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Cruise Crazy

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Cruise Crazy

While making a Labor Day weekend trip to the gulf coast of Florida, my wife and I recently looked up a new friend whom we met while vacationing at an adults (clothing optional) resort in Jamaica. Rachel and I had met Tony at the nude pool and we instantly hit it off becoming intimate friends in no time. Tony chose the playboy life instead of settling down with another woman after the passing of his wife several years ago. And the sexual spell he put on the women was amazing to witness, as I saw firsthand with my wife. As the week ended we talked of hooking up once again back in the U.S. Tony lived in Destin Florida where we vacationed often, but we lived in Tennessee.

We thought we would surprise him and fly down for a visit, maybe have a little fun and party at some of his hot spots. When we landed at the Destin airport we were a little disappointed when we called him. Tony apologized profusely saying he had already made arrangements for a weekend outing on his 65 foot yacht with his gym drinking buddies.

Tony loved to entertain on his yacht; he made his vast wealth in the stock market and now was retired at 48. He often hosts wild trips to the Caribbean for his friends and has the reputation of being a ladies man as my wife knows first hand.

Tony is somewhat a large man over six feet with a muscular fit well-tanned body. He is a suave, handsome man whose looks are quite impressive and his manhood equally impressive to all. Rachel and I talked often how erotic a lover he was and how much she enjoyed his huge cock and the crazy hot sex while in Jamaica.

I guess Tony sensed our disappointment on the phone and remarked ?Why don?t you two join us, we?ll have a blast?Do you think Rachel will mind being the only woman aboard?? ?Oh no!? I replied, ?I?m sure she?ll love the attention?.

My wife is a sexy hot blonde and flirt who still turns heads at 45 and has a smoking hot body that I have seen men drool over. She has beautiful green eyes and a sexy smile which lights up any room she walks in to. Her ample, beautifully shaped 36DD breasts are perfect fit for her 5? 9? slim fit frame. She is a knockout! And best of all I love to share her with other men?and ladies; I am somewhat of a cuckold myself.

We rented a car and drove to Tony?s house; Rachel and I recounted our sexual escapades with Tony on Jamaica, and I asked her if she was interested in doing it again. ?Absolutely!? She replied breathlessly with a huge smile on her face. ?Can I watch?? I asked. ?What about the other guys?? I said. Rachel turned and looked into my glance as I was driving. ?OMG! Tom, I?m not a slut? she blurted out. ?Let?s just see how things go, ok?? ?His friends are probably old fat guys anyways?.

As we arrived at Tony's sprawling home on the bay that led right to the gulf, Tony greeted us warmly?kissing my wife full on the lips and caressing her ass in the familiar way he had made love to her on Jamaica. My heart skipped a beat when for a moment my thoughts flashed back to seeing the two of them naked, having the wildest sex I?ve ever imagined. They were hot to watch together and I certainly was right in the middle of the action as well, doing as I was told, and then gently cleaning her up when he was finished.

Entering the house I thought I heard my wife gasp, and whispered ?Oh My!? as several guys jumped to their feet to greet her and me. Rachel gave me a quick, familiar glance which I understood all too well?These guys were HOT! Well-built men, ages ranging from mid thirties to mid fifties, to whom it was obvious had kept themselves in shape. The four men greeted my wife with a kiss on the cheek and the more casual hand-shake for me.

Tony poured us a drink and said we?d be leaving soon for a two day get-a-way on his yacht he had named ?Sandy? after his late wife. After the small talk we all made our way out onto the boat. Rachel and I had never been on a yacht this big and could not stop commenting on its size and beauty.

It was 65 foot long with large open deck area for lying out and entertaining, the large fly bridge which had all the essential navigation equipment of the ship, and several very comfortable sitting areas, kitchen, dinning area, and two modest size guest bedrooms, one on each side of the ship, which were fully furnished with queen beds and stocked mini bars.


As all the guys made their way to the bar, Tony was giving Rachel and I the grand tour?we ended up in the Master Bedroom which was the most beautiful and sexually charged room on the entire yacht. As you walked in the d├ęcor made you felt like you just teleported to a tropical island. But the hanging sex swing and other toys in sight made you feel like it was the proving grounds for some really hot sex! Rachel walked up to the swing and asked Tony if he thought it could handle her weight. Tony walked up to her with a noticeable bulge in his pants and whispered something in my wife?s ear, and then she turned into him and gave him a big kiss on the lips. I stood there speechless just wondering to myself what he could have said to provoke such a response from Rachel.

?Well then!? Tony said lets get the ship under way shall we, as he turned and walked up some stairs in the corner of the room with us at his heels. ?What did he say to you honey?? I whispered as we headed back to the bar to join the rest of the guys. Tony made his way up to the bridge to do his Captain thing and steered the boat out of the bay and into the open gulf. He wanted a ?repeat of Jamaica?, Rachel said.

The exhilaration shivered through my body as I thought back to watching Tony and Rachel going at it for several hours at the resort. Tony very patiently teased and kissed every inch of my wife and her drove her wild with his talented tongue launching her into uncontrollable orgasms countless times. But my awe for Tony wasn?t solidified until I saw him work his huge 8 inch cock in and out of my wife?s pussy like an artist skillfully painting a portrait. His positions and changing tempo brought Rachel to the hardest orgasm I think I?ve ever witnessed with her. And best of all, when he had finished fucking her, he blasted several huge loads of cum into Rachel?s pussy?which she gladly let me lick out when they were finished. Tony and Rachel have a special chemistry together, they did everything I could ever imagine that day, and watching them have sex was far better than watching any porn movie.

After Rachel and I got our drinks, we sat on the soft cushioned couch and conversed for almost two hours with Tony?s friends, Rich, Steven, Michael and Derrick. Men so different in style and personality, but all of them great looking guys with charisma. Rich and Derrick were executives in the restaurant industry, Steven owned his own on-line international business, and Michael was a Masseuse with several locations along the Emerald Coast. We were getting pretty drunk as we all chatted about everything under the sun when Rich asked how we had met Tony. I could see the twinkle in Rachel?s eye as she began to share our Jamaican experiences. As I talked to Michael about the massage business, the other three men were like putty in Rachel?s hands, listening, laughing and flirting?She always lights up any room she walks into and the attention of men is not foreign to her.

I told Michael how tough Rachel?s job was and stressful, he suggested that a good rub down and deep tissue massage would give her body renewed vigor. So, I interrupted my dear wife and asked her is she would like a professional message from Michael? ?Oh! of course? she replied, but at that instant she realized she hadn?t brought any swimwear and then balked at the idea saying, ?maybe later if Tony can find me something to wear??Nonsense honey I?ll go ask for some sheets and we can lay you on the ottomans and cover you up. ?Sure? the men chimed in agreeing to the plan. Derrick told Rachel she could get undressed in the main cabin, since no one else was on board.

Slipping out Rachel quickly removed all of her cloths and wrapped herself in the sheet I found. When she returned, the guys had made a make-shift bed out of the large ottomans and invited Rachel to lie down. Michael began to do his magic while everyone fixed another round of drinks and cranked up the music. Rachel asked if anyone knew how to make ?sex on the beach?, we all laughed of course at her phraseology. ?I do? said Steven who used to be a bartender. ?Make it a strong one? she ordered. I could see that Rachel was feeling pretty numb from the drinks, and was in her element, being massaged by a handsome guy and having several more at her beck-and-call.

As Rachel was laying there totally relaxed Michael slowly pulled the sheet down off of her back, exposing the sides of her large breasts, as he rubbed lower and lower. By this point the men were stuttering in their conversations because the only thing still covered was my wife?s ass. So, very discreetly, I walked over and gently tugged the sheet all the way off of her ass giving the men the full view of Rachel lying there face-down naked. Michael did not want to waste the moment, so he slid his hand along the crack of my wife?s ass and continued down as she slightly parted her legs. I could see by the look on Rachel?s face, and closed eyes, that his fingers had found her sweet spot. She moaned and shuddered gently and I could see her invitingly spread her legs even more to give Michael full access to her now wet, bare- pussy. ?Wow!? ?You are good? she said, as she took another sip from her drink. I moved around and began to massage her bare shoulders, and I looked over at the three men standing there with their tongues hanging out and invited them to rub her feet or anything else they could find. In an instant Rachel had 10 hands rubbing and exploring her naked body.

?I wish I could take you guys home with me, I need this every day? she said. We were all loving the moment when Rachel blurted out ?Switch!?, and with that she flipped over on her back giving the men a full frontal view of her delicious body. The men didn?t skip a beat but kept on rubbing and caressing every inch of Rachel?s now quivering body.

Michael?s expert hands were seconds away from inducing a violent orgasm in my wife. He sunk two fingers into her slick pussy and found her G-spot. Rachel moaned like a roar and then opened her eyes wide screaming ?Oh fuck, that feels good? as her body convulsed from the earth shattering orgasm. By now every man?s cock was hard as a rock. They were experiencing my wife?s sexual beauty for the first time, so I invited them to undress and take advantage of her. Rachel always has to be fucked hard after she cums, its just one of those things she loves. ?Who is gonna fuck me? she barked out like a sex-staved dominatrix. Steve was the first one to jump between her legs whipping his cock against her clit like a hammer then pushing his tool slowly into Rachel?s aching pussy. Instantly he began to thrust hard and fast as my wife wrapped her long legs around his back pulling him deeper inside. Rich and Derrick were licking her huge breasts, sucking her hard nipples, and alternated stuffing their cocks down her throat. Michael and I watched for a few moments then he moved into position to enjoy my wife?s pussy next. She looked at Michael and barked ?Give it to me big boy?. Michael quickly shoved his large cock into her hole while Rich and I held her ankles high in the air?.?Oh Yes, Give it to Me? ?Use Me? Rachel muttered.

Derrick was feeding his cock in her mouth and I could see by the look on his face he was going to gush down her throat. He blasted several streams of cum in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed in several gulps. The smile on his face after she sucked him off was priceless. The whole scene was so erotic; one woman being taken care of by four men.

As the ship was rocking?So were we! Rich moved in to fuck her after Michael finished his last few pumps and pulled out of her pussy and blasted three long streams of cum up her belly all the way up to her nipples. By this point I already knew I would be the designated ?clean up boy? as Rachel liked to call me, so I started licking the cum off of her abdomen and boobs, and even got a few drops of Derrick?s cum off of her chin. Rachel was enjoying all the attention we were gladly giving her. Rich was one of the younger guys in the group so I knew he had the stamina to last all night but I urged him to cum inside her so I could take some wild pictures of the men?s cum dripping out of her fuck hole. Rich kindly obliged my request and lifted her hips in the air to thrust into her like a fucking machine, and he came in deep inside her love canal.

When he pulled out I was already taking the pictures as the cum was oozing from her bare pussy in big globs. Finally she ordered me to ?get busy? which of course I knew what That meant and in an instant I was licking and sucking her pussy until the last drop of cum was gone. ?Thank you Boys? ?that was wonderful? she said, as she sat up to recover from the fuckfest. ?I need another Sex on the Beach???Where is Tony?? she cried out, as if he was the last toy that need to be played with.

Tony had taken us far out into the gulf and was anchoring the boat when we finished fucking Rachel. As He came downstairs from the bridge, he saw Rachel naked, and instantly a big smile broke out on his face ?Did my Boys take care of you my dear?? He said. ?Yes, but I am still missing something? she said as we all stood there admiring her sexual appetite. ?Come with me? Tony said as he stretched out his hand and led Rachel down to his master suite, closing the door behind them.

My thoughts and emotions raced trying to imagine what Tony and my wife were doing behind the closed door. My cock was getting harder by the minute as the voyeur in me thought of a way to spy on them without their knowledge. While the rest of the guys dressed and recovered from fucking my wife, I slipped out of the room to find the upper deck access we used when we left the master bedroom earlier. It was located in a secluded corner of the master bedroom so I was able to open it and quietly go down the steps without Tony or Rachel noticing me. I was in the shadow and partially obscured by a corner in the wall. I could hear Tony and Rachel talking clearly and from my advantage point I could see the entire bed and sex swing.

Rachel was telling Tony all about the great fucking his friends just gave her but she had missed him at the fun?Tony remarked, ?Oh No!, the Fun is Just Beginning? as he guided my wife to the bed, still naked and damp with cum from the men in the other room. ?You know I love it when you make love to me? she said as they lay on the bed embracing and gently kissing each other.

Tony skillfully touched, kissed and teased every inch of Rachel?s still smoldering body, and as he kissed and licked his way down to her sweet spot her moans filled the room. Rachel spread her legs wide open to give Him totally access to her sex. Tony commented that ?she still had cum leaking out of her from his buddies? I could see that my wife was getting unbelievably horny again for some more hot sex?she responded to his tongue lashing by licking and sucking his huge cock as they 69?d. Tony has a lot of stamina but my wife is an expert at a blow job and I could see the look on Tony?s face that he would be cuming soon. All of a sudden, Tony interrupted her oral play and asked her if she wanted to use the swing. ?OMG Yes!? she said springing up with the excitement of a high school girl. And Tony lifted her so she could get strapped into the saddled, her ass high in the air and her legs held wide open by the sturdy straps. I could see the pink folds of her pussy and a dollop of cum oozing out of her, from across the room.

Tony continued working his magic tongue in my wife?s pussy, lapping her until she was at the point of no return. Rachel threw her head back and screamed ?Tony, OMG Tony? as her hips convulsed in a powerful orgasm. Her orgasms? were coming in repeating waves and Tony moved up to give her what he knew she had been waiting for. He slowly slid his huge cock into Rachel?s quivering pussy and began pumping her in long steady strokes. Rachel had the most beautiful glow on her face as Tony worked her over with his cock, increasing the tempo then slowing down to ensure he teased her G-spot with the tip of his penis. Their love making in the chair was incredible to watch, and as I hid in the corner, my cock out of my shorts and wet with pre-cum from my constant stroking.

After about 15 minutes of non-stop fucking Rachel was finally at the brink of another orgasm (a rare thing from intercourse alone) and Tony timed his own release with her. Tony arched his back while hanging on to the straps and pounded her pussy as fast as he could until Rachel let out this wonderful scream??I?m cuming baby? she said. I could tell by the strong thrusts of Tony?s hips that he was cuming too, dumping his seed deep into Rachel?s helpless body.

They both relaxed and Tony helped my wife out of the swing and onto the bed. He excused himself and headed for the bathroom, while Rachel just laid there with the best ?I?ve just been fucked? look on her face.

?DID YOU SEE WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE? she said in a loud voice?then I realized she was speaking to me. I was startled! I had been exposed as the voyeur I am. She said she had noticed me hiding in the corner as Tony was putting her in the swing.

?Yes? I said stammering out my response, afraid she would not be pleased by me spying on her and Tony. ?Come over here and clean me up? she commanded. Tony won?t mind you eating his cum out of my pussy. I quickly made my way to the bed and dove my face between her legs?my cock was still hanging out of my shorts. Tony walked back out a little surprised but not upset at all. He joined Rachel and me on the bed and began sucking on her perky breasts and nipples, and then her neck straying to give her a deep kiss on the mouth. Rachel just laid there and moaned with pleasure as Tony and I ravished her body yet one more time. You would think with all of the sex Rachel has experienced on this trip so far that she would be fulfilled and content by now?Not Rachel! She is like a wind up toy; once you get her started you can?t stop her.

After I finished licking her clean Rachel told me to fuck her while she sucked Tony?s big cock; looking Him in the eyes she said ?I want to taste your cum?. He and I worked her body over for several more minutes. I was the first to give in, not being able to hold back my cum load any longer, I blasted deep in her loins pumping furiously. Tony was the kind of guy who always had control and he could practically cum on command. When he saw me cuming he aimed his cock head straight into Rachel?s mouth and shot long streams of cum into her mouth and across her extended tongue. It was one of the most erotic sights I?ve ever seen as Rachel played with the spunk that was in her mouth, finally swallowing every drop. ?Wow!? ?I loved that? she exclaimed.

As the three of us got off the bed Tony asked Rachel if she would like to shower with him, while I went back and joined the fellas in the other room. ?Of course? she replied and the two of them headed for the bathroom while I put my wet cock back in my pants and headed for the bar.

About 15 minutes later Rachel and Tony came out to join us. She only had on one of Tony?s extra large white dress shirts on, that?s all; in fact you could clearly see her dark nipples through the material. She came over to me and gave me a wet sloppy kiss and whispered in my ear that Tony fucked her again in the shower, which was not a huge surprise to me; the chemistry between the two of them is quite palpable. When Rachel lounged back on the couch her shirt rode up high enough so we could all get a slight glimpse of her bare pussy, and I noticed a little trickle of cum still leaking out of her?.It was hot seeing her that way, just fucked and totally relaxed with a drink in her hand. We all sat and drank telling stories, listening to sexy dance music, and flirting with my wife the rest of the evening. I couldn?t believe this was only the first night of our two day trip.

It wasn?t long before Rachel spoke up and said ?Common guys let?s have some more fun?? We all looked at each other and then back at my wife who was unbuttoning her shirt? ?All you men are making me cruise crazy? she exclaimed.

I knew with this horny bunch that tonight would be the night to remember, and by the time this weekend was over Rachel would be very tired and sore from all the sex, but it would be the holiday to remember.

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