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Cruise Ship

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She was packing her bags getting ready to go on a cruise and decided just for the fun of it to throw her sexy leather and lace bra and garter belt with matching thigh highs and whip in the bag. She didn't know why but just in case it could possibly be used. She headed out the door and off to the ship for a fun filled week, full of lounging in the sun with no phone and people to want something from her.

When she arrived on the ship she noticed that this is what she was waiting for. All the porters were dressed in leather, she knew she signed up for a week long cruise to fulfill fantasies but wow this is more than she expected. She is escorted to her room by a man wearing nothing but a thong and leather chaps. She feels her wetness growing as she watches him walk to her room He informs her that he has been assigned to be her personal attendant based on the questionnaire that she had to fill out, he has black hair, blue eyes and is very oral(he informs her). He starts to help her unpack her bags and noticed the black leather and lace outfit and informs her that she has chosen very well. He asked her what her inter most desire is and he will fulfill it. She hesitates because she is nervous, then suddenly blurts out "My fantasy has always been to be gang banged by as many men and women that I can take". He said "Your wish is my command". He informed her that dinner will be served in one hour and will be in her quarters tonight and to dress in the leather and lace attire. He left her room. As she began to dress for dinner she felt her nipples harden and her wetness was even more apparent.

Her attendant returned in one hour. She was then taken to the bed and layed down and strapped to the headboard by leather straps on her hands and feet. Her moist wet pussy was soaking her black thong panties and her attendant said that would not do and ripped them off. He pussy was moist and trimmed closely and you could not see what strawberry blonde hair was there. He informed her that she was the main course for dinner and began to lick her swollen clit and suck on it trying to release all the juice she had inside of her. He inserted his tongue deep inside her wetness and said "this will not do" and pushed a button and suddenly appeared in her room were 11 other men and 3 women they gathered around her and began to remove what clothes she was wearing. She was motionless and suddenly a beautiful woman straddled her face and began to make her lick her swollen clit and tongue her wetness until cum ran down her face. At the same time a woman was licking her wet tight hole with vigor demanding for her juices to flow. Then a man slowly inserted his cock into her wet tight hole while another fucked her mouth with his enormous cock making her take it all in her throat. The first man fucked her cunt till it was full of his hot juice and then one of the woman licked it clean. Next a man untied her from the bed and made her straddle his cock and slammed it deep inside of her. A man was standing behind her and pushed his cock deep inside her tight ass, she screamed in pain and pleasure as the men thrusted together deep inside her pulsating and throbbing ass. A man stood in front of her and grabbed her by the hair and made her take his cock deep in her throat fucking her throat with out mercy until he shot a load of big juicy semen down her throat and she swallowed gladly. As she was swallowing his cream the two fucking her were cumming deep inside her body. The women began to clean her up with their tongues trying to savor all the juices that were flowing. One woman was licking her ass, tonguing it deep and the other was licking her wet cunt sucking all the cream out of it while the last woman was kissing her and sucking on her tongue then began to suck her breast while another man started to insert his cock deep inside her wet tight hole and another man inserted his cock deep inside her wet hole as well....she had never experienced two huge throbbing cocks in her pussy before, but it wasn't long till she was screaming with pleasure as she was being fucked hard and rough. Another man found her whip (cat o nine tails) and began to spank her ass while she was being fucked saying how bad she was and needed to be punished until she was a good girl. He was pulling her hair and pinching her nipples, there was creamy juices flowing everywhere. Another man was standing in front of her and made her suck his balls until he shot cream all over her breast and made her clean it up, still being spanked she did as she was told. The women began to clean all the juices off of her again and there were three women licking her swollen cunt at the same time. One woman took a strap on and began to fuck another woman and made her lick the pussy as it was getting fucked by this enormous plastic cock that vibrated. Then a man started licking her pussy and ass until she let her juices flow all over his face and then made the other women clean his face off. He started fucking the woman with the strap on in the ass as she was still instructed to lick the pussy juices off the woman being fucked in the ass. A man was under her wet tightness pushing and thrusting his giant cock deep inside her so hard that her head was hitting the wall. She didn't think she could go much longer, hours has passed already and has fucked all the men in the group, as well as the women. A woman straddled her wet tight pussy and started to rub their clit together while another man made them share his cock. Their tongues and lips touching as they licked his cock fucking each of their mouths. After each man cum all over her body one last time, shooting on her ass, pussy, stomach, neck, mouth, and breast, the women begin to clean her off again as well as help her to taste each mans wonderful juice. It had been hours and her pussy, ass and mouth were so sore and red she knew she couldn't go any longer and then men and women left her room. Her attendant asked if there was any other services required and she said yes, I want to bathe me and make me clean so I can fuck you alone all night. So he did as he was instructed and they fucked until the sun appeared the next morning. She fell asleep for the day and this was just the first day of the seven day cruise. That night she was informed there was a role playing class, that was mandatory....but that is another story!!!

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