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DJ Assistant Perks

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My husband is an entertainer and many times when he has a wedding reception to DJ, he brings me along to help set up the equipment and give me a chance to get out of the house. We were doing a reception at a large resort and as usual, he got the party rolling. The only problem is, I am not very outgoing so I usually just sit around for four or five hours having a couple of drinks while he works the crowd. This night was no different? at first.

About an hour into the show, I was sitting there bored and nursing my second vodka sour, when Scott started the chicken dance, hokey pokey, bunny hop, locomotion set he puts together. This was a good group and a bunch of real party people so he really had the floor packed. As the line of people went around the room, one of the groomsmen grabbed me and pulled out into line with them. I figured ?what the hell? and let myself get towed along. This went on for quite awhile and when the locomotion ended and went into a regular dance song, I went to sit back down. The same guy grabbed me and told me I had to dance because he hated to see a good looking women just sitting around. Well, I love to dance and since my husband was busy I figured this would be a great excuse. These people were incredible, they were non stop fun and the guys kept getting me drinks and keeping me on the dance floor for over an hour. I finally had to take a break and told them so. They reluctantly let me go and I went back to sit by my husband and get my breath back.

He smiled when I got back and asked if I was having fun and gave me a quick peck between taking requests and cueing up the music. I told him this was a great party and I was having a blast with all the guys flirting. He smiled and told me how hot I looked out there and went back to working the crowd. A few minutes later, Pat came back and handed me another drink and told me to drink it quick because he needed a dance partner again. Since I was thirsty from all the dancing I almost chugged it down and joined him on the floor. I was really having fun and the booze was making me bolder. I started to pinch different guy?s butts as we danced around the floor, and once in a while a guy would pinch me back. After a while a slow song came on and Pat asked if he could dance with me. I said sure since my hubby was to busy anyway and let him embrace me for a slow dance. The music was great as usual and I was feeling really good so I did not mind when he let his hands roam my back and brush my butt. When the song was over I told him I needed a quick breather and went back by my hubby to sit a bit. Pat brought over another drink and went to dance with the bride.

My husband cocked his finger at me and motioned me to come over. As he was looking through his music he told me that Pat seemed to be interested in me. I told him I noticed and was flattered since I was at least 10 years older than him and he was cute. Scott told me if I wanted to have a little fun, I should unbutton another button on my dress. Considering I was braless it would give him a better view. I smiled and did just that. When Pat came back for another dance I leaned over a little more than normal when I stood up so he got a quick flash. We went out on the floor and danced like crazy and I noticed Pat was really trying to watch my breasts. I was having a lot of fun and between the vodka and staring, I was getting rather aroused. Finally a slow song came up and I let Pat pull me close. As we danced, once again his hands roamed caressing my butt repeatedly. I began to gently push my pelvis against his leg as we danced and I felt his cock become hard as a rock straining against his pants. This was truly erotic and I decided to have some more fun. I tilted my head back and brought up my hand as if I were going to sneeze but held it in. As I lowered my hand back down I brushed the open neck of my dress and popped open another button and pretended not to notice. He now had a great view down the open neck of my dress and as I twisted, he could even see my already erect nipples. I glanced over at my husband and saw him smile and give me the thumbs up. When the song ended he played another slow one and we kept dancing. The nice thing about slow songs besides the closeness, the lights are really low and if the floor is packed like it was then, you could get away with a few things.

I waited until we were turned so Scott could see but no one else and moved a little sideways to Pat so his right hand went to my waist. I took my left hand from his back and placed it on his right hand and slid it up to my left breast and closed back with him so no one would see where his hand was. Pat was surprised at first but began to massage my breast as we danced. I was really getting turned on and was sad when the song came to an end. I asked Pat to get me another drink and I went over to my husband to see if he liked the show. He was alone for the moment and his smile and bulge in his pants told me all I needed. I gave him a quick kiss slipping my tongue into his open mouth allowing my breath to flow into him. As I broke the kiss, I let my hand brush the bulge in the front of his pants to let him know I had noticed. I turned back just as Pat returned with my drink. I told him I would be right back I needed to use the ladies room. He escorted me over there and held my drink while I was inside.

When I came out, I again quickly finished the drink and joined him out on the floor. We were getting down to the last hour when Scott played another slow song. This time, Pat?s hand went from cupping my butt up to my breast on his own making me tingle with the unexpected boldness. He whispered to me that I was so hot! I decided I was going to see just how far this young man would go. As he was gently squeezing my breast I whispered in his ear I was wearing a garter and stockings with no panties. His hand stopped for a couple of seconds and his step faltered so I knew he heard me. I maneuvered him into the corner of the dance floor and turned myself slightly sideways again only this time I took his hand from my breast and slid it up my dress to my steaming mound. He only hesitated a moment before sliding a finger in and he whispered his delight at finding me shaved down there. The song ended and he reluctantly removed his hand from beneath my dress and just to tease him more, I grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to my face sucking his finger into my mouth. His eyes popped open like they were about to fall out of his head as I quickly sucked my own juices off his finger as if I were giving head. I excused myself and asked if he would bring me another drink and he stammered an affirmative reply as he set off to the bar.

I returned to where my husband was going through his music and rubbed my way along his back as I brushed past him. As he turned his head I brought my mouth to his and hungrily kissed him. As soon as our lips parted he again smiled that knowing smile of his and asked if I was having fun. I stuck my tongue out at him and he replied I should only do that if I was going to use it. So I stuck it out again and put my hands on my hips for effect. I saw Pat heading over so I moved to join him. I told him I felt like some fresh air to help clear my head. He escorted me outside and handed me my drink. As I sipped from this one I made my way over to a darker area where I could see a bench. I sat down and Pat sat beside me and started chatting about how nice it was outside and how much fun this party was, especially since he was dancing with such a sexy lady. I thanked him and told him I was enjoying myself also. I took his arm and put it around my shoulders and snuggled up close. He did not seem to mind but was not progressing any farther so after a bit I scooted over and laid my head in his lap. His hand was still on the back of the bench so I decided to tease him a bit to get his juices flowing. I slowly began to inch my dress up gradually exposing more of my legs. Soon you could see the tops of my stockings and the straps of the garter. He finally took his left hand and began to run his fingers through my hair. I was really turned on as I slowly brought the hem of my dress up. I could feel his cock growing under my head as more of my legs showed. I brought my left foot up onto the bench which made my dress hem come all the way up to my waist giving him just a hint of a view. He finally brought his right hand down from the back of the bench and placed it on my stomach. This is not really where I wanted it but I was determined to make him feel my pussy on his own.

I began to slowly use the back of my head to rub his cock through his pants. I could feel his firmness shift each time I turned my head. As his left hand worked its way around to the side of my face, I turned my head and sucked a finger into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. After a moment or so, Pat finally got the idea and worked his way down my stomach to my already exposed mound. As he slid a finger in I spread my legs so he could get a better view of what he was doing. I was really enjoying myself but I knew I wanted more and this was not the place to get it. I ground my hips upward helping him get deeper and asked if he would like to go to his car so we could have a little more privacy. He told me he had a better idea, he and a couple of his friends had gotten a room together and since the party was still going strong it should be private enough. I happily agreed and let him lead me to his room. I was so horny that as soon as he had the door closed I began undressing him. He also wasted little time and finished unbuttoning the front of my dress and let it fall to the floor leaving me naked except for the garter and stockings. He brought his mouth to my breasts and began licking and sucking them in turn as he massaged the other. He led me over to the bed and set me down, kissing his way to my wet, and I do mean wet pussy. His tongue worked great and I felt myself shudder again and again as my orgasm began. I finally went over the edge as he once again slid a finger deep into my waiting tunnel. Before I could fully recover from my orgasm, Pat crawled up between my legs and brought his cock head to my still pulsing lips. As he entered me, I brought my legs up and around his neck so his cock buried itself to the hilt. We were so engrossed in our passion, we did not here the door open. The next thing I know, another young man from the bridal party was grabbing my tits and kissing my neck. I was so aroused with this encounter; I only hesitated for a moment at this unexpected and uninvited intrusion. This was really hot!! I now had two young studs making love to me. He brought his face up to mine and began kissing me. Our tongues danced as Pat continued his thrusts into me.

I reached over to his pants and tugged at the catch. In a moment he helped undo them for me and I grabbed his already firm manhood and began to jack him off as Pat continued pounding away into me. In moments, Pat came with a low groan and I could feel his sperm as it shot into me. After a few last thrusts, Pat pulled out and sat next to me as his roommate took his place between my still spread legs. With very little hesitation, he too began to fuck me as Pat looked on. I began to play with my breasts as this new young man screwed me with gusto. That?s when I noticed two more young men from the dance were standing by the door watching. I am not a slut and have never before been with a different man when my husband was not present, but having these two men have their way with me while there friends watched put me over the edge and I had an orgasm that shook me from so deep I felt as if I were going to pass out. As I came down from that incredible high, I found that the two other men had removed their clothes and were coming over. I was a little unsure of this since I had never had more that two men at one time before, with one being my husband, and he was only a few hundred feet away working, but before I could say anything, the taller one knelt beside the bed and began to suck on my very hard and aroused nipples as the other worked his way over to replace the second young man from between my legs and began to slide his fingers into my dripping pussy. Pat and the other young man both sat by and watched as these two other men had me shaking and panting from the pleasure. I felt the bed move and my legs were lifted and I felt this new young mans cock begin to push into me. I was surprised that I was being stretched since after Pat and his friend had already cum in me, I had to be quite lubricated but when he pushed deep, I realized he was filling me like I had never been filled before. I was having trouble catching my breath as his thrusts opened me to an extreme never experienced before sending waves of pleasure through my body. I lost track of myself as I slipped into a euphoric state as these boys had their way with me and was shocked into alertness as I was turned into a doggie style position and felt the forth young man pushing his penis into my back door! I do not do anal and the big shock was how easy it went in and how good it ended up feeling! He was pounding into me like a rabbit on speed making my backside very warm from the friction and I realized I was having a massive orgasm causing my saturated pussy to convulse which in turn made me feel as if I were pee?ing on the bed as the fluids from the first three men were literally squeezed from me. My breasts, now hanging freely down, were rocking back and forth in rhythm to our wild motion.

Pat had lain down across the head of the bed and was watching my face as his friend hammered me hard. And I saw his cock begin to rise once again as he enjoyed my pleasure. Without warning I felt the young man behind me shoot his load deep in my rear end with a grunt and moan as he pushed home one last time. This new experience had me fairly exhausted but I saw Pat?s cock standing at attention and decided to give him one last ride since he was the one who started this whole evening. I straddled his hips using my hand to guide his once again hard cock into my now sore but still wet pussy. I rocked back and forth gently for a good ten minutes enjoying the slower pleasure as the others sat back and stared at my body. I relished the feeling of these men looking at me knowing I had their undivided attention. I felt Pat once again shoot deep inside me and I allowed myself once last orgasm as his cock shrunk and slipped out of me. By the time Pat was done the second time, I was pretty worn out, and asked if I could take a quick shower before I left. They all agreed as long as they could watch. So I gave them a show by leaving the door and shower curtain open as I showered and after getting dressed, headed back to the party to help my husband pack up the equipment.

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