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Caribbean Cruise

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Karen and I finally pulled it off; a mini-vacation without the kids. We just dropped them off at the grandparent's house and we are on our way to the airport to catch a flight to Miami where we are hopping on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean. We found a sweet deal on a 4 day 3 night cruise that sets sail out of Port Miami and cruises the Caribbean, stopping at Coco cay, Bahamas and Nassau, Bahamas before returning to Miami. For $204.00 per person we couldn't pass it up. The flight from Tampa to Miami is free because of a bargaining deal my company has with Continental Connection.

The plane ride is uneventful, but the ride over to the port is exciting. The cruise line has a party bus pick up several passenger groups at a time from the airport so it is packed with people all headed for the same cruise line. There is a video monitor playing an introduction to the ship, the cruise, the activities, and the amenities on board and everyone is getting worked up thinking about all the fun we will have. The weather forecast for the next few days is nothing but sun so we plan on laying around on the sun deck and swimming in the pool during the day, drinking and dancing in the club in the evening, and relaxing in the hot tub at night. We are pretty sure there won't be much sleeping going on for the next few days.

As we make our way to port we start chatting with the couple sitting next to us on the bus. John and Stacey are from somewhere in the Midwest and are celebrating an anniversary on the cruise, which is ironic because our anniversary is just around the corner and we are using the cruise as sort of an early anniversary gift to each other. They are in their 30's, have a couple kids, and own their own business selling computer software for the health care industry. After chatting for a few minutes we realize that we have many things in common and agree that we should get together on the cruise for lunch or dinner and drinks.

We arrive at the port and it is a spectacle. There are hundreds of people in all shapes and sizes gathering on the pier and making their way towards the gang plank (I think that is what it is called; at least it is in those Caribbean pirate movies). There is music blaring from all over, food, drink, gifts, and cruise ship employees greeting folks and directing them on to the ship and to their cabin for an on time departure. As we cross the gang plank and board the ship we are both in awe at the sight of the massive ocean liner. We get directions to our cabin and decide to wait to go there until we are out of port and underway. As we approach the railing to wave goodbye to the port of Miami (since there is no one on the pier to see us off) we run into John and Stacey again. We take up a place next to them to wave goodbye. After the ship leaves port we say our farewell to our new friends and agree to catch up later by the pool. We make our way to a gift shop on board to pick up a few things we forgot to pack and then head to our state room.

Well, $204 doesn't get you the best room on the boat but it is sufficient since we don't really plan on spending too much in the room while we're on board. We unpack, get into our "cruise" clothes and head out to tour the boat. As we climb the stairs towards the next deck, guess who walks around the corner, John and Stacey. They, too, have changed into clothing more suitable for a cruise on the Caribbean and it is only now that I notice Karen really checking John out. He is about my height, in a little better shape than I am, and of course has more hair than me, his 10 year senior. I also notice that Stacey sees Karen checking him out, too, and she doesn't seem to mind. In fact, I realize that each of us is sizing up the others in a very curious way. I start to wonder if maybe there is some mutual attraction going on. Stacey asks if we would like to join them now for a few drinks and then maybe make plans to catch dinner in one of the clubs a little later. We agree and the two ladies lead the way and start chatting and becoming friendlier. John and I follow and only hope they know where they are going. John and I start talking about our work, kids, hobbies, and what not and then out of the blue he says "you know, Stacey and I were hoping to meet a nice couple like the two of you on board, we just didn't think it would be so soon. Stacey told me right before we ran into you that she was hoping to be able to spend some time with the two of you." I replied, "Well, the feeling is mutual, and it is obvious that Karen feels the same. They are acting like they've known each other for years and they only just met." With that, John comments, "we are both glad. When we first saw you on the bus we made a point to sit next to you. We happen to think you are a handsome couple and were hoping to get to know you much better before the week is over." I am impressed with his candor and reciprocate by saying , "once again, the feeling is mutual. And I must say, you are both very attractive, and I can tell that Karen feels the same way because of the way she was checking you out in your shorts when you came around the corner." "I kind of picked up on that," John says, "and I noticed Stacey checking you out, too." "Well, it sounds like there is a lot of checking out going on here! We are going to have to do something about that! How about we get those drinks we mentioned!" We both laughed, and the ladies turned around and looked at us like, "what are they laughing at?" We just shrugged and each of us looked at the other and kind of all got the idea that we would be getting much closer before this cruise was over.

By the pool now, about 3 margaritas for the ladies, and 4 or 5 Dos Equis for the guys and the conversation is flowing. It turns out that John is a nurse, which is what Karen does also, and that Stacey is a recreational pilot, which is what I do for a living. Of course, when pilots get together the conversation almost always leads to talk of aircraft, airports, and other boring pilot stuff that non-pilots pretend to be interested in to your face but when you are not looking roll their eyes and pretend to gag themselves. Of course, the same goes for any profession so John and Karen are chatting about medications, stethoscopes, and whatever else nurses talk about to each other. I notice that Karen has moved really close to John and is leaning in and hanging on every word he says. She is obviously flirting with him and he is returning the flirtations. I point this out to Stacey who noticeably moves closer to me and says loud enough for them to hear "would you look at these two lovebirds, maybe they should get a room!" We both burst out laughing when the two of them look at us with a look of mock-denial on their faces. I look at Stacey and ask her "what would you think about all of us getting a room together?" At this, I turn to look at John to gauge his reaction and I notice that he and Karen are both smiling, they lean in close to each other, and John whispers something to Karen, she blushes, turns and looks at Stacey and says "I think your man is getting a little worked up over here. If he really means what he just whispered to me, I think we definitely should get a room....soon!" With that, Karen places her hand firmly on John's thigh and starts to massage it. Both Stacey and I notice this and I feel her hand touch my thigh in about the same place as Karen is touching John. Now the two of them lock eyes and start grinning at each other. At once, I feel Stacey's hand moving north towards my crotch where she stops a few inches short of the mother lode. Karen now does the same thing to John and stops in the same place. It's like a silent game of H-O-R-S-E that only the two of them are playing, each one matching the other's moves until one falters and the letters are doled out. John and I now lock eyes and without a word tell each other that we are completely cool with what the two girls are doing and we agree, again silently, that we want them to keep playing their game. In fact, we are now begging with our eyes for them to continue. Stacey now leans in and plants a nice soft kiss on my cheek. Karen matches her move on John's. Now Stacey leans in and whispers to me that she thinks that Karen is very pretty and she would like to see her kiss John's lips. Karen now leans in and whispers something to John and he blushes a bit and looks at her and gives the slightest nod of acceptance to whatever she just whispered. With that I looked at Stacey and moved in for a nice wet kiss on her full lips. John turns to Karen and does the same. Next Stacey slides her hand inside the leg of my shorts and playfully flicks the head of my cock, which is already coming to attention at the sight of Karen mirroring Stacey's movements. I can see a rise in John's shorts as well. I am thinking to myself "What's next in this game of sexual-horse?" Well, I must have said that out loud or something because John said "we should probably continue this little game in the comfort of our stateroom before the Yeoman comes over and locks us up in the brig for indecent exposure on a public deck!" We all agree and we call the waitress over and order another round of drinks before we leave. The waitress informed us that we can order the drinks from room service if we are more inclined to retire to privacy to continue our little game. We all blush just a little that someone had noticed and surprisingly, at least I am quite turned on by the fact that she did. The girls winked at the waitress, gave her a pat on the butt, and told her to mind her business and that maybe later she could come join us and play along! John and I were both floored at this and were not really sure if they were just teasing her or not. It really didn't matter because I am pretty sure that these two hot women will be just about all we can handle.

Once the drinks arrive, John and Karen walk hand in hand and Stacey and I arm in arm to the deck where their state room is located. When we arrive at their room it is immediately obvious that the health care software business is very good. Their state room is actually the Royal Suite. 670 square feet of pure ocean luxury with a private balcony overlooking the ocean, a whirlpool hot tub, a separate master bedroom, kitchenette, and a cozy living room with a wet bar. Karen and I are both duly impressed. We all move out onto the private balcony and John and I sit in the chase lounge chairs and Karen sits on my lap and Stacey on John's. The drinks are starting to kick in and I am getting light headed so the ocean air is the breath of fresh that I need to keep level. I start to kiss Karen's neck and ears and I whisper how much I love her and motion her to look over at John and Stacey who are doing the same thing. And the game continues. Next I reach up with my left hand and cup Karen's right breast while we tongue kiss deeply, John does the same to Stacey. Then I grab the right strap of Karen's bikini top and lower it seductively off her shoulder, not quite removing the cup from her breast. John starts to do the same thing only he pulls it all the way down and exposes Stacey's very firm, nice, b-cup breast which is already nipple-hard. John's says playfully, "I guess that would be H!" After a brief pause, we all get the joke and again burst out laughing. We are all, obviously, becoming very comfortable with one another so Karen reaches up and pulls her cup off and exposes her very beautiful b-cup breast for John and Stacey to see. This continues for the next few minutes until we are all sitting on the balcony in our birthday suits except for me, and taking in each others' beauty. A moment ago, when Stacey pulled down John's Bermuda shorts, he wasn't wearing any underwear which caused us to get the letter H because I was. Karen and I both let out a gasp when we saw his gorgeous dick swing free from his pants and Stacey commented "I expected that reaction from Karen but I am surprised to get that reaction from you, Chris. Do you like what you see, too?" It was now that Karen told us what she had whispered to John during the beginning of our little game of H-O-R-S-E at the pool. Karen said, "When I whispered to John earlier I asked him if he would enjoy it if both Chris and I gave him a blow job. As you could see by his reaction he said yes, he would. We weren't sure how you would feel about that Stacey. How do you feel about it?" She replied, "John knows it has always been a fantasy of mine to watch him get it on with another man, so I think he already knows how I feel about it." Karen continues "Well, Stacey and John, it has always been my fantasy to watch Chris get it on with another man, too. It looks like we might just see that fantasy come true tonight, Stacey." I admit now, "Karen, I have always wanted to get it on with another man while you are watching and masturbating." Then John, "and, Stacey, I have always wanted to watch you go down on another woman while I am getting it on with another man." With all of these admonitions we decide to move the party inside. This time, I stand up and walk over to John. I lean down and give him a deep tongue kiss while grabbing the back of his neck. I take his hand and we walk inside and head for the hot tub. Stacey stood up and walked over to Karen and bends down to give her a long, wet, tongue kiss. Then she takes her hand and they follow us to the hot tub.

I notice that our glasses are all empty and I suggest another round of drinks. While I am at the wet bar, still in my boxer shorts by the way, I hear laughter and giggling coming from the direction of the hot tub. I notice that John is out of rum and I call down to room service and order a bottle which they say will be delivered soon. When I return to the hot tub I see only John and I am wondering where the women are until I get closer and I can see that they are both underwater and doing what looks like what I want to do to John very soon. He has the biggest grin on his face and says, "Boy, are we glad we met you two today!" Karen and Stacey both come up for air and settle in next to John, one under each arm. I pass out the drinks and we make a toast, "To new friends and new experiences!" As I slip out of my boxer briefs my cock springs to attention and I can see that John is very turned on. Stacey and Karen each have a hand wrapped around his dick and are stroking him under the water. I am completely hot at the scene I see before me. Karen and Stacey, both of whom are built almost exactly the same, 5'2", each less than 115 pounds, nice b-cup tits, and both with partially shaved pussies, and John, who has kind of a football player build, nice chest hair, and a nice big dick. Seeing Karen stroking another man's dick is almost too much to bear, and knowing that very soon I will be watching Stacey licking Karen's pussy while I have John's big cock in my mouth is really turning me on.

Karen and Stacey beckon me into the hot tub and position me right in front of John who lifts himself up on to the side of the hot tub. His hard cock is now jutting out and begging to be sucked on. Karen, on the left, and Stacey, on the right, both start licking the side of his dick and Karen grabs me and pulls me in and Stacey instructs, "lick John's big, hairy balls." I comply and start tonguing his ball sack while these two hot little mammas are licking up and down like his dick is a Christmas lolly-pop. John is visibly turned on as his cock starts twitching and growing longer and stiffer. Stacey reaches across the hot tub and cups Karen' right breast with her left hand and starts to knead it while flicking her nipple and making it harder than it already is. Karen reaches under the water and grabs my cock with her right hand and starts stroking it softly at first, then harder. Stacey moves up and starts kissing John and Karen and I move in and start to alternate taking John's dick into our mouths. Karen grabs his cock at the base of the shaft and offers it to me, begging me to take him in my mouth. Now she puts her hand on the back of my head and pushes me all the way down on his cock so the head is way down deep in my throat. A gasp comes from Stacey as she sees me deep throat her man. I break away from his cock and put my hand on the back of Karen's head and push her head down on his cock until it is completely buried in her hot mouth. Again Stacey gasps at the sight of Karen sucking on her man's cock.

As much as the hot tub is fun, we decide to move the party again. This time we take it into the bedroom where we can all spread out on the bed and enjoy each others' company. John lies down on his back and grabs his dick and holds it out and says "Who wants some?" Stacey obliges by burying her face in his crotch and sucking on him. Karen and I lie down next to them in a 69 and I lick her wet pussy (wetter than I have felt it in a long time) while she deep throats my cock. Hands are reaching, rubbing, stroking, and poking all over the place. I don't know who's touching who and I don't care. We are all moaning and groaning in pleasure and we are all eager to get the fantasy underway. At this, I lift Karen off of me and make my way over to John. I turn around and straddle his shoulders with my cock hanging down right in his face and we start to 69, each taking the full length of each others' cock in our mouth, licking balls, grabbing ass, and playfully sucking on each other. I can feel Stacey moving to the other side of the bed where Karen is lying with her back against the headboard watching me sucking a big cock. I can see that Karen is playing with herself, bringing herself close to orgasm, and enjoying the sight before her eyes. Stacey moves off the bed and kneels down on the floor and pulls Karen's legs to the side so they are hanging off the side of the bed. Karen's head is now lying right next to where I am sucking on John. I can tell when Stacey starts licking Karen because at once Karen arches her back and lets out a moan of great pleasure. She is still playing with her own clit while Stacey expertly licks her labia, inserting a finger or two to play with the hot spot inside Karen's dripping pussy. John has one of Karen's tits in his hand and I have the other, Stacey has her tongue buried in Karen's pussy, I have John's cock in my mouth, and mine in his, and all of our fantasies are being played out before our eyes. Karen inches up and starts sucking John with me, Stacey is having the time of her life licking Karen's juices out of her pussy, and John is showing me just how good of a cocksucker he is. Karen starts to shudder on the edge of an orgasm. This is so unbelievable. The only thing that would possibly be better is if we all climax at the same time. Karen is close, I know I am about to explode, John is already leaking pre-cum into my mouth, and all of a sudden we hear Stacey start to scream as she starts to shudder from orgasm. We were all so wrapped up in our fantasy that we didn't notice the waitress from the pool had brought up the bottle of rum that I ordered. The door had been left open a crack and she let herself in and when she saw the action that was going on she moved into position behind Stacey and was licking her pussy with obvious delight. Karen starts to scream as Stacey continues to work over Karen's hot cunt. At this, John pulled his cock out of my mouth, pushed me up off of him, and told Stacey he wanted to cum in her mouth. Stacey took all of his cock in her mouth and started sucking with extreme conviction. The pool girl still had her face buried in the crack of Stacey's hot ass and was licking and sucking her clit, Karen knelt down on the floor next to Stacey and I moved up to the edge of the bed next to John and fed my cock to Karen. I had my hand on the back of Stacey's head, and John's was on the back of Karen's. We were both pumping our woman's head on the others' cock, Karen had her hand on Stacey's ass, and the sight of these three very, hot, sexy women was more than I could handle. I started shooting cum into Karen's mouth. John saw this and pulled her head off my cock and told me to shoot it on her face. This was more than he could take and he started shooting his load on Stacey's face. We were both cumming buckets, streaming our hot liquid on our women's faces. I jerked John's cock with my left hand and he jerked mine with his right, squeezing out as much cum as we could. The pool girl is now licking Stacey's cum out of her hot pussy, and she is finishing off Karen with three fingers in her pussy. All of us except the pool girl exploded in orgasm almost simultaneously. The smell of sex is everywhere, the smell of cum is literally oozing on their faces, and I lean down and tongue kiss Stacey, tasting John's cum on her tongue, and then I start to kiss her face, sucking up all of John's cum from her face. When I am done, John does the same to Karen. After he finishes John and I kiss and swap our loads in and out of our mouths while the girls just watch in fascination. The pool girl gets up to leave and Stacey turns to her and says, "It's your turn. Don't you want to cum?" With that, the waitress kindly says, "No thanks. It is my job to make sure that my guests are having the best possible time they can on the cruise. It is my pleasure, believe me, to serve you." She wipes what is left of Stacey's pussy juice off her chin and strolls out of the suite with a bounce in her step.

After we wind down a bit, get dressed, and finish off another drink it is time for Karen and I to return to our measly state room. Before we leave, however, Stacey comes over to me and plants a big kiss on my lips, grabs my dick through my shorts, and says, "Now that we got that fantasy out of the way, what's next?" Karen and I look at each other and, with a silent understanding, we all know that this is going to be one hell of a cruise! With that, John grabs his wife and they retire to the comfort of their suite and we descend a few decks to our state room. When we get inside the door we jump right on the bed and have the best sex together that we've had in a long time. Obviously, living out these fantasies has awakened a sexual desire in both of us that seemed to get lost in the routine of daily life, kids, work, home, and other very important priorities. We lie there after another awesome orgasm and just hold each other, caressing, and stroking each other, with a silent understanding that no matter what else happens on this ship, at home, or in the future, we always have each other, we always have our fantasies, and we will always have the memory of our first Caribbean Cruise together.

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