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Brandi's first time

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Brandi?s First Time Another work of fiction brought to you by Sweet Angel

As they walked out to the car, she realized that it had grown chill some time during the long hot night they had just spent at ?The Ranch?. The sun was breaking across the mountains to the east and flooding the sky with a deep crimson that nearly matched her face as she began to recount the previous night?s adventure.

?Are you alright to drive?? she asked him as he placed their bags in the back seat and closed the door. Neither of them had gotten much sleep and it was a long drive back.

?Oh yeah, sure, I?m fine babe? he told her as he opened her door for her. ?Besides, you look completely worn out and like you?re about to fall asleep.?

She laughed a little as she felt her face flush as she blushed at the reminder of the night they had just had. ?I am pretty tired? she confessed as she slid into the front seat.

?Well I really am fine babe, you can go ahead and sleep if you want to? he told her as he closed her door and went around to get in.

She smiled to herself as she thought how Scott was such a perfect match for her. It had been a long hard road trying to get him to finally open up to her about things, but it had been more then worth the trip.

?Thank you babe for being so open and understanding about things? he told her as he buckled up then leaned over to kiss her gently before starting the car. ?To be honest, I wasn?t sure you would go for coming up here? he finished.

She smiled at him as he put the car in gear and backed out. She had let him think that the entire weekend had been all his idea, but secretly she had desired such an adventure for many years. She had lacked only the right man in her life to make her feel safe enough and comfortable enough to act on these deep seated desires.

?Well, first of all I would do anything for you babe,? she told him, ?and like I told you when you first asked me about all this, I do have some fantasies. Thank you for letting me try to live them out!? she said as she leaned over and kissed him while she ran her hand over his crotch.

He grinned at her with a look of wonderment in his eyes as they headed down the long drive to the exit gate. As they drove down the lane along the pastures, she eased his cock gently from his pants and began to stroke him slowly and tenderly. She wanted one more taste of him before they left the Circle T and she knew he could make the drive to the gate take long enough.

With out another word from either of them, she lowered her head into his lap and began kissing and licking the head of his gorgeous cock. He wasn?t the biggest she had ever had, but he was the only one she loved and wanted above all else. Yes she enjoyed other men?s, but nothing like she did his.

She twirled her tongue around the head then moved to licking up and down the length of his fully erect cock. She could hear him moaning his enjoyment and feel that the car had slowed to a crawl. She smiled to herself as she thought that Scott knew her so well and knew she wanted his cum one more time. He had admitted to always wishing he had a woman who loved to suck him off. Upon hearing that from him, she had made a point of being that woman he always dreamed of. As it turned out, she had grown to not just like it, but love it and need it.

She was driving herself crazy with anticipation for the taste of him. Every time she thought of the feeling of his gorgeous cock filling her mouth to over flowing with his sweet cum, she nearly wet herself. This time seemed more intense though and she could only attribute it to the rush of the adventure they were nearing the end of. After all, she was still tingling and some what weak kneed from every one she had enjoyed.

Her mind began to replay the highlights of the weekend as she took him into her mouth and began to slowly move her mouth up and down. She loved the way his cock felt sliding between her lips and across her tongue. Each stroke she took a little more of him into her mouth until she had him entirely in and partially down her throat. She stopped there for a moment as she heard him utter ?Oh God Brandi! Damn baby I love it when you do that!?

She knew that he was well on his was to giving her what she wanted and she didn?t want it to end too soon, so she slowed her pace a little and began torturing him. She made love to his beautiful manhood like never before. Even for her, there was a new found passion in the way she did things to and for him. She knew that she hadn?t done anything wrong, but she still felt a twinge of guilt as she caught herself imagining someone fucking her while she sucked on the most beautiful cock in the world.

She closed her eyes and let her mind take her back across the hours to the after dinner drinks. She and Tina had talked almost non stop since they arrived at the Ranch. Tina was a beautiful woman with long sandy blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was one of the owners of the Ranch and the one it was named after in fact. When ever she smiled, her whole face lit up and everyone around her just had to smile too. Brandi had never really thought much about women, but Tina was just so sexy and wonderful that Brandi found herself wondering what it would be like to feel her caress. Tina only made it easier for her to have these thoughts by flirting with her very openly.

Brandi could tell Scott was enjoying seeing her flirting with another woman and that he was getting really turned on by the woman who had been flirting with him since they got here now flirting with his wife. The whole idea of what was about to happen was taking over her and she felt her inhibitions falling away to the side of the road.

As if seeing that Brandi needed only a simple nudging to act upon her many fantasies, Scott looked at her and smiled as he said, ?So Tina, is it true what I heard??

Tina giggled a little, sounding like Betty Rubble, and replied ?Well I guess that depends on what you heard.?

?I heard that you have a certain fetish and that you like it so much you once did it over 20 times in one night,? he said with a sheepish little grin.

?Oh that, yeah it?s true. In fact it was right here at the Ranch just last year. Why do you ask?? she enquired as if she didn?t already know what he wanted.

Wanting it too, having wanted it since she had seen him get in the hot tub earlier, Tina made things easier on him by walking over to him and setting down in the big soft chair next to him. Scott looked at Brandi as if to ask if it were ok. Seeing her smile her approval in return, he tuned and stepped in front of Tina.

?So?um..? he stammered a moment.

Before he could finish his sentence, Tina reached up with both hands and started rubbing his thighs and moving up to his belt. As she undid buckled it and started to un-do his pants, she looked him in the eye and smiled and said, ?Oh yeah and I don?t like to suck cock, I love to suck cock!?

Having his pants fully undone, Scott helped Tina push them to the floor and kicked them to the side. Tina took his fully hard cock in her hand and began to stroke him slowly. She licked the precum from the head of his cock as she began caressing his balls gently with her free hand. She drove him wild flicking her tongue across his sensitive head and then along the shaft to lick his balls before returning to the top. He thought to himself that she really was good at driving a man crazy. If she had actually sucked off 20 plus guys in one night, she must be about the best cock sucker in the world. She was certainly well on her way to proving to him that she was anyway.

Once Scott had stepped in front of Tina, Brandi had turned to look at Roy, Tina?s husband. He had been flirting with her since her arrival too, though he always seemed more into Tina and what she was up to. Now with both their views blocked, they noticed each other more closely. As she walked toward Roy, she thought to herself that he was a good looking man. Not overly tall and by no means some beefed up muscle bound jerk type, but rather more of the bad boy biker type that she had always liked. The one thing that stood out about him was his amazing eyes. She had never seen a man with such beautiful eyes and she knew she could get lost in them with out even trying.

?Well, it seems those two are taken care of.? Roy joked as he looked her up and down. She could feel his eyes undressing her and she had to confess it was turning her on more and more.

?If Tina?s fetish is giving blow jobs, what?s your fetish then Roy?? she asked as she took one last step to stand in front of Roy, who was sitting in the corner of the sofa near the fireplace.

Roy caught her in his gaze, like a wolf does a rabbit, and with a swiftness that was totally unexpected, he slid his hands up the mini skirt that Tina and Scott had insisted she wear, and said to her, ?Mmm you?ll see,? he told her as he lifted her, turned and placed her down on the back of the sofa. His hands slid down her hips to the inside of her thighs and gently pushed her legs apart. In truth she needed little or no urging. The mere site of Scott fucking Tina in the mouth was more then enough to make her wet and ready for some special attention.

Roy wasted no time getting to what he wanted. He lowered his head and kissed her clit a few times then went immediately to flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue. She gasped as he twirled it around and down between her lips to probe her drenched pussy. She began to toss her head from side to side as Roy pushed her closer and closer to her first orgasm of the night. She felt something soft brush across her lips and she instinctively opened her mouth and took it in. After she had this new cock fully in her throat, she opened her eyes and looked up to see that it was Tem who had stepped up and given her something else to do. He was like Roy in that he was a bad boy biker type, though he was a bit shorter and a little heavier. She felt the pressure building as she realized she was now having her first threesome and it was with two bikers. She began to let her self go completely and started sucking Tem?s cock like a woman dying of thirst. Between Roy eating her and Tem?s hard cock filling her mouth, it was too much. Her orgasm burst forth and flooded Roy?s mouth and face. She bucked wildly as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.

As her first orgasm began to subside, Roy stopped eating and started rubbing her swollen pussy. She took the reprieve as a chance to really show Tem what she could do. She went to work on him like he was Scott and it was the first time she had him in her mouth. She knew that thinking of Scott would make her suck this man?s cock the best she could and Scott had always told her to do her best. She laughed to herself as she sucked Tem deeper and deeper into her mouth.

She felt Roy?s tongue start licking all around and across her throbbing clit, but knew Tem was near cumming so she couldn?t stop him. She lifted her hips to meet the thrusting tongue penetrating her drenched pussy as Tem began to twitch. He grunted a groaned a few times, then filled her mouth with his sweet cum. She swallowed as much as she could, but some managed to slip out and run out the corner of her mouth. With out taking him out of her mouth, she looked up at Tem and Smiled. He smiled back down at her and told her thank you as he pulled back and stepped away.

As Tem stepped away, she looked over to see how Scott was doing. He was now on his knees eating the woman sitting in the chair, but the woman was Kerri, Tem?s wife. She looked around for Tina and was surprised when she realized that it was Tina sucking her to her next orgasm, not Roy. Her surprise only deepened when she felt herself race towards another orgasm at the sheer thrill of having a woman get her off. She guessed that Tina had learned how to eat pussy from Roy, as her technique was nearly identical. She laid herself back to enjoy this new found thrill when she saw Roy off to the side with a camera in hand. She had heard that he took a lot of pics and video during these things and suddenly the thought of pics and video turned her on even more. She began to buck her hips wildly as her second orgasm rushed over her like a swollen river over flows its banks. She reached down and grabbed her knees and pulled them ever wider as her orgasm soaked Tina?s face.

Once her latest orgasm began to subside, she reached down and stroked Tina?s hair as she Tina continued to lick her softly and sweetly. She opened her eyes to see why Tina kept jerking and she saw that Tem had gotten hard again already and was now behind Tina, fucking her and fucking her hard! She glanced over at Scott and could see that he too was now fucking Kerri like it was the only chance he would get to. She was as short as herself, but Kerri had a fuller body. She was a very sexual woman who exuded beauty and confidence that made her all the sexier.

She looked around to see what Roy was filming now and didn?t see him anywhere. Tina had stopped licking her because Tem was now fucking her good and hard and she was crying out her enjoyment of each stroke. Brandi pulled herself up away and slid off the back of the sofa. Roy stepped up behind her and slid his hands around her waist and down towards her overly sensitive pussy. She grabbed his hands and stopped him, more to give her pussy a little break, and then turned around to face him. She took him by the hands and led him over to the other over stuffed chair in the room. Once there, she gently guided him to setting as she slid down upon her knees. Her bright blue yes flashed at him as she took his fully erect cock in her hand. He wasn?t the biggest either, none of the guys here were, but that was ok too. She enjoyed any cock as long as it was hard and could give her what she needed from it.

She took her time and teased Roy by licking all around his cock and then licking gently on his balls. Then she moved up slowly and began licking the shaft of his cock while she gently stroked his balls. She could see the pre cum shining on the head of his dick and found herself anxiously awaiting a taste of it. Using the tip of her tongue, she gently licked his head clean, letting his pre cum form strings to her tongue as she pulled up then moved down for more. She could tell by the smile on his face that he was definitely enjoying her efforts.

Deciding that she had teased him enough, and that she had teased her self enough, she took Roy into her mouth. She couldn?t help but love the way it felt sliding slowly between her lips and filling her mouth. He wasn?t as thick as Scott and that made it easier to take him into her throat as she worked more and more of him into her mouth. Roy groaned out his pleasure as she moved her head up and then back down slightly faster each time. But she was driving her self crazy and couldn?t take it any more. She had to feel him fill her and she refused to wait any longer.

She took him out of her mouth and stood up over him. With the ease of a dancer, she straddled him and took his throbbing cock in her hand. She guided herself down onto him slowly as she let the rush of being penetrated wash over her. As was usually the case, it only took a moment before she was cumming all over Roy?s cock. She leaned forward onto his chest as her orgasm washed over her. Once it subsided some, she leaned back up and began to work herself around on top of Roy. She could feel him reaching deep inside and she loved the way it felt. She couldn?t imagine it being any better. Then she felt hands on the small of her back and she turned to see Scott behind her. She leaned back and kissed him and whispered, ?Thank you babe! You can have anything you want!? she told him with a wink.

Scott smiled back at her as he slid one hand up to her neck and guided her to lay back down on Roy?s chest. She felt her excitement begin to rise again as she realized what he wanted. She had fantasized about it for longer then she could remember, but like most other things, had never tried it. Now she was about to and she couldn?t wait.

Scott moved around behind her more and began licking and kissing the firm cheeks of her ass. She had let him do this part before and always been turned on by it, but this time was different. This time she was being urged ever closer to multiple orgasms and she wanted desperately for Scott to take her the rest of the way there by giving her her very first DP.

As if he sensed her urgency, Scott moved quickly to probing and flicking her ass with his tongue. She began to moan and groan to show him he was doing just what she wanted. She arched her back as she felt his fingers begin to rub and probe her ass gently. She had never let him enter her there, but was now wondering why. The moment his finger first penetrated her ass, she began to cum again. She couldn?t help but to cry out for him to go deeper.

Having no doubts that she was ready, Scott moved up close behind her and placed the head of his cock against her ass and pushed slowly. As if her ass had been waiting for this all her life, she opened up and Scott was able to slide all the way in with one stroke. She could feel both men?s cock?s in her, throbbing, pulsating and it was driving her mad. She began to buck wildly into them, first one the other. She needed them to fuck her hard and she cried out to them to do so. Scott pumped deeper and deeper into her as he drove her down farther and farther onto Roy?s cock. She leaned up and braced herself on Roy?s chest with her hands as Scott fucked her ass for the first time.

Tem stepped up next to her and with out thinking, she took his once again hard cock into her mouth. She sucked on it ferociously as she threw her hips back and forth slamming her completely soaked pussy and ass onto the cocks filling them both. She heard Tina whisper to her, ?Isn?t it just wonderful? before taking her nipple into her mouth. Tem fucked her mouth deep while Scott drove his cock harder and harder into her ass. She tried not to stop sucking but she couldn?t help it. ?Oh God Yes!!!! Fuck Me!!!? she cried out. ?Oh God Damn!! Yeah! Harder!? she screamed as Tem shot his cum all over her face, She tried to catch as much as she could, but most of it splashed across her lips and onto her cheeks. Seeing her face covered with cum, Scott couldn?t take it anymore and with one last great thrust, he shot his cum deep into her ass which pushed her further and further into orgasmic heaven. Still throbbing and twitching from all the cum Scott shot in her ass, she pushed back onto him and moved him back. She reached one hand around and grabbed him to keep him in her while she slid her self down and took Roy?s cock back in her mouth. She was determined to get at least one more load in her mouth and she had been dieing to have Roy be the one. Seeing the cum all over her face and feeling Scott continue to pump into her ass was enough for Roy. Just as she got him into her throat, he shot his full load of cum. She nearly choked as she tried to swallow all of it, but again some leaked out the corner of her mouth. Tina leaned down and proceeded to lick every drop of cum off her face then kissed her gently. ?Welcome to the rest of your life sweety? Tina told her.

She was snapped back to the moment when she heard Scott call out, ?Yeah, that?s it baby, take it all!? She lowered her head further down onto his throbbing cock as he shot his load deep in her throat. She couldn?t believe how much he was still able to cum after all the times he had cum earlier. She swallowed quickly, determined not to lose so much as a drop of this load. When she leaned up, Scott surprised her with a kiss and looked her in the eyes as he said, ?damm I love you baby! Thank you!?

She smiled back at him and flashed her eyes at him. With a sheepish little grin, she said ?I love you too babe.?

As they pulled out of the drive and on to the main road to head back through the mountains and over to the interstate, Scott looked at her and asked with a devilish grin ?So when do you wanna come back up here??

She decided not to answer him just yet. She knew she would tell him as soon as she could get Tina to invite her up, but she wanted to make him suffer. She also knew he wanted to have Tina all to himself, but she was going to make him wait to find out that it would only happen if she got her first.

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