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Bobbi ,Patti, and Crystal, Breaking in the Apartment

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Bobbi was doing well enough financially since moving out of her parents home, she really didn't need a room mate, but, by having a room mate, she got a much nicer apartment and actually by splitting the rent,the electric, and the cable, she actually paid about $100 less per month than what she was.

Bobbi 24, had lived with her parents until she found a full time banking job. All she could find in her home town were part time jobs at banks, now she was a full time customer service person, and processed loans, teller, and being cross trained.

She was a beauty, 5-7, nice,shiny,curly, red hair. Ample tits, tan legs,and green eyes. She wore skirts that on average were two to three inches above the knees to show off her nice legs and tan.

Bobbi met Patty at the bank, Patty is the person who makes sure all those ATM machines across town work.

Patty was 26, about 5-6, brownish red hair, blue eyes, and her tits were just a little bit bigger than Bobbi's, which Bobbi thought made them about a 34c.

Bobbi and Patty hit it off well. Both liked their jobs, both liked partying on weekends, neither had a boyfriend, and both were happy to be away from their parents, with Patty having only moved away from her parents about six months sooner than Bobbi.

Neither young lady was a virgin. "I had a boyfriend for two years, we thought we'd get married, but, hell, he was fucking his bosses wife and daughter! I walked in on him with his cock in the wifes pussy," Patty said."So, that ended it. If he had told me, I think we could have had a threesome, or foursome, but that sneaky shit don't get it," she added.

"Well, you are lucky. I found out my boyfriend liked cock better than pussy," Bobbi laughed. "I told him that was a total turn off, to get out of my sight," she added.

Bobbi loved talking to Patty. "She makes me feel like a very mature woman,which I know I'm not," she laughingly told her mother one night.

"Well, you be careful. She might get you into some situations where you don't want to be," her mother lovingly told her young daughter. "You know right from wrong, always do what's right," her mother added, Bobbi knowing that she had been told that for the 599th time in the last year.

Patti and Bobbi were invited to a party at a young man's apartment in the complex where they lived on Friday night. Both ladies were off on Saturday, so they could stay up late, and drink as much as they wanted, knowing they wouldn't have to drive home, and they would be off the next day.

Sexually, Bobbi had always been fairly conservative. If she fucked, it was in private, in her bed or his, with no one else around.

Patty, on the other hand, was a little wilder. "Once, there was me and my boyfriend, and two other couples, all in the living room, on the floor, fucking, we swapped guys all night long, until between the alcohol and the fucking, we just went to sleep," Patty laughed.

"Well, don't get me into one of those deals,I like fucking in private,"Bobbi told her room mate.

"Hey, you need to live a little woman! Loosen up, just go with the flow woman! Hell, if you fuck three guys in a night and two females, what the hell, you're an adult and I imagine you haven't been fucked in a month or two anyway," Patty laughed.

"How did she know I haven't been fucked in a month or two?," Bobbi wondered, "Hell, it's been closer to three."

There were three guys and Patti, Bobbi and one other lady from her work, Crystal at the party. There were playoff basketball games on television, the beer was flowing, and Crystal insisted on placing bets on the tripleheader games that night.

"If the three guys win, we have to do anything they want," she said. "If we win, we get to dress them up as women, take them out and just humiliate the hell out of them," Crystal said, making the bet.

All was cool, all agreed. Bobbi was naive, although attracted to both Steve and Alex, Rick, he was not as handsome as the other two and a little bit "scary."

Well, the guys one. "Dammed it,I was looking forward to parading some bitches around humiliating them," Crystal laughed.

"Oh shit, what are they going to have us do," Bobbi thought to herself, a little tipsy, and Steve had her more than a little aroused, more than once, he had put his hand on her thigh,sending a tingle right through her pussy.

All three ladies were a little tipsy, as Steve and Alex, both big, six feet, one or two inches, muscular, tan, and man, did they have a smile that just totally consumed Bobbi. Rick was a little shorter, looked like he could really "stir up some shit," Bobbi thought.

"Ok, I'll be nice about this, no humiliation. Well, not for me anyway," Steve laughed, after conferring with Steve and Rick.

"Patty, you and Bobbi are room mates, so, take your tops off and kiss," he said. "Crystal, you take off all your clothes and finger your pussy until we tell you to stop," Steve said.

"Shit, I want fucked, not to kiss my room mate," Bobbi thought to herself, but didn't dare blurt out loud.

But, she did as told, and the guys, loved what they saw, three beautiful women, one naked, fingering herself, already wet, and two half naked, kissing each other.

To Bobbi's suprise, kissing Patty was turning her on. The two were now kissing passionately, and when their tongues weren't in each others mouth, they were caressing the other one's tits, as Crystal was moaning, "Oh God, God this feels good," she would scream, turning on Bobbi even more. Both Bobbi and Patty had now kicked off their sandals.

Soon, Ricky had the two stop, and came up behind Bobbi and pulled off her shorts and panties, and laid her on the floor. "Patty, pull off your shorts and panties," Rick said, and Crystal, lay down between them."

While Patty and Bobbi couldn't quit kissing, being that close, Crystal kept fingering herself, getting wetter and wetter, while the three guys quickly stripped, revealing monster cocks.

"God, that isn't a cock Ricky, that's a pussy buster," Bobbi laughed, then became quiet, not knowing if she should have said that, because now it looked like Ricky was going to fuck her first,and she was right. Steve and Alex took Patty and Crystal, respectively and gave them the fucking of their lives.

Bobbi had never had a cock that big, and after Ricky demanded she suck it, he fingered her pussy to where it was nice and wet, and said,"you are going to get a big cock tonight honey," and began thrusting his huge, nine inch or more cock in and out of Bobbi's pussy, casuing her to squirm, and moan, but keeping a rythem.

"God, fuck me, shit, oh God," Bobbi screamed. Patti and Crystal were really into it to, screaming similar things, after all three came inside of the ladies, the ladies sucked them back to hardness and the men switched ladies, and this went on well into the morning.

When Bobbi awoke, she watched from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m. Ricky pound his hard cock deep into Patty, causing her to squeel and cum, and moan, and scream,"God, fuck me asshole, fuck me," she continued to scream.

Steve rolled Bobbi over and she feared the worse, he was putting ky jelly in her ass, she knew she couldn't resist, he was way to strong and as he inserted first one finger then two, Bobbi got kind of used to the feeling and it was feeling good. "God, that feels so full, so good, don't stop, don't stop!," she screamed, and for the next hour or two, all three women were fucked in the ass.

For the next five hours, Patty, Bobbi, and Crystal broke in the guys new apartment, all leaving fully satisfied.

"Perhaps,we should have these parties more often," Bobbi said to Patty when they returned to their apartment.

"Wait a minute slut, I thought you fucked in private, hell you got fucked in front of all of us," Patty laughed.

The two quickly fell asleep in each other's arms.

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