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Breastfeeding the Boys

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Breastfeeding the Boys

Glen and I got married in 1975. He had joined the Army and was planning on going to Viet Nam to join his band of brothers. I was four months pregnant when we tied the knot and couldn't wait to be his little wife and mother of his child. His plan started to dissipate when the troops started coming home before he got to leave, so all at once, he was staying home with me and the little one on the way. All was well and soon we got into the groove of being a family and that urge of his to go to war started to ebb and we settled in for the coming of our first child...

Let me start out by saying that I had wanted to be a mother from a very young age. I think it came from my grandmother as she had eight kids, so naturally, I wanted a big family too. I was a small girl, small breasts, wide hips, round ass, the doctor said that I was made to have babies. I don't know if he was hitting on me, but in those days, sexual harassment hadn't been invented yet. Anyway as my pregnancy progressed, my breasts started to grow at a rate faster than my belly. Way before the baby came, my titties went from a small b cup to a large D cup and still growing. On that wonderful day that our daughter was born, Glen got to be there with me and looking back it was one of the most memorable days of my life. My legs in the stirrups, the medical people between my thighs, Glen at my head whispering words of encouragement, right before he almost passed out... we were now three.

Of course I breastfed our daughter. In those days thats what you did. And I didn't have any choice. My tits grew to an enormous size. My nipples were huge and milk was leaking out of my nipples constantly. I couldn't even find a bra that fit, so I rarely wore one, even tho I didn't need one as they were so full of milk all the time. When she nursed on one tit, the other one sprayed out like a lawn sprinkler. My clothes would be soaked if I nursed her with a shirt on, so usually, I would take it off or pull it up so as not to drench it with milk. It was a little bit embarrassing at first, if we were at the store, and she started to want to nurse, just the thought of it made me start and I would drench my shirt, even to the point of squirting through the fabric, milk actually squirting out in public. People would stop and look at me, no actually at my tits, which would make it worse and I would squirt even more. The other thing no one told me, when she nursed, I could feel it in my pussy. I would actually have mini orgasms. Sometimes rather large ones, and as time went on, major ones, to the point of being totally fulfilled, just from having my nipples sucked on and my tits drained. I know this may sound weird, but when they started to squirt in public, and I caught men looking, those orgasms started. This was pretty embarrassing so I had trouble being out in public and started avoiding it. But when I was out and my titties started gushing, so did I...

Glen was always the entrepreneur. Making money whenever and however he could. We couldn't live on post, so he found us a house in the country, far from post. It was an old house, with lots of rooms, but it was cheap and the location was so secluded that all of his buddies wanted to come out to party so they wouldn't be bothered. One day he mentioned that he was planning on renting the rooms out to the guys from his unit. Seemed like a good idea to me, especially when he told me the price. We were going to get way more money than our rent was costing so I said go for it. There were five large bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and living room and the dollar signs started floating in my head. We really needed the money as his pay was at the poverty level. So it began.

As I mentioned he was always looking for the buck, when soldiers came and went, he started buying their old appliances and furniture. New GI's moved in, they needed stuff, he supplied it. When they moved out, he would buy it. We always had way more than we needed, so when our first tenant arrived, we had furniture on hand to sell. Greg was the first. He was a quiet guy that kept to his self. He was a frugal man that loved to party. Keep in mind, these were all guys in their early twenties, most had never been married. He bought a bed and dresser from Glen and moved it in to the room next to ours. He pretty much got this all started...

It was early summer, Glen had just bought a swimming pool from a GI that was leaving. It even had a deck around it, which he purchased for a song. He and Greg brought it home and proceeded to put it together as soon as possible as in the mid west, the summers can be extreme. We didn't have air conditioning as almost no one had it in those days, so the pool was a welcome sight to me. They got it together and started filling it. Our daughter was almost a year old by now and starting to eat solid food and not much interested in my titties anymore, however my titties weren't ready to be ignored. They were still very much into feeding a hungry baby. They were still huge and squirting all the time. This didn't go unnoticed by the (my) men that lived with me, and I still enjoyed those orgasms that came from my nipples being sucked. When the boys got the pool up and the deck put together, I couldn't wait to get out there and enjoy it. The water was so cool and the day so hot, I had to get in it. I peeled out of my clothes and dove in to the delight of my boys, ogling my naked body gliding thru the water. I splashed around in that water like a little kid, slid out with a huge smile on my face and hit that lounge chair and threw my arms over my head and relaxed like a cat after eating a eyes closed feeling so content...when I realized that both titties were spraying like a fountain. I felt the hot milk spraying out on my belly. I opened my eyes and there were both guys standing over me staring at me. Actually staring at my tits. There cocks were starting to grow and I could see the legs of their shorts lifting as their dicks were getting hard. Greg broke the silence when he asked if he could taste it. It took me a minute to realize that he wanted to taste my milk. All I could do was nod my head yes, and he was on me, sucking my nipple into his mouth, drinking my milk like he was dying of thirst. Glen was right behind him, latching onto my other nipple, which was already spraying up into the air. My orgasms hit me like a bolt of lightning. Two mouths sucking my sensitive nipples, drinking my nectar, and all I could think of was those hard dicks which I grabbed and started stroking. They sucked me until the pressure was gone from my full breasts, but my pussy was fully engorged and wanting to be filled. Glen came in my hand, his hot load hitting my palm and running thru my fingers. Greg was lifting up and getting in position to get inside me, his cock pulsing, still in my hand. When the head of his dick hit my open pussy lips, I had one of the largest orgasms I had experienced in my young life, and he shot off at the same time, as he slid all the way inside me. I could still feel him quake as our bellies touched, pulsing inside my quivering pussy. To this day that was one of my best orgasms and believe me, I have had many. That night those boys kept my titties drained and they both fucked me until none of us could move anymore. Truly a fantastic night which I thought would never be topped. Boy was I wrong. As the rooms filled up with those young GI's so did my tits and pussy!

By mid-summer, Glen had rented most of the rooms out. He and Greg had put two beds in each room, with color TV's and VCR's. Keep in mind, these were all young men with very high libidos and all single. Being the only female, I was constantly under their watchful eye and lactating, they were really keeping an eye on me. I went from being a humble, quiet, shy girl, to a lustful wanton, slut that wanted her tits sucked any time she could get it. You know when this first started, I tried to feel guilty about being this way, but the more I thought about it, it seemed only natural, like this was the way it should be. By the end of the summer, Glen had all of the rooms rented out. We didn't have to buy any food, the guys bought it. We were rolling in money from the rent, and the furniture and appliances he was selling, and I had so much man meat I was rolling in, life couldn't get any better. I had nine men living in my house at the same time. Being in the military, they were working all kinds of shifts, so someone was home all the time. I spent almost that whole summer nude, by the pool, nursing one of those boys everyday. Our daughter had completely stopped nursing, but with all those boys constantly sucking the milk out of my titties, I never slowed down, if anything, my milk production increased and my breasts grew and I was giving more milk to feed the insatiable appetite of those young GI's. There were many days and nights when I woke up in the morning with a man on each tit sucking my milk out, and one between my legs sucking or fucking me, a hard cock in each hand, jacking them off and this would go on all day. As one crew would finish and go to work, the other would come home and take their place...finally they got me started with anal and many times, I would have one in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth and one in each hand with a mouth on each tit sucking my milk out. They would always try and cum at the same time, being very vocal about when they were going to cum...and it seemed like no matter how much they fucked me, I always wanted more. Many times I would go into one of their darkened rooms, my tits full, and lean out over their sleeping bodies, my breasts spraying milk out and wake them up, my hot milk spraying on their faces, to have them wake up and fuck me silly...But all good things must cum to an end and by the end of that summer, they slowly started to disappear. Getting out, or being deployed to another base. By fall when Glen and Greg drained the pool we were down to five. My milk had started to diminish. The boys were still having there way with me in any way they wished. My orgasms were still magnificent. Joe and Neal were the last to leave, Glen didnt bother to rent out the other rooms, he and Greg kept me for their own pleasure. Greg moved into our room and every night they took me in various ways, but always one on each breast. Draining the last of my milk, while making me cum. Filling me with their cum each night in every hole. By the end of that year I was pregnant again. I dont really know who's sperm did the trick, which one of those darling men's sperm captured my egg and gave me our next daughter. It doesn't really matter. But I will always remember that summer and fall with the fondest memories of all of those beautiful cocks and wonderful mouths that kept my milk drained and my pussy filled.



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