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Christine Makes a Deal

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Christine walked through the door home from a long day at work just in time to hear the phone ring. "I wonder who that could be," she thought as she hurried to the phone.

"Hello," the beautiful young wife said.

"Hi Christine," returned a male voice.

Christine said pleasantly, "Oh hi Bob. I'm afraid Jim isn't here.

Tonight he has class." Bob was a friend of Christine's husband and was a real estate broker.

Bob replied, "That's OK Christine. Actually, it was you that I wanted to talk to."

Bob had been after Christine to help him show property for some time.

Bob knew from watching other female agents that Christine had the potential to be a good agent. She was young, only 26 years old and a bit shy but she had a pleasant personality. The thing that convinced Bob of her potential was her looks. Christine was a very attractive woman. Bob just knew that she could charm the socks off any prospective male buyer. She stood 5'4" with gorgeous legs and a 38DD-26-38 figure. Her reddish brown hair framed a beautiful face and hazel eyes. So far Bob had been unable to interest Christine in changing careers.

Bob continued, "Listen, I have an opportunity for you and I think you'll like it."

"You want me to show a house," guessed Christine.

"Yes, but before you give me your answer hear me out," said Bob.

"OK," said the tired wife.

Bob continued, "I have a client named John Owens who is in town looking at houses. He's fairly young and yet he's looking at property in the 400 thousand range. I'd show the property myself but I've got a conflict this evening. You're my only hope. If you make the sale I'll give you three percent of the sales price. That comes to about twelve grand. What do you say?"

Christine was dumbfounded, "You mean twelve thousand dollars?"

"That's right," confirmed Bob.

Christine thought for a moment about how she could use that money before saying, "What do I have to do, Bob?"

Bob replied, "I have two properties for you to show him. All you have to do is open the door and lead him through each one. Point out what catches your eye in a positive way. Both places are empty so you won't have owners to deal with."

Christine said, "Sounds pretty easy."

Bob continued, "It should be a snap. If you can get him to buy one of the properties the commission is yours."

Christine thought for just a moment then said, "OK Bob, I'll do it.

What's next?"

Bob replied, "I'll call John and tell him that you'll meet him at his hotel at seven then I'll drop over the packet of all you'll need.

Sound OK?"

"Sounds fine," answered Christine.

Bob added, "Oh, and Christine, John is the type who appreciates an attractive woman. Put on a nice outfit if you can."

"OK Bob," said Christine a little annoyed.

"I'll see you in a half hour with the packet," said Bob before hanging up.

"Nice outfit," Christine said to no one still a little annoyed. She didn't really like the idea of dressing up for a man other than her husband, but for twelve thousand dollars it was worth it.

Christine headed quickly for the bedroom. She took off her clothes and stepped into the shower. Ten minutes later she had dried and was going through her closet looking for the "nice outfit". Christine naturally assumed that Bob had meant "sexy outfit". After a few moments she found what she thought Bob had in mind. It was one of her husband's favorites.

Christine started with a matching white bra and panty set. The panties were a very brief thong variety and the bra was lacy and sheer. Over the bra Christine put on a figure hugging white blouse. She added a pair of self supporting suntan hose. Christine finished with her red business suit and four inch red heels. The skirt was short and came to mid thigh and the jacket was cut to her waist. Christine's large bulging bust put quite a strain on the jacket's buttons. The over all effect was that of business attire but very very sexy business attire.

Christine checked herself in the mirror for a moment and felt satisfied that Bob would be pleased. She finished applying her makeup and fluffing up her hair just as he rang the doorbell.

"Wow," said Bob when Christine opened the door. "You look wonderful, just perfect," he added.

Christine blushed and said, "Thanks, Bob, please come in."

Bob walked through the door watching Christine's fantastic ass as she showed him to the living room. "This is going to work out great," he thought. He hadn't said anything to Christine about the fact that his client had asked that Bob find a hot babe to show him around. Bob knew about Christine's shy and reserved nature and didn't want to frighten her away from the task at hand.

They sat down together on the sofa and went over the floor plans and contracts. Bob couldn't resist sneaking peeks at Christine's great figure as they talked. "Jim's a lucky fellow," he thought. After fifteen minutes Bob had to leave for his engagement. He noted that

Christine seemed enthusiastic about the showing. Bob was pleased with that. No sourpuss ever sold anything.

As Bob left the house he said, "I'll be done around 9:30. I'll check back here then."

Christine said cheerfully, "Thanks Bob. I appreciate the opportunity you're giving me."

As Bob waved goodbye, he thought to himself, "Its me who should be thanking you." Bob knew that John Owens would not be a buyer without Christine's help. It suddenly occurred to him that John may have had something else in mind when he requested that a hot babe show him around. Bob dismissed the notion and headed off to his engagement.

Christine was standing in the lobby of John Owens' hotel when two men approached. Christine had told John when she phoned from the lobby that she was wearing red. It really wasn't necessary because she was the only woman waiting in the lobby.

"Hi Christine," said John.

Christine jerked around, slightly started and paused while she took in the man offering his hand. Finally she lifted her hand to his and said, "Hi, you must be Mr. Owens." Christine was not expecting the very handsome man now standing before her. She felt the rush of blood through her veins. John Owens appeared to be in his early thirties with sandy brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He was tall and very fit and was dressed casually in shorts and a golf shirt.

John smiled and said, "Mr. Owens is my father. Please call me John."

He gestured to his companion and added, "This is my business associate Tom Anderson. He's here to keep me in line."

Christine turned to look at the man and found him to be equally attractive. She smiled a little nervously and said, "Its nice to meet you.."

"Tom," he interrupted. Tom was dressed similarly to John. Christine wondered now if she was a little too dressed up. She noticed both men looking her body over in the way that men usually did.

"Tom," she agreed with a nervous giggle. Christine felt the heat in her cheeks and new that she was blushing. She realized that despite her business attire the men seemed to be pleased with her appearance.

Gone was the annoyance that she felt earlier about having to wear a "nice outfit". Now she felt proud of her figure and was pleased that the men had noticed. She felt a tingle between her legs. She tried to ignore it.

After the awkward pause Christine said, "Gentlemen, if you would like I can drive you to the properties that Bob suggested."

John responded, "That won't be necessary Christine, my driver Jeffrey can get us there if you give him the directions."

Christine and the two men left the hotel through the front door and found Jeffrey and a stretch limousine parked at the curb. The large black man quickly opened the door and Christine disappeared into the car. Before both men entered, they gave each other a wink. They were very pleased with their hostess.

Christine learned on the way to the first property that John wanted this house for the occasions when he would be doing business in town.

It seemed that Mr. Owens was very wealthy and had homes in several cities. He required a home that he could entertain in and wasn't interested in anything that was suited for a family. He was not married.

They arrived at the first property and Christine began her best sales pitch. She was a little annoyed that the air conditioning was not operating as it was early August and very hot. After ten minutes of the sweltering heat Christine asked the men if they would mind terribly if she removed her jacket. Both men quickly made it plain that they wouldn't mind one bit. Christine smiled nervously at their eagerness.

Tom offered to hold Christine's information folder as she unbuttoned her jacket. Both men sighed as the bulge of her magnificent bust was uncovered. The shear blouse did little to hide the lacy bra underneath. Christine removed her jacket, folded the garment over her arm and thanked Tom for his assistance with her papers.

John and Tom followed Christine around the house as she pointed out things. They looked at her as much as the house. She was not oblivious to the looks they were stealing. She felt flattered at the attention.

She felt good knowing that the two handsome men appreciated her body.

Christine could now feel a dampness between her legs. She reminded herself that she was a married woman but the tingle between her legs persisted.

It became clear soon enough that this property was more suited for a family and not for a bachelor using the place for business entertaining. Christine suggested that they move on to the next property. As Christine approached the car Jeffrey held the door open.

It was clear from his expression that he liked Christine better without her jacket. John winked at him as Christine entered the car and Jeffrey returned the wink.

Ten minutes later they were standing in front of the second property.

This house seemed to suit John's needs more. Christine was thrilled when John said, "This is exactly what I'm looking for." She could feel that twelve grand in her hands already and was thinking of ways to spend it. Finally John suggested that they find a place to talk about the terms of the sale. He asked Christine if she could suggest a nice restaurant for them to get a bite and talk.

Moments later the trio was seated in one of Christine's favorite places. They had a nice meal and spent most of the time talking about the city and Christine. She found herself enjoying the two men's attention a great deal. After a couple of glasses of wine Christine had really loosened up. John and Tom noticed this and began to compliment Christine on her beauty. She returned the compliment suggesting that a woman couldn't have two more handsome companions.

After Christine had finished the compliment she wondered how she could have been so bold. Too many glasses of wine was the answer but she didn't seem to care. She was having a great time and she liked the two men. She liked them a lot. Christine couldn't help letting her eyes linger over her companion's bodies. She sensed that the crotch of her panties was now soaked. She couldn't remember that happening since the first few dates with her husband.

Christine struggled to get a hold of herself. Despite her shy nature she was a very passionate woman. Until tonight that passion had been directed solely at her husband Jim. Christine couldn't believe how wonderful she felt being with these men. Finally she managed to collect her thoughts. She realized that there was business to attend to. One positive effect of the alcohol was added confidence. She was now determined to do whatever was necessary to make the sale. That very thought caused yet another tingle to be felt between her legs.

Christine chose a lull in the conversation to say, "So John, can I get you to sign a contract on the second property."

John smiled at Christine and her direct question and said, "Christine, I like the house a lot but I'm not sure I can agree to all of the details of the purchase."

Christine looked into John's eyes and said, "I see." After a moment she added, "You are welcome to make any offer you like."

Christine thought to herself, "I wonder what would satisfy him."

Suddenly, an amusing thought crossed her mind. She made a mental note to try to suppress her hormones.

John noticed a little gleam in Christine's eyes. He frowned, looked away from Christine and said, "Well, I would like to discuss a few points with Bob if I could."

Christine glanced at her watch and replied, "Bob is supposed to meet me back at my house in a few minutes. I would be happy for you to come by and discuss this further with Bob if you're sure I can no longer be of assistance." Christine surprised herself again with the suggestive comment. She couldn't believe the effect these men were having on her.

John's attention returned to the beautiful woman as she spoke. He thought he noted a suggestive smile at the end of Christine's last statement. He wondered if the assistance that she implied was the type that he really wanted from her. John wasn't sure. Christine had been very business like and her manner, until recently, had been a little reserved if not shy. Was it possible that she would use herself to close the deal. He decided to play out this possibility.

John looked seriously at Christine and said, "It's possible that you can satisfy my needs, Christine. If you don't mind perhaps we could go to your home and discuss things further. If I'm not satisfied then maybe Bob can work things out."

Christine allowed a brief smile to form before she said, "That would be fine with me." She added, "Oh, would you drop me back to my car at the hotel?"

John replied, "Ah, don't worry about it. I'll have Jeffrey see to it that its delivered back to your home safe and sound."

Christine smiled and thanked John. He called for the bill and twenty minutes later they were sitting comfortably in Christine's living room. John and Tom sat on the sofa and Christine sat in a chair facing the two men. It was well past 9:30 and Bob hadn't arrived yet. John had already explained to Christine that the financial aspects of the deal were not a concern.

This bit of information confirmed the suspicions Christine had about this deal. She thought back to the conversation at the restaurant. She recalled the looks she received from the two men and the fact that Bob had requested that she handle this showing. It was all pointing to one thing. Christine knew what was at stake and what was necessary to close the deal.

Christine asked, "What have I missed? Are you sure there isn't something I can do to help you make your decision?"

Again, John noticed that smile. He also noticed that several buttons on Christine's blouse were now undone displaying a heavenly cleavage.

John looked up at the ceiling and calculated his statement. Finally he said, "I think there is something you can do, Christine. I am aware that you stand to make several thousand dollars commission on this sale. I'll see to it that your commission is doubled if you satisfy my conditions for purchase."

Christine uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again allowing her short skirt to ride up. She smiled as she played with the next buttoned button on her blouse and said, "That's very generous John.

You can count on me to do whatever is necessary to make the sale."

John and Tom sat on the sofa watching Christine play with her button.

John said, "I'm very glad to hear that Christine." As John spoke,

Christine began to slowly unbutton the remainder of the buttons on her blouse. John continued, "I can see that we think alike. I am certain that it will be a great pleasure doing business with you."

Christine stood up in front of the two men and removed her blouse.

Again the two men sighed at the site of her fabulous bust now only covered by her lacy bra. With only a small pause, Christine began to slowly lower her short skirt. John and Tom took the opportunity to remove there cocks from their shorts while Christine did her strip tease. John still wasn't quite sure if Christine intended more than just a strip tease. He hoped that she was savvy enough to know that his intentions were to have sex with her.

When Christine caught site of the two large specimens of cock flesh her passions ignited. Christine swooned and began to rub her very wet mound. Her other hand began to pinch her nipples, first one then the other. She no longer remembered who she was. The alcohol and the circumstances had turned her into nothing more that a female in heat.

She could think of nothing more that those two big cocks and her very wet cunt.

John stroked his big cock as he watched the beautiful and sexy woman rubbing herself before him. He was rock hard and ready. Christine couldn't take her eyes off John's eight inch pole. Slowly she moved closer to John until she stood over him. Christine looked John right in the eye as she rubbed her cunt with her right hand and massaged her big tits with the left.

Christine broke eye contact and looked down between her heaving tits to her mound. John's eyes followed as did Tom's. Slowly, Christine pulled aside the panties covering her cunt showing the men what was underneath. She used both hands to open up her slick opening so that both men could see just how hot and juicy she was. As John watched the wonderful site he noticed that Christine was getting closer and closer. Soon her slick opening hovered over his very hard cock but only for an instant.

A second later Christine had impaled herself on the shaft. It slid into her buttery hole with no effort at all. "Oh YES," she bellowed.

To make the sale Christine WAS willing to go all the way. Her reward was an instant fiery burst of sensations that consumed her.

Christine's orgasm was one of the largest that she could remember when she could remember again. John held on tight as she shook and vibrated from her head down to her toes. He'd never seen anything like it.

Christine began to frantically bounce up and down on John's cock. She made grunting noises with each plunge. John reached around and unhooked Christine's bra. She pulled it the rest of the way off allowing her big tits to escape. Christine pulled John's head into her bosom and smothered him as she pumped up and down on his shaft. John had remarkable staying power considering the treatment he was getting from the sexy overheated woman.

Two minutes later Christine was again climaxing. She screamed, "God, it feeeeeellllss ssoooo gggoooooddd." Once she had returned from bliss, John pulled her off his cock. Christine was clearly disappointed. Tom got off the sofa to give the couple more room. He sat in the chair and watched as John removed Christine's panties and then pulled her pussy over his mouth. He had to taste what had been giving off that wonderful aroma. Christine's sex was covered with the juices of two orgasms. John dove in and was soon in heaven. Christine moaned loudly as his tongue began to work on her clit.

"That's it. Lick it. Oh, that feels so wonderful," said Christine. She mashed her pussy into John's face to make tighter contact. Christine finally opened her eyes and noticed John's throbbing cock in front of her. She pulled herself into the classic 69 position and began to return the favor to John. She slurped his cock with abandon. After licking the shaft from head to balls, she took the shaft into her throat and just held it there for safe keeping. Christine concentrated on the wonderful job John was doing on her clit while squeezing his cock with her throat muscles. Finally, she came up for air before running through the same routine again.

John couldn't believe what Christine was doing to his cock. He knew that if she kept up this treatment that he would blow his load.

Christine paused as she licked John's shaft to examine his large balls. She observed, "Oooh John, it looks like your balls are swollen with sperm. God, I'd love to have you fill my body with your cum."

Christine's words inflamed John. They also perked Tom's interest. What male would dismiss a female's craving of his sperm. It's biology. If a female wants it then she should have it. John lifted the still slurping Christine off him and laid her on her back on the sofa. He wasted no time in burying his cock deep inside Christine's pussy. John began to fuck her hard and she lifted her pelvis to meet each of his strokes.

Christine alternated rubbing her clit, pinching her nipples and pinching John's nipples. She encouraged John by begging, "Give it to me, baby. I want it hard and fast."

Each panting word from Christine inflamed John more and more. They continued to thrust into each other for several minutes before John announced, "Here it comes, baby."

Christine moaned back, "Fill me up with your sperm, John." With one last thrust John complied with Christine's request. She climaxed a second time as she felt his final thrust. His ass clinched with each pumping squirt that soaked deep into Christine's womb. Eight squirts later he relaxed on top of Christine and kissed her passionately on the lips. As there juices mixed, so did their tongues. It was complete intimacy.

John finally broke the kiss and said, "Baby, you are fantastic. I haven't had a fuck like that in a long time."

Christine smiled and said, "We're not through yet stud. I'm just getting started."

John chuckled, glanced at Tom and said, "Re-enforcement's?"

Tom was ready. He said, "Stand aside John, if you please."

Christine was a bit puzzled but quickly realized that John was passing the baton to Tom. Her first thought was that she wanted another round with John but the altered plan seemed fine. She thought, "If Tom is half as good as John then they can trade off as long as they want."

Tom started by kissing Christine's large tits. She moaned as he let his teeth pull gently at her nipples. Christine caressed his head with her hands as he put love bites all over her tits. She was heating up again. She pulled Tom away from her tits and kissed him passionately.

Tom's cock grazed Christine's thigh and left a trail of pre-cum. She began to hump her cum filled cunt toward Tom's cock. We little help from Tom Christine's cunt was able to hunt down the head of his cock.

Tom did the rest and plunged in smoothly.

Tom fucked Christine as vigorously as John did. His cock was the same length as John's but slightly thinner. Christine's tight box could barely tell the difference between the two. Christine's brain was yet again in sexual ecstasy. She came for a third time as she bellowed,

"Fuck me hard. Give it to me, baby. I'm cuuummmmmmiinnnngg."

Mid way through Tom and Christine's fuck John realized that Christine was a very passionate and possibly insatiable. He was glad. He would be paying her a sizable sum and wanted to get his money's worth. John made it a point to reward his employee's whenever possible. This situation would give him the opportunity. Christine was already working over Tom and he was enjoying himself immensely. John felt he should allow Jeffrey to have the same enjoyment. While Christine and

Tom were in the throws of ecstasy he slipped on his pants and left the house to find Jeffrey. A moment later the two men reentered the house to find Christine sucking enthusiastically on Tom's cock. Jeffrey couldn't believe his eyes.

Tom was nearing his first climax. He croaked, "Christine, you do that so well. You're about to get a reward."

Christine pulled the cock from her mouth and stroked it while she said, "Oh baby, let me taste your juice."

Tom's first squirt splashed against Christine's face. She quickly latched onto the cock head and sucked the remainder of Tom's cum out of his cock. Her actions caused Tom to shiver all over and jerk out of control. He involuntarily jerked his cock from Christine's mouth.

Fortunately, she had sucked him dry.

Christine looked up at John and noticed Jeffrey for the first time.

She smiled and said, "More help, eh John?" She sat up and motioned for Jeffrey to come closer. She worked his uniform trousers down to his feet while he removed his coat and shirt. Jeffrey stepped out of his pants and slipped off his loafers. Christine slowly worked his boxers down exposing a very large cock. It had to be ten inches long and very thick.

Christine immediately attacked the long fleshy tube. She could only get about four inches into her mouth. It was simply too thick.

Christine satisfied her lust by licking the shaft from head to root.

She took Jeffrey's massive balls into her mouth and sucked on them.

Christine commented, "Oooh, I'll bet these balls have enough seed in them to drown me. God, what a way to go. It might be worth it."

John and Tom watched with amazement as the sex crazed woman bathed Jeffrey's cock and balls with her tongue. Christine had Jeffrey raise one leg and place it on the back of the sofa to give her better access. This allowed her to work behind Jeffrey's balls and swab down his asshole. The trio of men had never seen a woman this hot.

Finally, Christine said, "Jeffrey, I want this baseball bat of yours in my pussy now."

Jeffrey didn't have to be told twice. Christine was back on her back and Jeffrey had the huge head of his cock knocking at Christine's pussy. He thrust in and in and in. She took the entire length. The woman was designed to take cock and a lot of cock. She swooned and shivered with the very full penetration. One stroke later and

Christine screamed, "Fuck, I'm cuuummmiinnnggg."

Jeffrey didn't stop. He began to saw into Christine as she flopped around on the sofa. She was in a sexual frenzy. She seemed to be having a continuous orgasm. She moaned and grunted trying to communicate but nothing was getting through. Jeffrey seemed to be able to go on forever. John and Tom watched as Jeffrey tortured Christine for fifteen minutes before blowing his load up her cunt. Christine was out of it after Jeffrey had finished. It took her a couple of minutes to be able to form a sentence.

Finally Christine croaked, "God, was that great." She sat up and several large globs of cum bubbled out of her pussy and dripped onto the floor.

Tom said, "Look at that drooling pussy would you."

Christine scooped up what she could from her pussy and fed it to her mouth. She groaned with each taste as though she was tasting an expensive dessert.

"I see you're doing all you can to please the client," said Bob. John had answered the door while Jeffrey was rewiring Christine's circuits.

Now Bob had walked up to where Christine was sitting and eating her snack.

Christine jerked her head up in the direction of the new male voice.

Bob's thick cock met her face to face. Before she could say anything

Bob put the head of his cock in her mouth. Still somewhat in a sexual daze, Christine began to slurp Bob's cock with wild abandon.

Bob said, "I've dreamed of this Christine ever since I met you and you've exceeded my dreams. Wow, does your mouth feel good."

Christine looked up into Bob's eyes and she smiled around his cock.

Bob continued, "As wonderful as your mouth feels, I would like to try another hole. It looks like the clients have done an admirable job on your pussy. I think I'd like to try your asshole."

Christine pulled Bob's cock from her mouth and said, "Oh yeah Bob, fuck my ass."

Christine turned around and put her knees on the sofa and rested her arms on the back of the sofa. Bob scooped up some of the still flowing juices from Christine's pussy and rubbed them on her asshole.

Christine had left Bob's cock slimy with her saliva so he was good to go. Slowly he eased his tool into Christine's ass. He gave her plenty of time to adjust to his thick cock. After a couple of slow strokes

Bob let Christine have it. He looked like a locomotive pumping into her. Christine began to whine and whimper with the onslaught. She had an orgasm the minute he started slamming her.

Christine began to get used to the pumping. The sensations she was feeling had leveled off to constant fire of pleasure. Most of the time her gaze was fixed over her shoulder at Bob's face or the shaft that penetrated her. Her gaze was broken at one point when Jeffrey groaned and said, "Man, what a fine piece of ass."

Christine looked up and smiled at Jeffrey and crooked a finger at him.

He walked around the sofa and stood in front of Christine. She didn't hesitate to take Jeffrey's semi hard cock into her mouth. She began to make a mess of his cock and her mouth. Saliva was flying about and her grunts filled the air. Jeffrey's face was a torture of pleasure. He gasped, "Whoa, can this bitch suck cock." After five minutes he filled

Christine's mouth and she swallowed the entire load.

Tom was next in her mouth after a small adjustment on the couch. John had slipped under Christine and now had his cock up her cunt. Bob continued in her ass and Tom plugged her mouth. Now Christine's squeals were muffled but they still indicated her climaxes. They seem to be coming with regularity now that three cocks filled her body. The men developed a rhythm and kept Christine trapped between them. She had no where to go but ecstasy.

Bob, John and Tom plowed ahead keeping the hot female quivering between them. Christine's circuits were now on overload. She was reaching the limits of her ability to take pleasure and stay conscious. Fortunately for her, the men were nearing their end as well. Tom was first delivering another foamy load into Christine's mouth. She tried to swallow it all but she was too overwhelmed by the other stimulation.

Bob was next. He wanted to finish in Christine's mouth as well and she obliged him missing only a few drops of his gooey load. Now unencumbered, John began to slam the sexually overloaded woman down hard on his cock. Christine's energy had been depleted to the point that she was only able to muster a whimper at the final onslaught. A few strokes more and John added another load to the beautiful woman's womb.

Christine collapsed against John totally exhausted. Only one thing could have caused Christine to snap her head around.

"Well well Chrissy. It looks like you're been having a party without me," said Christine's husband Jim as he leaned against the door jam.

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