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Carol needs a man

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Carol wonts a man I have been reading the stories from SLS for the last few months. It has got me in the mood to write down one of our sexy adventures, not that we have had a lot of them compared to the ones that I read. My wife and I are definitely not the swinger type but we did have our moments.

My wife‘s name is Lisa and you can call me Mike. At the time, I was 52, still in good shape. I am 5’-10” and only about 10 pounds more than when I was playing football in college. For those that worry about these kind of things, my dick size when hard in a little less than 6”. Lisa at the time was 49. She is 5’-7”, Dishwater blonde, small but firm breast with perky nipples (I think they are just), and still has the body of when she was 23 YO ( pre kids ). Our kids are out of the house and we had just celebrated our 27 th anniversary.

I would say that our sex life was fairly good for people our age. I thing better than most. We have sex about once or twice a week but for the most part it is the same routine. The routine: After 10 to 15 minutes of foreplay, I would kiss my way from her lips down to her pussy. Then kiss, lick, nibble and suck my wife’s clit and pussy until she would climax (just fucking her would never get her to climax. Sometimes she can get herself to climax by using her fingers or sex toys). While sucking on her pussy she would not make a lot of nose until a few seconds before her climax but when she did climaxed it was loud and earth shacking. While she was climaxing she would bring her knees up and would desperately want me to start fucking her pussy right away. I would then kiss my way up her body until my cock would slide into her now wet pussy. On a good day I could last 10 minutes before my cock was spiting cum into her willing pussy.

When we were first married we were more adventurous with our love making (Fucking in the back seat at the drive-in, in the bathrooms at a party, or on my desk at work). She was willing to suck my cock but never would allow me to cum in her month. It has been as long time since she has sucked my cock. A wild time for us now would be if we fucked on the couch instead of the bed or to fuck doggy stile. Like most couple we have fantasies but never acted on them. Well I guess this adventure started when my wife had an overnight outing with three of her girlfriends. They had gone out to a county western concert on Friday night that was about 3 hours away so they spent the night near the concert.

One of the ladies was Lisa’s best friend “Carol”. Carol is 5’- 6” a year older than Lisa, and had a big pair of boobs. Not grossly big like you see in some porn movies. You know, the kind that just make you want to stick your face between them and shake your head from side to side. Carol at this time had been divorced for about 2 years. She had gain some weight since the divorce but was still considered to be weight & height appropriate. With her big boobs she was still getting a lot of looks form the guys.

Lisa had gotten home Saturday late afternoon. I took my wife out to a simple dinner and we talked about her trip. It was only about 8:00 when we got home but she said she was up late talking to Carol and just wanted to go to bed. Well the next morning (Sunday). Lisa woke up first and started to stroke my cock. This was unusual for her but I did not complain. As we got into the kissing, sucking, and fondling parts of our love making, she seemed to be a lot more passionate. After both of us had a climax she snuggled up and was telling me that I was such a great and loving husband.

At night, it went the same way, our love making just seem to go to a higher levels. Something was up with my wife. Whatever it was, I liked it. It had been a long time since I got to fuck my wife twice in the same day. During the week this heighten sex drive of my wife continued. I think for the first time I was the one now saying that I was too tired.

On Friday night we went out to dinner, then to one of those ballroom dance places. Dancing is one thing that really gets my wife horny so I was not surprised that she was rubbing my cock through my pants on the way home. When we got home we went straight to the bedroom and got naked. This time it only took a few minutes to give my Lisa a big climax by sucking her clit and pussy. I was now on top fucking her hard. As I am pounder her, she starts telling me that she love me so much and I am the best lover in the world. I did not know what to think because this was not typical for my wife. All week she had been acting strange. I liked it, but still it was confusing the hell out of me. I dumped a big load in her pussy and rolled off of her, on to my back. Lisa rolled over next to me, put her head onto my shoulder and started massaging my balls. She has done this before but also not for a while. This is so relaxing, I knew that I would be asleep in a few minutes. Then the bomb shell hit. Lisa lifted her head to give me a kiss then whispered “Have you ever thought about fucking Carol”. I thought “did I hear this right, did she really say that”. All that came out of my mouth was “WHAT”. Lisa kissed me again then said “Would you like to have sex with Carol”. By now I was wide awake. Was my wife really wanting me to fuck her best friend?!!!! I first thought she was just trying to get me horny again by thinking about fucking Carol. Then I thought that Carol must have told Lisa that I tried to have sex with her few months back, when Lisa was in Germany with her mother for 5 weeks. At the time I was over at Carol’s house helping her out. I had gotten so horny without my wife being around that I just ask Carol if she would like to go to her bedroom and get naked. She did not answer right away. You could see that she really was thinking about it. She finally replied “I have fantasized many time about fucking you, but I could not do that to Lisa, I cannot do that to my best friend”. Then she said “if Lisa says it is Ok then I would love to feel your dick in my pussy”. I never heard Carol talk so dirty before, it was kind of sexy. At the time of course I was sure my wife would never give her blessing, but now it may be happening. Carol did promos not to tell my wife about any of this so I was not sure if that was it.

Then it donned on me that Lisa may have had an affair when she stayed overnight with the girls last weekend. If so she maybe feeling guilty and by letting me fuck carol, it might make her feel better. My head was spinning. I finally asked Lisa what brought this up.

Lisa told me that last Friday that her and Carol stayed up most of the night talking after the other ladies had gone to sleep. Carol was depressed that she has not even had a date since her divorce. That she really missed the feeling of a man’s touching and kissing her. Carol also told Lisa that she was so lucky to have a man that thought that she was still sexy and liked to please her in bed as well as in life. Carol indicated that the last year that she was married, that her x husband said that she looked like a cow and would not touch her.

Carol then told Lisa that recently she had gone to her gynecologist for a routine checkup. The doctor told her that her uterus was closing up due to lack of use and that if it continues that sex may get to be painful. Carol started crying when the doctor recommended that she get a dildo.

Lisa continued telling me that by the time that Carol had finished dumping all that had been building up inside her, she was in tears. Lisa said that she spend the hour trying to help Carol feel better. Just as they heading for bed, Lisa gave Carol a big hug, and jokingly said that Carol could borrow me for a night if needed. Carol replied “I would fuck Mike in a hart beet” with that they both laugh a little an headed to bed.

Lisa continued by saying that even though she was jokingly at the time. That she had been thinking that it might really help Carol out of her depression if I really would have sex with her.

I did not know what to say. I finally said “Are you kidding!!!! You would really allow me to fuck your best friend”.

Lisa “Well we have talked about having sex with other”

Me “That was a long time ago and it was just pillow talk to get us horny”.

Lisa: “but you did get so turn-on when we talked about it”.

Me: “We were talking mostly about having another man fuck you not the other way around”.

Lisa “So are you telling me that you would not like to have sex with Carol “.

Me “That is not what I said. I like Carol. I think that Carol is a very sexy lady and I would love to fuck her, but I would not want to take a change that it would hurt our relationship”.

Lisa: “That is sweet but I think that I could handle it”. Me: “Have you talked to Carol about all of this”. Lisa: “Not yet. I wanted to hear your thoughts on it first”. Me: “So is this why you have been so lovey dovey with me all week? I like it but it is confusing me”. Lisa: “Maybe a little but mostly because I realized that Carol is right, that I am so lucky to have a man that after 26 + years, still thinks that I am sexy and want to please me all the time. ----- Carol is not the only one that has indicated that I am lucky to have you”. Me: “I want you to know that I feel the same about you”. Then Lisa said in a sexy voice ”Also it turn me on a little that my best friend would like to fuck my husband.----- Also Carol is not the only one of my friends that I thinks would like to fuck you”.

After a few moments of thinking what to say, I replied “I will think about it. Let’s try to get some sleep”. With that Lisa gave me a big sexy kiss good night. My mine was spinning. I was not going to be able to go to sleep with all that was on my mine. At first I was envisioning fucking Carol. Then I was envisioning fucking Carol while Lisa watches. Then it went to fucking both my wife and Carol. Then it really got wild when I saw myself fucking Carol while she was eating my wife.

By now my dick was hard and I really mean hard. Lisa must have also been having trouble sleeping do to similar thoughts. I felt her hand lightly start stroking my cock. She then lifted her head and gave me a long sexy kiss with a little tough action. Lisa then whispered in my ear “It looks like someone is thinking about fucking Carol” I replied “Hell Yes, but you started it”. At this point, Lisa kissed her way down my chest, stopped to licked and nibble on my man nipple for a minute, then continue down to rap her warm lips around my throbbing cock. This was defiantly was not going to be our normal fuck session. I pulled her legs around and through them over my head. For the first time in a long time I was licking my wife’s cunt as she was sucking my cock. You know the Old 69 position. I was trying hard not to cum. I wanted Lisa to cum first. Also I know that Lisa would not like it if I cum in her mouth. Lisa was doing such a bang up job on sucking my cock that I knew that I was not going to last another minute. Just then Lisa stopped sucking my cock. I could tell that her climax was fast approaching. I rapped my arms around her waist and pulled her hips in tight to my face. I was licking her cunt as fast as I could. My nose was sliding along Lisa‘s very wet pussy lips. As Lisa’s climax hit, her pussy juices gushed out and was socking my face. I keep on licking even harder. Her head had snapped back and her legs had clapped tight on my head. Her body was twitching and shaking. And O-MY-GOD, the screaming and moaning that Lisa was making were earth shaking. I was loving it all. At this point Lisa told me to stop licking her. Then in her words she said “God fuck me, stick than cock of your in my pussy and fuck me”. This was not my wife talking. It was a slut that looked like my wife and I Loved it. I rolled out from under her but instead of having her get on her back, I got behind her and pulled her hip up so she was on her knees and elbows with her face barred in the bed. I lined up my hard cock with Lisa’s pussy and pushed it in. As I was pumping my hard cock in her pussy, Lisa continued screaming out to fuck her harder. I would like to say that I was such a stud that I fucked her for 20 minutes but really I only lasted about 4 minutes before my cum was spilling out of my cock. I fell to my side bringing Lisa with me. We laid there together with my cock still in her and we both fell asleep in that position. The next morning at breakfast Lisa ask me if I thought any more about having sex with carol. I replied that there is a lot to think about. Then I ask her, if I agree to have sex with Carol does she want to watch or even join in. I think that this question caught her off guard. It took her a long time to answer. Finally she said that she does not want to watch and that she did not even want to hear any details about it later. I thought that this was odd since she seemed to get so turn-on with the thought of Carol and I having sex. Making a decision I spend the next few days trying to make a decision. I got on the internet to see what it had to say about the pros and cons of swinging or open marriages. There was a 1000 difference opinions, both for and against. One study did show that the divorce rate was the same weather you were swingers or not. Another study showed that the longer you have been married, the more comfortable people are allowing their spouse to have sex with other. There was a lot of discussion from Doctor type people that indicated that swinging (where you have sex with others as a couple ) tend to be more enjoyable and exciting with less guilt or jealousy if it done together as a couple instead of just having an open marriage. There was also a lot of talk about setting rules that both would agree to. It was looking like I would likely agree to having sex with Carol but I thought I better talk to Carol about it before I told Lisa that it was a go.

Carol gets home from work about 3:00. I took a few hours off work and was at Carol house about 3:30. Carol had already changed out of her work clothes and into a pair of running shorts and a T shirt. With her big boobs in that tight T-shirt it was hard to focuses on what I came over for. I was not sure where to start. I finally said “Lisa said that you got a little depressed last week” Carol: “Yes I was, but I am better now “ Me: ”Would you like to tell me about what was getting to you. Maybe I can help” Carol reluctantly told me about want was bugger her. For the most part it was the same as what Lisa told me. When she finish, she, started to get a tear in eye that she was trying to hold back. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. We talked some more. I tried to keep it on the lighter side. I told a few jokes to get her to smile. I finally said “I hear that Lisa offered to let you borrow me for a night“. We both laughed a little. Then Carol Said “I should call Lisa and take her up on her offer. I sure could use a good fucking” Carol again laughed. I just got a big smile on my face and said “You really should give her a call and see what she says” Carol gave me a funny look and said “OK what is going on. Lisa was only joking, RIGHT”.

I then told Carol the whole story about what came down last Friday. That Lisa actually gets turn-on thinking about her husband having sex with her best friend. Of course Carol must have said “You must be kidding” and “You are shitting me” and “O my God” about 10 time each as I was tell her the story. Carol asked a ton of question (where, when, who else would know, ect). Most of the questions I could not answer, they were still being work out. After all her questions was done Carol still did not say yes or no. I told her to think about it and that I would call in a few days. So as I was getting ready to leave, Carol ask if I was willing to do this. I told her “YES” and that I think that she is a very sexy lady. I would be honored, thrilled, and excited to have sex with her. I then pointed to the lump that was growing in my pants. We both laughed a little. As I was ready to go out the door Carol gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I kissed her back on the forehead. Carol did not release her hug on me right away. Still hugging me she said “Lisa really did gave her permission for you to have sex with me”.

Me: “YES she did”

Carol: “So we could have sex right now and your wife would not have a problem with it “

Me: “I guess not. --- She did give her permission” Carol: “So you do not need to ask your wife if you wanted to have sex with me right now” I thought for a second. It was obvious where this was going. I finally replied “No, she told me to fuck you’. With that I leaned in and gave Carol a long passionate sexy kiss. Carol return that kiss with the same passion and enthusiasm. We continued our kissing but my hands also started roaming all over her body. Her hands were rubbing along my crotch in an effort to judge the size of my rapidly growing cock. I turned Carol around so I could pull her T shirt off and bra. I reached around and each hand cupped one of her breast. After a minute of fondling Carol’s tits and kissing her neck. I pulled down her running short and she stepped out of then. Carol turned back around and we went back to kissing. Soon Carol had her hands on my pants, trying to undo my belt and pull down my zipper. I stopped kissing her just long enough to take off my shirt and to help Carol with my pants. By the time that Carol had got my pants down enough to pull my cock out we had worked our way over to the couch. As we continued to kiss, Carol had gotten my pants down to my knees. At this point Carol pushed me onto the couch, took my shoes, pants, and underwear off of me. Now the only thing that I had on was my shocks and Carol only had on her panties.

I sat up on the couch and pulled Carol up close so I could suck on her nice tits and YES, I did stick my face into those big boobs of hers and shake my head from side to side. Carol is the type of lady that could almost cum just by playing with her breast. Her breathing got heavy and she was already moaning. I was only able to suck on Carol’s tits for a few minutes when she pushed me back down on to the couch. She stretch out over me and gave me a kiss on the lips with a lot of tough thrown in. Carol kissed her way down my neck, then chest, then stomach and finally to my “willing and ready” hard cock. Two seconds later she had one hand on the base of my cock and her lips rapped around the head, sucking hard. It did not take long before I was ready to start spiting cum. Carol could tell that I was close to cuming. She stopped sucking just long enough to tell me to let her know when I was about to climax. She said that it was a big turn-on to see a man squirt cum. A minute later I was moaning that I was cuming. She took her mouth off my cock just in time. Carol continued to stroking my cock with her hand as I was squirting my seed all over the place. Carol milked my cock for the next 20 seconds with her hand and licked off the few drops of cum that came out. Carol told me to relax, and she would be right back. She went into the bathroom and brought back a damp wash cloth. She used it to clean me up. As she finished cleaning me up she said that it was now her turn. With that I got off the couch to make room for her. Carol pulled off her panties and stretched out on the couch. She used the couch pillows to prop her head up a little, I assume so she could get a good view of me eating her pussy. As soon as she got settled I went to work, first sucking her tits and then moved down to her juicy pussy. I got between Carol’s legs and had her bend her knees a little so I could get my whole face into the action. It did not take long before Carol was moaning with every breath. It was not the quite type moans either. They were loud and forceful. A few minutes later Carol was saying “I am cuming, O my god I am cuming”. I do not know if Carol is always this load, but I am sure that anyone walking along just outside her house knew that Carol was cuming.

Carol’s climax went on for several minutes, much longer than my wife. I really felt like such a stud. I did not stop licking her clit until I was sure she was done with her climax. As we relaxed on the couch, Carol and I talked for another 15 minutes or so on where we go from here. I told Carol that I assume that this mean “YES” that she is willing to have sex with me. She laugh and agreed. We agreed to not tell Lisa about us have sex just yet. Carol would wait until Lisa brings it up and then act surprised. I got off the couch first and started to look for my clothes. Carol said “What are you doing” of course I replied “I am getting my clothes “. Carol replied “not yet you have not fucked me yet”. With that, Carol grabbed my hand and we headed for her bedroom. Well the short version is, 30 minutes later I was pumping a load of cum into Carol’s now well fucked pussy. (By the way my cock had no problem sliding in and out of Carol’s so called “closeing uterus).

The next day I let Lisa know of my decision. I told her what I found out from the internet about swinging and open marriages. I told her that I was willing to have sex with Carol but she needed to find someone to have sex with also. That it would be more exciting and less guilt feeling if we did this together. We did not need to be in the same room but we should be close by, just in case there are any issues or concerns. She wanted no part of it. It was ok for me to fuck Carol but she was not going to have sex with anyone else. I said “OK so I will not have sex with Carol and we will drop it”. For the next two days I could see that she was still thinking about it. She finally said “If I change my mine, how would it work”. I told her my thoughts on how it may work. First Lisa should talk to Carol to make sure that she is willing. Then we will find a guy that we both agree on. We will set a date and the four of us will double date, (dress up, go out to a nice dinner, then dancing). I will book two rooms side by side in a nice hotel and then we will all have fun.

Lisa then asked me if I have a guy in mind. I said NO but from what I see on the internet, that this first time, it should not be a close friend, should not be a close neighbor, or it should not be a co-working that you see more than once a week. Her reply was “I might do it if we can find the right guy” I just smiled and said “Well, let start looking”.

Lisa talked to Carol the next weekend. Lisa told me that she was sure that Carol was blown away when she told her about allowing me to fuck her but that she was willing. Carol must have put on a good act. The next three week all three of us was trying to come up with a guy that would fit the bill. We were not having any luck. Lisa shot down all of the guys that I came up with. The ones she thought of, was co-worker and I did not think that was a good idea.

During those three weeks I was getting more sex that I got the first three weeks of my married. I was still dropping by Carol’s once or twice a week for a romp in bed (well I had to find out what Carol liked, didn’t I ). Also my wife was hornyer that I have seen her in years. Note: I did loved fucking them both. They both made me feel so studly but Carol was so difference from Lisa. Carol liked to watch porn movies for 10 to 15 minutes before starting our fucking routine. She also likes to be on top and ride me cowgirl style. She can get herself to climax in just a few minutes that way. Carol also had on problem with me squirting a load of cum in her mouth and then swallow it all. There was one time when I was with Carol that I was kidding her about what her X-husband had said about her being a cow. I told her if she was a cow then I was a very happy bull. I then mounted her like a bull would a cow with my hands hanging along her side and me on my feet laying on her back as she was on her hands and knees. It was not the best way to fuck but we both got a good lough out of it. Back to the story I was starting to wonder if we were ever going to find a guy that Lisa and I could agree on. Finally Carol and I was talking after having sex and Carol thought of Jeff. Jeff was the half-brother of her x-husband. Lisa and I had meet Jeff and his wife at some of Carol’s family get-together. I knew that Lisa liked him. Lisa told me that she thought he was cute (that really means in wife langue, that she thinks that he is a sexy knock-out). Carol said that she knew that Jeff thought that Lisa was sexy also. I ask if she knew if he messes around. Carol replied that he tried to seduce her at her birthday party, three years ago. She then added that she should have taken him on his offer. I ask if she is still on good terms with him since her divorce. She replied that she is, and added that he thinks that his brother is a jerk for divorce her. Carol then told me that he is an airplane mechanic so he has helped her out with some of her car problems in the past. We both agreed that Jeff would be perfect so Carol call Jeff at his work. After some small talk Carol said to him ”Do you remembers Lisa and Mike”.

Jeff: “Yes, I remembers Lisa very well. She sure does turn heads where ever she goes”.

Carol: “Well they have ask me if I would like to do some swinging with them. I would like to but I would need a partner. Are you interested in being my partner”.

Jeff: “ I do not think so. I am not really into Country Western dancing”

Carol “ No it in not dancing that I am talking about”

Jeff: “So what is it then?”

Carol got straight to the point and said: “Would you like to fuck Lisa while Mike fucks me”

Jeff: “O shit. You mean SWINGING type swinging“ Carol: “That is right”

Jeff: “Hell yes, I am in, as long as I do not have to tell my wife”

Carol: “Only if you want to tell her”

Jeff had twenty question about how it was going to work. Carol told him that it would probably be in two week on Friday night and for him to get his alibi ready for spending the night because we plan to fuck until the sun come up. Now Jeff is about 10 years younger than Lisa, 6’-1”, 190 lb and all muscle. He lived about an hour and half away. He really was a good choice for Lisa, but I thought I better run it by her before we go much further. That night after dinner I ask Lisa if she thought that Jeff would work as her partner in our sex adventure. So in her words said “Jeff O my god, Jeff. Why did I not think of Jeff before? Yes Jeff would be great. I am sure that he would be willing to have sex with me”. Then Lisa told me that she never said anything at the time but Jeff tried to seduce her at Carol’s birthday party 3 years ago. I smiled as I was remembering that Carol said the same thing. I then told Lisa that I would have Carol call Jeff and see if he is willing.

So all the player are now on board. Everyone agreed to my plan of dinner, dancing, and separate hotel rooms on Friday in two weeks.

I told Carol that I wanted to make that night special for her, so I was not planning to come over anymore for our Friend-with-benefits time. She thought that was also a good idea and said that Lisa was so lucky to have such a sweet guy. As the day approaches, both Lisa and Carol was running around like they were going to their high school prom. They both bought new clothes, had their hair done, got facial, and Lisa even got a Brazilian bikini wax for the first time. Lisa told me that Carol was asking her how I was in bed and what kind of sex do I like. It was hard to keep a straight face knowing that I had fucked Carol about 5 times in the last month. I asked Lisa what her answer was. She said that she told Carol that she did not want to spoil the surprise and that Carol would just need to find out for herself. Lisa and I were so turn-on and excited about have sex with Carol and Jeff that we were fucking almost every day and sometimes twice. Three day before our big night, I told Lisa that I was willing to help her climax but I did not want to cum. I wanted to save up my cum so Carol would think that she was such a great lover to turn-me-on so much to cause me to have so much cum. Lisa gave me a big kiss and said that she was so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband.

The day had arrived. The afternoon of the big event, I went to the hotel and checked us into the two rooms that we were going to be using tonight. One room had a king size bed the other had two queen bed. I planned to let Lisa and Jeff use the room with the King bed. I placed in each room a bouquet of flower, a couple of scented candles, and a bottle of wine (yes, I also left a cork screw). Even though we planned to get two adjacent room with a connecting door so Lisa did not have to watch me fuck Carol. I was not going to pass up the opportunity to see Lisa getting fucked. I went and bought two wireless spy cameras with sound, along with the software and adaptors to link my laptop to the TV in my hotel room. I hidden the spycams in their room. Before I left I made sure that everything was set up and running. All the time that I was setting up, my dick was hard. The big night I got back to my house from setting up at the hotel about 3:30. Our dinner reservations was for 7:00 at Lisa’s favorite restaurant. Jeff was to pick Carol up and meet us at the restaurant. The hotel that we were staying at had a dance floor and was only about 10 Minutes from the restaurant. “We are ready” I said to myself. When I got home Lisa was already getting ready. Lisa was so nervous that you would have thought that she was getting marriage again. I was also very nervous. Not so much that I was going to be having sex with my wife best friend but because I wanted so badly that Lisa had a great time and that Jeff did not turn out to be a flake. I wanted this to turn out to be a great memory for all of us.

At about 5:00 I took my shower. Lisa had already had her shower and was doing her makeup. Lisa had laid out my clothes on the bed for me. By 6:00 I was dressed and ready to go. Lisa kicked me out of the bedroom so she could get dressed. She wanted her new outfit to be a surprise. I was trying to think of what else we might need for this night of sex and passion. I grabbed a bottle of KY. Then I thought of something that Lisa may want. I went to the bedroom door where she was still dressing and asked her if she wanted to take any condoms. Lisa replied “Hell NO. If I am going to have another man fuck me then I am going to get all he has to give”. I laughed and said “that is my girl”. As I turned to head back to the living room, Lisa yelled out “I do not want you using any condoms with Carol either. Carol also should get all you have to give”. I yelled back “Yes sweetie, you are the boss“. Then we both laughed.

As I was waiting for my wife to come out of the bedroom I was still was not sure if this was really going to happen. A few week ago this was only a big fantasy that I would flash on as I was having sex with my wife.

Then the big moment. Lisa came out of the bedroom dressed and ready to go. God she looked magnificent and sexy as hell. There really is no way that I could describe her and do her justice. I went to give her a kiss but she stopped me. She did not want to smudge her lipstick. So I dropped to one knee, kissed her hand and asked her to marry me again. She got a smile on face and said “I will tell you my answer in the morning”.

We did need to get going so I grabbed up each of our overnight bags and we headed for the car. We got to the restaurant a little after 7:00. Carol and Jeff had not yet shown up. We got seated and order some wine. Carol and Jeff arrived about 10 minutes later. Carol was stunning in her new dress that show off her big boobs perfectly. Jeff was dressed up in a suit and tie. As Jeff and Carol headed for our table Lisa whispered “God Jeff looks great, even better than I remember”. Jeff and Carol sat down so the two lades was next to each other. This put Carol on one side of me and Jeff on the other with my wife across from me. I was not wearing a tie so Lisa told Jeff that it would be OK if he wanted to take his tie off. Jeff said “Thank God“ and took the tie off Other than the tension in the air on what was planned for the night, dinner went just like we were with old friends. I did notice that even through Lisa does not usually drink much that she had three grass of wine with dinner and Carol was matching her grass for grass. I think Jeff was more nerves than all of us put together. Every time that Lisa or Carol would talk to him, he would look over to me before he would answer. He was definitely not the assertive type. As we left the restaurant and headed for our cars, I told Lisa that she should ride with Jeff and that I would take Carol. As Carol and I was headed for the hotel, Carol said that if Lisa back out that she would be willing to have sex with Jiff. I replied that if we work it right that she should get to fuck both of us by the end of the night. Carol was definitely in the mood to get down so I was not surprised that she was rubbing my cock through my pants all the way over to the hotel.

Carol and I got to the hotel first. We waited just inside the hotel main doors for Jeff and Lisa. My wife and Jeff arrived and as they headed for the hotel lobby it did look like they were worming up to each other. Lisa was holding onto Jeff arm and they were rubbing shoulder as they walked.

We all headed for the hotel nightclub ( bar and dance floor). There were about a dozen couples and 10 single (mostly men) in the club. Everyone seem to be in a good mood and having fun. We found a circular booth next to the wall and order drinks. This time the seating went Jeff .Lisa, Carol and Me. There was still a lot of nervous tension in the air but the wine was helping with that. As soon as we got the drinks I ask my wife to dance. I wanted to have the first dance with her.

As we were dancing to a slow song we quietly talked about this adventure we were planning. I let her know that this was no longer about getting Carol to feel better. That Jeff would be more than willing to help out with that. It is now about us having an adventure into a difference world that we are not use to. Do we really want to take this ride on the wild side??? Lisa said “I really do not know. I am so turn on thinking about Jeff fucking me, but I feels so unfaithful and dirty. What do you think”. I said ”Neither of us should be feeling unfaithful. So I say we should try it at least this once”. Lisa said ”O god, let’s do it“ and gave me a Kiss. As Lisa and I was still out on the dance floor I said that as far as I was concern that for the rest of the night, she was Jeff’s. Then I gave her the card key to her hotel room and told her that whenever she and Jeff wanted to start having sex to go for it. Do not wait for Carol and I. The song was over, Lisa and I headed back to the booth. Jeff got up to let Lisa slid in, but before she sat down she gave Jeff a kiss and brushed her hand along Jeff’s crotch. Jeff glanced over at me just to make sure that I was Ok with it but before I could signal my approval, Lisa kissed him again and said “Do not worry about Mike I am yours for the night”. It may have been the wine talking but I have never seen Lisa so assertive. Well for the rest of our time at the nightclub the girls was snuggled up to their new partners, with a lot of petting going on under the table. I ask Jeff what alibi he gave his wife about him being out for tonight. He said that he told her the truth. Me: “So you told her that you were going to fuck Lisa”

Jeff: “Not quite that way”

Me: ” So what did you tell her“

Jeff: “ I ask her if she remembers Mike and Lisa. My wife said that she remembers you two. I then said that Carol called and told me that Lisa was having trouble with her pluming and wanted to know if I could help her out. I thought that was close enough to the truth”. Lisa stared rubbing Jeff’s cock through his pants, then said it looks like Jeff brought the right tool for the job. We all laugh.

We had been in the nightclub for about an hour dancing and flirting with our new partners. It was obvious that the girls was getting a lot of glances from the guys in the bar. I mentioned that to the girls but they did not believe that any of these guys would find them attractive. I told the girls that we should put it to the test. That Jeff and I would get the overnight bags from the car and take then to the rooms. Jeff and I would stay away for a while to see if any of the guys in the bar would ask them to dance. Jeff and I got all the bags to the rooms. We placed then on the vanity near the bathrooms. The bathroom of each room with the door that connecting the two room was in the rear. I had Jeff light the scented candles in his room and I did the same in my room.

We went back down to the bar but stood just outside so we could see the girls. Sure enough, both girls was on the dance floor with two well-dressed good looking business type men. The one that was dancing with Carol looked to be 6’2’and about her age. He had a little grey in his dark hair. They were dancing very close. So close that Carol’s breast were pressed against the man’s lower chest. The man that was dancing with my wife was much younger. He looked to be in his mid 30 s. and was also over 6’. My wife was also dancing very close. I could see that her guy would squeeze Lisa’s butt checks every now and then with no completes from my wife.

The song ending and the men escorted the ladies back to the booth. Before setting down there was a lot of whispering between the ladies and their dance partner. As the men started to leave Carol grabbed her dance partner and gave him a very long kiss with a squeeze on his butt as they broke the kiss. Lisa hesitated for a second but finally gave her dance partner a long sexy good-by kiss also.

As the men were walking away Jeff and I returned to the ladies. Of course the first thing I said to the ladies was that it looked like they were having fun with two guys. They agreed that they were being noticed by the men in the bar. I ask what they were talking about just before the guys left. Carol replied that her man asked if that was her husband that she was with. Carol said that she told him that it was not her husband and that she was single. He then ask if I was her boyfriend. Again she said No, that I was her best friend husband and we were just friend. I then said “What did he say to that “. Carol said he replied that if I get bored tonight, that he is in room 305”.

It was Lisa turn tell all. She said that her dance partner asked the same question, if that was her husband that she was with. That she told him that Jeff was not her husband but the other man was. That we were swingers and Jeff was her fuck bubby for the night and her best friend was going to be her husband’s fuck buddy. She continue and told us that her man asked if he could join in. She told him that tonight was already planned but if he would like to leave his phone # or business card, we may arranges a meeting in the future. She then asked him if has a 8” dick, that she prefers men that have at least an 8” dick. He did not answer. I said to Lisa “god your mean. That poor kid, he will never be the same” then we all laughed, but I was also thinking that my wife was becoming such a fabulous slut. 20 minutes later Lisa went to the ladies room. When she returned she stood next to Jeff. She reached in to her hand bag and pulled out her totally pussy socked panties. Then told Jeff that it was time to head to their room for the night. As they left she blew me a good-by kiss and then grabbed Jeff arm again. Carol said that Lisa was not the only one with socked panties. I replied that I have had a hard-on since I left the house and if she rubbed her hand across my cock one more time that I was going to have my own cum socked panties. Carol laugh a little and said “We would not that that to happen,--- at least in public”. Carol and I headed for our room. We walked slow and stopped a few times for a kiss and a swipe of my hand across Carol’s breast. I wanted to give my wife and Jeff time to get settled in there room. As we got to our room, Carol went to the bathroom to freshen up. I got the spycam up and running while Carol was in the bathroom. When I turn on the TV, Lisa and Jeff still had most of their clothes on, but there was a lot of kissing and heavy petting going on. I did not want Carol to know about the spycams just yet, so I turn the TV off when she came out of the bathroom.

She was wearing a see-through light blue night gown that only covered half her butt. As she was walking towards me, she notices the flowers and scented candles. The lights were off so only the nightlight in the bathroom and the candles were lighting her way. As Carol approached I could see she had a few tears in her eyes. As she got closer to me she said “God Mike, dinner, dancing and now candle and flower. You have truly made this night so special. This is a dream-come-true. Lisa and you are truly the best friend ever”. When she got to me, I handed her a glass of wine and we toasted to our friendship. We both took a sip of wine and then kissed, allowing the wine in our mouths to mix. Carol was really teared eyed now. For just that minute we were not just fuck buddy or friends-with-benefits but we were lover.

I took all my clothes off. Carol and I kissed some more as we crawled into bed. I told her that I has a surprise for her, a new porno movie made just for us. We smuggled up in bed with our head propped up so we could both watch the TV. Carol was already stroking my cock when I turn on the TV. When the picture popped on, both Lisa and Jeff had all their clothes off. Lisa was on her knees sucking Jeff’s hard cock as he stood next to the bed with his hands on my wife’s head, controlling the speed of her mouth. Carol was unable to tell who was in the picture at the angle of the camera. I switched to the other spycam. It was then obvious to Carol that the people in the picture were Lisa and Jeff. Carol came unglued. She asked a dozen questions ( How, when, do they know ect ). I told her all about when and why I set it up the spycams.

Carol could not take her eyes of the TV. At first I had control of the remote for the spycam but soon Carol wanted to be in control. For the next 25 or so minutes Carol and I were well focused on the TV. We first saw Lisa sucking Jeff’s hard cock. My ego was happy to see that Jeff cock was about the same size as mine. Then Jeff pick up Lisa, laid her on the bed, and kissed her as his hands were probing the rest of her body. Then the kissing continued down her body until his face was buried into Lisa’s pussy. It was not long before Lisa was having a climax. All through her climax Lisa was clawing at Jeff’s head and shoulders, repeating “fuck me, Jeff please fuck me”. Jeff did not stop until Lisa was completely finished with her orgasm. It was about that time that Carol started to suck my harder that hard dick but still keeping an eye on the TV. As soon as Lisa came down from her intense climax, Jeff climbed upon Lisa and started to fuck her hard. This lasted for about 6 or so minutes then Jeff lifted Lisa”s legs to her shoulder and fuck her that way for another 5 or 6 minutes. Then it was doggy stile and finally Jeff and Lisa was on their side with Jeff behind Lisa. I thought to myself that Jeff is such a stud. I would have cum a long time ago if it was me fucking my wife. For this last fuck position, one of the spycam was at the perfect angle to see Jeff’s cock going in and out of Lisa’s swollen pussy. Also Lisa had lowered her hand and was franticly rubbing her clit. I could hear both Jeff and Lisa breathing very hard. Then came the words from Lisa “O my god. I am cuning again”. And then from Jeff “I’m cuming also”. It was great. I was so turned-on. If it weren’t for Carol stopping sucking my cock so she could watch the action, I would have lost it right then. Jeff and Lisa almost had their climax at the same time. The sound effects of then both coming with constant moans and grunts throughout their orgasm was terminus. Lisa never had two climaxes that close to each other before. Carol and I could see Jeff’s cum seeping out of Lisa’s well fucked pussy. As Jeff and Lisa was trying to catch their breath it was Carol’s and my turn. Carol want back to sucking my cock but soon was kissing her way up my body. We continued to kiss as I played with her breast and she stroked my cock, but I knew want she really wanted. Still kissing me, Carol through her hips over my legs and grabbed my cock. As she raised up to guild my cock into her waiting pussy, I grabbed a nipple with each hand and gave then a gentle twist. A loud moan came out of her as she eased down on my shaft. I had not notice earlier but Carol’s pussy area was totally shaved. Soon Carol was moaned and granting with every breath as she got up to speed riding my cock.

I was so focused on Carol fucking me that I did not notice Lisa had got out of bed. Out of one eye I noticed the door that connected our two rooms was opening. Lisa was quietly trying to come into the room. She was still total naked as she was trying to get something out of her over-night bag that I had left in my room by mistake. She found what she was looking for and was headed back out of the room but stopped just inside the door. I could tell that Lisa was now focusing on the reality that her husband was fucking her best friend. Only the light from the TV and the candles was illuminating the room so Lisa did not realize that I knew that she was watching. Carol was facing away from Lisa so did not know that she was in the room watching either. From Lisa’s angle, she had a good view of my cock entering Carol’s wet pussy. With Carol now up to full speed, I raised my hips up for deeper penetration to allow Lisa a more graphic picture of my cock sliding in and out. Carol was not going to last long at this rate. She was moaning loudly and she did not care who knew it. I raised my head and was now sucking in one of her beast as deep as it would go. This was the last straw for Carol. Her orgasm was upon her and from my prospective it was more exciting as the Supper bowl with my favorite team playing. For about three minutes Carol was shaking and twitching on top on me. With every breath she would let out a moaning or a howling. As carol was come down from the high that her climax has caused, I rolled out from under her. I took my usual place behind Carol and went right at it, fucking Carol doggy stile. Carol was on her knees and elbows with her face barred in the bed. With every thrust of my cock, her nipples would rub along the bed. I glanced over at Lisa and gave her a winked. She then realized that I know she was watching and started to leave but right then, Jeff entered the room with two glasses of wine and handed one to Lisa. Jeff was also staring at Carol and I but more with a lustful/horny type look. With both of then openly staring, I felt like a porn star. Jeff asked Lisa if everything was alright and if she would like to leave. To my surprise Lisa wanted to stay and watch. I am now focused on fucking Carol but I also wanted to put on a good show for Jeff and Lisa (male ego). I was still fucking Carol doggy stile but was almost ready to cum. I wanted to delay my orgasm as long as posable so I pulled my cock out of Carol and turn her over to her back. I buried my head between her lags and started lapping up all of Carol’s pussy juices that was leaking out. It was then that Carol noticed that we had an audience. Between breathed, Carol managed to tell Lisa, that she was so lucky to have a man that knows how to fuck a woman. Carol also managed to turn off the TV witch I had forgot all about. By now I had mounted Carol and was fucking her but again I was not going to last long. I again pulled out and went back to eating out Carol’s tasty pussy for a few more minutes. Then I pulled Carol to the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor and slide my cock into carol. I grabbed her feet and placed then against my chest so she was in the shape of an “L”. This was working to slow down my approaching orgasm by not allowing me to get full penetration. By now I figured that Lisa and Jeff had a good show and I was ready to cum. Still holding to each ankle I spread Carol’s legs apart to allow for deeper penetration. Carol could tell that I was about to cun and yelled out “I want to see. Baby Cum on me” I pulled out of Carol’s pussy just in time. My first pulse of cum splattered all over Carol’s clit. Carol quickly grabbed my cock and aimed it at her breasts. The next two pulses left a trail on cum from her right tit back to the head of my cock. Carol continued to milk my cock until the last drop was out.

I was still holding onto Carol‘s legs witch was keeping me from collapsing onto Carol. Carol then asked Lisa if she would be so kind to get a wash cloth to clean up with. Lisa was still so focused on that was happening that Carol had to say it twice to get Lisa’s attention. As Carol cleaned herself up, I laid down on the bed next to Carol. Jeff turn on the room lights and then brought us each a glass of wine. Jeff and Lisa started to head back to their room but Carol invited then to stay a while. Lisa at first was reluctant but Jeff persuaded her to stick around. Jeff and Lisa snuggle up on the other bed. We all talked for another 30 or so minutes, mostly about some of the past sexual adventure that we each have had. Carol’s adventure top us all. She said that she had just turn 15 when she lost her virginity to two brother, one was 15 and the other was 17. By the end of the 30 or so minutes we all had gotten our second wind. The ladies were rubbing the men’s cocks with Jeff fingering my wife’s clit and my face was nibbling on Carol’s tits.

Round 2 was about to start. I know that Carol wanted to test drive Jeff so I suggested that we change partners. Lisa said “That is fine with me. I always wanted to see Mike suck a cock”. With that she went over to Carol and started to kiss her neck and shoulder. I knew that Lisa was only kidding at least for the most part but Jeff looked a little frighten. The three of us laughed, which set Jeff’s mine at ease. Carol got up and went over to Jeff and said that she would be grad to suck his cock, unless he wanted me to do the honors. Jeff said maybe some other time but that he would prefer Carol now.

Jeff and Carol did not waste any time. They hoped into bed and started kissing and fondling each other. Soon Jeff had two fingers in Carol’s pussy with her moaning loudly. Lisa was now rubbing my cock and I was kissing and sucking her nipples. I tried to start licking her clit and pussy but she said that she wanted to watch Jeff and Carol for a while. I kind of laughed a little then whispered to Lisa “for someone at did not want to watch people fucking, you seems to be enjoying it”. She replied that it was totally difference when you see it live, with people you know, instead of in a movie, “it so intoxicating”.

We continued our fondling as we watch Jeff and Carol. Carol was now sucking Jeff’s cock with his two fingers still in her pussy. Jeff was working his fingers perfectly. Carol was having a hard time concentrating on sucking him. She finally pushed Jeff to his back and got on top. With Carol on top Jeff did what any man would, he stuck his head between her big breasts and shook his head for side to side. Carol had her back to us, so we were getting a good view. Carol was close to her climax, so she was fucking Jeff’s cock at lighting steed. Of course she was now moaning loudly. It was about this time that Lisa started to suck my cock while still trying to watch all the action with Carol. I minute later Carol was in the most earth shaking climax that I have seen so far in the little time that I have been fucking her. Jeff quickly rolled the both of them over and was now fucking Carol hard and fact. I swung Lisa‘s lags over my head so I could start licking and nibbling on her clit and pussy. A minute after I stated to lick Lisa’s pussy, Lisa looked back at me and said with a grim “how does it taste”. I then realized that I was eating Jeff’s cum out of Lisa’s pussy. It had been over 45 minutes sense Jeff dumped his load into Lisa’s pussy so there probably was not much left but the thought of it was still exciting. Lisa’s climax was only a few minutes after Carol’s and it was a good thing because I was not going to last much longer. I waited until Lisa was completely done with her climax and then tried to roll out from under her. Lisa grabbed my cock and clamped her knees to my side to keep me from moving. She then want back to sucking my cock. This was a surprise. Lisa away wanted to be fucked after she climaxed but this time she kept on sucking. I knew that Lisa did not want me to cum in her mouth but I was going too exploded. I yelled out so everyone in the room could hear ”I am cuming, I am cuming” but it just made Lisa suck my cock even harder. I erupted with a big grunt in Lisa’s mouth. As I was cuming Lisa held just the head of my cock in her mouth at allow for ample room for my cum. She took every drop. As I was trying to relax from my orgasm, Lisa turn her head towards me and swallowed. Then she turn her body around and snagged up to me. But not before giving a big kiss and allowing me a taste my own cock juices. As Jeff was still fucking Carol, I asked Lisa want made her eat my cum for the first time. She replied “If you could lick Jeff’s cun out of my pussy them I should take your load at least once”. Then she said “It was not all that bad. I see why you guys like eating pussy so much, the rush you get when their climax is fibulas”.

Lisa and I watch Jeff fuck Carol until his orgasm and then he collapse on top of Carol. For the next several minutes the room was silence. Finally Lisa went over to Jeff and said that they should head back to their room and let these fuck bubbies have some privacy. With that, Jeff and Lisa headed to their room. Carol climbed into bed with me, gave me a big kiss and snuggle up. It was only about 12:00, it seemed later. We talked for a little bit and then we tried to get some sleep.

Carol seemed preoccupied with something so I ask her if anything was wrong. She said she was mad at herself for not getting Ron‘s phone # or at least giving him hers.

Me “Who in the hell is Ron”

Carol: ”He is the guy that I was dancing with when you and Jeff went to taker the bags to our rooms”

Me: “Why would you want to give him your phone #”

Carol: “Well he is single, he is about my age, he is good looking, he has a good job, and he is single” Me: “This is the guy that said if you get board that he is in room 305”

Carol: “Yes”

Me: “It is still early, so go give him your phone #”

Carol: “You thing I should. You would not mine” Me: “Go!!!! I am only a loaner, he may be the real deal“ With that Carol jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. A few minutes later she was dress and gave me a thank you kiss as she was headed out the door.

I turn the TV back on to see what Lisa and Jeff was up too. They were cuddle up in bed and looked like they were asleep. So I turned the TV off and doused off to sleep myself. About 1-1/2 hours later Carol woke me up then she came back from meeting with Ron. She looked well fucked. I ask her if she was able to give Ron her phone #. With a big smile on her face her response was “Yes I did. TWICE “. She then asked me if anything went on with Lisa and Jeff since she left. I told her that I did not know and turn the TV to see. Sure enough, Lisa was down between Jeff’s lags given him a blow job. Carol hopped into bed with me and we watch the action that was going on in the other room. I leaned over to Carol and started to play with her pussy. She grabbed my hand and said that she was to sore but that she wanted to thank me for talking her into going to see Rom. With that, she wrapped her mouth around my now hard cock. Lisa must have been sucking on Jeff’s dick for a while before I turned on the TV because he was grunting that he was coming only after a few minutes. Again Lisa surprised me. She let Jeff cum in her mouth. This time she open her mouth to show Jeff how much cum there was and then swallowed it all. She gave Jeff a big kiss and said “That should help you to sleep good tonight”. With that, they both settled in for a good night sleep.

Carol was still sucking on my cock. I only lasted a few more minutes until I was squirting cum in her mouth. She thought it would be cute to copy my wife so she open her mouth to show me how much cum there was and then swallowed it all. Like my wife, she gave me a kiss and said “That should help you to sleep good tonight, I know I well”. I turned off the TV and within minutes we were asleep.

The next morning, it was about 8:00 when Carol and I woke up butt we just stayed in bed relaxing. Soon Lisa came into our room. She was still naked but was carrying all her clothes. She said to Carol, that it was time to give her husband back. She then said to Carol “Jeff is in the shower and needing someone to wash his back”. With that, Carol gave me a good-by kiss, Lisa a thank you hug, then gather up her things and headed for the shower with Jeff. Lisa crowed into bed with me and gave me a kiss. She said that Carol seamed so happy and she was glad that we did this. I asked her if she was glad for Carol or for the excitement of us having sex with other. She replied “both” I said “Me too”. Lisa and I laid in bed for a while, reminiscing about how funny life can be before hitting the shower. We heard a lot of playful action going on in the next room witch made Lisa and I fell even better about our adventure. While Lisa we washing my cock in the shower she gave me a kiss and said “YES”. I was confused on that she was saying “YES’ too. Then she said “Yes I well marry you“. I had forgot about my proposal that I made last night, before this all started but I was thrilled that she had not forgot about it. We all got dressed in casual cloths and went down for breakfast. We were all on our way back to our rooms when we bumped into Ron on his way out. We continued on our way but Carol stayed and to talk to Ron. About 15 minutes later Carol show up. As soon as she entered the room she made it loudly known that she had a date. We all congregated her. We all packed up. As Lisa was taking stuff to the car, I got the spycams and put them away (you never know when they may be needed again). We all hugged and kissed our good-by’s in the parking lot. Jeff took Carol home. On the way home Lisa snuggled up to me in the car. It was a good day

To fill you in on the results of this adventure.

I did have one more romp with Carol but this time it was with Lisa’s help. The next weekend the girls went jogging. I guess they got so horny talking about the events of last weekend that they jump me when they got back. All I can say is that it is not so easy to please two women in bed as it looks in the movies.

Carol and Ron are a thing. Rom now spends the night at Carol’s when he is in town. They are talking about moving in together. Carol does see Jeff once in a while. She says it is just to fix the plumbing. It was about 8 month after our adventure, Jeff call me to ask how I like the swinging life style. I laugh and said that Lisa and I have only had sex with him and Carol. He then said that he thinks that his wife may be willing to try swinging and would we be interested. Well this turn out to be another great adventure. So if this story is well received I will write it down for your pleasure.

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