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Clothing and Inhibitions Optional V2

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They had talked about all through winter and into the spring. The clothing optional resort near their home town was supposed to be THE place to let inhibitions run free. Jay and Melinda had been wanting to get out of their routine and get crazy for a long time but had never had the chance. Finally, here in the dessert, at the springs, they had a chance to explore and just be who they wanted to be for a while.

After some initial check in pleasantries and their first liberating stroll to the poolside bar without clothes they relaxed a little. Jay was proud. He knew Melinda had a great body, a real body that men love. Curves for fun with huge DD tits. Melinda drew a lot of looks and stares as they held hands and stood next to the bar. They ordered drinks. Made small talk. Looked around at the place. Ordered a second round then went and sat on lounges. It didn't take long for other folks to slow down as they walked by. They would introduce themselves and make small talk hoping their sunglasses hid the scan they were doing.

As more drinks were consumed, Melinda got more and more relaxed. Her legs falling open to the sun allowing her swollen red pussy lips to be seen. She and Jay played around a bit touching each other and enjoying the sun on their bodies. jay stroked one of her nipples and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations when they heard a man's voice.

"That looks almost good enough to eat"

Melinda and Jay both shot up in their lounges.

"relax, there's no judges here. I just have to admit I haven't seen a pair like that in a long time, you're fantastic"

Melinda uttered out a "thanks" and the man made the aggressive move of sitting at the foot of her lounger. He was Ray a contractor for a neighboring city in for some sun and "fun" as he called it. Jay and Melinda had discussed this as a possibility and both were into the idea of her playing with some other men so Jay made no complaints or issues with this man hanging out. Jay noticed Melinda was really enjoying the attention as her nipples were fully erect and her pussy was engorged and red. He was pretty sure Ray noticed too as he was easily half erect just sitting there talking to Melinda. As she continued to relax and get more conversational Ray made his next move grabbing her sunscreen next to her hip he had to lean over her almost like he was going to get on top of her.

"Darling you're going to burn out here with that gorgeous white skin"

Ray quickly rubbed the lotion in his hands ans started to apply it to her calves slowly running his hands all over them massaging her legs and feet. His hands slowly glided higher as he added more lotion and Jay enjoyed that Melinda relaxed her legs and allowed his hands to creep up more and more. Melinda felt her pussy surge with heat as this other man's hands roamed her skin. She loved knowing her husband was watching. the smile on his face told her he was having fun, as did his cock stretching outward in the sun.

He loved the fact that she was allowing herself the freedom to let him watch her at her most primal.

"I bet you forgot your most sensitive skin too didn't you" and he moved some lotion toward her puffy pussy lips. She felt on fire and desperately wanted to be touched.

"yes i did" she said with a smile. She was ready to give this stranger and Jay a show they would never forget.

With that he moved his hands onto her pussy and moved her lips around rubbing her off. He looked over at Jay who continued to lie back and enjoy the show. With no argument there, He inserted a finger into Melinda's pussy curling it up and rubbing the hood of her clit with his thumb. Her hips rocked up ward and he slowed and eventually moved his finger out. Melinda surprised herself. This other man felt new, different and very good. She looked over to Jay and saw him very slowly stroking himself watching her getting off to this man's touch. his smile still very apparent. She could see a look of smug pride watching his wife be such a sexual starlet for him.

"There's a couple of lounges down that path by the tress. I like to sit over there so I'm not so close to the pool area" and with that he left.

With a quick nod, Jay and Melinda walked the short distance to the small tree lined area where Ray was laying on a lounger. His cock was erect sticking up in the air throbbing for attention. Ray was about the same size as Jay was. they both had pretty good sized cocks and thick as well. Jay laid on the lounger that was next to Ray's. His cock hard as well. Melinda leaned over and took Jay into her mouth.

She prided herself on knowing how to keep her man happy and he never complained about how hungrily she would devour his cock. Melinda used her tongue all over Jay's head and up and down his thick veined shaft. He bucked his hips up and down fucking into her mouth. Ray stayed where he was and slowly stroked watching her mouth and tongue work her husband into ecstasy. Melinda positioned her self so he could see her pussy as she was bent over Jay with her ass to him. Another man walked up and stood behind Ray's lounge and watched the scene unfold as well. Melinda had such a rush with 3 guys now all watching and wanting her. She had never really allowed herself to be seen naked outside of Jay or a old boyfriend before and to be naked to everyone let alone doing what she was doing, her pussy was flooding itself.

Melinda gave Ray the sign he was waiting for when she pulled her hand back and pulled open her pussy. Ray obliged and stood behind her sliding the head of his cock up and down her lips. She felt a shock go through her body as his cock stretched her pussy open entering her. Melinda continued to pump her face into her man as Ray slid into her filling her up and making her moan loudly. The combination of Jays hands on her head pumping his cock into her mouth and Ray's hands on her hips as her pumped away at her pussy got her cumming fast and hard. Her tits swinging from being busy at both ends, Melinda was quite the sight. She was incredibly hot feeling this strangers cock sliding in and out of her. His hands grabbing and slapping at her ass. It had been years since anyone had had her other than Jay. She felt incredibly dirty allowing this man to fuck her like this. It made her feel so good. Jay watched from his vantage point, his beautiful wife sucking him so well and this new friend pumping himself into Melinda from behind. He could see by the man's face the pleasure and enjoyment her tight pussy was giving him and he was so proud. He knew his wife was incredible sexually. He was excited to share it. To see this man essentially in ecstasy from her as if he he was realizing for himself that jay was the luckiest bastard on earth to have such a pleasure when he wanted it.

"Oh man she is tighter than I thought she would be" Ray grunted out. His face strained as he drove himself into Melinda harder and harder.

Jay started to pump wildly and his cock exploded into her mouth filling her throat with his warm seed. She hungrily licked and sucked at him until he fell limp and spent. He stood up and grabbed a towel. The man behind Ray's lounge quickly slid into where Jay was laying. Melinda looked at Jay and he was definitely smiling proudly. This was all the encouragement she needed. She was not done yet. She took this man into her mouth as well and gave him the same treatment. Ray started pounding her harder and harder and grunting. She felt him pull out and his hot jets of cum spray on her thighs and pussy lips.

"Oh yeah darling! Get yourself sticky" Ray said.

She started to reach between her legs to rub it into her things and suddenly felt another cock trying to enter her! Another guy? Where was he? She figured,

"oh well"

and let him have his way. He was a thick cock to handle and he stretched her good. She was getting off with every thrust just being a dirty slut for these men. Jay had told her he wanted her to be slut for him and he was definitely getting quite the show. She heard the man currently behind her grunting and groaning as he pushed himself into her pussy.

"you like my dick you little slut? You like getting fucked like this?" He whispered as he bent over her.

Melinda decided to turn things up for her man's enjoyment. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck and his body against her back. They way he was riding her was making her pussy feel like it was receiving electric shocks and it drove her wild.

"oh yes! Fuck me harder, you know I'm his whore! Fuck that pussy!" She yelled out.

She felt wave after wave of orgasm shake through her body making her legs wobbly as these two strange cocks gave her the royal treatment. The man she was sucking was aggressively pinching and squeezing at her big tits keeping the sensations flooding through her body. She felt the man behind her lean back and pump hard and deep into her pussy and he had inserted a finger into her ass and pressed down against his cock, this doubled her sensation and got her hips shaking.

As the man in her mouth reached his peak, he pulled himself from her mouth and with a loud almost shouting groan blasted hot cum all over her tits. This got the man behind her off and he filled her ass and covered her back with cum that ran down her legs. He rubbed his load all over her ass.

"Best pussy Ive felt in years. Amazing fucking woman. I'm in 238.... and i hope I see you two again." He said as he headed down the path.

She toweled off to clean up a bit and sat down, her legs shaking from the body quakes of orgasms she'd been experiencing. There were two more men still waiting! She had no idea where they came from. The heat and throbbing in her pussy still persisted. She needed more and she knew Jay was willingly, happily giving her her fill.

She looked at Jay and he was reclined in the other lounger already hard again at the sight of her handling these horny men for him. Melinda sat up and straddled him sliding him deep into her pussy. she rode him cowgirl style and the other two men approached. She sucked them both alternating stroking and sucking and licking the heads of their cocks. Both these men were loving her attention and she looked up at them making eye contact with them as she took their meat as deep as she could into her throat. then the other, then back and forth. They both were swelling up purple and rock hard right in front of her face.

Eventually she jacked loads from them both onto her big bouncing tits and her face. They rubbed their throbbing cocks on her face and tongue before staggering back and sitting down. Melinda finally rested for a moment taking Jay as deep into her as she could handle when she felt Jay burst in her filling her with cum. His cock throbbing in her and her pussy flooded with Jay and her's cum leaking all over Jay and the lounge. Jay laid next to his woman quiet, content, a silly grin on his face. The mess from their afternoon adventure all over them both. His wife had given him more of a show than he ever thought possible and he was the picture of satisfaction.

They laid there spent for a while trying to contemplate what the next 2 nights would be like!

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