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Christmas Party!!

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My name is Pam, I'm 43 married to a wonderful man, who I thought until recently was the only man I would ever want or need in bed. About a year ago my husband and I were celebrating with a night of passionate love making, when he started talking very raunchy and asking if another mans cock would feel good and asking me what I would do with a bigger cock the he has been fucking me with the past 24 years. I paid no attention to his remarks outwardly, but I had one of the strongest Orgasams of my life that night.Over the next couple of weeks every time he fucked me he would always bring up my fucking another cock (he never mentioned any man just a cock). I thought he was just adding spark to our wonderful 24 year marriage. Then about 9 months ago he tells me he wants to join a swingers club. I laughed it off and did not take him seriously, He joined. I was shocked I told him under no uncertain terms that we were not interested. He dropped it.I am what my husband says very sexy. 5' 7" 119 34d 23 35. I keep my figure by working out 3-4 times a week. Until my husband started the extra encouragement in our love making I had never thought about other men in a sexual way (sure I looked at all those hot bodies, but nothing else). Over the past 2 months i noticed I was getting more and more looks at the gym from the men working out and even some of the employees. I tried to put what my husband had been saying out of my head, but I was also looking at more and more crotches lately.Then about a month ago he bumped into me while I was working out. His name was Mark, he is a software engineer (whatever that is). I guess him to be about 30-32 and very sexy a perfect body who loves the gym. After the initial meeting He made apoint to bump into me every time he saw me at the gym. We became gym buddies and when my husband started his antics in bed I had a name and a face attached to the cock he was asking me to fuck(my orgasam that night was fantastic).I started looking forward to seeing Mark and even masterbated thinking what he would be like in bed. Last week in the gym he was on his cell phone on his way into the gym, we waved at each other, then he started to leave without even working out. I called out his name and he came over to me. I asked why he was leaving without working out and made the comment that I needed to see his hard body for encouragement. He smiled and said that his girlfriend had just canceled on his companies Christmas Party, he had no date. Without thinking I told him if he did not mind an older women I would be his excited to be his date. He asked about my husband, I told I could get out of the house to go Christmas shopping (my hubby hates shopping). I was wet as I was talking to him, he asked one more time was I sure and then assured me he would be a perfect gentleman. I let my intentions known when I replied I wanted to finally feel that hard body I've seen for the past 2 months. We made a date to meet at a restaurant by the gym the next night. I had an orgasam in my car anticapating the night to come. After 24 years I was gonna give my husband what he wanted, but I would never tell him, I love him to much to let him know even if he says it what he wants. I got home made dinner for the kids and when my hubby got home I fed him and brought out the christmas list and told him he needed to help me as we only had 3 days until Santa was expected.He was not exicited. He told me to take off work and get it finished, just then the phone rang (right on que) It was my friend inviting me to an after hours shopping party that her employer was was giving to its employees as a bonus. All I said was fantastic and thanked her very profusely. when I hung up he asked what that was about I told him I would be gone by the time he came home tommarrow. I told him we had to be there early as they were only letting in 200 non employees.I told him the sale starts at 10pm and not to wait up for me. He informed me he would not be home either as he had been invited to an NBA game with great seats. It was perfect. I was so excited that I made him come to bed early an fuck me, I never initate sex unless I've been drinking, he was curious to be sure, but we had a fantastic session of making love as he pounded me as only he can I had 2 orgasams and started feeling guilty and was gonna call it off, only I didn't have Mark's phone number. I had wild dreams that night I woke up wet and immediately found my hubbys morning woody and had it engulfed when he finally woke up. He came so hard and so much that he wanted to know what was up. I said I was horny and that I loved him. When he left he wasn't coming home before the game as they were gonna meet at a sports bar. I informed I would be shopping and to not wait up for me. I had a hair appointment and had my nails done. I knew exactly what I was gonna wear. last month for my B-day my hubby gave me a very sexy almost slutty outfit from V.S. I knew Mark would love it. A gold silk skirt with a gold lace top that showed just enough clevage to get men excited. I felt guilty not wearing it for the first time for my hubby, but I wnated to rock marks world tonight.I fed my kids earlier than usual and started to get ready. I put some cream on my clit my hubby gave me to intensify my pleasure. I had only used it once before and decided it was so good I would save it for a special occasion. I had a strong margarita for lunch and 2 more drinks before my shower and even another after.I was now primed and loose and beauitful.I got to the bar 5 minutes early and a limo pulled up the driver got out and opened the door for me and My date was pouring me a drink as I climbed in. he was very handsome and incredably sexy. he told me I looked fantastic and told me he would have hard time remembering I was a married woman.I told him tonight I was his. he did not know what to think, I downed my drink and went up to him and put my hand right on his cock it grew in my hand, I then unzipped his suit pants and pulled out a cock that was as perfect as the man attached to it.It was not overly large but was plenty big and as thick as a perfect banana. i swallowed him and was only begining to get into breaking my marriage vows when he flooded my mouth with the sweetest tasting cum. even though he filled my mouth to almost bursting I was dressed to kill so no spilling here, besides I wanted it all and more. he was embarrassed he came so soon. I reminded him tonight I was his, not to worry.I put his perfect cock back in his suit and he handed me another drink. We hadn't gone 10 miles and I had swallowed my first load of cum of the night. As this was gonna be a one night stand I told myself I would enjoy his body as much as he was capable of. the limo was stuck in traffic when I brought his cock to attention again, this time I unzipped his pants brought out my toy and sat right on it.I was wearing stockings and a garter but no panties. he slid in easily as I was so primed and ready. I rode him until we pulled into the hotel parking lot. i used atissue to wipe his second load from my gaping hole as the valet opened the door, I handed the valet my used tissues and asked that he dispose of them. Mark had a huge grin on his face when he saw that and asked if I was this wild at home. I told him this was a once in a lifetime expericence and I was gonna enjoy it very much.Happy hour had just started when we arrived and people were surprised not to see him with his girlfriend he handled it like a gentlemen and said I was a friend of his family in town for the holidays. After yet another drink I pulled him into an alcove down a hallway form the party and had him fuck me standing up, i told him I wanted his cum in my mouth, less than 2 minutes later he was pushing my head down to catch his spurting cock, I could not hide my smile as I had my 3rd load of sweet cum and it wasn't dinner time yet. At dinner we sat with his boss and his wife and 2 other couples, I massaged his cock thru his pants the whole time he was hard by dessert we danced and snuck another alcove fuck before the party was over around 10:30. He then asked me if I had to go home. I said I was free for at least another 3-4 hours. I was having the time of my life I fucked this God like specimen 3 times and got to savior his cock in my mouth twice and I was still very hot for more.We went into the hotel bar for a drink when his friend show up, Bill was a plain stud he was a hunk of a man he stood well over six feet and was younger than Mark by at least a few years.he came to the party with a group of his co-workers who agreed to go stag. when the party broke up they all left and he still wanted to party. I thought I only live once and if Mark wanted to share his Christmas present, I was gonna be a very happy lady tonight. As we were enjoying our first drink and my hands were under the table playing with Marks still perfect cock, Bill must have known something was up because he started telling me that I was too good looking for mark and how did we meet and that anything Mark could do he could do better. I point blankly told him Mark was my fuck toy for the night and I was the one doing all the doing. to show him I put my foot between his legs and found a huge piece of meat comming to attention I had one hand under the table with Mark's cock and m,y leg reaching over to message Bill's growing member. I was leaning back and feeling Mark fondle my breasts thru my top and tell me I was the only women he had ever fucked without seeing her breasts, I reminded we had 3 hours left and there was plenty of time for more fun. Just then The boss showed up with his wife. They had to sit up and look proper, I meanwhile sat up but with one hand under the table and my leg still kneeding a massive hard cock. Tony, Marks boss said they were waiting for an out of town V.P. who missed his plane and the party.After a few minutes Jill, Tony's wife asked me if I would go with her to the restroom, I was a little nervous, she had a few questions for me such as where I was from and How long was I staying in town, just polite talk, she was very nice but she was very tired. I told her mark and I would wait with Tony until the VP showed up. it has now been over 2 hours since I had tasted cum in my mouth or in my dripping cunt. I was incredably horny. Tony escorted his wife up to thier room while we waited for the big shot. I went right back to my charms under the table.I wanted more and fast. Tony came back and matter of factly said that his cock had never been so hard as when he saw me swallow Mark's cock in the alcove afew hours earlier. Mark was embarrassed again and tried to apoligize to his boss. I put another hand under the table and found another already hard cock waiting for me. Tony's cock was not long but was a beer can thick. I had everything under this table Mark's perfect cock Bill's monster cock and Tony and his beer can.I told Tony we needed to go for a ride or get another room. Tony said the company had another room at the Ritz accross the street for the VP as this hotel was already booked when he decided he was comming. As we got into the limo I let both Bill and Tony that I was Marks first and his wants came first. Looking only a little dissapointed they agreed. I then went over to Mark's seat and pulled out my fuck toy and sat on his rigid cock for yet another fantastic fuck, as I sat on Marks lap Tony could not wait and pulled out his beer can and brought it to my mouth it truly was a beer can, but I managed to get more than 3/4ths of it in my mouth, Mark was now fucking me as I was attending to his boss, Bill sat back and looked like a lost puppy, when I came up for air off tony'scock I looked at Bill and said be patient.I plant my lips around Tony's cock again nad he is begging me to take off my top so he can see my tits, he has my nipples rock hard with his words and hands, Mark is really bouncing me all over with his cock burried in me and he lets out a shout and erupts another load of cum in my body. i have yet another orgasam and turn my concentration to my beer can, Just then Tony exploded down my throat a huge load of cum.Apparently we took 20 minutes to go a quarter mile. this told me I had an audience(the driver).The suite Tony booked was on th e 10th floor so as we got into the elevator I went right to Bill's slacks and pulled out his huge cock. I was in heaven this whole evening and it was only getting better. I had Bill cock in my mouth the whole ride till the 10 floor, as the door opened I stood up and put his jacket over his exposed rock hard monster.We saw no one on the way to the room, but Mark was sure to point out the camera's to Bill. once inside the room Tony opened the Bar for drinks I needed no more to Drink just more good hard fun.It was now midnight and I was still very wet excited, and ready for more.the room was a very nice suite with the bedroom in back, I went right back to my monster cock sitting on the couch, he was still hard from the elevator ride and welcomed my mouth on his cock with enthusiam, he grabbed and played with my tits thru my top and had my nipples aching before I relaxed my throat muscles and attempted to swallow his whole cock in my mouth. when I realized I could not take the whole monster down my throat I began my best deep throat technics and was using a finger on his tight balls when he stiffened and I must have relaxed even more because as he exploded down my throat my chin was resting against his balls. i never tasted his load as it went right into my belly I thought he was never gonna stop cumming and that his load was gonna drip out my pussy.After that performance I decided it was now time to shop my body to my boys (Tony had to be over 50)

I went into the bathroom and changed into the sexy VS nightie my hubby gave me 3 week ago for my B-day, it was the same silk as my skirt and the same lace as my top but was crotchless and slightly see thru on my breasts, my hubby said it was sexy and slutty all at once. he was right. That was the first time since I had taken Marks cock in the limo that I even remembered I was married. I still had 3 hard cocks wanting more of me. I felt great as I had numerous loads of cum and been fucked by a god all night and they had not seen me naked yet and all still wanted more. If they only knew that it was me using them. when I walked in to the sitting room in my nightie all three of them turned around and smiled. Mark was in his shirt and pants as was Tony. Bill was down to his underwear and he was getting hard right before my eyes, he had came in buckets just 5 minutes earlier. I told him to wait his turn and turned my attention to my date and escorted him back to the bedroom and preceeded to remove his slacks and shirt with my teeth. he was ready and willing again he layed me down and went down and gave me an explosive orgasam, with his tongue, I begged him to fuck me, he did not dissappoint and started slowly and very easily giving my clit attention with the thrust of his cock i had used my cream earlier and I was delerious with pleasure as he was hitting every hot zone in my body, I had 2 more orgasams before he pumped his perfect seed into my body for the umpteeth time tonight, when he pulled out he went down on me and brought his seed to my tits and fed my mouth with his tongue. I was in heaven.he then asked if I wanted more with the guys and while my mind was truly in extascy my body wanted more, I felt like I was 20 all over again and I did not want it to end. I put my ightie back on went out to join the 3 of them on the couch i went right for Marks cock, still in a state of extasy it had just given me, but I only wanted to taste it once more before I became a slut for the others. Tony was begging to fuck me with his fat cock I went over and sat on his lap while he tried to work his fat cock into me it felt really good and different from Mark or my hubby, as Tony was fucking me I decided his cock was perfect for one of my favorite positions i asked to to fuck my tits he was only too happy. i wrapped my tits around his cock and stuck my tongue at the head as he thrusted back and forth when I had plied the head if his cock loose enough i had him stop and face me, I then attached the tip of his fat beer can cock over my long nipple and told him to fuck my tit till he exploded all over my tits, he was up for it and held his cock firmly locked around my nipple. I love the feel of a cock head wrapped around my nipple and soon had another orgasam. As I enjoyed my big O, he let out stream after stream of cum all over my body.I got up went to the shower and cleaned off for the climax of the night fucking the monster cock of Bill. he tried to join me in the shower and I shooed him away and told him to be patient till I was ready for him. In less than 2 minutes we were on the king size bed in a sixty nine with me savoring his huge cock in my mouth once again. he went right for my clit and it being supercharged I flooded his face in record time, I wanted his cock to do the same down my throat again. he wanted to fuck me and he won out I layed over him and put my tits around his cock and licked it while he was begging to finally fuck me as Mark had done all night.I pulled my tits off his cock and turned over and layed down on the bed, he stood up and held my legs up in the air and slid his cock all the way till his balls, he then pounded his huge cock into me sending shivers thru my body and another orgasam, he was in too big of a hurry as I tried to slow him down as I wanted this fuck to last as long as possible, it wasn't to be as he shot the second biggest load of the night into me. I had another orgasam as he was still pumping his cum into me. his pounding had awaken me again and I went looking for Mark again out in sitting room he was fast asleep and Tony had left also, leaving a note, thanking me and telling me I made his Christmas most enjoyable. Bill came out soon after and said if I could get him hard again he wanted to fuck me again. I was still not satisfied and the thought of taking charge of his monster pole had my mouth wrapped around it in seconds.We were on the couch with Mark asleep in a recliner. I was just getting to mount my stallion again when the door opens and in walks a bellman and the elusive VP, Bill recognized him and made beeline for the bedroom to get dressed Mark did not move.Jeff the VP said the bellman would escort him up to the room and that special gift awaited him, when Jeff said he wanted a night cap first Tony persuaded him to come right up. Jeff was about my age and very handsome, he commented on my nightie and said I was very sexy a he would love a few minutes of my time. i asked him what he was going to do with the bell man he forgot he was still there, he tipped him and I smiled at the buldge in his shorts and waved good bye. Jeff went to get us a drink, when Bill decided to join us. Bill said he had to leave and the phone rang and Tony had booked another room for myself and Mark. I told Bill to take Mark to the room as I wanted a drink with this infamous VP. After they left Jeff and I chatted about nothing and he asked me about tonight and I explained who I was and what i was doing and if he wanted to enjoy my charms for the night he was more than welcome.he was alot more reserve than the others, closer to Mark than either Bill or Tony, we went over to the couch and he started feeling my boobs and telling me his ex wife had tits like mine and he enjoyed them immensenly I told him to get comfortable and went for his cock, it was a piece of steel, not huge not small just right, but he was very hot and the feel was just soo hard. all night I had had hard cocks but at 3 in the morning I was thinking Jeff had the hardest of all, we were locked into a 69 for awhile when he wanted to put his cock in my sweet canal as he called it.we fucked for over 45 minutes changing positions frequently and after I had climaxed on my back and again on my knees, I had him lay down and I mounted him and showed him what my canal could do with a fine specimen and after him saying he never has cum with the lady in top I changed just a little of my movements around his cock and with minutes he shot hes seed so hard up in me I was expecting it to out my mouth. I collasped on him and he stayed in my cunt until he was empty of his seed, he then said he had called Tony around midnight and Tony asked him to find another room as he and 2 colleagues had stumbled on the finest fantasy in thier lives and that the room was occupied, for the night. he then persuaded Tony to extend an Invite to him. i told him I had just met Tony and Bill earlier this evening and that mark had been stood up and i was his date and that my intentions were to fuck his brains out and be a wild woman for one night, with one guy and everything else that happened just happened, but that I loved all of it.I told jeff I needed to get home, he called the front desk and requested a bellman and a limo to take me anywhere I wnated to go I said goodnight and Merry Christmas. As soon as the Bellman and I got into the elevator he told me I was the nicest lady of the evening he has seen here in a long time. He said all the others are real young and pretty and hot but also snotty and spoiled. He guessed my age around 35 and said I was very pretty for my age. He might have been 20 but he was very kind. I asked him if he wanted to have a little fun tonight. he said they would fire him for that.i told him to get into the limo with me an escort me home and that I would need help with my car. In the limo with this Boy I was awaken once again and had his cock in my mouth in seconds and I was really having the time of my life and could not get enough. He came in my mouth with his young sweet cum and then said he would stay hard and could he please please fuck me. Who am I to deny this young man. He fucked me like Bill and came in about 2 minutes. We still had 15 miles to go, he begged me to suck him again so he could fuck me one more time. In less than 5 miles I taught this boy how to eat pussy and had his cock pounding me again at a more relaxed pace so that I tomed his last climax with my own, right as the limo reached my car. he was in love. I gave him my keys and told him to follow the limo to my house with my car. As the limo pulls away the driver lowers the window and thanks me for all the enjoyment I've given him tonight. Your welcome I said. he then asked if my husband approved of my nightly escapades. i told him it was an event that isn't likely to be repeated anywhere except in my memories.When i got out of the limo the bellman was handing me my keys and asking for one more time. I was home, my evening was over 13 hours after it started. So No. I went into the house checked on the kids and went to my bedroom and got ready for a great night sleep. I still had all the shopping to get done.

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