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Crazy camping weekend

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Crazy camping weekend This very unexpected sexual romp happened about 2 years ago when my husband and I were at a weekend music festival in Indiana. Let me start by telling you a little about ourselves and our marriage. We are in our late 30's and keep ourselves in good shape with healthy eating, working out, and great sex! We've always been adventurous when it comes to sex. In our early 30's when we first got married, we dabbled a little in the swinger lifestyle. We'd hook up with random hotties on the weekends and at weddings. Every now and then we'd find couples that we both were into but it was almost always bi-sexual girls. Now as much as I like to be with a man for some reason we just attracted girls. Ken loves watching me with girls and never turned me down if there was a hot guy in a couple that I was into. We just never invited a single guy into our plans. Until the weekend of the hottest sex of my life!! We had planning this weekend for over a year. 4 couples (all good friends) and we all own our own motorcoach's. We travel to many events and campgrounds all summer long with these friends. This was to be our Superbowl of trips in the summer of 2015! A 4 day country music festival with 20 or so of our favorite bands! After making the 6 hour drive and getting our camping site set up, we rested ourselves on Wednesday night knowing that the next 4 days would be long and crazy! LITTLE DID I KNOW HOW CRAZY! Thursday started with meeting our neighbors and having early cocktails to get us primed for the day. They were all fired up and as ready as we were to party our asses off. I almost forgot one main part of my story… it was my birthday weekend and one of the reasons Ken put it all together! We pre-partied until 1 o'clock when the first band hit the stage. It was our group of 8, 4 of our new “neighbors”, and a single guy that had been ditched by his overserved buddies. He was staying in a tent about 6 camping spots down from us when my friend Lacy popped her top for him on his way past our Rigs. Of course he stopped in by request and proceeded to party with us. His name was Tim and he was very sexy. He was a little over 6' tall, lean, toned arms, blondish brown hair, and wore tight jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his 20-something frame. He laughed at all of our bad jokes and was extremely fun to be around. We told him he could party with us as long as he liked. All of us girls were googling over him the drunker we got! Ken didn't mind at all but I think the other husbands were a little jealous. I didn't tell you but, none of our friends, new or old, had any idea of our swinger secret. We always keep it hush hush and most of them would die if they only knew! And it's kind of kinky having that just between Ken and I. So into the concert area we went, drunk, crazy, excited and ready for anything! The first band was a relative no-name but, he was smoking hot and his voice got all of my juices flowing! Ken knew immediately that this guy was my kinda guy! He played for an hour or so and as he left the stage Ken looked at me and asked “would you?” I said “hell yes, I'm soaking wet!”. He knows what I like and he plays it perfectly. As the day wore on the music got louder, the sun got hotter, and the drinks went down faster! My panties were drenched from all of the sexy musicians and I was horny as hell. We all decided to return to our Rigs to refresh and begin the campfire party. Ken knowing that poor Tim was just in a tent, asked him if he wanted to use our shower to get cleaned up and he accepted graciously. As much as I wanted to get a peek of Tim's body, it just didn't happen to line up for me. And by no means did I want to be too forward and let anyone become aware of my dirty thoughts, I would have to bide my time. The campfire went on into the night with lot's more booze, boob’s being flashed and plenty of dirty talk. You'd think that everyone was a swinger as much as we talk about sex! But, just as it always happens, we separated and went to each of our own rigs to call it a night. Ken and I being so turned on by all of the hot band members went back and fucked our brains out! And I'm pretty sure a few people heard from outside our walls! Just as Ken was about to cum inside me he said “I can't wait to give you your present tomorrow”. I said “this weekend is enough but, if you want to keep giving me your cock, I'll take that anytime!”. After he finished he just rolled over with a smirk on his face. I started to sense a surprise was in store for me… Friday morning my actual birthday, started off by me having an earthquake of an orgasm by Kens talented tongue! I had to cover my face with a pillow and bite down hard so that the entire festival wasn't aware of what was going on! We then mixed up some bloody Mary's and jumped in the shower where I proceeded to Jerk Ken off so that he wasn't walking around hard as a rock all day. We joined the group outside, had breakfast, then got ready to go back to the concert venue all the while, boozing it up like true rock stars! Again, the country bands were getting us both quite worked up especially when a 5 girl band took the stage with cutoff shirts, cowboy boots, hats, and very tight tops! Ken was as hard as I was wet, watching them do their show! At around 2 o'clock the sun was literally cooking us but the bands got better and the party got wilder! That's when my REAL birthday party began…. I was standing in front of Ken as we were rocking it out to a great band, sweat dripping off every part of my body, horny as hell AGAIN, grinding my ass into his cock when he reached an arm around my waist with his left hand and pulled me tight. With the other he reached around and handed me my phone that he carried in his back pocket. He said in my ear “you have a text”. I opened my phone and looked at a text from an unknown number. I clicked the tab and on my screen appeared an incredibly ripped body of a guy sitting on a couch with his shirt pulled up, and in only designer underwear. His stomach was chiseled, his chest was muscled, and the cock that was hidden in those underwear was large! It laid sideways and it's length reached all the way to his hip bone. His balls wear bulging out like 2 beautiful pieces of fruit waiting to be squeezed. Confused, I looked back to Ken and said “I don't know who sent me this”. Ken said to me “scroll down”. So I did. That's when both shock and excitement set in! The next photo revealed our neighbor Tim's face on that gorgeous, half naked body! And that's also when I recognized the Chicago Bears throw blanket and couch he was sitting on. It was our motorcoach he was in!! Ken then said “happy birthday”. Again confused, I replied “what do you mean?”. He then deftly slid his hand down into my shorts, under my panties, and inserted a finger into my drenched vagina and said “Tim didn't come here with friends. I met him online a month ago and we've been planning this weekend ever since”. I couldn't do anything but listen, I was mesmerized.. “we made up this elaborate scheme so none of our friends would suspect anything.” Ken then revealed to me his hidden fetish. “I've secretly been browsing ‘Stag and Vixen' websites. It's were husbands allow their wives to have boytoy's and hall passes to fuck whoever and whenever they want." I was shocked, but ecstatic all at once and asked him, “are you sure? We've never played alone or even with just a guy. It's always been together with girls or couples.” Ken answered, “I can't explain it but it's the most incredible sexual urge I've ever had! Tim is your birthday present and he's been instructed to be your personal fucktoy all weekend long! The only stipulation is that it must be discrete and unknown to all of our friends!” At that very moment my pussy tightened around his finger as I silently orgasmed right there in the sea of people! Ken pulled his hand from my shorts and said “you look dehydrated, go back to our rig, get a shower and some water in you. Maybe lay down for an hour to recoup your strength." He then slapped me hard on my bottom and said “hurry now, I'll hold down the fort with our crew.” Still in shock, I walked away towards the nearest exit area. My stomach was filled with butterflies, I was nervous and excited all at once. I found myself outside of the venue and walking at a very quick pace. It felt like a dream and any minute Ken was going to text and tell me it was all just a joke! The feelings of apprehension and sheer horniness were consuming my body and mind as I made my way to our motorcoach. Then I reached it.. What or who would be on the other side of the door when I entered? Again I felt the butterflies, they were turning my stomach upside down or were they fluttering in my pussy that was now completely drenched from the thought of ‘what might be’? I said “fuck it, happy birthday to me” and reached for the door handle.. Our motorcoach is large, the kitchen is the first thing you see when you enter. The table is to the next to it and on the same wall as the door, directly to the right is the couch.. and sitting on the couch was Tim! And unlike the photo he sent, his shirt and underwear were off and in his hand was the largest, thickest cock I had ever laid my eyes on! He watched as I stared at his gorgeous manhood. Then he said “happy birthday, I took the liberty of unwrapping your present for you”. I was unsure of what to say, my mind and pussy were on overload! The he said “Ken has given me permission to use you as my personal whore for the weekend. I was told that nothing is off the table other than being discrete. Now drop your clothes and suck my cock!” I quickly pulled my top off exposing my braless B-cups. My nipples could cut glass they were so hard! Then I peeled my shorts off, panties and all. My pussy was shaved in a landing strip and right next to it is a small red heart, tattooed for only the luckiest few people to view. I walked up to him and got I’m my knees. Now I was inches from his magnificent manhood. It's head was large, purple, and filled with blood! The veins in it were huge and bulging, especially since he had it gripped tightly. He reached down, grabbed the top of my head and inserted the beast into my watering mouth! I could barely fit it past my lips as he got a handful of my hair and started the bobbing motion guys love me to do! “That's a good little slut, get it down your throat” he said as I did everything in my power to appease him. Then I removed his hand from his cock and grabbed it with mine. It was long enough for me to double fist it! I was working his monster cock with both hands gripped tight, up and down I jerked as I did my best to get it deeper into my throat. “You like big cock don't you?” he said. I moaned acceptance, as good as I could with a 10 inch dick between my lips. “I have big plans for your mouth and pussy this weekend, I hope your up for it.” I removed his cock from my mouth and said “I'm your little fucktoy, do whatever you want." With that he grabbed my arms firmly, stood me up and turned me around. He then leaned back on the couch to admire my firm ass. “Bend over and put your elbows on the table.” I did as I was told. Now he could fill his eyes with my pink, wet pussy lips and my tight little asshole. Then ‘Smack’, he laid a blistering slap across my ass cheek! I did everything I could not to whimper. Then I felt his strong fingers grab my hips and pull me backwards towards him. He spread his knees out wide and with me in between them. Then he reached down and gripped his cock with hand and guided me onto his massive head with the other. I took a deep breath and slid onto his erect tool. Slowly working it in, gently moving side to side and up and down until half of it was in me. Then I reached back and spread my ass cheeks for easier access, all the while working more of his manhood into my vagina. Then it hit me! In my overwhelmed state of mind, I forgot to ask Tim to put a condom on! I stopped in mid motion and said “Ken and I always use condoms when having sex with others!” Tim lit my ass up with another knee buckling slap! “Your pussy is mine this weekend! Now keep fucking me!” I did as I was told. Up and down, deeper and deeper I rode his cock until I had almost every inch inside my tight cunt. Then he grabbed my hips again, our pace quickening, our breathing harder, my muscled tightening in anticipation of an earth shattering orgasm! My mind went blank, my pussy erupted in the most explosive orgasm of my life! Then I felt him stop as I finally bottomed out on his entire meat pole. He gripped me so tight I thought he was going to crush my hip bones with his hands and let out an animalist grunt as he emptied his balls into pussy! He bucked and quivered for what seemed like 5 minutes until ever drop of his semen had been released into me! I could not believe I had allowed him to cum inside of me although, I was on the pill. The thought Ken knowing this had happened started making me a little worried. I slowly eased off of Tim's enormous cock and what seemed to be a gallon of sperm came washing out of me. I tiptoed gingerly to the bathroom while even more warm cum ran down my legs. As I started the shower with one hand, and cupped my vagina with the other so I didn't make more of a mess than I already had. By the time I stepped into the shower and closed the door I had a handful of Tim's ball juice that I let fall into the drain. And like a complete whore, my pussy began to tingle and stir with the thought of what had just occurred! Just when guilt should be beginning to build, I felt total hunger! Hunger for more strange cock! And knowing that it was my very husband that set it all up and orchestrated this whole event was making it even more exciting! His hotwife fantasy was really working out for ME as well.. nothing like a win-win! After 10 minutes standing under the cool water and refreshing my body I opened my eyes to see Tim standing in the doorway of the small bathroom. The frosted glass on the door didn't really allow me good visibility but I could definitely tell he was there. I opened the door and peeked my head out to see if he needed something. My gaze quickly fell to his stiff dick! It was standing straight out from his body and was amazingly beautiful! Surprised, I asked him “do you need a shower?”. Hoping the answer was ‘yes’, he replied “no, not until I cum in your mouth”. With that, he reached for my folded towel that I set on the sink and threw it to the floor at his feet. Then he said “come over here” as he wrapped his long fingers around his cock. Loving my new role as “weekend slut", I did as I was told again. I quickly walked over to him and sank to my knees. Being face to face with this piece of meat made wonder how he was able to fit the whole thing in my pussy! He said “wrap those lips around the head of my cock”. Again I obeyed. It was like putting the fist of a small child in my mouth but, I secured it into position. Then he started pumping. It was at that moment that I knew he wanted to unload his balls into my mouth! Now, I've swallowed my share of semen but it's not my favorite thing to do. Every once in a blue moon Ken will announce that ‘he's cuming' and wants to finish in my mouth... sometimes I'll do it but most of the time I'll pull off and jerk him on my tits. This was not an option, and Tim would not allow it! He must have been as excited as I was because it literally took 10 strong pumps of his fist and he grunted “hold tight, here comes a load for you”. I grabbed his ass cheeks and held on tight! I was not going to allow one drop to fall from my lips! His glutes tightened into rock and he stopped pumping his fist. A hot stream of deliciousness blasted down my throat. Another groan and another blast followed. He released his cock grip and grabbed my head with both hands and shot another rope into my mouth! Spasm after spasm followed and I knew I was going to win this battle! After one last twitch, I removed the monster mushroom from my jaws and licked circles around it. Making sure every last drop was swallowed. Then I reached up, squeezed his heavy balls firmly as I gripped him at the base of his cock and squeezed it all the way up to the very tip. One last dribble of his nectar oozed out onto my tongue as I lapped it up and said, “is that what you wanted?”. Tim opened his eyes as he looked down at my and replied “no, that's what Ken told me to do”. “He did huh?”. Well grab your phone and bring it here. Tim walked into the kitchen and grabbed his phone from off the counter. “Turn your camera on” I told him. Then I said “take this picture”.. I grabbed his softening hammer, which still hadn't lost any length or girth, and hoisted the head of it to my mouth and gave it a puckered, lip, kiss as Tim snapped the shot! “Send that to Ken, and write whatever caption you feel fits.” With that, Tim got into the shower and I proceeded to get dressed and hurried back through the sea of party-goers to find my husband. The same nervousness that I had walking to the motorcoach washed over me while looking for Ken! What an intoxicating rush! Then I spotted him near the same area we have been partying while in the venue. The butterflies crept in as I swam through the crowd trying to inch my way to him. Almost to Ken I rubbed dangerously close to a sexy, little, country girl and her man… she started grinding on my leg to the beat of the music! Her cowboy slid in behind me and started rubbing his stiff cock on my ass! I was in a slut-sandwich! She leaned close and nibbled on my neck while his hands moved up my shirt to my hard nipples. Suddenly, I snapped to my senses and pulled free of the two horndogs.. “hold that thought” I said. Back to my original mission I began. The thought of being able to indulge myself in random, spur of the moment play, was intoxicating! I was hopeful that Ken would allow this behavior in the future! I reached my destination, pussy now dripping wet and heartbeat pounding out of my chest. I came in tight behind him and in one quick motion, put my left hand into his pocket and was not surprised to find a very stiff, warm piece of man-flesh! Now, although Tim has a massive dick, Ken is now slouch in the meat department. He has 7" and knows how to use every bit of it! He jumped slightly but it seemed he almost anticipated my sudden appearance. I reached my other hand around his midsection and whispered in his ear.. “thank you for the birthday gift". He held his phone up so that I got a good glimpse of the photo and text Tim sent. It was a little shocking to have a picture of me holding another man’s massive penis and planting a kiss on the tip of it! And, my husband showing it to me! Then I read the caption.. ‘our little weekend slut just had her fill of cock and cum'. I gripped gripped his cock tighter and started jerking it. He asked “did he really cum in you?” I moaned “uh huh” I said. “Where did him cum, in your mouth?”. I answered “first time on the couch he unloaded into my pussy, then when I was showering he told me to suck his cock and shot another huge load down my throat. I hope that's ok with you.” No sooner did I finish my sentence did his cock turn to stone and his body tensed against mine. I could feel his dick begin to spasm through the thin material separating my hand from his flesh. He was ejaculating right there in the middle of 6 thousand dancing, horny people! I help him finish by squeezing tighter and quickly jerking his meat. I could feel the hot come filling into his pocket. Wad after wad came as if he had never came before! He moaned and jerked all the while trying to keep his composure. Finally it was over and he whispered in my ear, “let's make this a weekend for the record books!”. That was an understatement!! It was only Friday and we didn't leave until Monday morning. Without making this story into a book I will give you the cliff notes of what occurred during the rest of my birthday-slut-weekend… Friday night after the show and after everyone was extremely drunk at the bonfire, I slipped into Tim's tent and rode his cock like a true cowgirl! I came four times before I heard the tent unzip and looked behind me to see Ken lubing his shaft up for my first DP! The orgasm that followed literally had me on the verge of passing out! I came to with cum oozing out of my cunt and asshole! Saturday morning brought hard rain and we couldn't leave poor Tim out in his tent with no friends and no way to keep dry! I had the pleasure of having two studs service me in every way possible! Now ladies, if you ever get the chance to have a monster cock in your vagina and your husband’s rock hard dick in your mouth at the same time, I highly recommend it! And I highly recommend you stay married to that man!!! Saturday night brought more rain and more dick for me.. I had the pleasure of sucking them both off at the same time and getting a semen-bath! Sunday the three of us went for a beer run into town. On the way to the store Tim banged my pussy in the back seat and filled it with more of his man-juice. On the way home Ken fucked my ass and came deep inside me again! Later that day while at the concert, in the overwhelming sea of dancing, drunk people. Tim was grinding his cock behind me on my ass. I secretly pulled his junk out and jerked him off to completion! He came so much some of it ran down past my daisy-dukes, down my leg and into my boot! Sunday night Tim hooked up with a drunk little slut and brought her to our rig for a foursome! The boys Sat back for a good hour or so and watched us 69 ourselves into multiple orgasms! Then they took turns on us one at a time! Monday we were spent!!! We said our goodbyes and packed up. My pussy was wore out, my mouth was sore and I had my fill of cock and pussy! We stay in touch with Tim still to this day. He is very high on my list of boyfriends. The hotwife lifestyle is what we prefer among all of our options. Ken gets more joy from it than anything in the world, and I get the rewards from it all!

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