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Couples Life Altering Cruise

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Couples' Life Altering Cruise by ytreeman©

Bashful or shy is not a word that could be used to describe either of us. Being nude outdoors is one of life's real enjoyments. When I am planning a vacation or a work trip I try to work in some nude activity. Although it is not encouraged at home it is accepted. Thirty years ago Susan did nude modeling for art classes while in graduate school in California and a small amount of freelance nude modeling during the same time period. I think her Scandavian heritage brings this trait to life. We have been fortunate to visit nudist parks in California, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio and nudist beaches of St Marteen , Spain, Denmark and Sweden. We have enjoyed Germanic spas in foreign hotels where nudity is accepted if not expected. She is rightfully proud of her body which by any standard is exceptional.

Although we have three grown children she wears many of the same clothes she wore twenty-five years ago. I make no similar claims to a good 'figure' but try to do the best I can with a 61 year old body that does not get the exercise it needs. Also our sex drives are indeed opposite. Twenty five years ago the word no was not in her vocabulary when it came to sex and sex with several variations. Until I fictionalized the events described here she would never encourage the use of role play, used toys or considered group scenes. I have taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures of her in all states of undress and many before, during and after sex. I have a particular fondness for the before and after pictures that show a perfectly trimmed triangle and after pictures showing her wet and opened with my cum dripping from her. That was the first but certainly not the last way I enjoyed my own cum and I was later to learn how to enjoy other men's cum as well.

It was on our fourth cruise that our sex lives found new and exciting limits. We were on a seven day cruise of the eastern Caribbean on a Royal Caribbean ship. We had docked on the fourth morning in St Marteen a beautiful Dutch and French protectorate. We had slept in that morning and enjoyed a room service breakfast and for a change we did not have sex although I did use a razor and shaving cream to trim and shape her into a perfect triangle. Although it was unspoken I think we both knew that before the day was over hundreds of men and women would see her well trimmed bush. That did in fact occur and it was admired from a distance as far away as a twenty yards to less than few feet.

Dressed in bathing suits with appropriate tops, sandals, a bag of beach towels and personal effects we took a taxi to Orient Beach, which is world famous for its clothes optional beach and resort. Roger, our taxi driver was a bit of a character that enjoyed pointing out different sites including a whorehouse where the visiting cruise ship employees found release. Although it was only 10:00 AM there was a waiting line outside. I inquired about the price for various services but he feigned ignorance. While keeping one eye on Susan in the mirror he insisted that we tell him a time to pick us up later that day as he was afraid we would miss our departure. He settled for giving us his card and I 'promised' to give him a call thirty minutes before we needed to be picked up.

The beach was indeed beautiful. That portion known as Orient Beach is banana shaped and has a prominent sign designating it as a clothes optional beach. It was another perfect day with no clouds, a slight sea breeze and morning temperatures in the high seventies. We walked past the 'clothes optional' sign and bout half way down the 900 yard beach. The beach is about 100 yards wide and The Orient Beach Resort with its bungalows is immediately adjacent. We settled about half way between the resort and the water having passed a couple of beach bars that were not yet open. We put our towels on two beach chairs and unpacked our few worldly items leaving passports, cabin cards, credit card and cameras in the bag. There was no one within twenty yards of us at that time although that would soon change for both the better and the worse. It took me about a nanosecond to undress leaving swim suit and shirt in the bag. Susan was typically more modest and started off the morning topless.

She had her usual seven pounds of magazines and I had the vacation required J Grisham novel to enjoy. As the morning progressed many more people arrived. There was an endless line of beach walkers parading along the water's edge. The mixture of voyeurs and exhibitionist was about even. There were men and women of all sizes, ages and descriptions walking the shoreline. All had dark sunglasses that served dual purposes. As noon approached the beach became crowded. There were as many singles as there were couples. Susan and I went into the water several times to cool off and enjoy the surroundings. On our second walk into the water she stopped when about waist deep and without coaxing or ceremony removed her bikini bottom and handed it to me. When we got back to our chairs two young couples from another cruise ship had sat close to us. I would guess they were about in their early thirty's and all had strong Jersey, nasal rich voices that we would find irritating under any setting. The girls were clearly there only because the husbands wanted to be there and they were not the type to let their husbands out of their sight in these surroundings. Their discomfort was obvious because they never stopped talking and none of them removed any clothing. They sat facing us with their backs to the water and the young men were keenly aware of every women who was within sight including Susan.

Susan is a beautiful women both dressed and undressed. Although she claims not to notice, she catches the eyes of both men and women all the time. Whether out of envy or lust she is always noticed both because of her natural attractiveness, her sense for style and dress and the manner with which she carries herself. As long as I live I'll never forget the picture that morning of her lying on her stomach nude with her feet about twelve inches apart and suntan oil covering her back from head to toe. The Caribbean sun made her beautiful bottom glisten. I felt proud as both men and women admired that picture as they slowly passed by.

Finally the loud foursome from Jersey packed up and left. I had been intentionally walking as close to them as possible on our way to and from the water hoping to make them uncomfortable with my nudity. They were clearly not use to having a strange set of cock and balls pass by so closely. Maybe it worked.

We were both hungry and thirsty and Susan offered to get a couple of beers from the thatched roofed bar nearby. Dressed only with a visor, sunglasses and suntan oil and with a Visa in her hand she left for some adult beverages. I continued to hold my paperback up as if I was reading, but in fact with all of the flesh passing by it was hard to stay with the story. In the first few hours I saw at least one hundred women with whom I would be proud to have had my picture taken. I did not know that within the next few minutes Susan would meet two women that would change our life style permanently.

About twenty minutes later she returned with two Heinekens and a ham sandwich. Resort life is not inexpensive but it is sure fun. She said that she ran into two women that were on our ship. Even with just suntan oil on they recognized and complimented her on the dress she wore on the first formal dress dinner which was our second night at sea. They were also getting drinks and while waiting in line started this conversation. Although they were five and ten years younger they hit if off together immediately. The younger lady Rhonda and her husband Ralph live in Richmond, Indiana and Carrie and her husband Jeff live in Dayton, Ohio which approximately 40 miles apart. Susan and I live in an eastern suburb of Columbus, Ohio which is 60 miles east of Dayton. It appeared that Carrie and Rhonda were life long friends having grown up near Lima, Ohio and graduating from Ohio State. They had taught together in the Dayton School District. Both husbands owned their business. Ralph owned a bookstore near a local university and had two Dairy Queen franchises. Jeff was a local insurance agent for State Farm whose business is prospering. That's a lot to learn while waiting for beer under a thatched roof but they learn to talk quickly.

Susan had not said anything to me about their exchange until about an hour later when the four of them were walking by and the girls waved to Susan. I asked who that was and then got the whole story. Later when we were finished cooling off in the water and were returning to our lounge chairs the four of them were walking by in the opposite direction. Carrie spoke up first and proceeded to introduce her husband, Jeff and then Ralph and Susan to us. It did feel a little different shaking hands with two men equally nude and saying hello to two good looking women at the same time. Both men appeared to be in fair shape but not in the body building mold. I could not help but notice the large cock and balls hanging between Ralph's legs. Jeff was more like me, what I would like to think is normal. I know that the eyes behind their sunglasses they were admiring Susan's tight body and outstanding perky breasts. Her breasts are not large by any standard but they are perfectly formed with nipples always erect. I also know that her strawberry blond triangle was getting a close inspection while I kept sneaking peeks at Rhonda's perfectly trimmed, very thick, black triangle between her legs. Little did I know that two long time fantasies of watching Susan's breasts being sucked by others while having my cock in her and putting my tongue in a very thick black haired bush would occur with the next seventy-two hours.

We agreed to meet in the beach bar after checking on our personal items and getting a credit card/ cash. A necklace for a credit card would have been convenient if not a little tacky. It was nice sitting in the shade for a change as we enjoyed a couple of very cold Heinekens. The men fell immediately into a discussion of Big Ten basketball and the girls talked about duty free shopping and new clothes. It became apparent that they were very natural being nude and they must have shared this state together many times before today. The hot sun and the few beers made us all tired and we agreed to share a cab back to the ship. Twenty minutes later we all met at the taxi stand dressed casually and looking forward to a nap before our 8:00 PM dinner sitting. Roger the morning cab driver would have been in heaven with three attractive women in his cab at one time. He had trouble keeping his mind on the road while looking at Susan and with two more distractions it could have been a dangerous ride. Jeff and Carrie suggested we meet for a drink in the Starboard Lounge before dinner and we readily accepted. A very nice morning and afternoon was soon to develop into an even more interesting evening.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 02 by ytreeman©

Generally afternoon naps can be rated between good and exceptional. Today's nap was better than exceptional. We both took long soaking baths albeit in a very small tub, but it was perfectly relaxing. With the veranda doors open and the cabin filled with a salt water air and the sun casting the ships shadow on the ocean to the east all was good. Because we had chosen the second dinner sitting, we had no place to go or anything to do except rest.

At 6:30 I was awakened by Susan leaving our tiny bathroom. She had laid out her dress for that evening, having chosen a beautiful light yellow dress with thin straps and a modestly cut top. I told her she certainly did not need hose, as the four days of great sun had taken care of that small concern. A bra is always only an option, for her and I was not surprised that none was laid out. I suggested that she didn't need the thong underwear as well but was promptly ignored.

Neither of us had mentioned the events of that afternoon almost as if by agreement. I would have also loved to ask her if she noticed Ralph's sizeable equipment but I sensed that subject was well enough alone for the moment. I would have gladly commented on my observations but for a change had the sense to leave that subject alone as well.

The Starboard Lounge was an excellent setting for meeting others. The bartenders were professional and friendly. The six of us met and enjoyed an Absolute Citron and tonic, a very refreshing and light cocktail that seemed perfect for the occasion. The others asked us to join them for dinner but we chose not to for some unknown reason. We did agree to meet back at the same lounge after the evening show for a night cap.

After a delicious meal of lamb shank and trimmings we headed for the evening show. Frankly these cruise lines do every thing so well, except the shows. That evening it was a tired, worn out comedian whose material was too crude even for us. We were lucky to be seated in the rear and our early exit was not noticed. When we got back to the lounge we were surprised to see only Carrie waiting for us. She motioned to Susan and they had a brief conversation outside my hearing. Susan came back to me at the bar and looked slightly puzzled. She reported that the four of them had seen the comedian before and did not attend the show. They had returned to their adjoining staterooms for night caps. Susan said we were invited to join them there. She also said we would probably be more comfortable if we arrived wearing only the ship supplied bathrobes, as they seldom wore clothes when they were together in private but of course it was our choice.

I knew that I would be more than delighted to go but tried to appear nonchalant while Susan considered the circumstances. Carrie had assured her that the casual atmosphere that we observed that afternoon would be the same as we could expect that night. I suggested that since we could leave at any time we might as well try something very unusual for us. We gave Carrie ten minutes to return to her stateroom before we called to say we would be there in twenty minutes. Walking back to our cabin I told Susan that I knew all four of them wanted to see her strawberry triangle again and all eight of their eyes would be all over her.

In our cabin we undressed without talking and donned the terry cloth robes which were unisized. I pulled my belt a little extra tight and promised myself I would be in the spa in the AM doing the treadmill and extra sit-ups. Too little- too late of course but it would do some good for my self esteem? I was also wishing I had an extra supply of ED medicine. Not necessarily for it use during sex but for providing the extra blood flow to my cock while nude in front of our new friends. I use to pride myself in cutting a 100 mg Viagra tablet in two before use but for the rest of this trip I would not be cutting any pill. Vanity is alive and well in both sexes.

Down the staircase one floor and off to cabin 6008 we went. We tapped the door and both thought we should have brought a bottle of wine or other spirits but that was not feasible at that hour. After a brief delay Carrie opened the door also dressed in a robe and welcomed us in. We apologized for our lack of a gift and she chuckled gently saying that their combined bars would not need any supplements. She asked what our pleasure was and I asked for a Bailey's on the rocks and Susan wanted an Absolute Citron and tonic. She quickly prepared those and told us to follow her to the adjoining cabin where Ralph, Jeff and Rhonda were enjoying the veranda. While she passed between the cabins through the common door she said that everyone was nude but she would let us do what was the most natural for us. Again I took the lead and quickly shed the robe. Susan hesitated for a moment and then did the same. Carrie had already dropped hers as we all went onto the veranda.

The totality of the experience was exhilarating. Every one seemed happy to see us and the conversations began as if were on our patio in Ohio within eyesight of the neighbors. Every thing was perfect. Unlike the conversation at the beach bar I tried to talk with Rhonda and Carrie. The common denominators were not as many but I could not pass up the opportunity to talk with two very attractive intelligent nude women with Susan nearby. There was absolutely no 'casual' touching with the other couples which made us feel more at ease. The drinks did flow freely and all three couples seemed to enjoy being paired together. They explained their relationships and it was obvious that they were very comfortable together. As the conversation progressed it became apparent that they were very close with their respective spouses. We saw a closeness that was natural and open, not unlike ours.

Jeff and Carrie did not pass up an opportunity to hug or embrace each other. It was apparent that there was a significant amount of sexual excitement building within them. It was not like they were doing this for any other purpose than they were in step with each other and their actions progressed as if no one else was on the same planet. She stroked his cock with an open hand on the top and the bottom. When pre-cum began dripping from his exposed cock she rubbed that around with her thumb. He was cupping her left breast with his right hand while putting his left hand down her back reaching into another erotic spot. Ralph asked if this made us too uncomfortable and after a quick glance between us we said no. I sat down as close to Susan as possible and we sat transfixed as things unfolded. Jeff and Carrie moved as naturally as a lava flow to the nearest bed and continued growing more passionate with each moment. Rhonda asked if this scene bothered us and I quickly replied 'no, not at all.' In fact it was very exciting. Neither of us had ever observed others enjoying sex in real life. We both had seen our quota of skin flicks but this scene made those movies seem like a church service.

Carrie had taken the lead and had her head buried in Jeff's crouch. She massaged his balls with her left hand while holding his cock in her right and licked it like it was an ice cream cone. I whispered to Susan that Carrie must find that to be tasty and I hoped she would like some dessert when we got back to our cabin. They progressed into 69 position on their sides and Carrie had one knee bent up and was getting her pussy well tongued while he pulled her cheeks apart as if to give the four of us a better view. Carrie said that she wanted some cock in her and rolled over on to her knees and elbows and Jeff fulfilled her request. It was one hell of an exciting picture with her stroked from behind which made her breasts move in rhythm. Jeff reached under her and started rolling her stiff nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and using her breasts for leverage as they both proceeded to climax together. They both fell forward collapsing onto one another on the bed.

The rest of us got up and moved around as if nothing unusual had occurred and proceed to the bar area for another drink. My cock wasn't fully erect but it was showing some signs of life. Susan and I both noticed almost together how Ralph's large cock had some moisture on its head and it hung quite low. Susan and I stayed close together having never experienced anything like this. I did look at Rhonda's breasts and lush mound at every available opportunity, which were numerous because of the cabin arrangement. The total reaction was no more than if we had observed friends enjoying an exceptionally close dance. After about ten minutes Jeff and Carrie reappeared and sought out another cocktail as if they had excused themselves to reclaim an item from the dinner table. The conversation continued and again Rhonda asked if we were offended. We both nodded of no. We all ended back on the veranda and now Ralph was openly affectionate with his wife. They seemed to follow the same pattern as Jeff and Carrie. They proceeded to excite each other with overt attention. Nothing had been uttered but both Susan and I admired our new friend's bodies. Ralph's cock grew both in length and girth and Rhonda's exceptionally thick black pussy hair combined with her shoulder length black hair became even more strikingly sexual.

Although I have always preferred written erotica over visual, the most exciting pictures to me have women with very thick dark mounds trimmed neatly in a triangle. The clean shaven pusses we now see so often on the net remind me more of plucked chickens ready for roasting instead of being the sexually exciting anatomy of a mature woman.

While not four feet away from us, Ralph fell to his knees and put his face against into Rhonda beautiful pussy and began licking in earnest. She reacted by taking a hold of his head and moving her feet apart. Next Ralph stopped kneading her beautiful ass and moved his hands to her breasts for some serious nipple play. They slid onto the adjoining bed and she gathered up his huge cock and started to but it in her mouth. Susan and I looked at each other thinking no way was that large cock going to get into that small mouth but we were wrong. She attacked his cock head with vigor. We could tell that her tongue was swirling around the top and occasionally stopping to penetrate his slit. While we watched this unfold I took Susan's hand and put it on my cock and put my left arm around her and attempted to reach her left nipple. During this time Jeff and Carrie stood nearby watching as if it was an everyday occurrence. In a perfect world Susan would have started to nibble on my nipples and we would have ended up on the bed next to them but that was not going to happen.

Ralph ended up on his back and while continuing to use and abuse her nipples. She with some effort proceeded to slide down on this huge cock. Of course she had been there hundreds of times before but she was cautious and the penetration proceeded slowly. Watching that cock slide into that beautiful pussy was one exhilarating picture. She rode him with vigor and her eyes closed and her breathing increased and as they both neared orgasms. Within a very few minutes it occurred and she became very vocal calling 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me'. That verbal exchange was lit my fire as that was never been a part of our sex life. I thought I was going to cream the carpet when she reacted that way. I knew Susan sensed my excitement with those events but it occurred without comment between us.

What occurred next was the most unusual thing we had seen so far. We thought we knew about marital sex and its variations. We were about to learn something new. Without an utterance Rhonda moved off his now shrinking cock and got on her knees and elbows. Ralph slid down the bed and put his mouth under her pussy lips which were then about three inches away. She senses that his cum was starting to drip form her pussy and she sat upright on her knees. When the flow of cum became significant and gravity forced her to drip he moved his mouth up to her pussy and proceeded to lap and suck as if that was the only source of life sustaining liquid available and it must all be consumed in order to survive. Susan and I looked at each other as if to say I do not believe what we just saw. I had always wanted her to suck and lick my cock after it had shot in her so she could taste our combined juices but that had never happened. Similarly I had never considered sucking my cum from her but all of a sudden that became something I wanted to try later that evening. Both couples had 'cleaned up' after sex and we all stood around the veranda and watched the stars and listened to the soft music and the ship cutting through the sea. Susan and I both sensed that they expected us to follow their lead but that was not to happen. Our vacation relaxed brains had been exposed to an overload of sensory imputes for the past sixteen hours. We needed to regroup and digest the day's events and determine where our combined limitations, goals, and values might lead us.

Thinking only in the very short term I could not wait to get Susan's robe opened in the elevator but put my face in her pussy as Ralph and done to Rhonda earlier. Further I was looking forward to tasting my cum as I lapped and sucked it from that tight glorious pussy. I was not disappointed. Susan was as turned on as me. Sex that night started before we reached our cabin and did not stop until we were both exhausted hours later. My last thought that evening was I hoped that this was the start of a Renaissance in our sex life. Little did I know that this was the start of a sexual tsunami that would bind the two of us together more closely that we could have imagined. My unmitigated, unwavering total love for Susan had reached new dimensions.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 03 by ytreeman©

It was after 10:00 a.m. before either of us stirred. That small stateroom on the cruise could have been the Lincoln Bedroom for all we cared. It served all our needs well and although expensive it was a lot less that $1,000,000 a night. Susan was the first to rise and began her morning routine. I flipped on the ship's TV and saw that we had changed course and were now heading north toward St Thomas our next and last port-of-call. There would be no landfall until then and we could enjoy 36 hours at sea cruising at about thirty knots. The ships daily 'paper' had been slipped under our door and the day's social events included a blackjack tournament in the casino at 2:00 p.m.. My love for my wife is first on any scale with love for my family a very close second. However not too far down that list and certainly in the top ten is my fondness for green felt. Although we had walked by it on several occasions, I'd avoided the casino because I can scratch that itch on my own anytime back home. Happily, Susan said, 'look at this' and pointed out the announcement about the contest. I feigned disinterest, which worked perfectly because she then began to encourage it. There was a modest entry fee of $20 and the game was on. We spent the remainder of the morning walking the deck and sitting at the pool bar beside the gigantic water slide. We enjoyed a nice sandwich followed the pina coladas and we returned to the cabin to trade our wet bathing suits for casual casino clothes.

To make a long story short the casino was filled with amateurs. Although not a pro, I saw that the rookies out numbered the 'players' by at least 10 to 1. It was not much of challenge to make the final table and the three of us that had a clue finished 1-2-3 and the rookies complained about bad luck. The first place prize was a hundred dollar ship's credit. My second place award was a $10 watch and a $50 credit. Profit is alive and well with these cruise companies.

The surprise of the afternoon was that our new Midwestern friends were observing, but not playing- ironically the reverse of the night before. They thought that the second place winner in a hundred person contest should buy drinks for the group. After two rounds of cocktails and some serious gawking on my part, we promised to meet again after dinner. We retired for our siesta which was again perfect. My John Grisham novel had not been turned one page in the last twenty-four hours.

Tonight was the second and final formal evening so I allowed Susan extra time to prepare. She always looked beautiful and in my mind could have worn a burlap bag and would have been the best looking women in the room. Her low-cut black dress with an unusual ruffle would turn most heads in the room. Our table for two overlooking the sea was perfect. There was an unspoken closeness that was created after we observed last evening's events.

Foregoing the evening show we adjourned to the Starboard Lounge and chatted about the good fortune we had enjoyed together. About 9:30 p.m. the rest of the group arrived. Instead of ordering drinks for themselves they invited us to join them in the same stateroom in thirty minutes. Susan replied 'let us talk about it first' as they took their leave.

Do we or don't we was the only question. I asked for the check and we headed to our cabin and, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the question whether to dress or undress for the evening. Happily, undressing won out

This time armed with a bottle of wine and in our bathrobes we confidently knocked at their door. After looking through the peephole Rhonda opened the door and invited us in. She was stark naked and looked beautiful. Her breasts had no sag and were certainly more that a hand and a mouthful. She walked ahead of us to the bar as I admired her backside. I vividly remember her riding Ralph's dick like a cowgirl in a rodeo. I envisioned what she would look like on her back, knees held back and open while a lucky cock plowed that intriguing pussy and my blood started to boil.

The group was again on the veranda enjoying the atmosphere. The four of them seemed even closer than before. Clearly it was a gathering of four and two. Someone turned on the stereo and they began to dance. Close is the only word I could use to describe them. Susan and I joined them but our eyes were on them as much as they were on each other.

Midway through the song they switched partners and did not break stride. A minute or two later Jeff asked if he could cut in and I moved naturally to Rhonda and Jeff joined Susan. When I felt her breasts up against me and that bush occasional touching my dick I almost lost it. As I uncomfortable danced closely with her, I took the opportunity to watch Susan and Jeff. Frankly and almost embarrassingly I had to admit that sight of Susan dancing with Jeff was almost as exciting as feeling Rhonda that closes to me. There was a something special about that woman that was intriguing.

That pairing lasted a few minutes and then Ralph danced with Susan while Carrie and I shuffled in the tight-knit space. Clearly Susan and I were the nervous participants. It was equally exciting have Carrie's nude body pressed against mine as it was watching Susan dance with Ralph whose large dick was getting larger as it rubbed against Susan's bush. It was a turn on to see his pre-cum on her stomach and her beautiful little strawberry triangle.

Carrie pulled Susan aside and invited her to stay as long as we were okay with the situation. "Even if you leave they would still get together for a beach trip on St Thomas tomorrow, she said conspiratorially while letting her hand gently massage my wife's shoulder. Susan shuddered but said nothing.

At that point their foreplay was very overt and both couples were clearly headed to bed for sex together. Again we became wallflowers and kept to ourselves as scene became more intense. What we were about to watch both startled and excited both of us.

Ralph and Carrie sat on the edge of the bed and Rhonda dipped to her knees and proceeded to suck on her husband's dick. Inspired, Jeff went head first into Carrie's pussy. That continued for a few happy minutes until they both switched and the spouses on the bed received the oral attention. They next proceeded to slide up on to the bed together with Jeff laying head to toe with Rhonda while Ralph and Carrie were on top of their own spouses.

The aroma of sex permeated the cabin. While riding her husband's dick, Carrie and Ralph began to play with each others nipples. This continued to the point that every variation of the old game twister was attempted. They traded partners several times and the sex never stopped. After they had finally finished in a tangle of legs, arms, pussies and cocks they lay exhausted on the bed. Rhonda looked up at us with a very satisfied smile on her face and said, "Are you finally ready to join us?" Once again, we were stunned by the experience and simultaneously shook our heads no.

But, at the same time, my cock was nodding "yes." In fact my dick had been hard and soft about three times without relief but it had left copious amounts of pre-cum on Susan's hands, arms, legs and back. I knew that she was as wet as a cat in a monsoon and I could not wait to get between her legs. I stood up and said, "I can't wait any longer!" She got my drift and her lust kicked in as well. Susan, still the demure type, proceeded to pull back the well used top sheet. As soon as I could get on my back Susan mounted my dick and started to slide down. She sat up the whole time and it was a picture I will never forget. She started some serious nipple play and she told me to get on top, an instruction I quickly followed. My challenge after getting deep in her pussy was to not come too quickly. It would have been very embarrassing to go off like an egg timer in one minute. Maybe I lasted long enough for three eggs but no more. Susan came with me as usual and we collapsed on our backs.

We had, at last, reached a new dimension. It is one thing to share a lot of time nude in a resort or on a beach with friends but it is another to enjoy having fucked with your spouse unashamedly in front of others. It was raw sex with an audience and it was great.

I have always enjoyed taking before and after pictures of Susan's pussy with her lips still slightly opened and my cum dripping out but I never dreamed I would be lying in bed while four other adults mentally clicked same picture from just a few feet away.

Neither of us was embarrassed by our position but we were exhausted. What was strange was lying there looking up at four adults. What I really mean is looking at four attractive breasts, two beautiful mounds and two semi hard cocks.

But, what I would never have guessed that in the next 24 hours we would both have much closer contact with them... and in the months to come we would both learn to touch, lick, suck and receive them in every possible way

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 04 by ytreeman©

When we returned to our stateroom we both had the same impressions. First we could not believe that we had sex in front of others. Second there was increased feeling of respect, love and intimacy between us. To our surprise we both had really enjoyed this experience but were unwilling to talk about it because we were aware--and maybe afraid--of where it might lead.

When we awakened on this Friday morning, the next to the last of this cruise, we were docked in the port of St. Thomas. Tourism is the principle business of the protectorate and the dock area was lined with garish displays of locally produced goods. There must have been ten rows of tents for the vendors each of whom was barking out trying to get the attention the newly arrived tourists.

Before we left our new friends last night we agreed that if anyone wanted to join Susan and I for a trip to Water Island they were welcome. We had been there before and remembered a small beautiful beach that was very private and perfect for a totally relaxing afternoon. Not surprisingly both couples showed up at the right time and place.

After leaving the ship we had to find a water taxi for the 20-minute trip. There was absolutely no mention or reference to the preceding night's events. It was relaxing to watch the islands pass by and see the other large cruise ships at dock. I assumed 911 was the reason we saw numerous small patrol boats continuously passing up and down the line of floating resorts.

Arriving at the small dock at Water Island was a unique picture. The first fixture is a shower that had only three sides which created a very small area of privacy. The next fixture was an exchange library for guests and residents. That was a home made box with six shelves standing on four wooden legs. The local rule was to put a paperback in the box when you took one out. The island had no source of water except rain water that accumulated in the cisterns of the few permanent residences. Normal matters of personal hygiene must be adapted to the circumstances. Tooth brushing is done without running water and showers required pre-planning and energy to save on the consumption of this resource. None of us had to avail ourselves of either but the signage outlining the local protocol was unique.

It was only a fifteen minute walk from the island's jetty to our secluded beach but we were carried enough provisions for an overnight stay. The breakfast buffet line had taken a serious hit and fresh fruit, sliced meats and wonderful fresh rolls filled one of the beach bags. Jeff, who considered himself a beer tasting expert brought two six packs of some little known German beer and a couple bottles of chardonnay. The mood was not unlike a tailgate party before a college football game.

Beach towels filled the third bag and of course no one considered bringing extra clothes. It was approaching 11:30 a.m. and the sun was nearing its zenith. It was, of course, higher in the sky than as seen in central Ohio, what little sun there is in early March. Everyone took there clothes off as if they were in the privacy of their own home.

Although this was the third day in a row I had seen them nude, Carrie and Rhonda still created a small but discernable excitement within me. Similarly I was not used to being nude with other males and I have to admit my eyes wandered to their cocks as everyone walked about as if setting up a campsite.

It was almost surreal to believe that a few hours ago Susan and I had watched the four of them literally dive into one another with breasts, balls, pussy hair, nipples and cocks without concern for who was doing what to whom.

The last time I saw those two furry little triangles they had been thoroughly fucked and were starting to leak their combined juices before the men went down on their own and then the other's spouse. They seemed to feast on the natural bi-product of their love making.

Today everyone moved about as couples without the slightest sign of intimate familiarity between them. Everyone applied a liberal amount of suntan oil on themselves and their spouse. Spreading suntan oil up and down Susan's shoulders, back, cute bottom and legs is a real turn on for me.

Approximately 100 yards out from the beach there was a float made with a wooden platform supported with four large drums, one under each corner bobbed gently with rolling surf. Susan and I had started into the water and were about waist deep when she suggested we swim out to the float. We walked about a quarter of the way before we had to start swimming. Neither of us do much swimming and we took our time getting there. On one side was a small ladder which made entry onto the float easier. We stood up and moved about testing our sea legs. We felt a small sense of accomplishment arriving there and enjoyed waving to our new friends.

I could not keep my hands off Susan and stepped up behind her allowing my oiled and wet cock to slide back and forth across her bottom while my hands circled to her breasts. She turned towards me and we began a mouth-to-mouth kiss like nothing I could remember. Al and Tipper Gore would have been envious.

Susan said that she had really been turned on when the men had gone down on both women after sex the last two nights. It was something we had never considered or even thought of doing. She asked if I would want to try it and I anxiously said yes. The next obvious question was when and where and she very uncharacteristically said, "Let's try it now."

Without towels the hard rough surface of the float would have been too uncomfortable and possibly painful for either of us to be on the bottom. I did not believe my ears when she said she would get me started with a hand job/blow job combination and when I was good and hard, we would use the ladder and I would fuck her doggy style. I was stunned by her suggestions but more than willing to try. This almost pure vanilla wife took on a new and more spirited flavor I was going to learn to enjoy consuming and sharing.

She proceeded to grab my dick and balls and began to massage both with vigor. She ended this by bending over and licking the precum off and out of my dick. Them, she gave my nuts a good spank and said, "Fuck me now." I was the first one down the ladder and couldn't believe how beautiful her oiled ass was as she started to descend the ladder. I asked her to stop after the first step and put her left leg on the float. I wanted to return the oral favor and stepped up and started tonguing her pussy lips and ass. She has not allowed me near her rear entrance for almost thirty years but that day there was no protest as a ran my tongue over, around and in everywhere. She moaned, "Give me some dick and hurry up about it" as my cock probed for her pussy.

It soon found home and we started fucking with her doing most of the moving while I held onto the ladder. She was never vocal during sex but that day she did not stop talking. There is a constant stream of "Harder," "Fuck me," "Squirt in me now," Give it to me." that quickly puts me over the edge and I banged her pussy hard one last time and held it in while three, four or five quirts of cum found their place in her hard milking pussy. She came nearly at the same time and soon had to stop to regain our composure.

I knew what she wanted, but now after I had climaxed it seemed a bit different. I was anxious to taste her pussy with my cream in it before but then the desire had waned. Clearly her wants had not diminished and she turned around to sit on the float with her legs outside the ladder arms. "You put it in me and made a mess, now get down there and clean it up," she ordered. This was the first time in thirty years I have heard her talk that way and I complied immediately.

I had to hold onto the ladder with one hand and I could not use my hands effectively. Just looking at her pussy that close was exciting. I asked her to open herself so I could see and then taste our juices. It took a while for our juices to start seeping out but when it did I put my face in her crouch and started to lick and suck like I had seen Jeff and Ralph do the last two nights. I was surprised that the taste, although a little salty, was otherwise very acceptable. Her hips started to move involuntarily and I did my best to keep my tongue and mouth in place. Because of my limited use of hands I told her to help herself. She put her middle finger on her clit and used the small finger to hold open her lips. With just a few strokes back and forth across the clit, her lips started to get redden and she quickly started to enjoy her second orgasm within twenty minutes. When she was able to relax I climbed up the ladder past her and offered my hand to help her up. We stood on the raft in a close hug as I told how much I loved her.

We were somewhat startled when we heard and saw the others standing at waters edge giving us a mild round of applause. Frankly we both had forgotten about their presence. Never being bashful I gave them a small bow. Susan said," Lets go," and then we dove into the clear blue water. In my eyes she was the most beautiful mermaid in the ocean. We swam leisurely to the beach. It is always a strange feeling walking out of the water onto a beach nude but it's a feeling I wish I could enjoy more often. After we had reestablished our spot on the beach I went over to the beach bag to get a couple of beers. There were several empty beer bottles there and one wine bottle had been opened. The food stuffs taken from the morning buffet were enjoyed.

On my way back to our spot with two beers I passed Rhonda lying on her back with her feet about a foot apart. She surprised me when she lifted up on her elbows and said, "You went down on Susan like a prodded you enjoy it?" While I was trying to form a witty response, she proceeded to spread her feet farther apart. I said, "We had an excellent example to follow." I could hardly stop staring at her that perfectly trimmed dark triangle. There was something very commanding about her presence that excited me. We were to find out later she was certainly a take- charge type of person who enjoyed directing others and often for her own pleasure.

Susan and I enjoyed lying next to one another soaking up this totally new experience. Although we were not strangers to being nude in mixed company the chemistry created with our new friends was unique.

Someone mentioned that it was after 2:00 p.m. and we should think about getting back to the ship. We packed up the empties, trash and our few worldly goods, put our clothes back on and started our 15-minute walk back to the taxi dock. As we left the beach I glanced out at the raft and hoped that some day Susan and I could relieve that intimate moment again here. Everyone seemed pleased with finding our own private hideaway and thanked us for the great idea and execution. Being the new kids on the block we appreciated those comments and sensed our friendship growing. We waited about ten minutes for the water taxi to arrive and then we started the short trip back to the main harbor.

Shortly after we left the dock the remaining beers and food stuffs were rationed. Jeff reached into their beach bag and pulled out his digital camera. He proceeded to take pictures of Susan and I then Rhonda and Ralph and then the four of us together. The taxi driver offered his assistance and we had pictures of all six of us together and then as couples with each other with the hills surrounding St. Thomas harbor in the background. This was a beautiful moment on this vacation that Susan and I were later to agree was a life-altering trip.

Jeff asked us to meet them for cocktails before dinner and join them at their table for our last evening meal. Without hesitation we accepted the invitation and then proceeded to our stateroom for our afternoon siesta was which was becoming a much needed daily ritual.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 05 by ytreeman©

As usual, Susan was the first to wake from our afternoon nap and had already made her way into the bathroom/shower which must have been designed for midgets. It was almost 6:30 and we had an hour before we were to meet our friends at the Starboard Lounge. She had prepared her makeup and was ready to get dressed. When I saw her come out of the bathroom, my cock stirred. I told her how gorgeous she looked and that I would be honored to have her join me on the veranda for a cocktail. She agreed and started to put underwear on, but I stopped her and suggested we stay nude outside for a while.

I slipped out of the bed and grabbed my camera before fixing a drink and joining her. The day had been perfect in every way. I told her I would like to take some pictures of her nude on the veranda in a variety of poses.

I started out with several G rated photos. I next asked her to turn around slowly so that I could capture her breasts and erect nipples from numerous angles both with her arms at her side and then help behind her head. We both knew but never discussed the reality that she was an exhibitionist at heart and modeling like this is a real turn on for her. I next sat on the deck of the veranda and asked her to turn around again slowly so that I could get pictures of her bush and nipples from all angles in the same shot without showing her face. This had us both excited and I was beginning to drip.

Then I asked her to turn towards the sea so I could get some shot from behind with her standing, looking over the rail and then with her spreading her feet and legs apart gradually and steadily bending over at the waist until her pussy lips were perfectly framed in the center of the picture. The only thing that would improve that picture was if my cum was still dripping from those beautiful moist lips.

Although we were both really excited and ready to jump each other, it did not happen. Neither of us was willing to admit the truth, which was that we were both anticipating what would occur later in the evening.

By 8 p.m. we had dressed and were waiting for our friends in the lounge. They arrived again dressed in business-casual attire. As usual Rhonda was the first person I noticed. She was wearing a white silk blouse cut very low and black skirt with a long slit on the right side. Carrie had a multi-colored dress that was cinched at the waist. I knew that Susan was not wearing anything under her dress and suspected if the same wasn't true for the other women. All three women were quite attractive both with and without clothes and they turned many heads as they moved about the ship.

Dinner was wonderful. We had a straight table with three on each side. It did not have the ocean view our usual table had but that was of little consequence. Rhonda was on my left and Carrie on my right. Their spouses were diagonally across from them with Susan directly across from me and between the men. The only thing unusual about this last meal together was the amount of alcohol consumed. Three nice bottles of Australian wine were ordered and consumed. That was followed by after dinner drinks. Benedictine is my poison of choice and Susan always enjoys a well made Grasshopper. No one had considered going to the evening show. No one said it, but we had other entertainments in mind.

Ralph stood up and announced that he and Rhonda were going to take a walk and hoped we could all meet back at their stateroom in about an hour. Susan said a walk sounded great to her and we went back our stateroom to get more comfortable shoes. It is a quarter mile walk when you take the path around the ship on deck level four where the lifeboat drills are held. We managed two complete circles while holding hands and nodding to the passengers that were relaxing in the deck chairs.

I said. "Let's use those bathrobes one last time and see what happens." We both knew that the evening with our friends would be full of sexual excitement and activity. We both had our eyes opened to new variations of sexual activity that we enjoyed. We had seen nothing that was repugnant or otherwise unacceptable. In fact we were both pushing our envelops much further that we could have imagined but together we felt more respect and love for each other than we had known before.

It took very little time to get back to our room and 'dress' for the rest of the evening. Susan had already started to get our things ready to be put in the suitcases for tomorrow's departure. Our clothes came off and the robes went on. We grabbed the remainder of the liquor in our room and proceeded down to Cabin 6008. On the way down we both knew that the next few hours could have dramatic affect on our marriage. We agreed that either of us could stop the events at any time and we would leave together immediately.

When we entered their adjoining staterooms or the third time in three day something was different. Both couples were again wearing their bathrobes. We were invited to their combined bar and told to fix whatever we might want. Carrie said that by now we should feel at home with them and to help ourselves. With cocktails in hand we sat together in the dimly lit room and enjoyed the music, the ocean noises and the company of our new friends.

But something I couldn't quite put my finger on definitely felt different. Carrie spoke up and told us how much they all had enjoyed our company these last few days and appreciated that we had "come out of our shells." She said they were impressed that we were so open-minded and not judgmental of their interactions. She also said that everyone thought we were both hot and fun to be with on this trip. I interjected, "Susan is use to being called hot but it's a first for me. Thank you very much." She went on to say that they get together about once a month at home and sex is the common denominator.

She further allowed, "If Susan and I and are interested, we would love to have join us as well." She allowed as how the group has certain rules that they adhere. It was not important to discuss these matters now but they could be addressed back home. She also said there were almost no limitations on the type of sex they all enjoyed but those variations could also be explored at home.

Carrie finally said that was enough serious stuff for one night and let's continue to enjoy one another.

Because we were the new couple Rhonda wanted Susan and me to stand on the veranda with our backs touching. We did that and then were told us to close our eyes and go with the flow as she handed us blindfolds. After putting them on I next sensed my bathrobe being untied and then taken completely off. The same thing was being done to Susan and when nude with our backs touching we were told to interlock our arms and not let go for the next few minutes. At the same time some one was moving our feet further apart.

The next thing I felt was two sets of soft hands going from my head to the bottom of my legs. Both sets of hands stopped at my nipples and they were rolled and pinched gently. I was in heaaven, but it got better when two tongues licking my nipples at the same time. Because of her movements I sensed the same thing or something very similar was happening with Susan. Next I felt two soft hands; one gripping my balls and the other hand started stroking my cock. When that ceased and I next felt another set of hands doing the same thing. These hands did the same thing but I felt warm breath near my groin as one of the hands moved between my legs to the top of my crack and then slowly and firmly moved down my ass and a finger probed at my opening. That feeling was incredible. My cock was hard and wanted more attention. Those hands were replaced by two more that were larger and firmer. My cock started to drip and a thumb started spreading my pre-cum around my cock head. I started to jerk because of the sensitivity and I felt Susan moving and jerking in the same manner. My cock was then pushed up against my stomach and a firm tongue started at my balls and licked all the way to my wet and sensitive helmet. After that a fourth set of hands grabbed my balls and a finger from the other hand played with my opening. I sensed a warm mouth was very close. Next my cock head was grasped in a mouth and a tongue swirled around my cock stopping to poke at my slit. This all only lasted about ten minutes and mercifully I did not squirt any come.

From a distance away Rhonda finally told us to take off the blindfolds, leave the robes on the floor and rejoin them. The four of them were standing and sitting still wearing their robes, holding their glasses and acted as if nothing occurred. Rhonda told me to turn around and kiss my bride and feel her moist pussy. I gladly obliged and my hard dick put my pre-cum on Susan's stomach as I put a finger in her soaking wet pussy and my tongue in her mouth as deep as I could.

That was the most sexually exciting event of my life and I knew that Susan had the same feeling. Susan told me later that four sets of hands and four mouths had felt and licked her breasts and all four had put at least one finger in her pussy and some pushed at her ass.

The men handed us our drinks as we went back out to veranda. On the way through the sliding door I felt a slap to my ass not unlike athletes do to each other after a good play. I did not have the guts to look at who did that but I knew it was a sign of affection. Susan and I were still the only ones without robes as we stood together looking at the moon's reflection with the women on my right and the men on Susan's left side.

Rhonda said to me, "George, I want you to come with Carrie and me to their stateroom. Guys, we will be back in a little while. Susan enjoy." At this point I half expected to hear Susan say we have to go now. Instead I looked at her, leaned over and kissed her forehead and told her I loved her as I was lead off the veranda by Rhonda with Carrie following. Looking over my shoulder I saw Ralph moved to Susan's other side and both men dropped their robes.

The next time I saw my shy little wife, she would have licked their cocks and balls and sucked off and swallowed their cum and both men will have spread her legs, plowed her with their hard fuck poles and shot their cum in her beautiful cunt while the other man had squeezed, sucked and bit on her very sensitive nipples at the same time.

Carrie and Rhonda dropped their robes as soon as we entered the bedroom. Rhonda told me to put my hands behind my head and spread my feet apart so that they could closely inspect my equipment. They take took turns fondling my balls and my rapidly growing cock while commenting to each other how they are going to use me. Rhonda told me to bend forward and put my hands on my knees and proceeded to pull my checks apart while Carrie ran a finger all the way from my balls to the top of my crack stopping at my opening to see how much resistance there was to her probing finger.

Rhonda then did the same thing however a little more firmly and she succeeded in getting one finger into my rear at least half way up to her second knuckle. I loved that feeling. We had never done anything like that at home.

Rhonda pointed toward the bed and told me to get on my back with my head leaning over the edge of the mattress. Carrie moved down to my feet and had me bring my knees up and kept them widely spread. Rhonda moved toward me and said, "I know what you have been staring at the last few days. I am going to give you a closer look now."

She proceeded to straddle my head facing away from me. "Like the view." she giggled. I said yes and she said, "I will like it even more when I get my tongue moving around in there. She brought herself down on me and said to start licking from her rear forward and to use my hands to help spread her cheeks apart. I ran my tongue around the rim of her ass and then make a direct assault trying to get into her as far as I could. I had never done this before to anyone but I felt totally under her control and would do or try anything she said to do. She next leaned forward giving me easier access to her pussy. Again I used my hands to open her up and lavish as much tongue on her as I could.

She told me I was a good learner as she turned around to face Carrie and again brought her openings to my mouth for her pleasure. As she does that I reached up for her breasts and rolled her nipples with my finger which caused her to increase her movement on my face. She next backed away and lowered her breasts to my mouth for more attention. As I sucked on one and twisted the other nipple she told me do it harder until she told me to ease up. I was not use to this much verbal instruction and it really excited me. She finally pulled away and told Carrie to try me out. Carrie who had been massaging my balls moved around and assumed the same positions as Rhonda.

She was not as forceful as Rhonda and it was a pleasure to bath her full crack with my tongue. When she turned around to face my feet and after coming down to my face and tongue she started to slowly grind away. Rhonda got off the bed and came around behind Carrie and wrapped her arms around her and started playing with Carrie's nipples while rolling her own breasts on Carrie's back.

I could hear her talking to Carrie as she used her tongue to stimulate Carrie's ear even more. She urged her to come now and give George his first real taste of their nectar. That sent Carrie over the edge and her pussy became soaking wet as she had her orgasm on my face.

Frankly at this point my neck and tongue were tired and sore. That was the longest session of oral sex I had ever experienced. Strangely my mouth was very dry and I sat up on the edge of the bed and looked for a glass of water. After this I noticed my cock was at half staff and I was in a bedroom with two beautiful nude women who really enjoyed using my body for their pleasure.

Rhonda continued to set the pace when she lay down on the bed with her feet about 18 inches apart. She asked if I remembered seeing her in that position earlier in the day. I responded, "I could not forget it." She then proceeded to move her legs farther apart and raised her knees. She told me to get my tongue back in her box while Carrie recharged my cock. I immediately went to my elbows and knees with my tongue again at work. Carrie came up behind me and grabbed my dick with her left hand and my balls in the other and started stroking.

I regained my hardness almost immediately and after Carrie told her that I was ready Rhonda said, "Get up here and slam that dick in me now and don't worry about being gentle." I then scooted up on the bed and pulled her legs around me and then watched my cock part that thick black forest. I could not remember the last time I was in a women other that Susan. The feeling was incredibly good.

Rhonda proceeded to move her hips and squeeze my dick and I knew I was not going to be able to hold it back very long. Rhonda started telling me what to do, mainly pound her as hard as I can and within moments we both exploded at the same time. While we caught our breaths I stayed on top of her as I started to wilt. She looked up at me and said, 'Not too bad for a first timer. You know to use your stick." I responded, "I wished it was a log like Ralph carried between his legs." She laughed and replied, "That it was a log and that Susan and I would soon learn to enjoy it."

What occurred next took me completely by surprise. I looked up saw Carrie coming out of her bathroom carrying a small and medium sized dildo in one hand and a bottle of Astroglide in the other. We were not complete strangers to adult toys but I did not expect this event. When I naively asked what those were for she replied, "When a man is outnumbered 2 to 1 sometimes it helps to have some assistance." I was mildly offended because I thought I had preformed in a very manly way. She sensed my feeling and assured me that my equipment was just fine and they would show me how to feel even better when I was using it.

With the toys on the bedside table they asked me to stand up and face them as they sat on edge of the bed. Carrie reached out and took my cock in her right hand and put her left one around my back and down to my crack and started to massage with both. I reacted normally and started to grow. When she had me hard enough to use she said to turn around and bend over and they both touched my ass in different ways. My butt had received more attention in that last hour than it had in the last five years. Carrie said, "She wanted some cock." and lay down and opened her legs invitingly. I got in position and proceeded to stroke her lips with my cock head before starting into her. After I got all the way in and could feel her pubic bone she told me to stop as she began working on my nipples. That is one of my favorite feelings. Susan has learned to use them just like an accelerator. The harder she pinches and twists the harder and faster I thrust and she can adjust my rhythm for her pleasure. Carrie told me to pull out almost all the way and hold it in that position.

While holding still I felt Rhonda move around behind me and kneel on the bed between my legs. She next separated me with her left hand and inserted her well oiled finger strait into my ass. While rotating it slowly she asked how that felt and I said, "I absolutely loved it." She said that if that felt good, feel this as she put the smaller silver dildo into me. I thought I was going to explode. She moved that one around in me for about a minute before she exchanged it for the medium life like flesh colored one. I thought I was going to be split in two. Carrie got my attention again with a hard nipple pinch and told me to get back to work. I started my fucking motion again while Rhonda adjusted her position so that when I pulled out of Carrie the dildo went further into my ass and it would slide out as I stroked into Carrie. That piston like action was too much for my senses and I told Carrie I was about to come and she said she was right with me. With that said Rhonda moved her mouth to my left ear and started blowing and licking into it. I said," That's it," as I started to come. Rhonda reached back with her right hand and delivered two rapid slaps to my ball sack as if she was trying to get the contents to flow from a ketchup bottle. The combination created the most intense moment I had ever experienced. How I kept form fainting was a mystery. Carrie squeezing my cock with her pussy while pinching my nipples while I orgasmic would be wonderful. When Rhonda filled my ass with that lifelike dildo then French kissed my sensitive ear and finished with spanks to my nuts created a sensory overload. The totality of that could have been fatal to someone with a bad heart condition. Had I not been deep in Carrie when I came I know that I would have shot completely past her and to the headboard. I collapsed on top of her and was unable to move for several moments. The next thought I had was, "Oh, my God what just happened to me."

It took me several minutes to regain my senses after I rolled off Carrie. Rhonda asked, "Did you enjoy that?" The only response I could muster was just a blank stare. I must have lain there for at least five minutes before a normal conversation could start.

The women went about their business, whatever that was. I sat up on the edge of the bed and drank my water. A few minutes later Rhonda said I was about done. I took that to mean we were done but I was mistaken again. Rhonda said, "It's not fair that Carrie enjoyed two great comes and she only got one. Besides I had not cleaned up all of the mess I made earlier." She said there was still a little bit of me in her and she wanted my help in getting it out. I responded heartlessly, "What do I do now?" She said, "Just lie back and it would come naturally and it won't take long." I did as directed and Rhonda sat astride my face and lowered herself down into my tongue range. It took some effort but I got started. Next Carrie came up behind Rhonda and put her arms around her and started to fondle her breasts. Although I could not see very well I sense that they are either kissing or Carrie was licking her ear because Carrie said, "Harder, harder, pinch harder." and then started her orgasm on my face. The almost bitter taste of our fluids that flowed from her seemed very insignificant at the time. I was exhausted but felt great. As we were leaving Carrie's bedroom I said, "Am I done for the night?" Rhonda responded, "Yes, we are done with you for the night but you are only half finished." I could not respond to that comment.

The three of us went back to Rhonda's bedroom. Ralph was on top of Susan and they were fucking gently as we walked in. Jeff had his mouth on one breast and was touching the other nipple gently. I smiled at Susan and she almost immediately started to come. That set Ralph off and he unloaded his cream with his cock buried all the way to her cervix but he was not all in. I could still see an inch or two of his dick. He slowly withdrew his very long pole as I focused on Susan's swollen red lips and still open crack. It was a beautiful picture and I wished I had my camera.

Everyone was tired from all the activities. Susan and I gathered our robes, picked our up our bottle of wine which was now half full and returned to our stateroom. We walked hand in hand for a distance before I put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a hugCouples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 06 by ytreeman©

I would recommend that you read the first five chapters of Couples' Life Altering Cruise before proceeding with this chapter. All of the participants and events are 100% fictional although cruises, without the sex, provided the geographical background. If there is sufficient positive feedback to this chapter, the story could continue with more sexual variations discovered back in the Midwest. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, encouraged and appreciated.


When we entered our room the first thing we noticed was that our luggage had been picked up as scheduled. All we had remaining were travel clothes and a carry bag for cameras and other personal effects for tomorrow's departure, trip to the airport, and return home.

The first thing I did after the door was closed was to turn Susan around to face me and tell her how much I loved her and kiss her with a passion I did know existed. A man could love a woman more than I loved her.

Although it was an unbelievably active day, neither of us was that tired. There was no thought of going to sleep at 10:30 p.m. on the last night of our cruise. Besides we had the most sexually active day of our lives and maybe it was time for conversation. When asked what she wanted to do Susan said, "Why don't you take on of those 'blue gold' pills you are always talking about and we can sit outside, finish the wine and then see what happens."

That statement nearly floored me. This was not the same Susan that had started the cruise 6 days ago. This Susan was more alive than I had ever seen her. We sat nude on the veranda in silence while thoughts of where we have been and what had happened ran through our minds. Of course, we could never undo what had occurred and I hoped that we both would have the same opinion about where we wanted this to go.

Nothing had occurred that I was not comfortable with. Knowing that all four new friends had put my cock in their mouths was surprisingly okay. Similarly, knowing that Susan had sex with two men we met less that 72 hours earlier and two women had thoroughly explored her body did not bother me. In fact, in some strange way that excited me and I did not feel guilty about what had happened to me.

About 30 minutes after swallowing the 'blue gold' I felt my cock starting to stir. I stood up and took our glasses inside to pour the last of the wine. When I went to the veranda I handed Susan her glass and stood at the railing. Susan said, "Turn around you big guy and let me look at your beautiful cock." I, of course, did as directed. She then said, "You know that in the last three days I have seen more dicks: hard, soft, growing and wilting- than I have ever seen before, let alone touched and felt. I don't care if I ever see another one again because you, and I mean all of you, belong to me I could never love, be happy or satisfied with anyone except you."

"Stand up and come here you good looking wench and let me hug the most beautiful women in the world. When I say beautiful I mean beautiful inside and out, awake and asleep, dressed and undressed." It was wonderful having her in front of me with her breasts and beautiful strawberry bush rubbing against my body. I felt I was the luckiest guy in the world.

"Let's lie down in bed, snuggle together and talk and do what we both want to do." she suggested.

She was the first to hit the bed, and left the covers off for me. After one more trip to the head, I joined her, turned off the last light and took a deep sigh and turned towards her. The silence was broken when I said, "Well, what did you do tonight?"

She giggled and said, "Do you want the short, medium or long version of tonight's events? But before you answer that, I want you to know that I appreciated you allowing me to enjoy two men tonight. In my wildest dreams I would have never thought anything like this could happen. I know that your leaving me on the veranda with those two men took a lot effort on your part. George, thank you for tonight."

I replied, "Let's start with the short version. I am not sure how I am going to take this."

"Well, I was felt, fingered, fed and fucked by two hard cocks and serviced by two experienced tongues, is my short answer," she retorted.

While feeling some movement in my dick which she noticed, I asked for the medium version.

"Okay, I will tell you honestly everything that happened with me," she said, "but I want you to tell me everything that happened to you with those two young hussies."

"Of course I will hot pants, but we just listened to music and danced," I said.

"Bullshit, after both men had their hands all over me on the veranda, they suggested we look in on you, which I knew was only an attempt to loosen me up. Well, it worked. What we saw were you on your back with your head off the bed and Rhonda grinding her pussy on your face while Carrie's mouth was full of your dick and her hands were full with your balls. Carrie did not see us, as she got up and walked around behind Rhonda and started pinching her nipples. There was so much pussy covering your face you could have been in a bomb shelter without lights. Rhonda turned her head and told Carrie to pinch harder as they put their lips together. Rhonda was not quiet when her pussy exploded on your face."

That was enough for her to observe and they left for Ralph and Rhonda's bedroom. The men decided that the order of events would not be as she would have expected. As much as they wanted their dicks in her mouth and pussy they decided that their pleasure would follow hers. With the drinks in hand they asked her what the single most satisfying sexual thing was. Blushingly she replied, "George and I making love together would be my first, but if that could not happen I wanted tongues on and in my pussy." They told her to get in her favorite position and they would the best they could.

Susan's favorite position is on her back with a pillow under her cute butt. Her next favorite is to be on her elbows and knees with my tongue licking her clit. Her backdoor has been off limits for years, but before our wedding cake and children she loved to take my cream in her ass, as long as it wasn't too messy.

Ralph moved 2 pillows to the edge of the bed for her. Without hesitation she got into position and Jeff got down on the floor on has knees and immediately put his face into her strawberry pie. Ralph asked her to put her hands behind her head so the; he could have unfettered access to her little tits. Reluctantly she did so and he proceeded to lick, suck and fondle her very erect nipples. Although it is rare for her to cum like that, she felt her first orgasm overtake her within two minutes.

Ralph next asked her to get on her hand and knees and elbows so he could taste her strawberry pie before it had been topped off with cream. For the next ten minutes, while Ralph's cock stood at half mast as he had his tongue buried in her cunt. She felt another orgasm coming and said, "Keep that tongue in my pussy and keep moving it," while her ass squirmed for her pleasure.

At the same time Jeff had moved around in from of her and put his cock in her face and Susan took it in her mouth without hesitation. When she started to cum she grabbed Jeff's ass and pulled him into her mouth as far as she could.

After her orgasm subsided she changed direction and proceeded to suck Jeff's dick head and jack his tool with the same intensity as her orgasm. Jeff had never received head with this much energy, and while looking at Ralph quizzically, proceeded to unload his cream in Susan's mouth which was swallowed without spilling a drop.

When Jeff regained his composure he gave the international signal for a timeout. They rested for ten minutes sipping water and wine. Susan finally said, "Ralph, I know you feel left out but I don't think I can take that huge cock anywhere except in my hands."

He replied, "That's everyone first impression but you will be surprised how easily it will slide into your mouth and your beautiful mound."

Susan said, "Okay, let's try it but I want you on your back like I saw you and Rhonda do it, and I will try to get you in my mouth first."

Ralph said, "I know you can do it but start off licking my balls and then move up to my dick. If it doesn't bother you, put a finger in my ass and that will make me come a lot faster. If you are uncomfortable doing that, I know Jeff will and he knows how to do it."

By this time I was hard as a rock. I could not believe how excited this talk had made me. I had wasted a $10 pill. I sure as hell would not have needed it. My dick had made its way into Susan's pussy with me on my left side and she was on her back with her right leg raised to allow me access. This is our favorite position for talking. With my right hand playing with her right nipple, she continued the story. If this was the medium version, my heart could not take the long version.

Susan licked away at his big nuts and then the entire length of his cock for a few minutes. Ralph was reacting naturally to seeing a new attractive face deep in his crouch. He was not completely hard and Susan started to run her tongue around his helmet and then got that part of his dick in her mouth. She held onto the top part of his dick with her right hand and grabbed the base of his meat in her left. She guessed that there was at least two inches between her hands. She continued her manipulations of this big cock and Jeff came to her side and placed his left hand under Ralph's ass. Ralph lifted up and Susan could guess where his finger(s) were going. Ralph moaned and shifted around and in less than a minute he told her to keep her mouth on his dick head. She felt him jerk and then squirt his jism in her mouth and on her face while bouncing on Jeff's hand. If that was not enough first times events, Jeff looked over at Susan after Ralph was finished and without hesitation leaned over and started to lick the overflow cum from her face.

Another time out occurred but there was no signal given or needed. Jeff remained close to Susan on the bed. After regaining her composure, Jeff said, "George is one lucky guy. To call you hot is an understatement like calling an iceberg cold. Please slide up on the bed and get on your back so I can admire your beautifully trimmed garden." He continued, "From the first time I met you on the beach I wanted to be in this position. Who does such masterful work?"

"George is the only who has ever trimmed me there. He is proud of his work and will enjoy hearing that it was noticed and admired. When he retires he want to set up a saloon at Hilton Head and trims women's triangles, without a beautician's license, of course," she said only half in jest.

In fact, I had often fantasized about doing that. I had already decided on a name for my adult novelty store, 'Body Paint and Other Paraphernalia.' The back section of the store would house my tastefully decorated, one chair saloon. Ladies would undress behind a screen, put on one of the expensive bathrobes, and sit down in my especially designed chair. There would be a loose leaf folder that would have pictures of various styles of trims they could choose from. Of course, if they just wanted to maintain a soft, fully shaved pussy, I would provide that service. Weekly customers would receive a discount, like the plans offered by tanning saloons.

Jeff said "My tongue and eyes have feasted on your pussy. I would love to slip my dick into you."

"I hope I don't regret this later, but I want to feel you inside me. No one's cock but George's has been there for over thirty years. Please be gentle," she sighed.

"Of course, I will be and I know that I'll be a lot gentler than our wives are being with George. That guy is in for several first time events," Jeff said as he slid up between her legs. Susan was again surprised when Jeff lifted her legs up with both hand while Ralph took Jeff's cock and pressed it against her cunt lips. Both of them were wet and ready to screw and they began slowly feeling each others styles and strokes. It did not take long for both of them to come with each other for the first time.

I could barely stand it. I had never felt so turned on. This rendition was a life long fantasy coming true.

Susan continued, "Well, I have been honest with you. You saw the end when Ralph and I finished screwing. When I saw you looking at me, it set off a quick come. Tell me what happened with you."

Jeff retorted, "Well do you want the long, medium or short version?"

Susan said, "Well let's start of with the short one and maybe I will ask some questions."

George replied, "You probably won't believe me. The only things that happened with me are they I almost suffocated me with their pussys, they wore my dick out, they fucked my ass three different ways, and they spanked my balls and they made me eat my cream a couple of different ways. Oh, almost I forgot, they pinched and twisted my nipples and 'Frenched' my ear. They did four of those things at the same time."

"Oh, my God!! I do believe it. George, get on top of me and give me your best and last fuck of the night. If I start asking questions, we will be up all night. I want to know more, and I want to know everything. Maybe we will both want more in the future," Susan exclaimed shortly before they orgasmed for the last time on this cruise.

I snuggled with Susan as sleep finally overcame our tired bodies. I had intended to get up to watch the ship dock at its home port, but that did not happen. We showered for the last time in mini bathroom before going to the breakfast buffet. I had hoped we could enjoy our last meal alone and that did in fact happen.

After gathering our luggage and passing through a very casually maintained customs' gate we went to the taxi waiting area where we saw "the gang." We had agreed to share a ride to the airport and proceeded to fill up a 'soccer mom' taxi. There was no reference made to last night events by anyone, as if nothing had occurred between us. That made Susan and me more comfortable. After the short ride to the airport we collected our luggage and taxi driver collected three $20 bills. That was the first time I had used my wallet in a week although the plastic had been hard at work the whole trip.

After passing through security, the women excused themselves for a last trip to the restroom while the men bought some overpriced coffees at the Starbucks stand.

As the women hugged for the last time, Rhonda said, "We had a great time with you guys and I hope we see you guys again back in Ohio."

We then headed for our three different gates. Susan and I walked towards Gate 22 holding hands for the first time in years.

The totality of the week's events had not yet hit us, but we both knew we would be exploring more variations with our new friends in the months to come .

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