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Crazy Laughlin Trip w- Girlfriend and Her Sister

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What I thought was going to be a nice weekend for M and I turned for the worse when I found out that her sister S was going. Now I didn’t even want to go to Laughlin. M told me not to worry about it and that things won’t go bad. I made her promise to keep her sister in check. And I told M that I was not looking forward to sharing a room with S. She is very self-centered most of the time. The only reason that we talk to each other is for M.

So as I’m packing my things to go M drops the next bomb on me. She wants me to drive and S is going to ride with us. I’m no thinking that I’m going to be stuck listening to all their crappy music and they are going to talk about things I know nothing about. I try and get M to make S drive herself, but she wouldn’t go for it.

S pulls up to my house and says hi and starts to get her stuff from her car. It’s at this moment that I see a side of S that I never saw before, her ass. As she was bending into her truck to get her bag, her skirt slid up and I got a good view of her thong and ass. Maybe this trip wasn’t going to be that bad after all. I go back into the house and get the last of my stuff and put it in the car. I then help M and S put their stuff in the car and we get ready to leave.

We decide to make one last pit stop before we get on the road. It’s a 4 hour drive and I didn’t want to make any stops. As I came out of the bathroom M stops me and tells me something that I found very shocking. She said that S told her about something that happened at M’s birthday. She said that S said that I had kissed her at the bar. I didn’t remember much of that night from to much drinking. I did remember waking up naked on the bathroom floor and M was naked in bed. M always jokes about that night and tells me that she will tell me about it someday. As for kissing S, I don’t remember it and I looked at her in disbelief. She just smiled at me and said it was true. So now I had this on my mind and M wasn’t too pleased with it either.

Well, all that aside, we got on the road. We didn’t get to far when M told me that she had invited D. He was a friend of ours that liked to hang out with us. Now I’m thinking, oh great! I so think that M and D are more than friends. Not that I would be mad about that. Hell, I want to see M with another guy, but she won’t go for it. I’m just bothered that if she is doing him, why hide it.

So we stop and pick him up. Only to 5 minutes and we were back on the road. Nothing very eventful happened on the drive. The 3 of them talked and laughed and I focused on the road. I got us there and to the hotel. I asked M if we were all going to share a room and she told me yes. Well there went any chance of me getting laid. We checked in and went to our room. As I opened the door I had to laugh. One king size bed is all the room had. I went back to the desk to fix the problem while they all went to gamble.

I finally found them all and took them to our new room. It was on the 5th floor and had an ok view. They all put their things down and took off for the tables. I’m not much of a gambler so I told them that I would meet them down there later. And off they went down the hall laughing.

They were gone about an hour when I finally went down to look for them. I wanted to know what was for dinner and if we were going to go out drinking. It took me almost half an hour to find S and no signs of the others. About 15 minutes later we found them play black jack together. I’m telling you there is something going on with them.

It turned out that M and D didn’t want to go eat. All they wanted to do is gamble. So S and I went to dinner. Talk about strange, I don’t even like this person, and now I’m having dinner with her. We did end up talking and come to find out she’s not all that bad.

So after we finished dinner we went and got the others and we all went to the room to get ready to go out drinking. M put on some tight jeans and a low cut top to show off her big breast. S put on a black semi see thru top with a lacy red bra and pair of black slacks. D and I just put on jeans and dress shirts.

We went to a bar called Losers Lounge and started to drink and dance. The place was packed with people and I was loving it. Finally I was having fun. There wasn’t that many tables so we ended up sharing our table with another couple. They were and very hot couple from New York and were in Laughlin just to let loose.

I had to use the restroom and they were out the bar and down stairs. When I came back I notice M was out on the dance floor with the couple and D. I didn’t see S and all. I just sat down and order me some more drinks. I then saw S come back into the bar and she went straight to the dance floor and started dancing with the rest of them. It was funny to watch them all get nasty and freak on each other. S and the other girl came back to the booth and plopped down beside me. They were both laughing and talking about how hot they were. So I bought them both a drink. They took the drinks, but laughed at me. They said that they were horny hot and then thanked me for the drinks. I felt kinda dumb for not knowing what they meant. We then looked out to the dance floor and saw M in a sandwich with D and the other couples husband, but there was to other guys on her too. S and the wife, who I will call T got up and went out to the bathroom. It was then that M and D and T’s husband came back. I didn’t realize it until then that M was really buzzed. She had been doing shots with the guys on the dance floor. S and T came back and we all squeezed into the booth. S them me then T’s husband them M then D and then T.

M said she had to go to the bathroom and T said she would take her. D and T’s husband said they had to go too. That left me with S and we were pretty drunk. She asked me if I was drunk enough to kiss her again. I told her I didn’t need to be drunk for that and I leaned over and kissed her. It wasn’t much of a kiss, just a peck. She said that’s not how you kissed me last time and then just laughed. We sat there and drank for about half an hour when I finally realized that the others weren’t back yet. S just laughed and said it took you long enough. I just told her it was because of her that I forgot about them. Then I asked her to go to the bathroom and look for them. Again she laughed. I asked her why she was laughing and she told me that it wouldn’t help, they aren’t in there. I was very puzzled by that and asked where they were. She told me it was a surprise and to go get us some more drinks and a couple of shots of Patron. I didn’t understand, but did as I was told. Besides, I wanted to get as drunk as possible anyway. I came back to the table and S and I did the shots. We talked for about another hour and did some dancing in between. And to think, I hated her less than 8 hours ago. Turns out she was a lot of fun. So much fun that I totally forgot about the others. At one point on the dance floor we were getting kinda nasty and she pushed her big tits right up in my face. Man did I love that. She pulled away and smiled and I leaned in and gave her a real kiss and grabbed her ass and pulled her close. I didn’t know what came over me, but I liked it. She reached down and grabbed my ass and ground her crotch on mine. I was hard in no time and she knew it.

She pulled away and said we should go to the room. I told her I can’t do what she was thinking. We went to far already and that M would kill me if she knew. S just laughed and said, yeah right. We left the club and headed back to the room.

The whole walk back to the elevators I looked for M and didn’t see her. I told S that we should find her. S looked at me and told me that she was in the room with the others and that she was probably naked and getting the fucking of a lifetime. I didn’t believe her and told her she was full of shit. All my thoughts of her doing things behind my back were just that, thoughts. I didn’t think she could really do it.

In the elevator S unbuttoned her top and let it hang loose. She asked me if I wanted to play with her tits. Of course I did but couldn’t do that to M. And again she laughed and grabbed my hard cock through my pants. I tried to pull away, but where was I going to go. The doors opened and we got off heading for the room. S asked me if I was ready and I said for what. She again told me about the others and how they would be.

As we got to the room I used my key card on the door. S took her top off completely and was standing in the hall in her black slack and red lacy bra. Before I could get the door open S was pulling her pants off. She had on matching panties that showed of her thin line of pussy hair. I turned to the door and went in to get out of the hall and S followed. But I stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw.

M was naked all right. So was D and T’s husband. T was almost naked. She still had her panties on, but they were pulled to the side and she was playing with herself. M was on one of the beds on all fours sucking T’s husbands cock and D was behind her with his face buried in her pussy. I was shocked and couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I know it was something that I had always fantasized about, but never thought that I would walk in on this.

S pushed me to the side and sat on the other bed. She then reached behind herself and undid her bra. Her beautiful breast came in to view and she smiled at me and gave me the finger to come closer. I didn’t know what to do so I moved closer to her. She reached up and started to undo my pants. Within seconds she had my pants and boxers on the floor and my hard cock was right in front of her face. She opened her mouth and took my cock into it. I almost hit the floor with how turned on I was. Her I was watching M with two guys and her sister was sucking my cock.

At this point T came over and took my shirt off and she made me step out of my pants and boxers. S let go of my cock and stood up and T pushed me down on to the bed. T then reached over and took S’s panties off and then S did the same to T. T climbed up over my face and lowered her pussy to my waiting tongue. God she tasted good and I ate her pussy for all it was worth. S climbed up and went back to sucking my cock.

T then moved to the side just enough so that I could see M. I could hear her moans and now could see what was causing that. D was standing behind her fucking her hard and fast. She had her eyes closed tight and was clinching her teeth. I could hear her saying “Oh my god”, but it was broken up by the thrusting she was receiving. Then I heard her say that she was cumming. I couldn’t believe it. M cumming by another mans cock. D then pulled out and came all over M’s ass. D stepped back and sat in the chair to catch his breath.

T got up and went over and started to lick all the cum from M’s ass. When she was done she leaned down and kissed M with a mouth full of cum. T’s husband then turned M on to her back and got into a 69 with her. I was so turned on that I grabbed S and pulled her into a 69. T came back over and was playing with S’s ass while I ate her pussy.

I heard M asking for T’s husband to fuck her. I could then hear the slapping sound of fucking and knew that she was getting pounded for the second time. That I knew of. T left us and went and straddled M’s face. S got up and straddled my cock. I looked into her eyes as she slide down and my cock entered her pussy. I was fucking my girlfriends sister with her in the bed next to me getting fucked be some couple we had just met. S started to moan and grind her pussy on to my cock. I could feel her pussy tighten on my cock and she yelled she was cumming. At that same moment M was cumming.

I pushed S up and off of me and threw her on the bed. I then got between her legs and fucked her as hard as I could. I looked over at M and she was getting a cum bath from T and T’s husband. I watched as he came all over her tits and T was cumming on her face. When they were all done they all laid together and watched me and S. That drove me harder and when S said she was going to cum again it pushed me to the top. S yelled she was cumming and I pulled out and shot the biggest load of my life all over her tits.

I fell on top of S and she rubbed her cum soaked tits all over me. I was too tired to put up a fight when she rubbed them in my face. T came over and laid with us and cuddled up to me. She told me that she was next when I was ready. M came over and gave me a kiss followed by licking my cum off my face. I grabbed M and pulled her on top of us and started grabbing her ass and tits. This started to get me hard again.

I rolled over on top of T and push my hard cock right into her wet pussy. I had M and S on either side of me as I fucked this woman that I had just met some hours ago. It was great and couldn’t believe how good my weekend had gotten. And this was just the first night.

More nights to cum.....

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