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Cottage Neighbor

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Three of us were sitting in lawn chairs out on the dock in front of my family summer cottage. We had been fishing for walleyes all day. It was the opening of the season and we had taken a few days off during the week assuming that there would be fewer people on the lake. Nels and Rod were my fishing buddies and we enjoyed going out on the water together a few times a year. We were knocking back a few beers when I saw Rod's eyes widen a bit. I turned to see what had got his attention; it was our summer neighbour Estelle walking towards us along the beach.

Estelle is a knockout and 20 years of marriage and three kids had not taken anything away from her appearance. She had a reputation of sorts; and apparently was a regular fuck for a lot of travelling salesman, although I had personally never had the opportunity. She frequented a bar in the hotel were many of them stayed and more often than not ended up in a room with one or two of them. Her husband, Camille; apparently had come to just accept that she liked to fuck a lot with other men. He worked shift-work and had given up trying to prevent her activities. He had asked me once if she had ever come on to me. I told him no, nothing like that had ever happened and he just said something like "she probably will."

Estelle was one of those women who was not only beautiful with a great body, but also had that extra look about her that just reeked of sex. A man could not look at her without thinking about the possibility of fucking her. And she would look at you with eyes that said wordlessly, "I know you want some pussy, and if you play your cards right you might get some."

She was wearing a halter top and shorts as she climbed up on the dock with us. She smiled that "knowing" smile as three pair of eyes examined her tits and ass and legs. She liked to display her body. I had seen her bare tits several times over the years as she walked around her cottage or on the beach. I even caught her chopping wood one time; topless. And this halter top was not providing much cover either. I said "Hello Estelle, sit down and join us for a beer. Is Camille here today?" She shrugged and said, "Nah, he is working nights and prefers to sleep at home instead of travelling back and forth. I am alone for a few days and getting bored." I introduced my friends who could not move their eyes from her tits. She took the beer, had a sip and then rubbed her tits with the cold bottle both on the bare skin between the tits and on her nipples through the cloth, which soon began to protrude through the halter top. She was a real cock teaser. And of course it was working. All three of us had hard-ons and she checked them out with a smile.

Nels and Rod of course did not know about Estelle's reputation and did not know how to react to her. They decided to have a swim and when they stood up, both had tents in their swim suits. Estelle just sat back, rubbing the cold bottle on her tits with a smile as she inspected both of them. After they jumped off of the dock she stood in front of me and suggested that I untie her halter top. I was going to see those tits close up for the first time and my fingers fumbled around with the ties. She said, "I could go back and get my bikini but what the hell, this is just between friends." She turned to me and those beautiful tits were hanging just right in front of my eyes. She slowly pushed her shorts down, that glorious ass appearing and then straightening up in front of me, tits swaying, nipples erect from the cold beer and hot stares and a great looking full bush between those soft looking thighs. She said, "Do you think your buddies will mind if I joined them." There was no time to answer as she jumped in the water about tits high and moved towards the two buddies frozen side by side and watching it all.

I was mesmerized by the view as well, my cock was rock hard and I had the feeling that we all might get lucky this day, and not luck only in fishing luck either. Estelle moved right in front of the two statues, her tits half floating, nipples stiff in the cool water and her hands went down in front of each of them. She obviously was rubbing their cocks through the swim suits. She asked them to remove their suits and they both scrambled to accommodate her. She moved closer her tits rubbing against them, her head tilted up as they took turns kissing her while her hands were busy below water jerking them both off at once. Soon their eyes were clutching tight as they bent over her each holding on to her shoulders as they began to cum. The two of them struggled to the beach and Estelle looked over at me, it was obviously my turn.

I knew what was coming and stripped down and jumped in and moved to her, our eyes locked. She came tight up against me, her tits crushed to my chest, her mouth open, and tongue tip at her lips. She said, "I have wanted to fuck you for years, can I spend the night with you and the boys, I am so fucking horny I could fuck an army." Her hand moved my cock between her legs and she began to rub the top of my cock with her slit beneath the water. What a strange feeling. My hard cock surrounded by cool water with the hot lips of a cunt slipping back and forth along the top of it. We kissed with total abandon while standing half submerged in the water. She moved one leg up my side while apparently attempting to take my cock into her. She gave that up and moved backward to the beach and sat down in the water which was up to her waist. I moved in and half crouching fed her my cock. She pulled me to her and her mouth slipped right over the knob and held still while I fucked it. It seemed like minutes but was probably seconds before I shot about 4 belts of cum in her. She licked me off, looked up with a smile, and said "do you mind if I join your friends in the cottage." I was on my knees by then and just nodded and said, "Please do, I am sure they have recovered by now."

I watched her naked ass sway up the hill to the cottage where Nels and Rod stood transfixed but were suddenly realizing the good fortune that was on her way to them. When she got up to them they both grabbed a handful of ass and tried to go through the door three abreast. I rose up and went to the dock to pick up bathing suits and halters and shorts, I suppose to remove the evidence and turned to join them. It was getting close to meal time but there was nothing else going to happen for a while except for Estelle getting her ass fucked off. I doubt she was worried at all.

She was spread out on the sofa and Rod was already fucking her while Nels was trying to feed his cock into her mouth; made difficult by the wild banging she was getting form Rod. Her tits were flailing around as Rod was half kneeling between her legs with his ass chugging away like a trip hammer. She was getting a good fucking after taking our edge off with the hand and blow jobs. I had never been part of an orgy before although my wife and I had fucked others on one occasion while in the same room albeit in the dark. I was really pumped and felt as if I was in another world.

Rod stiffened and jerked and got off; then he continued a slow fuck until his softening cock was squeezed out oozing cum. Nels pulled his cock from Estelle's mouth and moved in place of Rod. As she moved and adjusted herself to this new cock, she looked over at me and said, "be ready, I'm saving my cum for you." Nels most likely did not hear or understand her words and set about satisfying his own needs. His cock slid easily up her pussy and he lay down over top of her, his hands went under her shoulders to pull her tits against his chest and he began to chin himself in her, non-stop hammering. Despite her words it appeared that Estelle was about to cum. Her legs clamped tightly behind Nels, her finger nails began to rake his back and shoulders, her mouth was biting at his neck like a vampire and you could see her trying to get him in as deep as she could. Nels soon lost it and crunched up inside her and let his load loose. After a while, he pulled out of her; his face drained of blood and he had a sort of wild look in his eyes as if he had just been somewhere he had never been before.

I was about to move into his place when Estelle said, "let's find a bed baby, I want to get fucked in comfort." She struggled a bit when she arose, it was not surprising that her legs were a little shaky; she had just taken a pounding from two decent sized cocks. But her demeanour had not changed a bit; she was still in charge, still horny and still wanting more. I stood aside while she arranged herself in the bed. As I looked at her I thought, "God what a beautiful woman." Her tits had been relatively untouched and the nipples were still erect, there was cum in her untrimmed bush and when she spread I could see that some had leaked along her crack to her butt hole. Her pussy lips were swollen and her cunt open, I could see her fairly prominent clit jutting just a little out of the lips.

I said, "Let me take my time, are you okay with that?" She said, "oh yes, touch kiss and tease me before you fuck me, my edge is off now." I lay beside her and we kissed much more gently than we had in the lake. My fingers traced her body; moving down her sides to her hips, along her thigh to her knees. I bent and sucked each nipple and then allowed my hand to close on her mound. My fingers slipped in between her legs along each side of her swollen cunt lips. She began to push her hips upwards, grinding her pussy against the hot palm of my hand. I slipped two fingers in along each side of her clit and hooked them up under her mound, searching for her G spot. She let out a few little jerks when I hit something but did not cum as far as I could make out, but it did excite her more. As my mouth went up to hers, she whispered "now, I want it now, want to feel your cock in me". I quickly rolled on top of her, my body fully covering her and I moved my cock to her entry hole and slid it right into her in one slick movement. She whimpered a little, moved to adjust herself and began to fuck my cock as I held it stiffly inside her.

After a bit, I asked her to hold still, and to let her pussy relax, that I liked the feel of fucking a soft pussy. She did as requested and I ground away, pulling back and forth slowly, feeling the hundreds of hot little tongues licking my cock with each stroke. Her pussy began to tighten around me and the need to go hard and deep took over. As I began to fuck her more quickly, she began to arch her back up in demand for more and more and faster and harder. I felt her pussy throbbing and clutching and we began to cum in perfect harmony. My body jerked spasmodically about the time I felt the flow of her juices around me cock.

It was dark now, the shower was really too small for all of us at once, so we moved down to the lake to wash off. We were all a little subdued after the fuck filled evening so we just sort of floated in a group with Estelle in the middle of us. She was relaxed and content it seemed, but still gave the impression that the night was not over. She was calling the tune like the Pied Piper, and we were all too content not to follow. The rest of the night was like a dream of sorts. Waking up to the feel of Estelle crawling in behind me, her hands finding my cock, her bare tits crunched against my back and then rolling over on top of her and fucking her once more. Next time I woke up, she would be gone, the sounds of fucking coming from a different part of the cottage and I would drift off once more.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. Estelle had cooked breakfast for us all, made the coffee and called us up. She looked great in her halter top and shorts, fresh and smiling as if she had enjoyed a full night's sleep. And in her way she was I guess. She kissed us all goodbye and wished us luck fishing and returned to her cottage.

We all sat there in a sort of wonderment at what had happened in the previous 12 hours or so. It had been totally unplanned but very memorable. We were three big men trying to get enough energy up to go back fishing, compared to one little lady who was energized by the night. She had whispered to me as she left, "Camille works graveyard in two weeks time, why not slip out for a day or so. Come alone." Man, I did not think that I had the staying power to spend a day or night alone with her. But I tried.

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