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Connies initiation

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Even though she is in her early forties, my wife Connie remains an attractive and sexy woman. We?ve been together for twenty years. A few months ago in an attempt to add something new to our lovemaking, we began reading some of the letters from the Penthouse Forum. These stories are submitted by readers and depict many varieties of sexual encounters, but the ones that excited us the most were those where the husband shared his wife with other men. We?d read these aloud to each other in bed and the result was always a session of very hot sex. This eventually led me to want to move beyond the realm of fantasy and actually try it out, but when I told this to Connie she was reluctant.

?I like thinking about it. I just don?t know if I could actually do it,? she said.

I mentioned this urge one afternoon to a co-worker who also has a sexy wife. He and I had stopped at a bar after work on our way home. He listened to my story and after swearing me to secrecy, told me about his arrangement with Angela, his own wife. He confided to me that Angela had become a ?hot wife?. He explained that a ?hot wife? is a woman who, with the full knowledge and encouragement of her husband, regularly has sex with other men.

?This actually makes our sex better,? he told me.

He described how one evening a week she goes out by herself to a hotel bar.

?These places are packed with traveling men who are cruising for women. She makes it clear what she?s looking for and lets herself be picked up by a horny stud or sometimes even two. They go back to his room, have sex, and then she immediately comes home to me.?

?This is not like having an affair,? he continued, ?she just meets up with them for sex.?

?Before she leaves for an evening out I enjoy helping her dress and get ready. She shaves her pussy, puts on garters, stockings, panties, a short skirt and a see-through blouse. I know some lucky guy is in for a good time.?

?She?s usually gone about three or four hours and I?m in bed asleep when she returns home. She strips to her panties and wakes me with kisses, ready for more. The smell of sex on her is very powerful. The first thing I do is run my hand down her panties and feel her wet sticky pussy. Knowing she has been fucked gives me an instant hard-on. I love eating her and tasting her pussy after her recent fucking. After I eat her pussy and ?clean up? her cream pie we fuck before we both fall asleep.?

Wow! I said.

?It doesn?t end there,? he continued, ?on the following evenings she describes her adventure in great detail, telling me all about the guy, what she did for him and what he did to her. This gets us both hot and we end up having great sex together.?

By the time he finished telling me about this I had an erection. I realized I was just like him in what I desired; one of the many men who want to experience their wives giving themselves sexually to other men.

I told him he was fortunate to have such a woman, and how much I envied him.

?Let me let you in on a little secret,? he told me, ?my wife is not that different from any other woman. If you are patient and take your time you can have the same thing with your wife. There?s not a woman alive who hasn?t fantasized doing this, or who doesn?t think about fucking other men every day.

?They?ve been taught that they shouldn?t want it, but their brains and bodies are made for it. In spite of what society says they should want, they can?t help wanting it anymore than you can. The desire is already there; built in. You just need to uncover and encourage it. She needs to be sure that you really want it. Also, she needs to feel secure that it won?t hurt your marriage or change your love for her.?

I took his advice to heart, and after this conversation I began to encourage Connie to dress sexier when we ventured out. Not only did I enjoy seeing her look sexy but it thrilled me to watch other men stare at her. I could imagine what they were thinking and found this to be a big turn-on. I could tell she picked up on it as well and enjoyed the attention. Afterwards our lovemaking was more intense, and I would get her to describe how the looks from her admirers turned her on.

I even told her about the arrangement my co-worker had with his wife, and as much as she enjoyed hearing the details, she continued to hesitate about actually doing it.

?Let me think about it some more,? she said.

A few days after the conversation with my co-worker we left for a planned weekend getaway to Nashville. We had booked a room in a small motel that had a pool and was near the entertainment district. Our plan was to go out for dinner then find a club that had music.

After checking in we decided to take advantage of the pool. We changed into our swim wear, which for Connie meant a very skimpy bikini, and we headed out. We entered the pool area and found it empty except for two men sitting at one of the tables covered with an umbrella. They were wearing swim trunks and had a cooler on the ground between them. They greeted us with a friendly wave and offered us a beer.

?Maybe later, but thanks,? Connie said as she walked down toward the diving board. The way she moved as she walked away from us made it clear she was putting on a show for the men.

I joined the men at their table and accepted their offer of a beer. They introduced themselves as John and Bob. They both looked to be in their mid-forties, about six feet tall, tan and muscular.

?Looks pretty deserted out here,? I remarked.

?It usually is, but sometimes there?s some nice scenery,? Bob said, giving me a wink.

?Like now?? I answered, and they both laughed.

I found out that Bob and John were part of an out-of-town construction crew working on a local project. They shared a room here at the motel and spent their evenings trolling the nearby bars looking for women, so far with no luck.

?So you guys haven?t had any sex lately, huh?? I asked them.

?Nope, and it?s about to drive us crazy,? John replied.

As the talk continued along in that vein, my mind began to consider the possibilities. It made me hot to think about how it might happen that I could watch as John and Bob used my wife sexually.

We made small talk for a while as Connie swam and did a series of dives from the board. She was moving around in a way that really showed off her body. ?That?s going to cost you,? I thought. John and Bob could not take their eyes off of her.

Connie climbed out of the pool, toweled off, then stretched out on one of the deck lounges across the pool. She was far enough away that she couldn?t hear our quiet conversation. She began applying sunscreen to her arms, face and legs. Looking up, she yelled for me to come put lotion on back and legs.

?I think I?ll delegate that job to Bob here,? I yelled back.

I turned to Bob, ?Do me a favor and go put the lotion on for her.?

?You really want me to?? he asked.

When I nodded yes Bob got up and walked toward her lounge.

?Honestly!? my wife exclaimed, ?oh well, if that?s what you really want, okay.?

She smiled as she handed him the lotion and then turned on her stomach.

Bob squeezed some of the white liquid on his hand and began spreading it on her back. She reached back and untied her top. When he had finished with her back he moved to her legs. He took his time, spreading the lotion inside her thighs all the way up to her crotch.

When he finished he walked back to our table, his hard cock visible through his swim suit.

?Thanks,? I told him as he took his seat, ?it looks like you did a good job. Was it fun??

?Oh yes,? he answered.

John spoke up, ?Next time it?s my turn.?

?That could be soon,? I told him, ?a minute ago you guys were saying you really needed a woman. How about Connie? Do you like what you see? How would you like to fuck her??

Hearing this they were stunned. No one said anything for a few seconds. Finally, Bob answered, ?Oh yeah, we?d like to fuck her.?

?That?s what I thought,? I replied, ?I could tell by the way you two were watching her I could read your minds. And I?d really dig watching it happen. I want to turn her into a hot wife.?

?You mean you wouldn?t mind if we fucked her?? John asked.

?You?re away from home and you told me you haven?t had any pussy for a while,? I answered, ?Connie looks like she?s an innocent and sweet woman, but she?s a tiger in the sack. Secretly she wants to be a whore and get fucked by other men. I?d like to watch her get fucked by a couple of well-built studs. You two look like you know how to take what you want and give a woman what she needs.?

Bob and John looked at each other. ?We?re game. Are you sure she?ll go along with it??

?Not at first, but I?m certain she can be persuaded,? I said, ?once she gets a taste, she?ll start to like it. She won?t be able to help herself.?

?Okay,? Bob said, ?tell us what we need to do.?

?First we have to get her back to the room,? I said, ?Once we have her there we?ll need to restrain her so we can get her in the proper mood. We?ll tie her to the bed, then go to work on her. She?ll resist at first, even though deep down she really craves it. She?ll beg us to stop, but by the time we have her naked and tied up her mood will begin to change.

?Then we can work on getting her more in the mood. The way to get her hot is to play with and finger her pussy, eat her, suck and squeeze her tits. Once she?s hot, she?ll do anything,? I explained, ?We?ll turn her into a cock-hungry slut. She?ll suck your cocks, lick your balls, swallow your cum. You can fuck her pussy, even both fuck her together. It?s what she really wants. You saw the way she was teasing the two of you, giving you a good look at her body.?

?Sounds good. You lead the way,? Bob said.

A few minutes later Connie got up and walked back toward our room.

?Now?s our chance,? I told them.

We waited until she had been in the room a few seconds before following her. When she emerged from the bathroom we were waiting and surrounded her. I had the rope I had retrieved from our car trunk.

She looked startled. She protested as Bob grabbed her arms and John began to pull off her top.

?What are you doing? Stop this right now,? she demanded.

We ignored her. John bent down and grabbed her bikini bottoms pulling them to the floor. She continued to protest as we pushed her down onto the bed. Bob held her down as John and I tied her wrists to the bedpost. When we finished tying her wrists we moved to her feet and in a moment they were bound as well.

?You?ve been a naughty girl,? Bob told her, ?you?ve been parading your sexy body around out there and it worked. Our cocks are hard and now you?re going to get what you?ve been asking for.?

?No!? she cried.

She continued to protest but we paid her no mind. The three of us stripped off our trunks and stood around the bed, leering down at my wife. Both Bob and John were well endowed with large thick cocks. Connie?s eyes were big and she was squirming to get loose from her bonds, but the ropes held her tight. If you?ve ever seen a nude woman tied to a bed then you know what an erotic sight it is, and Connie looked delicious.

?You?re going to let them do me, aren?t you?? she said, ?I can?t believe you?re doing this.?

?You know you really want it,? I told her, ?and now you?re going to get it. I told Bob and John to enjoy themselves, and that?s exactly what they?re going to do. Once they get what they want I?m going to fuck you myself.?

Bob climbed on the bed next to her. He moved his hand to her pussy and began to gently squeeze and stroke her pussy.

?I hear you saying no,? Bob told her, ?but your pussy is saying yes.?

?She?s already very wet,? he told us.

Meanwhile John lay down on the other side and started on her breasts, pinching and sucking on them as Connie squirmed. Bob moved down between her legs and began to tongue her.

I spoke to Connie,? these men haven?t had any pussy in a while. I told them you how good you were. As you can see, they have nice big cocks, the kind that can really satisfy a woman.?

Bob continued to eat her pussy, looking up at one point to remark how much he was enjoying it.

?Yum, I think this is the best pussy I?ve ever tasted,? he told us.

John had grabbed her tits with both hands and was gently squeezing. He leaned down and forced his tongue into her mouth.

After a few minutes Connie?s resistance had begun to give way. She stopped straining against the ropes. She began to moan and move her groin against Bob?s face as he continued to eat her. Bob quickened his pace and her moans became louder as she started coming.

After she had finished coming, Bob and John switched places. John began tongue her while Bob placed his cock at her lips. As Connie opened her lips to take his cock he began slowly fucking her mouth.

By now Connie was no longer resisting and had become a willing participant. I untied the ropes and freed her hands and legs. She immediately reached to grab Bob?s cock, licking his balls and shaft before placing the head of his cock back in her mouth.

John had his shoulders underneath Connie?s thighs and was sucking her pussy up and down, pinching her clit with his lips. Her cries became louder as she once again began to come and she paused from sucking Bob?s cock. A few seconds later after she had finished coming she once again took Bob?s cock between her lips.

?I want more,? she moaned.

Bob began fucking her mouth faster. I could see his leg muscles tense and knew he was about to come. A few seconds later his cock erupted and Connie did not miss a beat. She hungrily sucked and swallowed as he shot his load into her mouth. When he finished coming he pulled his cock from her mouth and stepped back from the bed. She smiled and licked her lips

?I guess that helped your problem, didn?t it? She said, ?Did you like??

?Oh baby, that was good,? Bob replied.

By now John had stopped eating her pussy and had moved up on the bed with his cock positioned at the entrance to her vagina. He gripped his cock and moved it up and down rubbing her pussy, moistening its head before beginning to slowly push in.

?Oh goodness, you?re so big, please do it slow,? Connie begged him.

Bob and I watched as John began to work the head of his cock into her pussy, a little further with each stroke. Finally he was all the way in and Connie moaned with satisfaction.

?I?ve never had a cock so big,? she said, ?it feels wonderful.?

John began to fuck her faster and harder and Connie gave a grunt with each stroke of his cock.

?Oh yeah,? she moaned, ?fuck me good. Ummm, I love that big cock. You can fuck me anytime you want to.?

?See, I told you you?d love it,? I said to her, ?your going to get a good fucking from men who knows how to give you what you really need.

?Oh yes,? she said, ?I do need it, I need it bad.?

A minute later it was John?s turn to come, and come hard he did, pumping his load of cum in her pussy. As he gave her his last stroke he collapsed on top of her, and they both panted to catch their breath.

By now, Bob had recovered from his earlier climax and his cock was once again hard. He lay down on the bed so that Connie was between the two of them. Connie immediately turned her attention back to Bob, first giving him a long sexy kiss, then making her way down his naked body with her lips. When she reached his nipples she licked and sucked each one before continuing down his torso, kissing and sucking until she reached his groin.

As he lay prone on his back, she climbed on top of him in a sitting position facing his head. She grabbed his cock and began to rub it against her pussy, finally guiding him into her vagina. She gave a little gasp as his cock entered her. Once in, he began to fuck her in a steady rhythm, using his hands to lift her up and down on his cock.

?Oh, you?re big too,? she said. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him over so that he was on top of her. Once she was on her back she wrapped her legs around his muscular thighs and matched his strokes with upward thrusts of her groin.

She looked at me. ?Honey I never knew this could be so good. It?s wonderful!?

It wasn?t long before Bob was ready to come again, and with a series of short hard strokes he added his cum to that of John.

As the three of them rested together on the bed, with Connie between them, I sat in the chair enjoying the scene in front of me.. This had gone even better than I had expected. My cock was rock hard and I was ready to fuck Connie myself.

?I think it?s time you two left us alone for now,? I told them. ?You did a great job.?

The two men each gave Connie a hug and kiss. They got up from the bed and thanked me profusely, shook my hand and donned their swim trunks. In a moment they were gone.

I stood and looked down at Connie a moment before joining her in the bed. She had never looked more beautiful. She was stretched out, naked, her eyes half closed and her legs spread. Cum was leaking from her pussy and down her thigh. She flashed me a dreamy smile and beckoned me to come to her. I moved my head between her legs and begin to savor with my tongue and lips the mixture of her secretions and cum the men had pumped into her.

She moaned and rotated her hips as I began to tongue her. Using both hands I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy tight to my mouth, sucking, licking, biting gently. After a minute or two of this I knelt and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina. With one quick thrust I buried my cock in her juicy cunt that was lubricated with the cum of her previous partners. I squeezed her breasts as I fucked her hard and fast.

I considered turning her over and fucking her ass, but I felt myself about to come so I continued to pound her pussy. Just as I began to come she closed her legs to tighten her pussy around my cock. As I finished my thrusts, adding my cum to that of her earlier lovers, she pulled my head down and we exchanged a long kiss.

By the time we finished the other men had long since left the room and we were alone. We cuddled and continued to kiss until at last we fell asleep in each others arms.

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