moistened my suddenly dry lips and as I did this Lee?s body gave a noticeable jump at the contact. Jennie?s grin was easy to see and when Lee?s hand settled onto Jen?s other thigh I caught her face shift to a mischievous smile. She parted her knees. Oh, this was becoming fucking unbelievable!

My own erection throbbed within my slacks as Jen?s free hand dropped into my lap. She didn?t tease me instead she closed her hand over the prominent knob my dick was making and gently squeezed. With the hand resting on her leg I began to lightly trace the inside of her thigh urging her leg up and over mine. She obliged willingly and now sat there spread apart the table barely hiding what we were doing, thank goodness we were in a darkened booth against the back wall.

Slightly distracted by the thought of being caught and looking to see if we were being watched I nearly missed Jen lifting her other leg over Lee?s knee. It was the movement that brought me back. Lee?s hand was now under what remained of her skirt and I could tell from the angle he was at the least cupping her pubic mound or at best separating her folds to gain access to her moist inner depths. Jen?s hips began a subtle movement and I knew Lee was sliding his fingers into her. My head spun both from the excitement of what was going on right next to me and I nearly lost it when I felt Jen try to work the zipper to my pants. I didn?t know whether or not I wanted her to expose me here in the bar so when she just couldn?t get the zipper down I relaxed.

Looking towards her I found she was leaning into Lee and I thought she was kissing his ear only to be doubly shocked to see his hand reappear from under her skirt and then reach across to my pants to grab hold of my belt. His closing hand thumb on the outside finger on the inside brushed against my stomach as it closed then with Lee holding my belt Jen reached over and lowered my zipper. Lee seemed to have little hesitation in reaching out to take hold of my belt and when his hand withdrew I swore I felt him trace the back of his fingers over the bit of bare skin they encountered. A little startled by that thought I watched as his hand found it way back under her skirt.

Many images and thoughts ran through my head as I factored a number of things all at once; first off I could smell Jen?s arousal knowing it had come off Lee?s exposed fingers, even more than that his fingers had been noticeably wet, also the kiss I saw wasn?t a kiss but a whisper for help to get my zipper down and lastly with a bit of a start I realized that in this situation I did not have any problems with Lee?s hands in my pants. Sitting here mulling over his sudden excursion I wondered what it would feel like to hold another man?s rod and the image of guiding Lee?s prick into Jen made me shiver.

With my zipper down Jen worked my penis free from my pants and in the craziest moment of my life my cock was now sitting proud, erect and on display in a public place as Jen closed her fist around it and began to pump. It was insane but I fucking loved every second of this depraved play. My hand stroked her soft inner thigh eventually sliding up to her pussy only to encounter Lee?s hand already working her soft folds and I slipped my hand over his, working my finger into her along with his. I can?t even begin to describe the intensity of this theater as it was an amazing deliriously reckless tryst. More than anything I wanted to head back to our room but the other two seemed to be enjoying themselves to much to leave.

Jen?s hips moved as Lee and I tried to synchronize our movements and I could tell she was unbelievably wet. It was about then that the waitress returned and while she had to know what was going on she never let slip that she saw or suspected anything. However, at her approach Jen had pulled her hand away leaving my dick exposed and she had sat up a bit rolling our fingers from inside her. Lee ordered us another round as we gave each other a sheepish grin and Jen tried to push me out of the booth so she could go to the ladies room. Needless to say with my dick hanging out I wasn?t about to move an inch so laughing at my predicament she then spun to Lee and made him move.

As she left I strained to see if we had left a noticeable wet spot on her dress. In the darkened light of the bar nothing was visible. Suddenly with Jen gone I felt terribly exposed and even more so when I noticed Lee looking into my lap. With a snicker he managed an, ?it?s a terrible way to leave you isn?t it?? Somehow his words didn?t match his smirk and sitting there I thought of adjusting myself back into my pants. With a quick scan I checked out the bar and decided that since I was reasonably hidden and no one was looking I had no reason to panic. Instead I tuned into the blistering hot lewdness of this situation.

That?s when I noticed Lee still taking glances at my erection and as I fluxed between self consciousness and exhibitionism Lee said something that really startled me. He said, ?Randy you know that you have a gorgeous cock.? Lee had been a friends for more than a decade and I had a terrible time deciding how to take that so all I managed was a confused, ?thank you.? Sensing my discomfort Lee let out a deep belly laugh as he added ?don?t get concerned I?m not about to reach out and grab you.? Taking a sip of his drink and adding with a broad grin? ?that is unless you want me too??

We both laughed but crazy things were happening inside of me because of his words I had an image of his fist closed around my rigid shaft and in this moment I didn?t think I would object. The other thing that startled me was the way he kept looking at my prick but before I could resolve my thoughts Lee said. ?Randy we?ve known each other since our first week in college but there is something I never told you. It?s something you must have guessed but it is also something I don?t want to ruin our friendship so relax because nothing would happen without your permission.? The bar seemed silent and deep down I knew what he was about to say because I?d had hints as far back as I could remember. He then said, ?Randy, I?m bisexual! I enjoy men as much as I enjoy women.?

Millions of questions popped into my head but I found myself combining two questions into one and one that by far seemed the weirdest? ?if you?re bi and we?ve known each other for decades why didn?t I know and haven?t you ever hit on me??

Lee shrugged his shoulders then said ?as for your not knowing that can only be blamed on blindness as for not hitting on you. Well you always seemed too homophobic and I didn?t to ruin our friendship.? It took microseconds to process his statement and I knew everything he said was true? well had been true. Some how what concerns I had vanished and I reached out and took Lee?s hand guiding it to my cock. It was the first male on male contact of my life and it was electric. The last thing he slipped in was ?while you were too stupid to catch on Jen has known what I am almost from the first time you brought her around.?

My eyes closed at the warm strength of his grip and I loved the feel of his strokes. I don?t know how long it lasted but I was brought out of this dream by Jen?s voice saying ?holly cow that is so fucking hot? as she slipped back into the booth trapping Lee between us. Jen seemed perfectly ok with our behavior and her cryptic statement from earlier this evening finally made sense. She slithered over to Lee and with busy hands she worked his zipper while locking her vision on my dick and Lee?s moving hand? Seconds later she had his erection pulled free.

This whole situation had changed everything so rapidly that I was having trouble keeping up with it when Jen said ?Randy grab Lee?s cock for me I want to see you touch it.? This was destined to be an evening of firsts because without hesitation I wrapped my fist around Lee?s dick. I couldn?t believe how silky smooth and hot it felt and as Lee jacked me I jacked him doing my best to hide all our activity. Lee?s free hand had reached back and disappeared under her skirt and I could tell from her gentle rocking motion he was finger fucking her while jacking me. I couldn?t take much more of this so shaking my head I said ?we just can?t do this here let?s go back to our room.?

Somehow over the next minutes Lee and I managed to get our pricks back into our pants, paid our bill and make it out into the cool of the night. Grinning like a fool I grabbed Lee?s keys and told them for the short trip back I was their chauffeur and with smiles greater than my own they willing jumped into the back seat. I closed them in and ran around to the driver?s door, hopped in, started the car and adjusted the mirror, no, not in the normal way. I adjusted it so I could see the back seat.

They had started already as Jen and Lee were pressed together in a kiss that made me hungry and as I pulled out of the parking lot another glance had Lee?s hand kneading Jen?s boobs. Trying to drive and watch was a hell of a challenge and with every gaze I was rewarded, Lee?s hands under Jen?s dress, Jen?s subtle movements at Lee?s ministrations, the sound of a zipper and Jen disappearing from view. It was torture and I savored every dirty little second of it. When I finally came to a stop light I turned at the obvious slurping sounds of a blow job only to see Jen licking Lee?s dick like ice cream. His entire shaft slick and shinny in the reflected light. One hand was holding his shaft angling it for her mouth while her other teased his balls dang it was so hot to see her so lost in sexual delight. How I kept my hands off my dick and how Lee didn?t come just from the lascivious nature of what we were doing I?ll never know but as the light changed I watched as Lee slid he slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and nudged it down off her back and then pulled the skirt up exposing Jen?s ass. With what little of the dress that still covered her she might as well been naked.

I twitched in my seat knowing how Jen?s passion was inflamed when her ass was played with and Lee was now kneading her back side. I was beyond desperate when stopped by the next red light we caught I turned in my seat as much as I could. Reaching out my hand played over one of Jen?s alabaster butt cheeks while Lee slid his talented hand down her crack and for a brief moment she popped Lee?s dick out of her mouth, made searing eye contact with me and shifted as best she could bring her backside as close to me as she could. My hand moved towards her crack confirming what Jen?s glazed look had told me. Lee was swirling his finger around Jen?s anus struggling I worked to gain access to her pussy and was rewarded by finding her wonderfully wet. As quick as I got to touch her the light changed and I had to move on.

Each second brought us closer to discovery and at the next light a car pulled up on our right. A sideways glance told me they had seen what was happening in the back seat and I turned to see what had them so transfixed. Jen in her near naked state bobbing on Lee?s cock is what greet our vision. Looking back to the other car I the two couples in the other car shifted there gaze to me and I just smiled and shrugged back at them. Then Lee did an incredibly nasty thing her pushed Jen upright making her lift and he pull the dress from her body. She was now naked and both cars feasted on this lewd interval and Jen?s body. She caught sight of the people in the other car and rather than cover up she pulled Lee?s mouth to her nipple a stared brazenly and the couples next to us. I couldn?t believe it and then the couple in the back seat of the other car repaid the show. The gal was sitting closest to us and her husband or friend reached around cupped her breasts and popped her tits from the cups of her dress. The light change as his fingers closed on her nipples tweaking them mercilessly for us. I know if we had spend just seconds more at the light we would have invited them to join us but as it was it became just a scintillating memory.

After a few more stops we pulled into the hotel?s parking garage, found a parking spot, I hopped out and being a good chauffer came around to Jen?s side and opened the door. Oh man, what a sight Jen was sitting in Lee?s lap with her legs spread over his. Sometime in the last few blocks Lee?s had slid under Jen and he had buried his tool deep into Jen as it was completely hidden within her pussy. I was desperate and wanted to slide my throbbing cock into her right here in the parking lot when another vision shook me. Seeing Lee inside of her I wondered what it would feel like if both Lee and I could fuck her at the same time. No not one in her ass and one in her pussy but both of us in her pussy our dicks sliding against each others as Jen?s stretched pussy caressed our touching dicks.

Many more images like that and I knew we?d never make it to the room so I coaxed Jen off Lee?s cock and before he could get it into his pants I ran a finger over it then brought that finger to my mouth to lick Jennie?s taste off it. The walk to the elevator happened in a dream. This time when the elevator doors closed things were wilder than the last. We had an eleven floor ride and Lee took Jen into his arms pulling her dress up exposing her from the waist down. I doubt that if the elevator stopped to pick up other passengers that Jen would have had enough time to cover up. Somehow her exposed in this way stoked my fires higher and as Lee pressed into her kissing her deeply I reached out to cup her pussy from the backside. That wicked lady instantly spread her legs for me. She was beyond wet and her level of arousal astounding. The ding of the elevator brought us back and as the door opened on the eleventh floor we separated with Jen smoothing out her dress.

Still boiling inside I pulled my wife into a bruising kiss then with images of her exposed in the car I reached down and lifted her dress. She didn?t resist and I kept pulling it up. Almost like she could read my mind she lifted her arms from around my neck and raised them above her head as I pulled the dress from her body. We were now standing just outside of the elevator with a walk to our room of maybe fifty yards and Jen was naked. Lee stared greedily and then turned to head to the room when I stopped him with a ?where do you think you are going.?

Turning he gave me a puzzled look when I added ?dressed like that. I did the driving and you two had all the fun so there is a penalty to pay and it?s all of your clothes right here. As you can see Jen has already paid her penalty off. Now it?s your turn.? Shock filled Lee?s eyes for only an instant then an evil smile replaced the stunned look as he willingly joined Jen in nudity. I carried their clothes admiring both of their bodies. Jen lithe and athletic with her only garment being her emerald high heels and Lee his bare feet on the carpet wearing only a watch. I wished we had the balls to fuck her right there but what little common sense we had left prevented us from doing exactly that.

It was both incredibly risky but also incredibly perverse and somehow we made it to our room without being arrested. The thought of security catching our little walk had me with a raging hard on and the instant the doors closed both Jen and Lee turned on me simultaneously. The two of them stripped me naked tossing my clothes every which way. Never have I felt so vulnerable and excited at the same time. They had me trapped against the back of the door and as soon as dick bounced free Jen dropped to her knees taking my member into her mouth. Lee dropped down behind Jen and saddled himself close behind her. As I watched my rod vanish into Jen?s mouth Lee?s arms reached around her filling his hands with her tits. Then his hips began to rub his penis against her flesh.

This was all happening to fast and I was too ready so I reached out took hold of Jennie?s head and eased her off my cock. Telling her ?I don?t want to cum too quickly? I raised her to my lips and kissed the mouth so recently around my sex and as I kissed I wondered if I could detect the taste of either of the cocks she had been sucking. Lee?s body had followed Jen?s up and now the three of us had Jen pressed between us the meat to our sensual sandwich. She was trapped between the two of us our dicks upright and pressing their length into both her front and back. I knew she loved that sensation.

Lee?s hand slid between our bodies cupping Jen?s breast then traveled the line of her body gliding over her smooth stomach and to the split between her legs and as I kissed her lips Lee teased at her clit. His motions causing the back of his hand and it wrist to brush against my tool as unashamedly I pushed it against them both. Each subtle movement of my hips caused the soft sensitive head to stroke over the back of his hand and I knew it left a moist trail of precum in its wake. Something beyond insane is the only way I can describe knowing that as I kissed this sexy woman my cock was touching another man?s hand. It was deliciously depraved.

Over the next few breaths we managed to move to the couch. The windows to the suite open to the night time sky and the only illumination being the lights of the city we sat ourselves down with Jen between Lee and I. Together Lee and I took Jen?s nipples into our mouths as our hands caressed her body, the vanilla scent of her skin contrasting with the musk of our combined arousal. Jen?s body rose to meet our touch as two men teased and slowly lowered their flashing tongues towards her pussy. My fingers had found her opening and I don?t think she had ever been so wet. Lee and I nibbled our way lower as Jen swirled her hips using my fingers as her pivot point.

Lee and I moved ourselves to the floor shifting and arriving at her pussy in unison. Greedily we pushed at her clit from both sides and it was a good thing Jen was flexible because we had her legs pulled wide. Pulling my fingers from her slot I held them up for Lee to taste and as we all focused on those fingers Jen?s whine dropped octaves into deep guttural moans. We all thrilled as Lee licked her juices from them. How she managed to form a coherent sentence I didn?t know but she managed, ?Lick me, I need to feel both of you licking me. I want to watch your tongues on my clit and slip inside of me. Oh Randy and Lee I really need this. Do it, do this to me.?

Granting her wish was the easiest chore of my life. My comfort level with Lee was a past issue and with granting her desire we began running our tongues over either side of Jennie?s sex. Working as a team we pushed against her lips closing them around her clit and as our soft moist muscled tongues moved Jen?s clit rolled between them. She cried in pleasure. Together we traced the line of her labia downward and as it parted about her hole our tongues touched then dove inward as we both tried to drive into her. The movement beyond erotic and as we pulled out we trapped the inside of those rosy pink lips pulling them open and traveling back up towards her clit. Lee and I had our heads at impossible angles as in that narrow valley we found our lips and tongues constantly in contact with and I have to admit that more than once our focus switched from Jen?s cunt to the forbidden taste of each others tongue.

Jen?s vision was locked on the activity and every time my and Lee?s tongue collided I heard Jen moan. The same moan I fantasized about when I imagined Jen going down on another woman. Somehow Jen seemed to feel same about watching two guys as I did when dreaming of watching two gals. Now however, those fantasies suddenly seemed tame.

I had reached up and pressed downwards on the hood of her clit and the sensation as it rolled between our tongues had my cock bursting with illicit desire and that was when I heard Jen begging to be fucked. A wicked grimace twisted my lips and I reached out to live a dream. Looking from Jen to Lee I stretched my hand across to Lee?s groin and took hold of his member. He moaned at the contact which rocketed my blistered desire even higher and I guided him towards Jen?s waiting depths.

He moved in a dream like state looking down at his dick within my grasp and as I nudged him closer to her he stared at me. That look threw me because I the pleasure he sought wasn?t her moist tunnel but my lips around his meat. Something which might happen and with that thought I opened my mouth only to see his eyes open wide. My head lay inches from Jen?s pussy and with control of Lee?s prick I brought him towards us finally letting my tongue graze his penis as I placed the mushroom head at the folds of Jen?s pussy lips. His pressed those inflamed lips inward as the fleshy tip of his dick molded to the counter pressure of her skin. And, with my fist directing I nearly exploded as Jen?s lips were pushed open by Lee?s invading weapon. In a breath he breached her portal and slipped deep into her I let his motion crush my hand against her pussy.

They both gasped as Lee?s hips drove himself deep into her. My own sex now desperate for contact and as Lee and Jen pumped together in lost in searing carnal abandon I stood up. Looking at my own shaft I realized I was harder that I ever had been before and for what seemed like the hundredth time wanted to cum because as soon as I pulled away Jen closed the gap. Her arms reached out immediately wrapping themselves around Lee?s neck and pulling her torso against his, their lips meeting and parting as tongues darted deep into each other. With Jen?s motion Lee?s leaned back onto his calves pulling Jen from the sofa her legs wrapping around his hips. She was now completely impaled and riding his silky cock.

The evening now on autopilot as the three of us began to indulge any thought that crept into our minds. With Lee and Jen screwing while resting on his calves and me standing I did what came naturally. As they were locked into their wet kiss I took my shaft and guided it to the nexus of their mouths. Instantly they responded allowing my member to pass between their shared lips. Both of them pursed their lips around my tool, licking and rolling their heads as it passed back and forth between them, my balls brushing over their chins at the end of each stroke. I wanted to scream with pleasure as I couldn?t believe how hungrily they attacked it. The three of us rutted together feverishly.

The twists and turns of this night never ending for Jen reached up still driving herself up and down on Lee?s prick and took hold of me. I fully expected her to engulf my knob but instead she pointed it towards Lee and as a grin appeared his eyes locked onto Jen?s as my joint slipped into his warm mouth. She quivered and uttered and ?oh yeah? as I pressed myself into his mouth. My head dizzied at the realization of what I was doing and then Jen softly reached up to my velvet sac teasing my balls forward. As they fucked, Lee sucked and Jen fondled. I knew then and there that I would forever crave the nefarious thrill of sex with odd numbers whether a threesome, a fivesome or a moresome promising myself that the next time Jen would be the one matched to someone of the same sex. Oh how I wanted to cum.

That image faded as my hand reached around the back of Lee?s head and shifted my stance ever so slightly towards Jen. Boldly I forced my shaft deeper into Lee preventing his retreat with my hand. He took all I could give him and then my other hand reached out to Jen bringing her lips to my balls. I had never felt this level of stimulation as willing warm mouths kissed, licked, sucked and teased more of my flesh than I ever considered possible. Describing it just doesn?t communicate the pure pornographic thrill of it all.

It was nearly impossible to hold back especially when I began to visualize cumming all over their faces. It was with that thought that my hand left Jen?s head and shot to my shaft. Pulling myself free of their mouths my fist closed around my rod forcefully choking the living shit out of it to prevent my pending climax. I wasn?t going to let myself cum so quickly! Jen and Lee broke apart and the three of us moved to the bedroom where Jen told us to pull the covers off the bed as she threw her dress over her head grabbed the ice bucket and said, ?I?m dying of thirst so I?m gonna get some ice and be right back? smiling wickedly she added ?don?t get to crazy without me because this I really want to see.? In a flash she was out the door leaving Lee and I naked, rigid and right next to each other.

And, yet another first as Lee rolled me onto my back and pressed his body to mine. His leg swung up and over mine resting it?s weight against my sex while his pressed against me. He had his head propped up and supported by his bent arm as he looked down at me. Then he leaned down and kissed me. I was shocked by how much more intimate a kiss was that even feeling my dick in his mouth and since Jen was gone I felt less inhibited in returning his kiss. Our mouths opened and despite the intensity of that kiss I began to catalogue the differences between kissing a man as opposed to kissing a woman. Lee?s kiss was somehow firmer and more controlled maybe less passive and while different I found it equally arousing. Our bodies ground against each other as we both angled our motions to focus the contact of our dicks on the most sensitive area neat it?s tip.

The suite door opened and closed and a second later she appeared at the bedroom door with a tray of drinks having lost her dress somewhere in the other room. Instead of bring the drinks over she stood there watching Lee and I grinding and kissing. Jen?s whole body flushed as she said, ?Oh Randy this is something I?ve seen in my mind a thousand times ever since Lee told me he went both ways. What a turn on and please don?t stop. I want to see everything.?

With that Lee climbed on top of me and I opened my legs to allow him to center himself. Our dicks trapped between our bodies and his weight coupled with his shaft pressing into me added a wonderful new ithyphallic sensation to my life. Jen continued to watch us kissing when Lee reached between us to grasp my shaft and as he held it in his hand arched and relaxed, arched and relaxed as he rubbed himself over me. Wet contacts of precum dotted me here and there as they became noticeable when the cooler air him them. Jen leaned against the door frame playing with her clit as she lived one of her fantasies.

Jen was getting her chance to see everything but I wanted her close to me for my next adventure. I beckoned her over by crooking my finger and as she came towards us I rolled Lee onto his back and patted the open space next to me for Jen. I wanted her to watch what I was going to do. One of Lee?s hands reached out to Jen?s cone shaped breast and pinch mercilessly at her nipple. She threw back her head and moaned refusing to take her eyes off of us. I was slithering down Lee?s body, his cock already in my grasp. As my face neared his sex I opened my mouth to accept his dick but stopped and stared into Jen?s face. The stop made her shift her gaze and then as I broiled at her overt lust I drank up her every tasty twitch and blink of her body as my lips slid over Lee?s shaft. Fuck!!! Her eyes rolled back into her head and I almost thought she had blacked out but an instant later she was back her vision darting from the junction of Lee?s prick to my mouth. And, as I blew him she searched my face to gage my level of arousal.

If my face reflected what I was feeling then Jen was mightily rewarded because in my new found desire for a man I abandoned my last concern and gobble Lee heartily. Until you actually try one it?s hard to explain the soft fleshy rigidity that an erect penis is but over the next minutes I found I loved not only the look of an erection but it texture and taste. Oh yes and the musky smell too. Slowly I let my lips slide down his shaft trying to lock in to my memory the feeling of his thickness penetrating my mouth. The level of my erotic actions made my whole body quake in a manic sexual high. It was made more intense because I was doing something that seemed so taboo.

While I thought this was overpowering for me I was stunned to suddenly hear Jennie mewling. It was a plaintive high cry and when I looked to her I climbed another level higher. There she was locked into watching me with Lee?s cock in my mouth with of her three fingers buried deep into her cunt spreading it impossibly wide. What really amazed me was the force with which she was slamming her twat onto her fingers for those fingers held themselves steady and she used the more powerful muscles of her body to thrust herself against her own hand. That was when she said ?don?t stop I love seeing you pleasuring Lee. It?s beyond hot! Are you going to let him cum in your mouth.? The very same question had been popping in and out of my mind too.

That was the next part of this adventure and truthfully I wasn?t sure when Jen asked if I was ready for that or not. Now with Jen watching I popped his dick from my mouth, cupped Lee?s balls in my palm and encircled the base of his prick with my thumb and forefinger. I waved her over. She scooted down next to me and as her eyes traced over my lips we came together in a wet kiss. Her pussy pressed itself into my knee shouting it wetness and as we kissed I knew she was trying to taste Lee?s cock within my mouth. Her forceful exploration was all it took and the image of his dick spurting between our kissing faces struck a match to my frayed needs.

Jen followed my leaning head and as I turned towards Lee?s sex our kiss broke. I angled his rosy crown towards her lips, and then as it pushed her lips apart she reached down closing her hand around my shaft. Over the next minutes Jen and I alternated from kissing to taking turns sucking Lee?s cock. It was beyond reason and when Lee began to issue a deep guttural groan Jen reached up took hold of his rod and pushed it to me. I accepted it willingly and when his hips rose from the bed he tensed and let go. The force of his release astounded me and as I sampled the taste he continued to ejaculate. The feeling of someone cumming from your manipulations is wildly rewarding and I pulled his dick from my mouth so Jen could share in his spray.

Lee shot his last bits over the two of us as we kissed splashing over the sides of our faces. It was a dripping sticky mess but insanely exciting and he took hold of the sheet and brought a edge to us wiping most of the cum off us. The Lee leaned in kissing the both and in this way all three of us share in the taste of Lee?s milky cum. Leaning to Jennie?s ear I told her to suck his cock clean and as she pushed Lee into a better position I came around and mounted her doggie style. We rocked together three linked lovers with Jen licking the remaining strands of Lee?s ejaculation from his dick as I held her hips slamming my cock deep into her. Each stroke drove her hard upon Lee?s softening dick as the sound of my nuts slapping her ass echoed around the room. I don?t know how many times Jen had cum over the last hours but I know when I released I let go with all of the bottled up force of the last hours worth of play.

This was just Act One in an evening for the record books and there were more Acts yet to come?.

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