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Blindfold Dark

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The blindfold dark wraps gently but firmly around your head.

There is nothing for you to see here.

The restrains bind your limbs motionless.

There is nothing for you to do here.

There is nothing at all OUT there.

It is all right here.

In here, where you must wait.


You wait alone.

Breath.. thumbled thoughts.

Solitary, save the universe within you call reality.

This is all there ever is.

So you wait.

Individual sounds take on new meaning and relevance to you.

You soak each of them up in turn.

Deliberately and carefully.

Sensory nerves stretch and swell across your exposed flesh probing for input.

You feel the very air moving cross your cool skin.

You taste your own scent in your mouth.

Waiting silent and still.

How much longer with this go on?

What will be next?


I want to pee.

I need to drink I.. I.. I..

And still- nothing.

(loud deep sigh)

With nothing new to feed your mind it begins to lose focus and dwindle.

Your heart slows, senses recoil into dormancy, the gentle cloud of sleep arrives imperceptibly.

Movement !

Like a flash of intense light your mind snaps open from its slumber.

You notice the change of air pressure as the door quickly swings open and yes finally movement.

You are not alone in the room any longer.

Who is it? What are they doing?

And even.. LOTS of movement.

You can feel the room absolutely filling with people.

Stomach drops, room tilts, panic explodes.

What the HELL ! ! ! This is not at all what you signed up! "WHAT THE FUCK!" You manage to yell out, jerking and straining against your restraints. But hands already on your neck, face and hair. The rest that you scream is completely unintelligible. The thick gag allows nothing but anguished sounding grunts and the muted roar of a caged beast. You thrash and flail about, focusing all of your very being into somehow pulling free of what binds you - but it is quickly found hopeless.

With such little air getting past the gag in your mouth and all the pounding effort of your heart slamming within your chest cavity you quickly tire and the struggle subsides. The mind races on in a whirlwind of potential violent outcomes and escape schemes but gradually again almost imperceptibly your senses begin to absorb the new environment around you... a few hushed male voices, male cologne, the sound of clothes coming off. The flash and beep of a digital camera. A female giggle !!?! What?

You freeze completely still again, hold your breath and struggle to make sense of it all. Just as your violent protest was largely ignored, your new stillness seems equally unimportant to the new occupants of the room. There are now sounds of liquid being poured. The distinct clink of glassware. Smells and sounds of candles being lit. An occasional hushed whisper. As best you tell you are now completely surrounded by an untold number of unknown assailants. Mostly male, and very likely all naked. And yet still your nakedly exposed self with legs spread wide open, tied down, blindfolded gagged in the center of the room is being completely and utterly ignored.

In fact...

Besides the drinking and stripping sounds it almost seems as if....

They are starting to... do each other !?!

The unmistakable sound of cock being sucked. The occasional slap sound of flesh on flesh. The scent of sex and the sounds of heavy breathing begins to fill the room. You are amazed and stunned by it. You wish you could SEE. You don't understand what is going on or why, but the orgy sounds continue all around you. Women starting climaxing in gasps. Occasionally you feel the slightest contact on your skin of someone brushing past you indifferently. The contact seems accidental it is almost like you are completely invisible to their sexual festivities.

A hour quickly passes with your sensing straining, tense and listening. Waiting for what is surely about to come next, but nothing new happens. Although you are still no less confused, you notice that most of the fear has largely subsided in you. For everyone seems to getting MORE than enough sexual release without them having to molest or otherwise violate your vulnerable prone shape in the center of the room. In fact, as the fucking, and sucking and heavy gasping, grunting orgasms continue all around you, you begin to actually wish for some type of attention yourself...

As if as reading your mind you suddenly feel the gentle but deliberate stroke of fingers along the inside of your ankle...Your entire body instantly flinches and tenses. The stroking only pauses briefly then returns with the entire open palm this time.. slowly, patiently higher up the leg to the knee then back down again. Aimlessly over to the other foot around and back again, gentle smooth and knowingly. The fucking sounds continue unabated but now you notice that your own breath has deepened and is just ever so softly adding to the sexual chorus.

With time the sounds of the room begin to drop away as you lose yourself entirely within the feeling of that simple touch. A single hand along the lower half of your legs sometimes soft, other times firmer, scratching almost, almost tickling other times. Back and forth, randomly, idly with no purpose. A new touch along the inside of your forearm now joins the first.. You are already drunk with it.

The orgy dwindles down and you barely notice. You can hear people leaving the room but this does not concern you. All that matters is this moment and that contact across your skin, the gentle gliding hands stroking softly. More hands keep joining in but still they only tease you with their touch... The feel of a woman's soft check across your stomach. A kiss to the back of the knee. Hands stroking your hair and face, warm breath in your ear.. soft murmurs.. "Yes baby." "You are sooo beautiful." "You want it don't you?" But still - no one even comes close to your pubic hair or the tip of your aching breasts.. everywhere else, all the time EVERYWHERE else, the round of your ass, tracing your collar bone, the line of your lower ribs.. teasing stroking touches everywhere but where you want it.. Where you now NEED it desperately.. You can tell they are working themselves up into a frenzy over you.. Both men and women.. The few that remain are here for desert.

They start rubbing their entire arms and legs and bodies up against you. They come in close to your face, smelling your scent along your neck and underneath your hair. They all carry that same pungent smell of recent sex. Dried cum and moist pussy scents. The men are pulling on themselves and now even rubbing their hard cocks against you. Along your hips here and across your forehead there. You try and keep track of them all. To get some sense of how many there are. How many men. How many women. But they keep moving and hands are always all over you. Front and back, touching you all over. A woman is bringing herself off by rubbing her wet pussy firmly against your right shin while she hugs your leg and pants near you crotch. A dick is getting sucked-off right next to your left ear. You try to reach out with a finger to touch them back. You try to shift your hips for more contact, but still they only tease you, while they get themselves off all around you and on you. They are even using parts of your own body to gain their release, without your choice or slightest control.

One by one they finish themselves off against you. Sticky sweaty panting tongues licking and sucking at your bare flesh as they do so... As quickly as it began the gyrations subside and the touches soon break away entirely. The door opening and closing with their exits. You are alone again.. Alone and drained with exhaustion but still a smoldering fire.

Alone again you become acutely aware of the steady throb of your swollen pussy. Juices leak from your engorged sex and down your leg. Bound for so long your arms and back are just a dull numb ache. But all this is only a slight distraction to your new task at hand. All that matters now is your quest for some form of immediate sexual release. You try just squeezing and contracting your muscles internally to achieve a climax but still despite all your best efforts and concentration... orgasm remains just out of reach.

The door bangs open as my voice hits you loud and angry...

"Oh my GAWD! What have you DONE to this place?!?"

Then only silence...

You hear me pause there in the doorway then stalk toward your vulnerable shape very very slowly.

Bending down closely, hot breath on your ear.

Softly, lovingly i whisper - you...

have been a very bad girl haven't you?

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This story is a restraint and pleasure fantasy involving anonymous hotel room group sex.

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