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Bobby with the Moores and the Getters

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Young Bobby awakens on the Getter?s couch as the Moores and Getters arrive back late from their night on the town. The two older women, whom Bobby has fantasized over for years, smile as they watch him rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Mr Getter and Mr Moore take their wive?s coats, giving Bobby an eyeful of their bodies. He stares at their tight skirts and sheer black nylons, as they, in turn, stare at his swollen cock. ?Nice dreams, baby?? asks Mrs Moore, savoring the sight of his tenting pants. Bobby is an innocent, and still groggy from his short nap, but Carol and Mona are very horny and look forward to taking Bobby's cherry. Why not, he's legal, and his parents are out of town. Mona Moore knows, since she booked their cruise. Ted and Hank see how much their wives are enjoying the sight of the teen's hardon, so Hank turns to Ted and tells him "let's go make some cocktails, and let the ladies get the balls rolling." Tearing his eyes off young Bobby's hardon, Ted nods and they leave the boy to the women's tender mercies.

Bobby is unaware that Ted and Mona and Carol and Hank have quite a reputation as swingers and sex addicts, who are always looking for hot young partners. Moving to the couch where Bobby is sitting up, Carol and Mona sit on either side of him, and he can't help staring at their long legs because their tight skirts hike upwards to mid thigh. Slowly crossing her legs as she brushes his sleep-tousled hair, Mona Moore licks her lips and asks him, "How old are you now, Bobby?" Swallowing hard at the sound of her stockings rubbing against one another, he tells her he just turned 18. He watches the skirt climbing past the garter stays.?Are you blushing, baby?? Mrs Moore asks, as she puts his hand on her thigh, helping him feel what she knows he wants. ?Feel momma?s stockings, honey? she whispers as she offers him a bit of a peep show in her tight black thigh-baring skirt. Tenderly brushing his hair with her fingers, she says softly, "I know you can't help wanting this. I know how you explore my stocking drawer when you visit my son, Richard." In fact, she even caught them wearing her stockings and playing with each other. Mona sighs at the memory of Bobby's long legs in her sheer stockings last week. It took all her willpower not to barge in, scolding her son, sending him to his room, and telling Bobby how sexy he looked. ?You looked very sexy Bobby? she whispers, unbuttoning her sheer blouse to let him see her deep cleavage.

Carol watches them as she lights a marijuana cigarette, shifting her body to allow Bobby a clear view of her stockinged legs in her slit-to-there designer wear, sucking the joint between her blood red strawberry lips. Her thigh rubs against Bobby's. Mrs Moore's fingers tighten on the boy?s muscular thigh. ?I?ll make you a deal. You can feel my stockings to your heart?s content, run your hands up and down my legs, as high as you want.? Her fingers cup his sack, as she unbuckles his belt. ?If you let me play with your hard cock. You, me, Ted and Hank will be the only ones who need to know..? Carol is sucking the teen's neck as Mona unzips him and slides her manicured fingers into his pants. She sighs as she wraps her fingers around the shaft.Bobby runs his hands over her nylon clad legs, ?This is so much hotter than feeling my own thighs.? he tells himself. Bobby thrills to the feel of her mesh, and the warmth of her supple thigh under the sheer nylon. ?That?s what momma wants, baby,? she moans as she spreads her legs wider to allow his hands more access, pumping his cock, pulling it from his open jeans. Carol watches her friend with Bobby, and so do their husbands, Ted and Hank, who rub themselves as they sip straight scotch, watching Mona slide to her knees between Bobby?s thighs, pulling his jeans roughly to his ankles. Carol senses her opportunity as she leans into the teenager, putting his hand on her knee. ?I want you to feel my legs like you did Mona?s, only feel my cunt, baby? she whispers, as she opens her mouth and covers Bobby?s, blowing marijuana smoke down his throat, as he runs his hand under her dress. Bobby?s hips pump in time to Mona?s slow sucking as his hand explores her thighs up to her lacy black stocking tops, feeling the heat from her crotch, the moist heat of her long thighs under the stockings. Mrs Getter?s tongue slides in and out of his open mouth, farther back over his tongue.

She turns to the husbands, who are feeling each other?s cocks, and tells them to get Bobby?s injection ready. A mix of horse tranquilizer, speed and painkiller, once injected, Bobby?s cock will be hard for hours. Carol shivers at the thought, as she watches Mona Moore suck the teenagers? cock. Ted Moore is already on the couch watching his wife blowing Bobby, he fill a clean syringe with the mixture. Mrs Moore lets the boys cock slip from between her full lips and she holds the shaft steady as Ted eases the needle under Bobbys foreskin, and pushes the plunger down smoothly.Bobby is sucking Carol's long tongue and feeling her silky nylons and doesn't feel a thing. Mrs Moore pulls her husbands suitpants down and sucks his cock. Ted moans and stares at the teen's cock, Mona gets off her knees, giving her husband her spot between Bobby's legs. "Let's get these jeans off you, young man."Ted says as the injection makes Bobby more controllable. Mona sits and watches, taking a drag off the marijuana cigarette. She crosses her legs and smooths the wrinkles out of her stockings, placing Bobby's hand between her thighs."feel how smooth and silky I am?" Bobby turns to watch her as he explores, and Mrs Moore pulls his head to her and covers his mouth with her own, filling his mouth with her tongue. He doesn't notice that Ted is smearing painkiller all over his virgin ass. Finally he does and asks "w-what;s that Mr Moore?" Mona Moore answers "Nothing darling, now, kiss Mommie some more" as she pulls Bobby's mouth to her own again. Ted spreads the teen's thighs and cups his ass cheeks gently, separating them and slipping his enormous cock slowly up Bobby's ass. Mona covers her husbands cock with lubricant as it slips deeper up the boy's tight ass.

Pushing Bobby down into the cushions, Mrs Moore straddles his chest, trapping his baby face between her nylon clad thighs. Bobby and most of the world are unaware that Mona Moore is a hermaphrodite. A woman with both sex organs. Ted calls it double your fun. Mona enjoys the look of surprise when her lovers discover her hot little secret, and she can't wait to use her 50-something cock on her 18 year old lover. As she pushes him down, her stockings rub against Bobby's face."Dont you just love to feel these sheers rubbing against your cheeks? " she whispers as she hikes her tight skirt above her waist, sinking her knees into the couch cushions, trapping the young man between her thighs, dragging the silky mesh along his cheeks -while unsnapping her black fishnet panties, revealing her hard cock. Sliding it between Bobby open lips, she whispers, "Suck Mommies cock, Bobby" as Ted's monstrous hard cock pumps his ass. Carol Getter orders Hank to start snapping some pictures as she leans over the struggling teenager, taking his hard cock into her sucking mouth. "Don't you worry Honey," he says as he begins shooting pictures of the three of them teaching Bobby a new kind of love. Taking his cock in hand, Hank strokes it as he takes more pictures.

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