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Close family ties in a snug love nest

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It all started when I met Karen at a dinner party I was invited to. She was a quiet and very feminine woman, fine face and skin and blonde fair features. She was in her later 30’s and was tall graceful with outstanding legs and huge breasts. We talked over coffee and dessert and I got her home phone number and called her the next day.

She was divorced and had married young and had two daughters Tiffany 19 and Amy 18. Although Karen was very quiet, she seemed to lighten up when we talked and I managed to coax smiles and laughter out of her. After several movies and dinner dates, she invited me over to her home for dinner. Meeting her daughters was quite interesting. Tiffany was gregarious, outgoing and loved to laugh and have fun while Amy was quieter but had a very pretty smile. They were both students in college and headed off after dinner to the study. To save money they both lived at home but functioned pretty independently.

Over dessert Karen said she had been on her own for5 years since her divorce from an abusive husband and hadn’t dated since. I poured her another glass of wine and we sat on the sofa in front of the fireplace. As she talked, Karen made it clear how lonely she had been as I pulled her closer to me and began to stroke he long golden hair. She nuzzled in closer and said that she hadn’t had sex in all that time and even then it had been bad. I almost choked on my wine thinking about her long dry spell. Then she asked if I would take her to bed. Smiling at her, she took my hand and lead me down the hall. What about her daughters coming back? They were off to spend the night with friends. As we stood in the dim light of her bedroom, Karen came to me and I kissed her as I undressed her very slowly and laid her in her bed. Without a word she laid back gave me a sweet smile and spread her long shapely legs. I has hard and ready and eased my cock into her slowly. She was tight but wet and she opened even wider so I inched in all 10” thick inches of my cock till I was buried to the hilt inside of her, my big balls resting on her tight little ass. I fucked her very slowly at first letting her get used to the feel of that much cock meat inside of her. She started to purr and moan softly and in a few minutes she lifted her legs up over my shoulders giving me even deeper advantage inside of her. Then I fucked her harder and faster and her breath caught with each hard lunge inside of her> I waited and worked my cock in at different angles being sure to stimulate her juicy little clit and soon she was coming. That first night I fucked her and came deep inside of her six straight times, she just begged each time in my ear to fuck her again. She seemed so surprised that I could go and go and go over and over and soon she was inviting me over on every one of her daughter’s study nights. She loved being fucked all night long and in every position I could get her in. Some nights, I’d fuck her until dawn and leave her there to sleep for a couple of hours before work

One afternoon, I stopped by Karen’s house and found she wasn’t home but when I knocked on the door, Tiffany answered and asked me to come in. Mom has to work late but she said you should wait for her she should be here in a couple of hours. I sat down on the sofa in the den and Tiffany, wearing only a tee shirt with no bra and a pair of short shorts sat down next to me pulling her luscious legs up under her and giving me a smile. She said she’d heard her mother and I the other night and peeked in to her bedroom and saw us fucking. Tiffany smiled and said, that it looked like fun and she’d like to try it too. Come on she said as she ran down the hall to her room. No one else is here and we can do it in my bed. She peeled off her tee shirt and her breasts were full with large dark nipples and she slippe d off her shorts. I know there’s plenty of you to go around here she smiled as she unzipped me and grabbed my swelling cock. Fuck me now, I want you too….She grabbed the edge of the bed , turned away from me and spread her legs as she bent over and said come on I need some of that huge cock too. For the next two hours, I worked Tiffany over. She was an insatiable little Vixen and she loved to have my cock stuffed in her from every angle. She was young and flexible and so horney. I came in her over and over and she came so nicely. Each time she did, she got very loud and shouted yes, yes yesa, fuck my hole! She would squirt and scream and then beg for me to fuck her again. We had wild uninhibited sex for another hour. Then she looked at the clock and said, later, I gotta go no. Dressing quickly, she squeeded my cock again and said lots more later, Ok! Then she out the door and gone. A half hour later Karen was home and we quickly decided that dinner could wait. Running down the hallway, we jumped into Karen’s bed and I sunk my hard as ever cock deep into her as she begged me to fuck her hard. She was on hr third orgasm, moaning loudly when all of a sudden quiet Amy showed up at the door. She looked in and said, can’t you guys keep it down? I need to study, then she looked at me and said or maybe it can wait. Before I could blink, Amy was stripping and slid under the covers in her mother’s bed with us. Oh, don’t mind me she smiled as I slid deeper into her mothers juicy cunt. Amy dived down and began to lick and squeeze my balls as I pumped her mother. Then she said I think its only fair that you share mom, Tiffany told me she already got some earlier and I need it two. What a night sharing Karen’s bed with Amy too. I alternated fucking them while the other would fondle and lick me waiting her turn. Thre three of us fucked all night and in the wee hours of the moning, Tiffany arrived and joined us for a renewed fuck fest. No one was jealous and they seemed to enjoy sharing and taking their turns being fucked. Then Tiffany said, wait till Nana and Auntie about this. They all three smiled at the thought.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread within the family. Nana, turned out to be Karen’s very young looking mother and after meeting her, I could see where the long shapely legs and large breasts came from in the family. Her name was Juanita and she was a very wealthy and successful business woman. Dressed byN ieman Marcus and driving a Cadillac, she was a knock out.

She smiled and said her daughter and granddaughters had told her so many nieces things about me and gave me a smile and a wink. I told he I’d like to stop by her office some time and talk with he. She said, I’d like that very much, you can meet my husband, Bill. So a few days later, I went by her office and she introduced me to Bill. Turns out they had been high school sweethearts, married and had Karen just after graduation. They had built their business into quite a success. Bill did a lot of the markteing and traveled a lot. A few days later, Juanita called me and invited me to lunch. She told me over our coffee at the end of lunch that she had only ever had Bill and from what Karen had told her, she would be very interested to spend some time with me. I should come over on Thursday morning about 7:00 am, when I did I knocked on their door, heard no answer so I let myself in. I could hear that she was moaning and quietly walked in toward their bedroom. Bill was fucking her and facing away from the door so I stood and watched him pounding his cock into Juanita. She saw me gave me a quick glance smiled quickly. I watched Bill fuck her till she came and then he filled her up. I watched as he kissed her, then ducked down the hall into a closet as he dressed to leave for his business trip. As he kissed her goodbye I heard Bill tell her to stay in bed and relax for the morning. As big smile came across my face. Juanita wasn’t going to relax a3t all this morning. Several minutes after Bill’s car pulled out of the drive, I walked into the bed room and saw Juanita smiling up at me. That was quite a performance, I said. Now let’s see if we can top it…

Then Juanita told me that Bill had been her one and only partner all her life. When Karen told her about us and her daughters, Juanita was naturally curious and for the first time she wanted to try something new. She told me Bill had never performed oral sex on her ever and that he only made love to her in the missionary position. Karen told me how big you are and how you can go and go and go. I smiled at her and began to caress her beautiful body. She was naked under the sheets and I knew would be full of Bill’s come, pulling the sheets back, I went down on her, could see hot thick come oozing around her pussy lips. She was wet and hot and as I spread her lovely long legs and dived into her silky beaver, pulled her slender pink lips apart and proceeded to feast on her driving her crazy with my tongue running it over her tiny clit and lapping Bill’s juices out of her. As I dined on her and she got her first ever oral treat, she reached down and put her hand on the huge bulge in my pants. Oh my god she said, it is really so big and hard. Just like Karen told me and more. She unzipped me and released my thick hard cock…Ohhh, be gentle with me! I stepped up my efforts on Juanita’s pussy and could tell right away that she was always going to love oral sex from here on out…I drove her crazy and could feel a huge orgasm welling up deep in her body. Suddenly she lurched up off the bed and released a gush of her pungent juices right into my hungry mouth. I worked her for several more minutes as she grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard. Once I’d cleaned all of the mixture of come and juices neatly around her hole, I rolled her on to her hands and knees and proceeded to fuck her doggie style, inching in slowly finally to the hilt when her breath caught, then I savagely began pounding my cock to the very depths of her pumping and bucking and my balls bouncing, grabbing her hips and driving deeper inside than she had ever been penetrated. She screamed aloud, yesss, fuck me hard don’t quit. I fucked her several more times the rest of the morning pounding my cock into her hungry pussy from every position and angle I could get it into her. She came so many times, I lost count. Finally about 12:30 I heard a car pull in the drive. I thought it might be Bill but Juanita just smiled up at me and said, well you know Karen also told my sister about you so I invited her over. Her sis, was about 46, had the same long legs and large breasts that seemed to bless the whole family. She also had the sweetest heart shaped ass. Juanita didn’t even get out of bed, she just introduced us and pulled back the sheets for her sister to join us. Sis told me, Tiffany has so many great things to say about you and I just had to meet you too. Within minutes, my cock was buried deep in sis’s ass as I fucked her deep and hard and Juanita was licking my balls waiting her turn for her next fucking. We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed and I fucked them both so many times they couldn’t get up. From that day on, keeping it all in the family, I had found such a nice cozy and willing little fuck nest. Sometimes I’d get Juanita in the back seat of hr Cadillac and spread her out on a full length, mink and fuck her out by the lake. Later I’d meet Tiffany between classes or Amy before school. Often I’d meet Karen at my apartment for lunch and we’d see how many times we could fuck before she got dressed and went back to work. Several times I’ve visited Juanita’s sis at her apartment and have fucked her pussy and ass repeatedly on the stair to her floor, on the sofa and the living room carpet and the kitchen too What a great gig, so much hot willing pussy and they all know how to share our little family secret.

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