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Caught With Two Other Women

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There was a wreck on the interstate and I was running late. It was already four thirty and I had another two and a half to go. I had my wife, Jennifer, to let her know I wouldn’t be home till after seven. We were planning on going out, the first Friday night out in weeks, so I new she’d be pissed and dreaded calling her. The phone rang five or six times before she answered, “HELLO” she said, with a hint of attitude. Fuck, I thought she already knows what I’m calling for. I explained that I was running late and when I’d be home. Silence. Instantly I knew she was pissed I had to try and smooth this over. My efforts didn’t work well, after ten minuets she finally said she had to go get ready; she was going to go out with her cousins. My smoothing over efforts was a waste. A few minuets later my phone rang – I damn near jumped out of my seat. It was Jennifer calling to let me know they decided to have a slumber party after going out and she was staying at one of the girls' places for the night. What am I supposed to do for some pussy tonight I asked trying to lighten the mood. Sarcastically and definitely not serious she told me to go find some pussy somewhere else.

. . . . . . . . . . .

I got home about seven forty five, showed and dressed in a pair of slacks and a blazer and headed to the bar. I figured I’d have a couple of beers and shoot a game of pool. Ten games of pool, a six pack and three hours later I was sitting at the bar drinking my last beer before heading home. She brushed up against me as she sat down and apologized, I didn’t even look over. “You can call me Shannon”, she announced. I looked over to see what I would have sworn to be Miss July, D cup tits, long legs, thin waist and perfect golden skin. I offered to buy her a drink; she looked down and noticed my wedding band, and said “you’re married.” “I offered a drink, not to take you home,” I replied. “Would you?” she shot back. I knew just what she meant and my cock began to grow in my pants. I couldn’t help but be a smart ass so I asked, “What buy you a drink?” She laughed and answered by turning my stool toward her grabbed my hand and shoved it under her skirt so I could rub on her bald wet cunt. We had a couple of drinks and were about to leave when a woman approached Shannon somewhat distraught. They had a whispering conversation for a few minuets and the woman headed toward the ladies room. “My friend was going to leave with some one else, but she passed out in that booth over there.” Shannon told me. She continued “I’m sorry but she came with me so I’ll have to take her home, maybe another time she offered.” I thought for a second and decided to give it a shot, “Why don’t you and your friend both come home with me?” I asked. Shannon smiled and said “I hoped you’d ask, I go check with Anna.” Several minuets later Shannon and Anna came back both smiling. “This is Anna and we’re ready to go if you are.” Shannon said. “Lets go.” I said. Shannon and here equally good looking friend Anna followed me to the door. Once in the parking lot the girls decided to ride with me and Anna went to Shannon’s car to get some thing. As we piled into my car I contemplated going to my house or a hotel, eventually deciding to just go to my house.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Once back at my house I mixed drinks in the kitchen as Shannon and Anna had fun with one another on the couch. I stood there and enjoyed the show watching the girls, now almost naked kiss and rub and finger each other. I walked over to the couch and stood, Shannon reached up and unzipped my pants, I let them fall to the floor allowing my cock to spring out. Shannon wasted no time taking my massive cock into her mouth, as she did Anna began eating her pussy. Shannon didn’t seem to have the slightest gag reflex and took my cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat damn near bringing me to my knees. She began to cum as Anna flicked her clit with her tongue. Shannon’s moaning with my cock in her throat sent me over the edge and I began to cum, pumping my load into her mouth. Shannon gently squeezed my balls then my shaft extracting every last drop possible. She looked at me with her mesmerizing brown eyes, my cum still in her mouth and turned to Anna and began to kiss her before it was over with they both had my sperm all over their faces. Shannon turned to look at me and explained “Anna is strictly a pussy girl, but I’d love for you to watch me eat her pussy and then fuck me from behind while I fuck her with a strap on.” Who in the fuck was I to say no? “Sure,” I said, “Lets go in the bed room.

As we headed to the bed room my phone rang. It was my wife. She asked how my night was. So I told her, I just got my cock sucked and I’m going to watch a girl get her pussy ate while I fuck her friend. You wish she said and told me she’d be home by noon.

I needed to recover from the blowjob so I sat down in a chair and watched as Shannon began to enjoy Anna’s body. It didn’t take me long to become aroused again watching as Shannon sucked Anna’s nipples and licked her way down to her eager pussy, fingering her as she sucked and licked her clit. A half an hour and half a dozen orgasms later the bedroom door swung open. It was Jennifer. I had no way out, here I was naked my cock in hand with two girls fucking in our bed. Shannon and Anna Didn’t even notice Jennifer’s presence. I had to say something, “You said to go out and get some pussy.” Without saying a word Jennifer walked over bent down and whispered in my ear, “That’s okay, I brought some pussy home too.” About that time a woman appeared at the bedroom door, she was just like Jennifer liked nice supple c-cup breasts, small waist and long blonde hair. My gaze was interrupted when Jennifer, who was wearing her favorite black mini-skirt, climbed up onto my lap. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing any panties because as she set down my hard cock slid effortlessly into her dripping wet pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear again, “That’s Alicia, are you going to introduce me to our friends so we can play?” Before I could respond she got up off of my cock, not having moved since she’d sat on it. “Sure” I replied. I proceeded to introduce all of the girls to one another, the whole time Shannon and Anna petting at each other seemingly unaffected by my wife being there. Jennifer turned to Alicia and asked “Are you okay with this?” Speaking the first words of the night Alicia excitedly replied “Most Definitely.” Jennifer instructed me to watch, and she’d let me know when I could join in. Jennifer was normally submissive and it aroused me more that she was being a little dominate.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I watched as Jennifer made her way to the bed. She wasted no time and went straight for Anna’s pussy licking, sucking and gently biting her clit. Alicia was now laying behind Jennifer thrusting her tongue into my wife’s dripping slit. Shannon went over to her bag and pulled out and put on an impressive looking strap-on. She approached Alicia and immediately slid her toy into Alicia’s pussy and began to fuck her, slowly at first and then pounding her hard and fast. After a few erratic orgasms the gives all began to cum together. Jennifer and Alicia were both squirting and Shannon had three fingers in her own pussy cumming so hard I could tell her knees were getting weak. Jennifer pulled away from Anna and her face and hair were soaked with her juices. Shannon pulled her toy from Alicia and stood up. Anna got down on her knees and began sucking and licking the flesh like shaft. Jennifer retrieved her toy bag from our closet and removed her double ended pink dildo. She slid it into her pussy and began to rigorously fuck herself. Alicia slid up between Jennifer’s legs and began to take in the opposite end of the toy. Slowly Alicia took the other nine inches of the pink shaft eventually her and Jennifer were pussy to pussy each with nine inches of the toy in their pussies. They began to rock back and forth rubbing pussy to pussy both having loud clit and g-spot orgasms. I’ve never seen my wife squirt like she was then. After about fifteen minuets Alicia and Jennifer collapsed, exhausted from the intense orgasms. Jennifer slid off of her toy and than slowly pulled it out of Alicia’s still quivering hole. Shannon, who had been fingering Anna’s twat and face fucking her with her strap on ordered Jennifer to lie on her back and spread her legs. She then crawled between Jennifer’s legs and with precision unlike mine slid the ten inch toy right into her eager pussy and began to fuck her. Anna also moved onto the bed straddling Jennifer’s and grinding her pussy on her mouth. Alicia was left to play with herself, massaging her clit with one hand and finger fucking herself with the other. Shortly the three girls were cumming, Jennifer from getting fucked, Anna from riding Jennifer’s face and Shannon from the back end of the strap on beating her clit. It had been almost two hours since the girls started fucking each other and I couldn’t sit there anymore. My cock was so hard I thought it would explode literally. I got Jennifer’s strap on out of her toy bag and gave it to Anna. She got up and strapped it on. Shannon pulled out and lay down on the bed, Jennifer than climbed up on top and slid Shannon’s massive toy back into her pussy and began to ride it. Anna kneeled beside Jennifer’s face shoving her six and a half inch strap-on cock in her mouth. After about ten minuets and a few orgasms later Jennifer pulled the cock from her mouth and begged Anna to fuck her in the ass while she fucked Shannon. Anna wasted no time lubing her toy cock and moving behind Jennifer. She rubbed the head on her ass whole and than began to ease it slowly in. After a few strokes she was giving her all she could. It was a beautiful site watching my wife get double penetrated by two women. I shifted my attention to Alicia who was just barely rubbing her clit and enjoying the show. I began to lick her pussy slowly enjoying myself. It wasn’t long before Alicia pulled me up to her face and told me she needed some real cock and to please fuck her. I slid my hard shaft into her glistening hole and began slowly pumping. Her moans drove me to go faster and a moment later my wife’s pleasure screams had me pounding Alicia’s wonderful pussy as hard as I could. I wanted to hold out longer but couldn’t after fifteen minuets of pounding her pussy full force for fifteen minuets, and Alicia cumming steadily for the last four. I began shoot my semen deep inside her. I kept going till my cock began to soften up and then rolled off and laid net to her. I hadn’t noticed the other girls changing things up. Now Jennifer was wearing Shannon’s strap on and fucking Anna with it. Alicia began to suck my flaccid cock, which was slowly come back to life. Shannon began to lick Alicia’s pussy now dripping my cum. About the time Alicia was cumming from her pussy eating my cock was rock hard and ready for action again. I got up and grabbed Shannon’s hips aimed and shoved my cock hard balls deep into her cunt hole. She screamed out throwing Alicia into another orgasm. After a little bit Shannon could no longer maintain her mouth on Alicia’s clit and Alicia slid away to lie next to Anna as my wife continued to fuck her. Having had cummed twice tonight I was good for a while so I continued to fuck Shannon with everything I had. This woman had amazing full body orgasms often and each as strong as the last. I noticed my wife get up and move to the chair to nurse her swollen pussy and Alicia move on top of Anna to service her pussy while she returned the favor. After about thirty minuets I let off another load and as I shot it against the walls of Shannon’s pussy she had her biggest orgasm of the night, her contracting pussy draining my balls as well as she did with my mouth earlier in the evening. I got up – barely- and went over to my wife and gave her a long kiss. She tasted wonderfully like the pussies she’d licked that night. Shannon, Alicia and Anna were all side by side on the bed smiles on their faces. I offered the bed to the girls for what was left of the night and went and showered. When I got out Shannon, Alicia and Anna were all asleep on the bed. I found Jennifer on the couch still playing with her pussy. I sat down next to her and without saying a word she knelt in front of me and began licking my balls and shaft eventually taking my cock in her mouth and sucking it. I wanted to fuck her bad. After a few minuets she stood up and sat in my lap, grabbed my cock and guided to her pussy. She slid her wetness down my shaft and began riding me reverse cowgirl while I reached around and pinched her nipples. Damn she felt good. Squeezing my cock with her cunt and sliding up and down as fast as she could. My balls were drenched with pussy juice again as she cummed over and over again. Just as I was about to cum she stopped and slid off my shaft. I thought she wanted to lie down on her back so I could fuck her for awhile. Boy was I wrong. She grabbed my dick just below the head and aimed it for her ass whole and began to slowly take it all inch by inch. After she had my cock balls deep in her tight ass she began to bounce up and down as hard as she did with it in her pussy. I was amazed, Jennifer occasionally let me fuck her in the ass but never had she taken it like this. She started to cum- hard, so I reached around and began to rub her clit and finger her pussy. This sent her over the edge again and she began to scream for me to cum in her ass, this was all I could handle. I felt my nuts tighten up and in one huge blast I filled he ass with my cum. Jennifer collapsed on top of me for several seconds then stood up slowly pulling my cock out of her ass. Seeing her ass gaping dripping my cum made me want to fuck her again – but I was spent. I pulled her up next to me and we fell asleep together on the couch. Jennifer never said anything about finding me watching two women in our bed, other than what a great time she had. We’re currently planning a sequel.

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