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Date Night

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Since last weeks date night my pussy has been in alert mode. I have a fire that has been smoldering and I have been fueling that fire with erotica, pornography and my imagination.

Jay tells me that I need to bring myself to orgasm with my dolphin while he watches. BUT I cannot come until I am told to. He also let's me know that there will be a couple of other gentlemen that will be in the room watching. Just the thought of performing for someone terrifies me but at the same time my pussy starts to quiver. I am given a blindfold and told to put it on. I am not going to know who is watching.

I am told to lay on the bed, my clothes will be removed for me. My senses are on edge because of the unknown. A hand brushes against my breast and it electrifies me. My nipple is being rolled between two fingers and instantly hardens. I feel another hand on my legs pulling them apart. My hands automatically go to cover my pussy but I am told to put them back at my side. A finger is playing with my pussy. It is sliding up and down my pussy lips and making it's way inside. I am teased like that until my pussy is wet.

I am given my dolphin and told to turn it on slow, someone has applied more lubricant to my pussy and I go to insert it in my pussy but am told not to do that yet. Jay tells me to use it on my clit. I know what my dolphin does to me so I start off really slowly allowing the vibration to do it's work. I can feel everyone standing around me and that is a big turn on. The guys are getting impatient and want things to move quicker so Jay tells me to turn it up but then I hear Jay telling someone to go and get the surprise. He then says to me that he has bought a surprise for me.

He has a women here that is going to help me with the little show I am putting on. My dolphin is going to be replaced with Mary's mouth. She is going to eat my pussy and get me off. But at the same time someone is going to getting her off and we will be having a little competition. The guys all want to fuck me but they are going to all want the cocks sucked first. Jay knows that I am not a big cock sucker so I can either come before Mary and then get fucked by everyone or it will be the other way around. Mary hates fucking so she is all for sucking cock so long as they are not used on her cunt. She is moaning as someone is working on her pussy. Her mouth is attacking my pussy and she has my clit rolling between her teeth. The feeling is divine and I soak her face with come. I now have my hands wrapped in her head holding her mouth just where I want it. Mary continues to work on my pussy and Jay can tell by the look on my face that I am not far away from a second orgasm. Mary is told not to stop what she is doing and I am to remove my hands from her hair. He tells the guy's that I am on my way to a second orgasm.

I am begging to be allowed to come again but I know that is not part of the plan right now. Jay takes over and invades my pussy with his fingers and starts his torture. He massages my G spot bringing me right to the edge and then abruptly stops. He loves to torture me that way. I am begging him to let me come and he starts his assault on me again. I am bucking my hips, feeling the sensations building again. My thighs are sticky between the juices and the lube that has been poured on me. I can hear the others in the room stroking their cocks enthralled with what they are witnessing. Jay tells me to turn over and get on all fours and I feel hands spreading my legs and then someone is licking my pussy and opening me up further. I hear my dolphin turned on again and he is pushed into my hole. In this position I will come in no time. The throbbing, tingling, pounding feeling that is radiating from my sex is so intense that I scream. I can hear Jay saying that he is going to let me come now. I have never truly had an orgasm like this before and I am left weak and shaking.

I am left to recoup for a short time while Mary starts working her magic. The guy's are told the can fuck me in my pussy or ass but they are not allowed to come inside me. That is what Mary is there for. She is laid down on her back with a cock in her mouth and the guys can cum on her body. I am still blindfolded so I am not sure who has just slid their cock into me but it feels fantastic. He is sliding in and out of my pussy and I can feel his cock swelling inside me. I am sure he is not far from coming and then my pussy is empty but not for long. The next guy drove his cock into me and it took my breathe away. He is bigger than the last guy and he fills all of my pussy. He grips my hips and pulls me further down on his cock. He is very excited and after a couple more thrusts he pulls out of me and growls as he comes on my thigh. it is warm and thick as it runs down my thigh.

Now it is time for the next guy. I can feel a mouth on my breast and a nip on my nipple. I know he is about to fuck the life out of my ass. I can feel the lube that is being put in and around my asshole. He is sliding his cock in slowly. It takes time to get it in and he is being careful. Which I am thankful for.

Jay has been craving my pussy since we started this night. I can feel the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and the slight pressure as he slides it into me. He is so aroused that he needs to hold still or he will explode in me. His cock is exquisite when he is inside me. I am in heaven. It is time for me to take over so I roll him over and I am now on top. I love this position as I am the one in control now. I grind my hips and force his cock further inside me. I am so worked up that I cannot hold back any longer. I am sitting atop and using my muscles to bring us both to orgasm. I can feel his juice spurting from his cock and flooding my insides.

My my, what a night I had.

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