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College Neighbor

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I was never so excited in my life. I was finally out of high school, ready to start college in another week or so, it really felt like the true beginning of my life.

My grades had always been good, I've really liked school and I did play some sports but wasn't a star at anything. My grades in science and math were good, I was interested in them and was planning on majoring in engineering, either mechanical or chemical. I did like chemistry in high school but I also have faithfully watched 'How It's Made' on television with all the interesting machines that are designed to produce things like pencils, pretzels and piston rods.

Another thing about me is that I'm very responsible, I don't take crazy chances like some kids my age, my driving record is clean and my parents trust me. That's why I have an apartment near the college even though I'm a freshman. My parents even let me find the place I wanted to live and for me to do all the arranging for the renting and everything. Well, except for the rent payments, of course.

My place is the left half of a duplex near the campus that is owned by the woman who lives in the right half. Her name is Sylvia and she has a daughter, Anna; Anna's my age and will start her senior year of high school in a few weeks.

So, I have two bedrooms, though the rent is quite reasonable, and a living room and kitchen, along with a nice back yard, completely enclosed by a privacy fence. Altogether, pretty nice digs for someone's first place. It was also perfectly clean when I rented it, a rarity in my search for an apartment.

I had moved my stuff in, what there was of it. Thankfully the kitchen was fully-equipped, even down to knives and forks, bowls, plates, pots and pans, just about everything. I do cook, that was something my mother made sure I learned and I wasn't planning on starving myself to death as a young student.

So, I was really set, even to having my own car, a ten-year old Honda Accord with about 120 thousand miles on it but, hey, it ran fine and got me good mileage, something this student really needed.

I was only in for two days when my phone rang and it was Sylvia, my landlady asking me to dinner that evening for a cookout and I figured that any night I didn't have to cook was a blessing so I gladly accepted. And, what I haven't told you so far is that Sylvia and her daughter were quite pretty. Well, Anna was quite pretty, her mother, Sylvia was very hot-looking, a real babe, a MILF, if you will. More reasons to accept their kind invitation.

I might be of little trouble to my parents, even get great grades in school, but I'm also eighteen and a healthy male. I like girls. And women. A lot.

So, I took over a canape platter I bought at a local deli, I would have much rather brought a bottle of wine but, of course, I was still und*rage. Oh, well, hors d'oeuvres would have to do.

She had said it was super casual so I wore a concert teeshirt, shorts and sandals, that seemed to fit her specifications for dress.

It was when she answered the door that I really saw what she meant by super casual, she had on a small halter top and bikini bottoms, very small bikini bottoms. There was a lot of bare skin and my heart pumped a little more blood southward.

"Come in, Andy, oooh, what's this?" she cooed as I handed her the tray full of goodies. I explained and then followed her rather gorgeous butt back to the patio door where we went out back.

"Here's Andy, and he brought some goodies in addition to himself," she announced to her daughter and another woman, both on chaise lounges in the sun. I looked and they were also barely dressed. Well, this was promising, I thought.

"Oh, Erica, this is our new neighbor, Andy Reynolds; Andy, meet Erica Weller, she's my bestest friend ever," Sylvia said.

Erica got up and shook my hand as I gazed at this woman. She was probably in her upper twenties, long blond hair, gray blue eyes, and a figure right out of Playboy. She was every guy's jack-off dream; now mine as well.

Everyone was busy getting drinks and passing things around, while Sylvia brought out hamburgers and rolls to do on the grill. She asked me to help her so I got the grill started and we were letting it heat as I looked over my new landlady.

She was somewhere in her mid-to-upper thirties, also blond like her friend, similarly stacked whereas her daughter, Anna, was shorter by about two inches and just smaller all around. Don't get me wrong, she was very pretty and could easily be a cheerleader at her school for all I knew. But, she wasn't voluptuous like Sylvia and her friend, Erica.

So, we had a nice cookout along with some wine and beer which Anna and I also had, after all, we weren't driving, all I had to do was get next door. And, I wasn't a big drinker anyway.

Then, as we sat around talking, now relaxed after some nice food and some nice beer and wine, Sylvia leaned toward me and said, "Um, there's one thing I guess you should know about us, Andy, about the three of us."

"Yeah?" I replied wondering if maybe they were all axe murderers or members of some satanic cult that sacrificed voles.

"We, um, all three of us, like to, well, go around without clothes on most of the time, we're nudists at heart and usually sunbathe out here like that as well. I just wanted you to know."

"Really? I don't think I've ever known any nudists before," I answered rather lamely.

"Well, in case you saw us I wanted you to know. It's what we're all used to, you know, it's what we think of as normal be undressed."

"Would you normally like have your cookout, um, that way? Nude?" I asked not knowing what her answer might be.

"Oh, yes, that would be the norm on this side of our duplex, Andy. But we realized that it might make you uncomfortable so I wanted to explain."

I'm usually not a very forward person, but I'd had a couple of glasses of wine by now, so I told her, "I'm sorry you all had to dress-up just for me."

"Hear that girls? Does that mean, Andy, that you'd like to go by house rules and shed your shorts?"

Well, there it was...I opened my mouth now what do I say? Or what do I do? I'd been naked in front of one girl, Melanie Watts, in the eighth grade. We explored a lot about each other until she moved away a year and a half ago.

"Um, geez, well, I guess. Oh, yeah, why not," I sputtered.

"Guests first," Anna said smiling at me.

"Geez, you know I'm, well, kinda, um, erect."

"We've all seen them before, Andy, we know guys get hard, we've all been to nude beaches and nude resorts, so it's nothing new to any of us. Come on, just do it," Sylvia urged.

Now I have to strip in front of all three of them. So, I pulled off the tee, that was easy, kicked away the sandals, that was easy, pulled the shorts down, not so easy, then the briefs...oh, my, I clenched my teeth and pulled them down and stepped out of them.

I knew I was hard as a rock, I mean, who wouldn't be?

"Hmm, nice having you as a neighbor, Andy," Sylvia said playfully as her halter came off. I don't know all that bra-size stuff but they had to be C's or D's, they were large. And, they were nice, large, round, upright with large pink nipples.

I looked over and Anna and Erica were also topless. Anna, as I'd said, had smaller breasts but they were perfect. They even kind of pointed up, her nipples were also light pink and they really pointed upwards, the part around them was puffed-out, like swollen.

Erica, oh, man, Erica was Playboy-material. She was tanned all over from head to toe, though now I noticed that they all were, stupid me, they sun naked, that's why. Anyway Erica, now naked, was standing there, her legs were long and nice, hips, lush, pussy two perfect halves and breasts that are stellar. She also had pink nipples that were poked-out.

Now they were all nude and I saw that they all shave their pubic area. My dick was like steel.

"Now, that's better. How do you like this, Andy?" Erica asked me.

"It''s incredible seeing the three of you like this. I never dreamed anything this good could happen to me. I love it," I managed to get out.

"You're the only one with pubic hair, Andy. Want us to give you a shave? See how you like being bare all over?" Sylvia asked.

"I've never shaved there but...well, yeah I guess so, what the hell," I managed to say as Anna hopped up and ran in the house to come back with a can of shave cream, a towel and a razor.

"We often take turns shaving each other, Andy, why don't we have Anna shave you, after all, she's closer to your age," her mother said.

They had me sit on the edge of a chair and spread my legs apart, as Sylvia said, "I'll hold it out of the way, you certainly don't want to nick it," as she took hold of my cock while her daughter was spraying the lather all around my dick.

"Here, allow me," Erica said as she dropped her hand down to rub the foam around spreading it through my pubic hair.

Then Anna began shaving the outer edges of my pubic area, moving closer to the base of my cock as she went.

"Perhaps I should keep your mind off such a sharp blade being that close and keep you occupied with something else," Sylvia said as she wiped some lather on her hand and wrapped her fingers around my dick to begin stroking it up and down. "I know how to keep a guy distracted," she added grinning up at me.

"You sure do," I said, my breath rate on the rise.

"Well, we all know how guys are when they go nude like this so maybe this will relieve some of the pressure."

"Sure is nicer than me doing it," I managed to say.

"Well, Andy, we're all pretty open about our bodies and even about masturbation, after all, we're all grown-ups and there's really no harm, so if you feel the need, well, go right ahead. Or, I would imagine any of us would help, any of us will be happy to jump in and give you a hand," she snickered.

"You really live that way, just do it whenever you feel like it, even in front of each other?" I asked, my head spinning with all this new experience.

"That's right, I'll even tell you that we sometimes give each other a hand, literally," Erica added.

Anna was taking swipes back and forth with the razor as I saw my pubic hair coming off with each pass. Then she took the towel and wiped all around and there it was, the new look for my penis; I had to admit I really liked it and I was especially liking the handjob it was getting from her mother.

"Look, see, nice a clean and pretty," Anna said, then adding, "Maybe I shouldn't call a guy's equipment, pretty, huh?"

"Well, it is pretty, if you ask me," Erica said as Sylvia agreed, her hand making me feel so good.

"Let's see how nice it looks when it shoots, are you getting close?" Sylvia asked me.

"Oh, yeah, this is just the best. I never expected such a nice cookout," I managed to get out right when I arched back and began cumming spurt after spurt hitting Sylvia's forearm and knees as the three women laughed and enjoyed every second. But not nearly as much as I was enjoying it all.

She stroked a bit more, then leaned forward and licked off what was still seeping out, then let go, wiping me clean with the towel.

"See how nice he looks, I did a nice job, huh?" Anna posed. "I'll be glad to shave you when you need it, usually like every other day or so. You don't want a lot of stubble or it'll chafe your girlfriend's lips," she added laughing.

"Well, I don't currently have a girlfriend but with me shaved like this, maybe I can attract one, huh?"

"Well, Andy, just so you know, Anna is currently between boyfriends right now and you already know how she looks, that's for sure. Maybe she should give you a lip-test to see if she got you shaved close enough?" Sylvia said.

"Mom, geez, you're offering me to give him a blowjob. That's something I'd rather do myself," Anna chided her mom.

"Ooops, sorry. Well, then, why don't you? The poor boy is all hard again, do I have to do it myself?" Amanda said back.

"Well, a good daughter should always does what her mother wants, right, Andy?" I nodded as she added, "Would you like for me to see if you chafe my lips?" and her head bobbed forward as her open mouth surrounded my cock and closed around it.

Then, the world became all wonderful. There was one girl, Sally Landford, who I dated for a while during my freshman year in high school and she was the only girl, until now, who'd ever sucked me. As good as my memory of that was, this was so much better, after all, it was right now and there were three naked women in my sight. So, as you might expect, it didn't take me long before I was moaning, knowing I was close, really close.

The etiquette of oral sex required me to tell Anna one way or another that I was about to ejaculate so I softly said down to her, "I'm really close, Anna, real close."

She never missed a suck and soon I thrust my hips out as I emptied into her as she sucked and swallowed it all away.

She was casting her eyes upward watching me as were her mother and their friend, Erica, as I began cumming in her mouth.

"Oh, doesn't our new neighbor look happy. My daughter learned it well, all from her mother. You should compare us sometime, Andy. I'll be happy to show you what I can do with that handsome cock of yours," Sylvia said as her friend Erica added, "Don't leave me out. I like cocks just as much as you two do. Come sit by me, Andy when Anna's through."

Anna lifted up off my cock and stood up as we kissed while our hands explored each other's smooth, warm skin.

"Go ahead, get to know Erica a little better, she's a good friend of the family and quite entertaining, I'm sure you'll find," Anna told me as she took my pecker and led me over to Erica and said, "Here, you take him now," and Erica reached up to take my dick in her hand as I sat down on her chaise lounge.

She scooted over a bit so I could lay there next to her and, nicely, she was still holding my dick as her hand began slowly moving up and down on it.

"You're still nice and hard, Andy. I love young guys like you, your cocks just keep going. Why don't you and I go inside for a while so we can be more comfortable, this recliner isn't were I'd like to be with you right now."

"Are you seducing our new neighbor? Erica, you're a naughty girl. Well, you two have fun," Sylvia told her, "We'll wait until you come back, then I've got ice cream for dessert. Don't take too long."

Chapter 3

Erica got up and pulled me up, then fastened her hand on my cock and led me inside down a hall to a bedroom, pulled the covers back and got down, widened her legs and patted her pussy.

"Mmm, right here, Andy, I'm so horny playing with your beautiful cock, now I want it inside me, come to Erica," she said as she held out her arms.

It was looking like I was going to be having sex with all three of these women and after watching them naked for a while, I was so excited about choosing to rent the unit next door.

I crouched between her legs, knowing enough by now to start with oral, I bent down to begin licking along her plump slit, lapping up the juices that were there and kept coming out. She lifted her legs onto my shoulders, saying, "Oh, whoever trained you, Andy, she did a good job, you're making my pussy so happy. Mmm, I could let you do that all night but I'm hungry too, for my dessert but, first, I want dessert for my pussy. Come up here and fuck me real nice," she asked as I lifted up and moved my cock up to her and pushed it in.

I began going back and forth, she was nice, really tight, and she could clamp her muscles down as I began to pull back each time making it feel so sexy and erotic. She would make me cum in almost record time.

After I had emptied into her, she had me lift her feet up in the air over us and had me fuck her really fast straight down into her open pussy which she was wiggling back and forth.

"Mmm, fuck me, fuck me, Andy, mmm, oh, fuck me fast, oooh, yeah, now, oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, mmm, oh, come here," she groaned as she pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply tonguing me over and over as she kept thrusting at my cock.

Then our lips parted and she held me tightly, whispering, "Now that we've made each other happy, let's go see if dessert is ready. I have a feeling that our hostess might like some of what you just gave me. I'll tell her how nice a fuck you are. In fact, I'll tell them both. I expect you'r gonna get a lot of pussy, my friend. These are two horny babes and I am, too. Any time you'd like me to drop by for some more fun, I'll give you my cell number and my email address. Promise, now," she asked as she kissed me again and we both got up and went back outside.

"Well, don't you two look well-fucked," Sylvia said as her daughter added, "And it looks like you've still got something left for Mom," as she pointed to my still-hard cock. "Mmm, yes, bring that over here so I can see it," Sylvia said so I walked over to her and she reached up and gripped my cock and gave it a few strokes.

"Mmm, yes, nice and hard, Andy. Let's have our dessert and then you and I can have a little dessert of our own. I already got the whipped cream out so it won't be too cold," and she got up and went inside to prepare the ice cream sundaes.

Soon, Anna and Sylvia brought out our desserts and it really hit the spot. Then, Sylvia lost no time in pulling me up and taking me into the house to her bedroom carrying the can of whipped cream with her. I had never tried whipped cream in sex before and was excited to both have sex with Sylvia and also to see what she had planned for the whipped topping.

We were already naked so she simply pulled the covers back and we got in and as soon as I stretched out, she was up over me kissing me and rubbing herself on me while her hand played with my cock. Then, she sat up and took the can and sprayed a dollop of whipped cream right on the head of my dick, then bent over and licked it off as she looked up at me.

Then more whipped cream and more licking and sucking off my cock, then dabs on her nipples as she had me cleaning it away. After that, she leaned back and sprayed a line in her pussy slit and I got down and eagerly cleaned her off.

"Mmm, more of that, please," she squealed as she spritzed more whipped cream between her legs which I happily lapped up.

"Oh, enough of that, come fuck me, Andy, I want you in me," and I got up over her and began pushing down into her. She widened her legs out and I was able to push right into her as she was very wet and slippery. I knelt there fucking in and out of her while my hands rubbed and fondled her breasts.

"Mmm, I think my daughter likes you, Andy, I hope you like her, I know her mother sure does," she said as she raised her legs to shake her hips back and forth while I stroked in and out.

"I do like Anna, she's really pretty and seems really nice. I'd like to see more of her," I told her.

"Well, you've seen her naked, it's hard to see any more of her," she joked, "but I know she'll take good care of you, that girl's just like her mother. She just loves doing this."

"You are all so open about everything, it's just amazing. Not just going nude, that's just part of it, though, for me, it's such a nice part. It's everything else. How you treat sex just like, well, like it's as normal as eating, I've never known anybody before who's that open about things. I love it."

"So, you think you're getting more open about sex and your body?"

"Yeah, I know it's hard not to around the three of you. This is just phenomenal, I'm loving every minute of it."

"Well, Anna and I might just have a go at you together. Would you like us both some time?"

I didn't think my cock could actually get harder than it already was but that would have done it if it could.

"That would be a dream come true. Two beautiful women, oh, man, what did I do to ever deserve this?"

"Well, Andy, we treat our tenants well, very well."

"You sure do," I groaned as I moved my hard, wet cock in and out of her as she began turning her hips around; that was all I could take, my cum began spurting deep into her as she lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and began her own orgasm.

We lay there in each other's arms, kissing, just enjoying a nice snuggle when we heard Anna call from downstairs, "Are you two still at it? Finish up so we can have some fun, too."

"My daughter's horny again, like always, just like her mother. Let's go see what they want, though I'm pretty sure it's what's been inside me for the last half-hour or so," she snickered.

Sylvia reached down and led me by the cock back outside where her daughter and her friend were sitting, each with a glass of wine.

"Come sit by me, Andy, I'll keep that company for you," Anna said as she patted the spot next to her. I went over and she scooted sideways so I could sit, quickly wrapping her fingers around my dick. There was nothing shy about any of my new friends, they just seemed to do what felt good which was fine with me, especially being the only male there.

"You really stay nice and hard, I really like that," she said, "One of Mom's guy-friends takes Viagra and still gets limp after he does Mom and me but Mom can usually get him hard again. Would you like me to suck you off?"

She just asked it like she might inquire if I'd like another glass of iced tea, just as normal and simple as that.

"If you'd like to, Anna, I'd never say no to you," I managed to get out as she moved off the lounge chair and bent over taking me in between her pretty lips.

"Oh, look who's getting his cock sucked," Erica said as she and Anna's mother both smiled at us.

"That's my daughter. I taught her how to please a man and that's what she does best," Sylvia added.

Well, I'd had a few girls give me head before and Anna was the best, there's little doubt about it. But, it made me wonder just how good her mother might be. I had a pretty good idea that, sooner or later, I'd find that out.

Her beautiful, tanned body was crouched next to me, her head bobbing up and down on my cock as her mother and Erica both watched.

"Look how wet Anna's pussy is, Syl, the girl obviously loves doing it, she's just like you, girl," Erica told Anna's mom.

All I knew was that I was close to cumming the girl's mouth full and that every suck felt exquisite.

Then, it hit, my cock began doing what it does as she sucked on and on.

"Oh, look, he's cumming," Erica called out and I hoped no one else was outside to hear.

Anna pulled off me and gave a few licks at what was seeping out, then got back up next to me on the lounge chair. Incredibly my dick was still fairly hard, not super-hard but not floppy, either.

"Why don't you spend the night, Andy? Mom won't mind if you sleep in with me," she asked. "We might not get a lot of sleep," she added, squeezing my dick. Well, I didn't have any studying to do yet so I gratefully accepted her offer and she announced the fact.

"Andy's going to spend the night, Mom, so there'll me one more for breakfast in the morning, okay?"

"Just let the poor guy get some sleep, Anna," she said back.

"He will if you stay out of my bedroom," she shot back to her mother, laughing.

So, soon we were up and she was leading me to her bedroom as she said, "I guess you don't need any pajamas, right? What about your toothbrush? Oh, I have an extra, a new one you can use, that way, you can have your own in my bathroom, that might be handy in the future."

It was nice to think that Anna and I would be doing this in the future, here I was, just in college, and already, it seems, complete with a beautiful girlfriend who loves sex and her mother who she learned it all from who also loves sex and their friend who also loves sex and I'm in the middle of it all. I love sex, too, especially sex with these three hot women.

I thought I would test the waters a bit by asking her, "Do you ever get jealous of your mom?"

"You mean like with a boyfriend or maybe like you? No, even with Erica, I know we all love guys and love to have sex with them and I love my mom so what makes her happy, makes me happy. I know she feels the same way. I've asked her to share a boyfriend once or twice and she's been very willing. So, are you kind of seeing if you could go on doing Mom and Erica?"

Well, she figured that out, didn't she?

"Um, yeah, I guess so, I mean they're really beautiful, sexy women and, after all, I've already been with them and all."

"You don't need to explain, Andy, I understand. Any guy would want to fuck either one of them. Just don't forget about me, okay?" she said as she flopped down on her bed, spreading her legs open to me.

"How could I forget all this?" I asked as I swept my hand toward her. I got on the bed, down between her legs, and began tonguing her as she ran her fingers through my hair. It was lovely.

"Mmm, oh, I love your tongue, Andy, you make me so hot with it, mmm, oooh, right there, yes, oh, oh, OH, OH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, fuck me, I want your dick in me, come up here, fuck me," she groaned as she pulled me up as I gripped my dick and began shoving it inside as her legs fell wide open for me.

Anna was really hot for a high school girl, most of them that I'd known were not so hot and ready and eager for you to fuck them though I supposed that being raised by Sylvia may have made that difference. She was eager and far more than willing.

I pushed into her, my cock just slid in on all the slipperiness inside her and it felt so good I just fucked her fast.

"Mmm, hey, slow down, big boy, we're not in a rush, let's just get off real nice and slow, take our time."

"Yeah, you're right, it just felt so good, I just wanted to cum right then. But you're right," I told her as I took long, slow strokes in and out of her upturned pussy now that she had her legs folded back on her chest holding them. I was up over her just slowly inserting deep into her each time and withdrawing all the way out, then dropping my cock back down into her and pressing as she wiggled and gyrated. Oh, that felt so good.

"Oh, this is fucking, man, it feels so good," she groaned.

We soon both had wonderful orgasms and went to sleep in each other's arms. I'm not sure what time it was but I know it was still dark when I felt aware and wet and wonderful sensation on my dick as I became aware of Anna down sucking me.

I'd had sex with four girls before her but not a one ever woke me up in such a spectacular fashion. Oh, was this sweet. I lay there being intensely pleasured as I ran my fingers through her hair while she sucked me so softly and sweetly. She just sucked and sucked, sometimes running her tongue around the tip of my cock sending shivers up my back.

Then, almost suddenly, my body tensed and I began to squirt my cum into her mouth as she swallowed it all away, still sucking, taking it all. Then, she pulled off me and licked around the end and moved up into my arms.

"Good morning, Andy. Hope you didn't mind me waking you up?" she purred.

"Oh, I wish I could be awakened every morning like that," I said as I kissed her.

"Well, maybe you could be on the weekends. You could sleep here with me or I could come to your place if you want."

Did I jump at that? Oh, yes, this guy is no fool. We began sleeping together, mostly on weekends as my studies did take a good bot of time. But Anna also make me take time to keep both her mother and Erica happy as well. So, my time so far in college has been one of work and play and little else. Just what I've wanted actually.

I'm now in my senior year, Anna is a junior and I'm still getting sex from all three women. Anna and I are engaged but she's certainly not the jealous type and has told me that she always wants me to take care of her mom's needs and desires even after we're married.

So, renting my first place when I entered college has changed my life. I'm one guy who never got involved in the college hook-up scene, I just never needed to. Lucky me.

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