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Charity Auction

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I guess this story all started a little more than a year ago. My husband bought an old car that he had found for sale on the internet. I thought he was pretty silly, spending that much money for a car that was almost forty years old and in such horrible shape. It was a 1969 Dodge Superbee. We drove out with a friend to look at it, and when I saw it I thought he had lost his mind for sure. It was in pieces. The guy who owned it had started to restore it, but apparently hadn't gotten very far.

My husband, Dale, wanted it because his father had owned one when he was a kid and he had always wanted one. It had a lot of sentimental value for him.

We?ve been married for five years now and he had gotten lucky when he graduated from college and gotten a good job and progressed rapidly. We now had plenty of cash to play with, so I guess I couldn't really complain. Dale's friend had a large flatbed trailer and they wrestled the car and its various parts onto the trailer and tied it all down and we took it home with us.

It turned out that the car was in better shape than it looked when it was scattered around that guy's barn, and with the help of the local classic car club Dale had it restored and looking like a new car in a little under a year. It was actually a beautiful car, I was surprised. It also sounded great, and it was the most powerful car that I had ever ridden in.

After the car was complete we started going to shows. There were local car shows about once a month and we often drove to nearby cities to attend larger shows. A lot of the guys also had custom motorcycles and they were a growing part of the show as well. The car club was a pretty close knit group and we did a lot of things together. I was kind of glad that we had gotten the car because I was having fun with it now too.

Things didn't start getting weird until we went to a show in a nearby state. It was being held at a fairground and we caravanned up there with our cars and motorcycles on trailers. This time, however, instead of staying at local motels as usual, we had planned on camping on a portion of the fairground that had been set aside for us.

I had some pretty mixed feelings about that. I?m twenty-four years old and have never been camping. I had no desire to start. I let myself get talked into it, mainly because the way it was described to me it sounded like it was going to be one big two day party. So Dale and I went shopping for a tent and sleeping bags and all of the assorted paraphernalia required for civilized people to go camping.

We had our own trailer by now and Dale loaded up the Superbee and we all met up at the local K-Mart parking lot and then headed for the show. As usual there were about a dozen couples and half a dozen guys who were either single or their wives didn't want anything to do with cars and camping.

We left after work on Friday and got to the fairground in about three hours. We were shown to the camping area and it was pretty primitive. They had set up a communal shower using some pallets and canvas and hoses. They had brought in a half a dozen port-o-potties and lined them up nearby. Someone had been nice enough to stack up a bunch of firewood for us. That came in handy.

We set up the tents and rolled out the sleeping bags and then we built a campfire and we sat around drinking beer and talking and joking and relaxing before we went to bed.

I am not sure who started it, but I suspect it was Glenn. Somehow we started talking about doing things for charity, doing things like raffles and the like to collect money over the year and at the end of the year turn it all over to a charity in one lump sum.

They started talking about having an auction, and thinking of what they could auction off. The beer was flowing pretty heavy. I guess that was why so many people thought it would be fun to auction off the wives for the weekend, one wife every weekend that we went out of town for a show. It would only be between the members of the club. Each wife would be auctioned off and then would be the slave of the person who bought her for the entire weekend.

I personally thought that was pretty demeaning, but a lot of the girls thought it sounded like fun. Don't misunderstand, I am not a prude. I have competed in wet t-shirt contests and gotten a kick out of it. In fact, I won one of them, and I believe that I would have won another if my B cup breast had not been competing with a set of double Ds.

A few times I have flashed guys, truckers on the highway or every now and then when we went out dancing I'd wear something maybe a little too daring. I do it because my husband gets a kick out of it, but sometimes I get turned on by it too. Showing off a little is one thing, I didn't like the sound of this slave thing, and there didn't seem to be a lot of rules.

They kept talking it up and trying to figure out how it was going to work and before I knew what was going on that son-of-a-bitch I was married to had offered to put me up for auction first. Right now!

I kept insisting I wouldn't do it, but somehow I ended up standing next to Carl in the firelight and he was taking bids. Everyone was laughing and joking and having a great time. I was pretty nervous, and more than a little pissed at my husband.

The bidding started out pretty low, and pretty intense. I should mention here that owning and showing classic cars can be an expensive hobby. A lot of these guys had a lot more money than sense. Still, I was shocked when Glenn finally won me with a winning bid of twenty-five hundred dollars!

I like Glenn. He is funny and personable and pretty easy on the eyes. He is also something of a male chauvinist pig.

I looked at Dale, wondering what the hell he had gotten me into. All I saw was pride. He didn't have a clue what I was going to have to go through this weekend. He was just so fucking proud that his wife had produced such heated bidding and such an outrageous winning bid.

There followed a bunch of crude jokes about the kinds of things I was going to have to do for Glenn this weekend, and everyone but me seemed to think it was exciting. Even the other women!

Glenn came up and claimed his prize and led me back to his chair and pulled me into his lap. At first he just held me there with his arm around me and teased me about how much fun he was going to have this weekend with his sexy young slave. Glenn is almost fifty. I imagine it has been a long time since he had his arms around a girl my age.

He pretty much behaved himself . . . at first. But over the next hour I had to get up and get us both a beer twice. He insisted that I keep up with him. As the night wore on his hands started moving to places his hands weren't supposed to be.

I tried to discreetly discourage him, but not only did he ignore my protests, the rest of the club was watching us and they kept insisting that I was property now and could not object. Even my husband, who had no idea how much trouble he was in when I got his ass home!

I was dressed in a loose fitting crop top and a pair of loose terry cloth shorts and panties. It's the perfect outfit for long car trips and camping out. Until you end up being pulled into the lap of a man who is twice your age and who has been divorced for more than two years and has a very good idea of what he needs a woman for.

By the time he ordered me to get us each our first beer I was grateful. His hands were getting to be a real problem, and he didn't care who was watching. I got up and looked through the coolers until I found the right brand of beer and as soon as I returned he pulled me right back into his lap and took up where he had left off.

It wasn't long before he had a hand moving up inside my top and teasing the underside of my breasts. A lot of things started to work to Glenn's advantage right then. My husband seemed to be enjoying the show as much as anyone else, the bastard. The other people in the club were urging Glenn on. Even the women were encouraging him.

Then there was the fact that Glenn was, as I said, pretty good looking and in very good shape for a man half his age. There was one other thing working for him as well. He was a very dominant person. He is one of those people that always seem to be in charge, and always the center of attention.

Here is where I need to mention one of my favorite fantasies. Not even my husband knows about it. I suppose one of the reasons that I objected so strenuously to being auctioned off was that my most erotic fantasy is that I am totally under the control of a man like Glenn, someone who is strong and, not to put too fine a point on it, selfish.

I have had slave girl fantasies since I started stumbling through puberty. In other words, the idea of being totally submissive to a dominant man turned me the fuck on. I had never intended to explore those fantasies though, in large part because my conscious mind was fully aware of just how demeaning they were.

Now I found myself sitting in front of my friends and my husband with a friend openly fondling, no groping my breasts. It appeared that some of the women were beginning to get uncomfortable with what was happening right in front of them. Only a few of them though, most were still urging him on.

The men weren't having any second thoughts though, not even my husband.

By the time we had finished the two beers that I had gotten for us, Glenn had pulled my top up over my breasts and when he was encouraged by the men gathered around watching, he slipped it over my head and tossed it away. I had by then, because of all of the reasons that I just listed, and because of all of the beer, given up. I had stopped fighting and made the decisions to teach Dale a lesson. Besides, I said, I was getting turned on.

We finished our beers and Glenn was about to take me to his tent. I hadn't been expecting that! I thought that I would still be spending the night with my husband. I am apparently the only one who thought that though. Glenn was met with a chorus of disappointed voyeurs when he started to say goodnight, so he agreed to have one more beer before turning in.

He set our empty bottles down beside him and helped me to my feet. Before I could turn to get us two more beers though, he reached out and slipped my shorts off so fast it made my head spin. I was left standing in a pair of thin, blue, nylon bikini panties and when I started to protest he said, "If you want to keep those panties on for a while, you had best go get us another beer."

There was actually applause from the rest of the members of the club! I was so self conscious as I moved to the other side of the fire and dug two more beers out of the cooler. I felt everyone's eyes on me and as embarrassed as I was, I was twice as excited. I was glad that it was so dark that no one could see how damp the crotch of my panties must have been.

I hurried back to Glenn. I wasn't anxious to get back into his clutches so much as to be taken into his large arms and not as openly on display. As soon as he had pulled me back into his lap his hands started exploring again. His hands moved over my breasts and down my stomach and he easily wedged my thighs apart and began to slide his large fingers up and down my moist slit.

As he did he started whispering to me how much fun he was going to have this weekend. He told me how hot he thought I was and how horny he was and all about how he was going to ruin me for any other man with his big cock.

I could feel his large cock under my ass and it did feel very large. I was so turned on now that I hoped he wasn't all talk. I had never had the pleasure of experiencing a large cock.

I didn't turn loose of my virginity until I was in college. I slept with four men in college. Dale was the fourth and last. All of them had cocks within what I knew to be the normal range. They were all six or seven inches long and about an inch in diameter, give or take. I had enjoyed them and I enjoyed sex with Dale. I doubt if there is a woman out there, though, who doesn't wonder what it would be like to be taken by a large, strong man with a big cock.

Everyone here tonight knew that I was about to find out.

The conversation had pretty much come to an end. Now everyone was staring at my nearly naked body, and the things that Glenn was doing to it. It was the strangest situation that I could ever imagine. I could never explain why I let this happen to me. I still won't even try.

When we had finished the last beer, Glenn pushed me to my feet again and with the same surprising speed as when he had removed my shorts he reached out and quickly slid my panties down and had me step out of them. There was another round of applause and then he led me to the nearby port-o-potties and we both emptied our bladders before going to his tent.

The fire was dying down as we returned to the tents, but nearly everyone was still sitting around it, watching as we returned to say goodnight. He led me to his tent and held the flap for me.

Inside, I found myself lying on my back, on his sleeping bag while he stared down at me and undressed. I kicked my sandals off and I was ready. God was I ever ready!

I watched Glenn undress and when he dropped his pants and shorts and I saw his large cock for the first time I whispered under my breath, "Holy shit!" He smiled and moved closer and took my hand and wrapped it around his cock and as I slid my hand up and down his hard shaft he said, "You ever have a cock that big before little lady?"

I shook my head.

At between eight and nine inches it was longer than any I had seen. The amazing thing though, was how fat it was. At the head it was twice as thick as my husband's, and it got fatter and fatter until at the base it was at least three times as big around as my husband's. I stared at it in awe for several minutes. I moved my hand up and down over it until his shaft and my hand were covered in the slick liquid that was oozing from the large hole in the very tip.

Then, without any encouragement from him, I moved up and began to kiss it, and then lick it lovingly. He watched me and as I worked his cock with my tongue I kept glancing up and seeing the lust on his face and I was just getting hotter and hotter. I finally spread my lips around the head of his cock and forced my lips down over it as far as I could.

By the time the head of his cock reached the entrance to my throat I had not quite half of his cock in my mouth and my lips were spread so far apart that it was painful. I started hearing funny noises and it was probably a minute before I realized that they were coming from me! I was making some kind of whining animal like noise as I tried to force more and more of his cock into my mouth.

While I was doing that, Glenn was sliding two fingers in and out of my naked slit and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to feel it fill my mouth and shoot right down my throat. Yet I was so impatient to get it in my pussy, to feel myself stretched around his cock and feel his large body looming over me, taking me, making me his slave.

It wasn't up to me though. Glenn couldn't wait any longer. He pushed me down onto my back and climbed over me and said, ?It's time slave. Put the head of my cock in your juicy cunt and I'm going to give you the ride of your fucking life."

I eagerly reached between us and grabbed his cock and lined it up with my soaking wet slit. When he felt it in place he stared down at me and with our eyes locked he said, "Here it comes, bitch. You are never going to forget this moment, not as long as you live."

He started slowly forcing his cock into me and my arms came up and went around his neck and my legs wrapped around his thighs and I started crying out loudly, and I didn't care who heard it!

I must have had two orgasms before his cock was buried all the way in my pussy. I had never felt anything like it. Hell, I had never even imagined anything like it! It was the most wonderful feeling that I have ever experienced. What happened after that was just a blur of lustful, orgasmic images.

I came and I came, over and over, and I screamed out my lust and I yelled at him to fuck me harder. He really knew what he was doing. It was the most fantastic sexual experience of my life . . . so far anyway.

By the time he finally tensed up and came in me I was as limp as a dish rag. I lay there under him as he stretched out over me, supporting his weight on his arms and his knees and I moaned in pleasure. I reached my head up and licked the sweat from his chest and just kept saying crazy things about how good it was.

When his cock had finally softened he rolled over and I sat up and got to my knees and leaned down and kissed it and licked it and made groveling noises that I had never made before. I didn't know what Dale had in mind. I can tell you that right there and then I resolved that there was no way that I would go the rest of my life without doing this again!

It had not been my intention, but I ended up licking his beautiful cock clean and when I was done he pulled me down beside him. Taking my left breast in his right hand, he squeezed it possessively while smiling down at me. ?That was the most fantastic fuck that I have ever had Kelly. I am telling you right now, there is no way that I am not going to be getting more of your sweet ass after we get home. I don't care if I have to r*pe you."

I smiled at him and said, "I was just thinking the same thing."

Then he did something that was totally unexpected. He reached down and scooped up the large volume of cum that was oozing out of my pussy and said, "Open your mouth slave."

I did! I knew what he was going to do, and it was something so nasty that I couldn't even contemplate it. I didn't refuse though. His fingers moved into my mouth and I sucked them clean, and he repeated the process until my pussy was clean. All the while he was feeding me his cum he was talking quietly to me, telling me how hot I was, telling me what a slut I was, and telling me how he was going to train me right this weekend.

I just groaned lustfully and sucked his fingers as I stared into his eyes and held his huge cock in my small hand. As I moved my fingers up and down his shaft I felt it twitching and growing and smiled. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted more.

Glenn turned over on his back and ordered me to suck him off and I instantly moved back into position and took his big cock in my mouth. It wasn't so bad at first. His cock grew quickly though, and soon I was back to sucking the top half of his cock and moving my small hands over the other half, trying to please him.

I had just started when the flap on the tent was pulled open. I was startled and I started to pull away, but Glenn ordered me to keep sucking. I heard someone behind me undressing. I didn't know who was sharing the tent with Glenn, but I had forgotten all about that other sleeping bag on the other side of the tent. Now I knew that one of my friends was watching me suck Glenn's big cock and getting undressed.

I was not surprised at all when I felt hands on the cheeks of my ass and a cock sliding in and out of the gap between my thighs. I never even thought to resist. I spread my thighs willingly and soon I had a nice cock fucking me from behind while I sucked Glenn off.

Whoever it was must have had a lot to drink, because it took him a very long time to cum. I tried not to pay any attention to him, to concentrate instead on pleasuring the large cock in my mouth. It was difficult though. I was quickly being brought to another orgasm and as I started moaning in pleasure and was just about to cum I felt Glenn thrust his hips up and start shooting a massive load of cum down my throat.

I was so startled by the volume of his release that I forgot all about my own orgasm and struggled to swallow it all. It took me a minute to gulp down his cum and then I knelt with his softening cock in my mouth and devoted my attention to the cock in my pussy.

It was at least another five minutes before the man fucking me from behind came, and I came twice before he filled me with another load of cum. He pulled out of me and collapsed on his sleeping bag and I finally saw who had just fucked me. It was Jerry, one of the bikers in our group. I lifted my head from Glenn's lap and moved over and sucked him clean. His cock wasn't nearly as large as Glenn's. It was much larger than Dale's though.

When I had cleaned him I started to stretch out with Glenn but he stopped me and told me that I wasn't done yet. He informed me that a good slut would never waste a pussy full of cum. I grinned at him and said, "I certainly want to be a good slut, master." I reached down and scooped up Jerry's cum and ate it from my fingers.

I noticed that my heart pounding and I was breathing heavily as I cuddled beside Glenn and we quickly went to sleep. I wasn't wearing a watch, but it must have been around one or two in the morning. We were all exhausted, especially me.

I woke up in the morning to find Glenn throwing the sleeping bag open and moving his hands over my body possessively. I glanced over at Jerry and he was lying on his side watching closely.

I was stone cold sober now and I would have thought that in the light of day I would be having second thoughts. I realized, however, that I was looking forward to this weekend as much as he probably was. I had no regrets, unless you count having lived twenty-four years before experiencing such bliss.

I resolved to be just as big a slut as Glenn wanted me to be, no matter how humiliating it was. I wanted to punish Dale for getting me into this, but I can't deny that I craved this treatment now. I remembered last night, how vocal I had been. They all must have heard me. Hell, people all over the fairgrounds must have heard me! I wondered what Dale thought of his sex slave wife now.

I soon lost my train of thought as Glenn got rolled on top of me. I reached down and helped him work that massive slab of meat into my tight hole. I was more than ready and quickly put my arms around him and urged him to fuck me harder. It was every bit as wonderful as it had been last night and I didn't care who heard me screaming in pleasure.

Neither did Glenn. He must have been pretty well satisfied last night, because he lasted a long time this morning. I probably came a dozen times before he finally filled me with another load of his hot cum.

As soon as he rolled off of me I took his softening cock into my mouth and cleaned him again. This time though, as I reached down to scoop up his cum he stopped me and ordered me to leave it there. I knew instantly what was on his mind and I smiled broadly. He wanted all of our friends, and my husband, to see how well fucked I was.

I looked over at Jerry to see if I was going to be required to service him as well, but he smiled and said, "I'd love a little more of your sweet ass Kelly, but I have to piss too bad. Don't worry, we have all weekend and Glenn is a sharing kind of guy."

Glenn started getting dressed, but I didn't have anything to wear in his tent except my sandals. I put them on and went out in the cool morning air to find my clothes. I guess Dale had picked them up. They were gone.

I watched Glenn as he stirred the ashes and got the fire going again. The sun had just come up, and it would be hot soon. For now though, it was a little too cool to be taking a cold shower. The warmth of the fire felt good on my naked skin.

I headed for my tent after I had warmed up a little. "Where are you going?" Glenn asked.

I told him that I needed to get something to wear but he smiled and said, "Not yet. Not until after your shower."

I moved closer to him and the fire and kept warm as I felt his cum dribble down my thighs. It wasn't long before more of our group started stirring and coming out to stand by the fire or rush to the bathrooms.

As the men came out they all stood around and stared at me with obvious signs of lust. Most of the women seemed to be amused, though a few were embarrassed. They actually seemed more embarrassed than I was. But no one objected to my being so vulgarly displayed. I was a bit concerned because there were probably kids in some of the other camping areas.

I decided that it wasn't my problem and waited for Dale to come out of our tent and see what kind of night I had enjoyed. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face. He must not have slept well. When he finally came out he looked pretty tired, and also pretty embarrassed. He came over and stood near me and said, "Are you okay?"

I smiled and said, "Jesus Dale! I?m a whole lot better than okay!" That got a laugh from most of the group.

He was quiet for a minute, looking at the mess on my thighs, and then he asked, "Are we okay?"

Looking at him, I said, "I still love you. I was pissed at you last night. Right up until Glenn took his pants off. I'm not mad anymore.?

?I am telling you right now though, I am his slave this weekend and I am going to do anything he tells me to do.?

?And you are probably going to hate this, but when we leave here it isn't going to be over. I don't love him. I will love you if you still want me. But, I love the way he made me feel and I have no intention of giving that up. Anytime he wants to fuck me, all he has to do is order me to undress. Can you live with that?"

Dale didn't answer. He hadn't anticipated that.

Half of our group was out of their tents and standing around the fire now, and they heard me warning Dale that I was going to keep fucking Glenn when we got home. Most of the men seemed amused by that. Some of the women seemed shocked. Others though, got very interested. They had to have heard me last night, and this morning. They must wonder what it was he did to make me sound like that. I expected to be pulled aside by more than a few of them in the next couple of days with some pretty personal questions.

Once the sun was up it warmed up fast and the women who were so inclined went to the makeshift shower. It was just a dozen wooden pallets for a floor and a five foot canvas wall for privacy. The water was in large drums on wooden supports and was fed down into a half a dozen shower heads though hoses.

There was no hot water, which would make taking showers in the evening a much better idea. Some of us needed to shower this morning because, I believe, I had turned a lot of people on last night with my passionate cries. I saw a lot of guilt looks. I think that there must have been a lot of sex going on last night.

I started to get my soap and towel and join the ladies, but Glenn said, "Hang on, you wait for me. I need someone to wash my back."

So I ended up waiting and taking my shower with a half a dozen men. That was fun! Dale was in my group and he watched as Glenn soaped me up, paying special attention to my breast pussy and ass. I then soaped Glenn. When Dale saw the size of Glenn's cock in my small hands he looked shocked. He finally understood what all of the noise was about last night.

We showered as quickly as possible. The water was cold as hell. Then I dried Glenn off and finally I dried myself off. The guys all got dressed inside the canvas enclosure and we went back out to stand by the fire and warm up again.

I remembered my clothes from yesterday and I asked Dale if he had gotten them and he nodded. I started again to go and get some clothes, but Glenn said, "Go and get your things and bring them here. I'll decide what you wear today. Then you can put your stuff in my tent."

I went to my tent and reached for my bag and brought it out to Glenn and handed it to him. He opened it up and looked through it and he handed me a bikini bottom and a tank top. He said, "Put these on, they'll do for now. I'm pretty sure we can find something better when the vendors open up."

I had been avoiding looking around since I returned from the shower. I glanced around now, though, and I saw a lot of people walking on the narrow path that passed through this area. They were heading up towards the area with the vendors and where the cars and motorcycles would be on display, once we got up there and unloaded them.

Most of the growing crowd that was passing by was looking at me. There appeared to be a lot of teenagers among them and that kind of made me uncomfortable. I seemed to be the only one that was uncomfortable though. Of course, I was the only one who was naked.

I took my time getting dressed. I stepped into the bikini bottoms and then I pulled the tank top on and I was ready. We all decided that rather than try to make an edible breakfast at the campsite we would go up to the vendors and find something to eat there.

We all went out to the path. It is a six foot wide paved path that goes all the way around the fair grounds, winding past the vendors and to the exhibits near the front. It winds all the way through and comes out the other side of the exhibit halls and circles back around through the camping area.

The vendors set up in tents on both sides of the path selling all kinds of stuff. A lot of it is car and bike stuff, since that is what the show is about this weekend. They also sell leather goods and biker patches and t-shirts and just about anything else that you can imagine.

Everyone in our group was walking behind Glenn and me as we strolled up the path. Glenn had his arm around my shoulder and his hand was dr*ped over my breast and as we walked he gently massaged my breast.

The vendors were just starting to open up. We had not gone very far when Glenn spotted something in one of the tents and pulled me over to it. Our whole group stopped and Glenn picked up a tiny piece of cloth called a Wicked Weasel. It was semi-transparent and covered almost nothing!

He looked through them and bought a bright red one and ordered me to put it on, right then and there. I took off my top and my bikini bottoms and handed them to Dale. Then I stood holding the weasel thing up and trying to figure out how to put it on as strangers came to a sudden stop all around us to watch.

The salesman couldn't have been happier and he helped me into the suit, taking the time to feel me up liberally as he adjusted it. I looked down at myself, then I moved over and looked in a full length mirror he brought out and I turned to Glenn and said, "There is no way they won't arrest me in this!"

Glenn smiled and shook his head and said, "No. They won't bother you. Not as long as you stay inside the fairgrounds."

The salesman assured us that the suit was legal in this state, but I could see my nipples plainly and my pubic hair stuck out on either side of the tiny strip of cloth that covered my slit. Glenn said, "That won't do." Then he turned to the salesman and asked, "Do you have a razor?"

The salesman went into the back and came back out with his personal razor and some shaving cream and a damp towel. Glenn asked him if he would like to do the honors and with a big smile he squatted down and pulled the suit away from my pussy and soaped up my pubic hair.

I didn't have a lot of pubic hair, thankfully. I have naturally blonde hair and my pubic patch is a thin covering of fine blonde hair which hides nothing. It was gone quickly, despite the fact that he was taking his sweet time.

After he stood up I turned back to the mirror and I realized that I could see my slit clearly. I shook my head and turned around. I searched through my crowd of admirers and found Lyle, the member of our crowd who is a lawyer. I asked him what he thought and he shrugged and said, "My legal opinion is that it is not legal, but that you will probably get away with it in here, as Glenn said. They encourage that kind of thing in these places."

"What about all the kids?" I asked.

Lyle said, "They don't let them in if they are under sixteen without a parent, and they have signs at the gate warning of the possibility of seeing nudity. It isn't that uncommon at these things."

My friend, Lisa, was standing nearby and she said, "You might as well wear it, you already lost all of your pubic hair."

She was grinning and I couldn't tell if she was enjoying my discomfort or maybe she was just a bit jealous.

I shrugged and Glenn put his arm around me again and we headed up to the area where all of the food was being sold. The number of people following us had more than doubled.

When we got to the top of the small hill where all of the food vendors were clustered we staked out several large picnic tables and Glenn handed me some money and told me to get him a coffee and a breakfast burrito and whatever I wanted. So I went and got in line and Lisa followed close behind me.

As we inched forward she said, "You have a really pretty ass. I never realized it before."

I smiled and said, "It was never totally exposed before."

She then asked what I knew she was dying to know. "Girl, what the hell happened to you in that tent last night?! I never in my life heard sounds like that!"

I pulled her closer and put my arm around her shoulder and in as few words as possible I told her about Glenn and the huge slab of meat that he had mastered the use of. I also told her that I had already informed my husband that from now on, even after we got home, I was Glenn's to fuck anytime he wanted me.

She looked shocked and said, "Oh no, you didn't! What did he say?"

"Nothing yet," I said. "I told him that I loved him, but I was not going to give up Glenn and the magic cock. It's his fault, he pushed me into it. Now I guess we just wait and see."

When I got to the front of the line I had to repeat my order twice. The young guy in the order window seemed to be having trouble concentrating. I placed my order and paid and then moved down and picked the food and coffee up at the next window. I picked up the tray and turned around to take the food to the table and I was surrounded by men of all ages and descriptions staring at my nearly naked body.

I was self conscious, but I smiled graciously and lifted my tray up over my head and said, "Excuse me boys," and worked my way through the appreciative crowd. I made it back to the table and sat down beside Glenn and we ate quietly, listening to the comments of the fairly large crowd.

He kept glancing at me and finally he said, "You're having a fucking ball, aren't you?"

I put my hand on his large thigh and said, "If someone had told me yesterday that I would have done what I did last night, and what I am doing now, I would have called them a fucking liar. I am not this kind of person. The answer to your question, however, is fuck yes I'm having a ball. I am being degraded and humiliated and used and I have never been so aroused in my god damn life!"

"I heard what you told your husband this morning. I'm going to hold you to it. I wasn't kidding earlier. You are the hottest fuck I've ever had. You are pretty, and young, and sexy, but beyond that, you are a cunt. I love cunts."

I wasn't completely certain how he would define a cunt, but I smiled and said, "You sweet talker you."

We finished eating and when everyone was ready we went to our exhibit hall and began unloading and setting up our cars and bikes. The halls weren't open yet and the only ones besides us in the building were the security guards. I felt very secure because they were both hanging around me all morning.

At ten they opened the doors and the crowds started streaming in. I alternated back and forth between Dale and Glenn. Dale and I didn't get to talk much because wherever I was, most of the crowd was.

I got a few disapproving looks from some of the women, mostly the older women. On the other hand, I was surprised at some of the compliments I got from a lot of them. I suspect that I sold a lot of weasels for that guy over the weekend. I had to tell a lot of people where he was located.

It was most fun to watch the guys watching me though. Some of them tried to be discreet and act like it was nothing special. Some of them were embarrassed and hardly looked at all. The guys who had women with them tried the hardest to be discreet about it, but they looked. They all looked.

Some of them stood right in front of me and stared openly, and it was a little embarrassing, because I knew how much of me they could see, but it was exciting too. I kind of appreciated their honesty.

Glenn sent me out for lunch later and Dale got someone to watch over his car while he went with me. We were still followed and stared at, but he finally got a chance to ask me a couple of questions.

"Kelly," he said, "I guess I screwed up. I got excited last night, thinking about you and Glenn. But I am scared now. I don't want to lose you."

"I told you Dale," I responded, "I don't love Glenn. I love his cock and the way he fucks me. I like the way he treats me like shit. I love you though. I don't want to lose you, but like I said, I am not going to give up Glenn's cock, at least not for a while. Do you think you can live with that?"

He looked pretty glum, but he said, "I guess I am going to have to. I am sorry I started this, but I love you and I won't let you go. No matter how much you humiliate me."

"Sweetheart," I said, "I am not doing this to humiliate you. Glenn may be, but I am doing it for the sex . . . sex that I?ve never know before. I know you heard me last night, you said so. I made sounds I didn't know that I was capable of. I made them for a reason. I have never been so thoroughly fucked in my life. I never imagined it could be like that.

I don't want to hurt you, but you got me into this and I like it here. I am not getting out voluntarily. I told Glenn, any time he wants to fuck me he can. He thinks I'm hot, he said so. At least for a while I suspect he is going to want to fuck me a lot. I'm sorry, but I am not just going to let him, I am going to beg him."

Dale looked pretty upset. Not mad, but sad, depressed. I felt bad for him. Right now though, I didn't care. I was walking around nearly naked in front of hundreds of people, including a very large group of my close friends, at Glenn's insistence. It was making me so fucking hot that I wished he would bend me over the hood of his car and fuck me right there in front of everyone in the place!

I got our food from a vendor and I waited for Dale to get his before walking back to the exhibit hall. As he walked up behind me I heard him say, "You look so fucking hot. I wish I could fuck you right here and now. Your ass has never looked sexier. I don't think I have ever wanted to fuck you this much, not even the first time."

I swished my ass around for him and then he came up beside me and we walked past all the gaping mouths and admiring faces to our exhibit. I sat at a small table with Glenn and Dale and we ate our burgers as we watched people come in and admire our cars and bikes. As much as the cars attracted attention I still remained an attraction myself.

When no one was looking, Glenn uncovered one of my nipples. I sat there with one nipple exposed as people, men mostly, came up and asked the guys about their cars. They may have been talking about cars, but they were staring at my exposed breast the entire time. I felt my face get red.

It's funny though, because even with that tiny strip of nearly transparent cloth covering my nipples they were clearly visible. Yet somehow, having the cloth moved away and my nipple exposed made me blush.

After we ate, Glenn put up a sign saying he would be back soon near the sign that described his car and its attributes and we went to look at the other exhibits. There were car clubs here from all over the east coast and even though up until recently I had not been much of a car person, I was slowly coming to appreciate them and I saw some really beautiful cars.

Glenn knew a lot of the people who had cars on display. I guess it is a pretty small fraternity. They greeted him warmly and gaped at me while they talked cars. They often got around to discussing me and when the people found out that I was Glenn's sex slave for the weekend they frequently couldn't believe it, despite the way that I was dressed.

Once, when a man that seemed to be a particularly good friend of Glenn's refused to believe it, I ended up on my knees in the men's room with my breasts exposed and sucking his friend's cock with a dozen men watching in disbelief.

We took our time and visited all of the exhibits. We must have been gone an hour. Before we went back to our exhibit hall we walked down the path to our tent and went inside. I was out of that weasel in seconds and Glenn stripped down and he fucked me doggie style, after I sucked his cock for a few minutes.

I have always liked doggie style. It is comfortable for me. I don't have a lot of weight on me, although sometimes I like the feeling of being overpowered and taken that I can get when a man gets on top of me. When I do it doggie style I like the way a guys balls sometimes bounce against my pussy while he fucks me. More than that though, the position is just a bit degrading if you stop to think about it and that turns me on too.

It was like a whole new position when I did it with Glenn though. His big, thick cock plumbed new depths and I was once more crying out in a haze of lust as he held my hips and fucked me violently. His big balls swung between my thighs with every thrust and came up and gently slapped against my clit.

I was once more making helpless animal sounds and having one wonderful orgasm after another and when he finally came, filling me with his potent seed, I shivered beneath him and thanked Dale under my breath for selling me to this large, virile man.

After Glenn finally pulled his cock out of me I turned around and cleaned him eagerly. He started getting hard again but he smiled and pushed me away and said, "That's enough for now slut. We need to save something for tonight."

I grinned and said, "Yes master." Then I reached down and scooped up some of his cum and as I stared at his eyes I greedily licked my fingers clean. When I reached down for more he stopped me.

He held up my tiny suit and showed me the crotch, which was wet from my day of excitement. He said, "Leave a little bit in there to seep out onto your crotch. The wetter it is the sexier you look."

I didn't think it could get any more transparent, but I wouldn't have argued if he had ordered me to go out naked, so it didn't matter. I messed with the suit for a few minutes and finally figured it out on my own this time. Then we walked out and headed back to our exhibit hall.

On the way past the exhibitors we stopped and he bought two more of the Wicked Weasels. For such tiny little things they were pretty expensive. He liked them though, and to be honest, wearing them kept me so fucking horny, I liked them too.

We stopped on the way back in and he bought something to eat for the two of us and, at my request, he got something for Dale too, since Dale had no one readily available to relieve him. We once more occupied a small table inside and the three of us ate. You would have thought that the two men would be uncomfortable with each other, but that didn't seem to be the case.

Once I had assured Dale that I still loved him he must have felt freer to enjoy watching me as I was turned into a slut. I guess he must have fantasized about something like this for a while, though he had never mentioned it to me. The two of them seemed to be getting along just as though Glenn was not fucking his wife and parading her around nearly naked.

After we finished our supper of fair food we lounged around for a few minutes and Dale finally noticed the crotch of my suit. I saw the look on his face and I looked down to see that my crotch was soaked and there were a few streaks of cum actually running a little way down my thigh.

I smiled at him when I looked back up and then I noticed the crotch of his pants. His cock was as hard as a railroad spike. It wasn't as long or as fat as Glenn's, but as I said, he had a very nice cock and it was very obvious.

I said, "That must have been a pretty good supper, Dale. You don't usually get a hard-on from food."

He chuckled and instead of replying he turned to Glenn and said, "Glenn, she is yours for the weekend, of course, and she told me that you can fuck her any time that you want after we get home. I was wondering, though, if I could talk you into sharing your bitch. I have been running around here nearly all day with a hard-on and it is really getting painful."

Glenn smiled and said, "Certainly Dale. I am deeply indebted to you. Come with me."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me along and we ducked into the men's room and right there in front of a dozen more men he pushed the suit down off my breasts and pushed me down over the sink counter and pulled the little string that went through the crack of my ass out of the way. He smiled at Dale and said, "She's all yours dude, help yourself."

Dale looked around the room and saw all of the people watching incredulously. I thought he would be too nervous to do it, but he smiled and pulled his cock out and fucked me roughly, right in front of everyone. He shuffled up behind me and dipped down and slipped his cock into me and drove it home immediately. I groaned in pleasure and started to close my eyes and lay my head down on the counter.

Glenn stopped me and ordered me to keep my head up and look in the mirror at all of the people watching us fuck in a public men's room. People were cheering him, cheering both of us on, and I loved it. I came twice before he finished and then I showed him my new trick when I dropped down and sucked his cock and his balls clean.

Dale groaned in pleasure as I cleaned his family jewels for him. Finally he put them away and I stood up and covered as much of myself as I could with the weasel and we walked out to the sound of applause.

As we left the restroom, people nearby heard the applause and turned to look. Many of my friends saw me coming out of the men's room but by now it didn't really matter. They already knew what kind of a weekend I was having. They may not know all of the particulars, but they knew that I was now not just a slave to Glenn, but a sex-slave and that I was way beyond enjoying it.

I was asked to pose for pictures with a lot of guys and when Glenn encouraged them they often got carried away. It was all done in fun though, and it was fun, posing for pictures with strange men feeling me up or leaning down and nipping at my nipple.

We were all tired of burgers and hot dogs so we took up a collection and one couple went out and bought a dozen pizzas and some more beer. The rest of us sat around the rekindled campfire and talked. A lot of the conversation was about me. We hadn't been there long before Glenn started pulling my suit off. I stood up and slipped out of it and sat back down in his lap.

No one was shocked anymore, but everyone was watching as he stuck his fingers in my sopping wet pussy and then into my mouth. There were still traces of cum from the two different men that had fucked me today. My juices combined with those traces to coat my tongue and I felt so nasty, and so fucking horny. I could have fucked every man in our car club tonight. I imagine that would have pissed off some of my girlfriends, but I would have worried about that later.

I got up and got us both a beer and when I came back Lisa had her arms around Glenn's neck and was talking to him quietly. She smiled at me and then said, "The next time we have a charity auction I'm going to be feeling pretty charitable. I want to see what you do to make those sounds come out of Kelly's mouth.

Glenn smiled at her and said, "You don't have to wait, come by the tent tonight, you can watch."

I saw her eyes light up. I was pretty close to Lisa, but I didn't know her husband Frank all that well. He always seemed kind of aloof. I found it hard to believe he would permit her to watch, much less be auctioned off. I glanced over at him though and was surprised to see that he was watching her and smiling. Maybe Frank was easier going than I thought!

Glenn looked over at Frank and said, "While we are waiting for the pizza, why don't you take Kelly into your tent for a little while? She's getting pretty agitated and could use something to calm her down."

I watched as Frank looked at Lisa and the next thing I knew, Frank was standing up and I had Frank on one arm and Lisa on the other and they were leading me into their tent. Frank started undressing while Lisa helped me lay down on the large air mattress that took up most of the floor space in their tent. She stretched out beside me and smiled, and then she leaned down and kissed me sweetly on the lips. I was a little shocked, but I returned her kiss and soon we were kissing passionately. That was another first for me!

Lisa kissed me and her hands explored my breasts and when Frank moved over me she didn't stop. Her hand left m breast long enough to reach down and help him guide his cock into me, then she returned it to my breasts.

Frank was very good. He was no Glenn, but he had a nice thick cock and he really knew how to use it. I had never been kissed by a woman whose husband was fucking me before. It was pretty exciting. She was a very good kisser.

I had been either having sex or being teased or just shown off all day and I was very horny. So it wasn't long before I started cumming. Frank had been watching me all day and I guess he was pretty turned on too, because he started cumming soon too. I didn't know who to hug!

I ended up with one arm around Frank's neck and one around Lisa's neck and crying out loudly as they made love to me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, then Frank got up and I sucked his cock clean.

Frank put his pants on and went back outside and Lisa and I stayed on the mattress and made out a little longer and talked quietly. I told her about how wonderful Glenn was. I could never give that up now. Lisa was shivering with lust as I stood up and we walked out.

The pizza had arrived and we ate quietly. Then Glenn ordered Lisa to come over and sit on his lap. When she obeyed he put an arm around her and asked, "Do you like helping other women get fucked? Do you do that often?"

She smiled and said, "That was the first time, and yes, I enjoyed the hell out of it."

Glenn said, "I think I'm going to fuck one of you now." While he was talking he started undressing Lisa. Lisa glanced quickly at Frank, but Frank just smiled, so she let it happen. He pulled her top off and then he unhooked her bra and threw it on the ground. Lisa was a few years older than me. She is a beautiful redhead and her breasts look like C cups, maybe just barely a D cup. She is so slender that it is hard to tell.

Glenn played with her breasts now and Lisa closed her eyes and moaned at his gentle touch. After a few minutes he said, "I want you and Kelly to go take a shower and while you are gone I will decide who I am going to fuck."

Then he helped her to her feet and stripped her shorts and panties off with one swift motion. She walked in front of the fire, in front of all of her friends, naked for the first time now, and got her towel and soap from her tent. I rushed to Glenn's tent and got mine and we went to the shower area.

This was a much better time to shower, the water was warmer and so was the air. We started soaping up, but Glenn stopped us and said, "Soap each other up good. Get me in the mood to fuck one of you."

I looked around and all of the men were standing around watching. I turned back to her and we moved into each other's arms and began to make out and soap up at the same time. It took a lot longer this way, but it was a hell of a lot of fun.

We finally rinsed off and dried off and went back out to the campfire. Glenn said, "I guess I'm ready to take you two into the tent now, unless the rest of you want to watch." That sent a chill down my spine.

No one spoke for a moment and then Carol said quietly, "I'd like to watch."

I was shocked. Carol was the oldest of us girls, and definitely the most conservative. She saw our faces and she said, "I've never seen anyone make love. I've never even seen a porn movie. If nobody minds, I'd like to watch."

Frank got up and went into his tent and came back out with his queen sized air mattress. He put it down near enough to the fire that there would be plenty of light. Then he picked up his beer and moved back to his chair.

Glenn looked around and said, "There is still too much traffic out on the path. If those of you who want to watch will stand so as to block the view from those two sides, we will start the show."

Everyone stood up and stood between the mattress and the path and the mattress and the nearest campsite, and Glen said, "Okay you two, get on the mattress and get started while I make up my mind."

It was one thing to do it in a tent where all of my friends could hear us. Quite another to do it right in front of them! But Lisa didn't hesitate. She pulled me over and we lay down and started making out, and for the first time I touched another woman's breast. I would have thought that it would be no big deal. After all, I have breasts and I touch them all the time, but someone else's breasts feel different. I guess the most exciting thing is the way that they react when you touch them. It was very exciting to watch her getting so aroused, in large part due to my fingers and my lips.

We kissed and touched and before long I heard Glenn undressing. I knew when he had taken his pants off by the gasps from the audience. I giggled and held Lisa down so that she couldn't see it and we kissed passionately. Before long the mattress moved under Glenn's weight and he spread Lisa's thighs wide and started eating her out while I kissed her and kissed and sucked her tits. She started cumming almost immediately. It had been a very sexy evening, and Glenn was a real good pussy eater.

I was pretty sure that he had decided to fuck Lisa. I felt just a twinge of jealousy, but mostly I was happy for her. I held her down and continued to kiss her as Glenn finally moved up over her and I reached down and guided him to her opening.

He slowly pushed the head in and then I moved my hand out of the way and he worked more and more of his cock into her. About three quarters of the way in Lisa's eyes popped open and she said, "Oh my god!"

That was almost the last intelligible thing that she said for the next half hour as Glenn fucked her into a stupor and she cried out and screamed into my mouth and came over and over and over while I kissed her and played with her breasts.

Glenn changed positions several times and Lisa was like a limp rag when he finally finished. She just collapsed onto the mattress and panted with a glazed look of lust in her eyes. I felt so turned on to have been a part of it.

When Glenn finally pulled out of her I cleaned him, which really got to the women in the audience, and then I ate her pussy clean. When the sex high began to subside and we looked around at the faces of the other women I was pleased to see that none of them were looking at us with disapproval. I had feared that this would be way too much. As it turned out, though, they might not have the nerve to try it themselves, but they certainly appreciated Glenn's cock for what it could do to us.

I was looking around at the crowd when I noticed finally that two of them were not a part of our group. They were cops! Not security guards, real cops.

I said, "Oh fuck!" and sat up. Everyone turned to see what I was looking at and I heard someone say, "Busted!"

One of the cops smiled and said, "That was the sexiest damn thing I have ever seen. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to keep it inside the tents from now on though folks, if you don't mind."

The cops talked to a few of the people for a while and then left us alone. As soon as they left everyone took a deep breath. Frank put his mattress back in his tent. I looked around at everyone's faces and wondered what it would be like when we got home and got together for a regular club meeting. Would we all still be good friends? I hoped we weren't fucking up the club dynamic. We had a lot of fun together.

Everyone started drifting off to their tents and it wasn't long before I started hearing the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from all around me. Glenn certainly did know how to get a party going. He grabbed my hand and we went into his tent and he ordered me to suck his cock again.

I took his soft cock into my mouth and started sucking. Jerry came in and I heard him undress behind me. Then he came closer and he was messing around with something for a minute and then I felt him spread my ass open and stick his finger into my asshole. It was cold and I realized that he was spreading a lubricant, preparing to fuck my ass.

I tried to pull my head off of Glenn's cock and tell him I didn't do anal sex. Glenn just held my head in place and for some reason I accepted that. I stopped struggling and Glenn smiled at me and said, "That's a good girl."

I waited nervously as Jerry began stretching me out and lubricating me and after a while I realized that he had three of his large fingers in me and it wasn't that bad. Maybe I could handle it. I had tried it once with a lover in college, but we didn't know what we were doing and it had hurt like hell. I had sworn that I would never do that again. At the time I had not anticipated being a slave though.

Jerry pulled his fingers away and greased his big cock up and he lodged the head of his cock into the crack of my ass, right up against the hole, and started pushing gently. I tried to make myself relax and Glenn said, "That's a good girl. It won't be so bad if you just let it happen."

I was trying to concentrate on sucking Glenn's cock and his hands on my tits. There was a sudden feeling that was more like an uncomfortable stretching than real pain and his cock head popped through the ring of muscle and lodged in my ass. I groaned, but more in fear than pain.

Once his cock was in place, Jerry leaned over me and reached around and started to play with my pussy and strum his fingers lightly across my clit and it actually started feeling pretty nice. I started to relax and he slid another inch of his cock into me and stopped again. I had to assume that he had done this before. He was pretty good at it. It wasn't even that unpleasant.

I felt Glenn's cock starting to get hard again, finally. I was afraid that he had reached his limit. I didn't know if my mouth was making the difference, or if he was excited from watching Jerry stretch out my ass with his thick cock.

Jerry really took his time and there was no sudden invasion of my ass. There was never any pain, just a slight feeling of discomfort, and of having to go to the bathroom. He took his sweet time getting his entire cock buried in me and he played with my pussy the entire time. With Glenn's cock to distract me I actually found it kind of pleasant when Jerry finally started slowly fucking my ass.

I started moaning around Glenn's cock, but it wasn't pain, it was pleasure. I guess it made a big difference if the guy fucking your ass knew what the hell he was doing. Jerry obviously did. He started picking up the pace and I picked up the pace with Glenn's cock and I was really starting to enjoy it. I was soon getting really turned on and when I felt Jerry tense up and slam his cock into me several times and then stiffen up and I realized he was cumming in my ass I surprised all three of us by having my own orgasm.

Jerry finished cumming and held his position, keeping his slowly softening cock in my ass while I started devoting more of my attention to Glenn. Once I started showing a little more enthusiasm, Glenn started moaning and I knew he was getting close. He started lifting his hips and I responded by driving my lips farther and farther down his shaft while I teased his balls with my fingers.

I shocked all three of us when, suddenly the head of Glenn's cock slid into my throat. Glenn gasped and swore and I heard Jerry say, "I'll be a son of a bitch! Look at what this cunt just did!"

It hurt my throat, but not as bad as I might have expected, and probably not as bad as Jerry's cock in my ass. I drew my head back and tried again and damn if it didn't slide right down my throat again! I had never been able to deep throat, not even a small cock. Well, normal sized cock.

Now I was taking a little more of Glenn's monster cock down my throat with each stroke and he was swearing loudly as I buried more and more of it in my throat. Finally, just before he lost it, I had my lips buried around the base of his cock and he swore loudly, one last time and his ass came up off of the sleeping bag and he shot his cum straight down my throat.

I managed to keep him buried in my throat until he finished cumming and then I eased my mouth back and gasped for breath. I smiled up at him and he was looking at me with a look of awe on his face. A look, I might modestly add, that was well deserved.

He gasped for breath for a minute and then he said, "No fucking broad has ever been able to deep throat my cock! Jesus Christ! That was fucking fantastic!"

I grinned up at him and then I took stock. I had just been fucked in the ass and not only was it not that bad. I had actually achieved orgasm from it. Then, my crowning achievement, I had taken Glenn's monster cock down my throat, something no other woman has ever been able to do. This has been a very educational weekend!

Dale had no idea how much he was going to benefit from my time with Glenn.

I started to stretch out beside Glenn, I was totally exhausted. But Glenn stopped me and said, "Whoa girl, you have some cleaning up to do first. Don't forget your place."

I wasn't too happy about that. Thinking about where Jerry's cock had just been was kind of turning my stomach. I turned around and bent my head down to his crotch and it didn't smell any worse than if it had just come from my pussy. I tentatively took his soft, slimy cock into my mouth and I didn't taste anything unusual. I just tried not to think about what I was doing and get it over with quickly.

Then I turned back around and Glenn let me into his sleeping bag and we snuggled up and went to sleep.

The next morning we didn't have sex. I guess I had worn them out. I put on a light blue weasel and we gathered outside by the fire until it was time to go up and eat. It was warmer this morning and actually kind of pleasant.

Lisa came out of her tent, which is right next to Glenn's, and sat down beside me. She whispered that she had heard a lot of strange noises before she went to sleep last night and she was wondering what had happened. I was pretty proud of myself, so I told her about taking Jerry, who is nearly as well hung as Glenn, into my ass, and then about taking Glenn's pony sized cock down my throat.

She didn't believe me at first, but she looked up at Glenn and he nodded and she said, "There is no way I could do that! I guess you're a better slut than me after all." But she was just teasing, not saying it to be mean or anything.

I took it as a compliment and thanked her.

Eventually everyone was up and ready and we headed up to the vendor area to get some food. All of us were up, but we didn't seem to be really awake yet. Never fear, Glenn had a cure for that. He knew just how to get our blood flowing this morning. He stopped at the vendor selling Wicked Weasels and picked out a transparent white suit and told Lisa to undress and put it on.

She grinned and quickly stripped out of her clothes and, with the help of the vendor, pulled the revealing little piece of cloth over her private parts. It was again necessary to borrow his razor, and again, he didn't seem to mind at all as he squatted down in front of Lisa and pulled the suit away from her pussy and shaved off her pubic hair.

Before we continued up to the food area, Glenn offered to buy a weasel for any other woman who wanted one, as long as they put it on right there. There were several others in our group that would have looked good in one, but he got no takers.

We went up to the food vendors and had a light breakfast of junk food and black coffee and made our plans for breaking down the exhibit when it closed up at four this evening and going home. One of the plans was that Jerry would drive Glenn's truck home and Glenn would ride with Dale and me.

We didn't have to set anything up this morning, so we had time to enjoy our coffee and goof off a little before the exhibit opened. Lisa and I stayed together and attracted a lot of attention and I noticed that the little piece of material over her crotch got very wet very quickly and even more transparent.

I smiled at her and said, "You enjoy this shit as much as I do, don't you?"

She shook her head enthusiastically. Then she said, "Frank has tried to get me to loosen up and do some of this shit for a long time. He is a bit of a pervert. I have always been afraid to let myself go, but when I saw how much fun you were having I just said 'fuck it'. Why should you have all the fun? It remains to be seen how this will affect our little club in the long run, but so far this weekend I am having a fucking blast."

"Yeah," I said. "I am too. I was really pissed at Dale when he volunteered me to be auctioned off. At first I was just going along to get even with him. Now though, Christ! I ate a woman's pussy for the first time. I got fucked in the ass and had an orgasm. I deep throated Glenn's huge cock, and I have been running around nearly naked for two days and either turning on or scandalizing hundreds of people. I fucking love it!"

They finally opened up the exhibits and we went in and hung around with the guys as they showed off and answered questions about their cars. I don't know how much Lisa and I had to do with it, but ours seemed to be the most popular exhibit today.

At two o'clock the prize committee announced the winners in the various categories. Dale won a lesser prize, but no cash. It was enough to keep him happy though. Glenn's car took second place in the show and he won a small amount of money. I doubt if it was enough to pay for the Wicked Weasels he had bought. That was okay, he wasn't here for the money. He has been having as much fun as I have this weekend.

At four they started closing up and the guys brought the trailers up and started loading. The girls had all gone down to the campsite earlier and broke down the tents and packed everything up. When the cars were loaded on the trailers the guys drove them down and we loaded up the camping gear and by five we were ready to leave.

We all piled into the vehicles and headed home. When Dale had started getting serious about restoring and showing his car he had bought a big pickup truck with a crew cab. It had a huge, luxurious back seat, and that was where Glenn and I were riding on the trip home.

We had to keep our eyes on Dale, he kept watching us instead of the road and finally Glenn told him that if he would pay attention to his driving he would make sure that he got a blowjob when he stopped at the halfway rest stop.

I was naked from the time we left the fairgrounds. For the next hour and a half I teased and pleased Glenn's cock. I pleased a lot of truckers too. I spent a lot of time with my butt pressed up against the side window while I sucked on his cock and Dale passed trucks. He kept the CB on and we listened to the truckers talking about my ass all the way to the mid-way rest stop. We pulled in and I slipped on a pair of shorts and a crop top and we used the facilities.

When we returned, I got in front with Dale and demonstrated my newfound deep throat skills. He came very quickly and it wasn't until I started backing out of the cab to get back into the rear seat with Glenn that I realized that we had an audience of several of the truckers we had passed.

They were friendly and kidded about wanting a better look at my pretty ass. Glenn put me on my knees on the back seat with my legs sticking out of the door and after looking around he pulled my shorts down to my knees and offered the truckers a chance to look all they wanted.

I guess they all had defective vision, because they were all looking with Braille. For the next ten minutes a large number of truckers stood around and took turns playing with my ass and sticking fingers inside my wet pussy. It looked like we were going to have a gangbang pretty soon, but Glenn said, "Sorry guys, but we need to hit the road. If we had more time I'd let a few of you fuck the bitch, but it's getting late."

They were pretty disappointed. I was surprised to find that I was too. Glenn was about to make it up to me though. As soon as Dale pulled out on the highway I was naked again and Glenn rolled down the passenger side window and stuck my head out the window and fucked me doggie style with my head out the window and my tits bouncing in the wind for a good half an hour.

It was exhilarating and I had several long, loud orgasms before he finally came. I turned around and cleaned him eagerly, and then I cleaned myself up and he climbed over the console and into the front passenger seat while I stretched out and went to sleep. The next thing I knew we were home.

Dale parked the trailer and unhooked it from the truck. We were both exhausted and so we decided to unload everything tomorrow after he got home from work. I made a light supper of real food and we took showers and went to bed by nine.

I normally wake up at five, when he does in the morning, but I slept right through it on Monday. I didn't wake up until after eight. I got dressed and made coffee. After the coffee I felt more human and I went out and unloaded the camping gear from the trailer.

I set the tent up in the back yard to air it out and hung Dale's sleeping back over the clothes line. Mine was unused so I just put it away. I took our bags inside and washed clothes. I didn't have many dirty clothes either, a couple of shorts and tops and two wicked weasels.

The only thing left for Dale to do when he got home was take the car off of the trailer and put it in the garage.

I went to the store and picked up some groceries. Then I went home and put them away and sat around thinking about what I had done this past weekend, and the things that I had done to me. I realized that I had no regrets, none at all.

Dale came home took the car off of the trailer and put it away. He said nothing about the Weekend. When he came in we sat and enjoyed the supper I had prepared . . . again only chit-chat and Weekend was never mentioned. After supper, I was loading the dishwasher when he came in, swatted me on the butt and he went upstairs to take a shower.

In twenty minutes, he came into the living room naked and said: "I have been thinking about this weekend all day long. I couldn't concentrate worth a shit. I have never been so horny in my life. Come on bitch, let's fuck."

Dale would never have spoken to me that way before this weekend. He was the nicest, most considerate guy in the world. He didn't sound completely comfortable talking that way, but I liked that he was trying. I took his hand. As we walked towards the bedroom I said, "Yes master. I have had the same problem. I seem to be turning into a slut, and I like it."

He grinned and said, "Me too."

He nearly tore my clothes off and then he tossed me on the bed and jumped on top of me. He held my hands up over my head and shoved his very hard cock into me roughly. As he fucked me, he reminded me of the things that had happened to me this weekend.

Christ it was hot!

As he talked, I came over and over and he just kept fucking me. Even after he had cum and his cock was soft, he still ground it around inside of me until I came one last time. We both knew that it had been the best fuck we had ever had.

I lifted my head off the bed and kissed his chest, and then I licked the salty sweat off of him and moaned passionately as his pubic bone ground against my clit and I came again. I couldn't take anymore after that. I was fucked out. I fell back onto the bed and told him how wonderful he was and thanked him for a very exciting weekend.

Dale rolled off of me and held me in his arms and said,

Rolling off of me Dale admitted, "It wasn't planned. I had no idea it would go that far.? Holding me in his arms, he continued, ?Once I saw how much fun you were having though, it turned me on just as much as it did you."

There was a pause in the conversation while we kissed. Then he said, "I wonder how long it will be before he comes to fuck you? I wonder if he will do it here, or take you somewhere."

I had been wondering those same things. Just the thought of it hanging over me was exciting to me. I could picture all kinds of exciting scenarios.


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