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Biz Trip with my wife

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The Business Trip

It had been awhile since I brought my wife, Anne, on a business trip. But when I had to go to South Beach for a trip in mid-January, I knew that her misguided visions of me partying it up on a business trip in a warm location would likely give way to me bringing her with me. So we got a babysitter for the kids and left for a 3-day trip to South Beach, where I hoped to finally close a big deal that had been slow to close. I had warned her that I would be busy most of the trip and she would have to amuse herself. But I think in the back of her mind she thought she would get enough of my attention to satisfy her.

The first day that we arrived we checked into the swanky hotel and I told Anne I would meet her around 9:00 PM back at the hotel. She said she would amuse herself by the pool and go shopping.

My meetings were running long and I called Anne on her cell phone at 8:30 PM to tell her I wouldn?t be there until 10:00 at the earliest. She said it was fine as she had met some people around the pool and was hanging with them at the hotel bar nightclub. When 10:00 rolled around I had to call Anne again and say it would be more like 11:00 PM. She was sounding a little drunk and said she had a surprise for me. When I finally got to the nightclub it was closer to 11:30 PM. I looked for Anne and I saw her dancing with a young college aged kid on the dance floor.

I waited for the song to end and caught her attention. She led me back to a table with 5 other people that she was hanging out with. She introduced to a couple and to the three guys that were there on their own: Joe [the one she was dancing with] and, Rob and Jim. It seems they were no college kids but they were software developers and Anne had met them by the pool bar and had run into them back at the bar later. Anne being a computer junky hit it off quickly with them.

I ordered a drink and told Anne that I could only stay for one as I had some work to do on the computer back at the room. She was a little disappointed, and with me trying to cheer her up a little one drink turned into 3 drinks. When I had to leave I told her that she could stay down at the club and meet me in the room later. But she decided to go with me reiterating she had a ?surprise for me?.

We left the bar at about 12:30 and went back to the room. I turned on my computer and started to do some work. Anne emerged from the bathroom wearing her ?surprise for me?. It was a see through top with a small see through g-string bottom. She came up to me at the computer and rubbed my cock while kissing me and asked me if I still wanted to work. I said, ?I don?t want to, I have to?, but I should be off in fifteen minutes.

Anne pouted and lay on the bed and asked, ?don?t you want me?? I said of course I did, but I had to get this done before going to bed. Anne rolled over and removed a vibrator that she brought with her from the nightstand. She looked at me and said, ?Well I hope this doesn?t distract you.? She started to suck her vibrator in and out of her mouth, successfully drawing my attention from the computer. I told her I really had to work. She said that she had been thinking about me all day. And with that she pulled her G-string away from her pussy and said, ?look I even shaved my pussy for you.? She started licking the tip of her vibrator. I continued to work. And she said, ?I am sure the young guys at the bar wouldn?t have worked when they could be getting their cock sucked?.

At this point I was nearly done, but it was a very rare time when Anne would be acting so horny and slutty. So I egged her on saying that I don?t think she would have been able to handle all three. She said, ?well I don?t know about three?, rolling back to the night stand and producing her favourite purple vibrator to go along with the flesh toned one she had been playing with, ?but I probably could do this with a couple?. And with that she started to alternate and suck one vibrator and then the other. At this point my work was done, but the show had so much potential. So I sat back and watched.

Anne kept sucking each vibrator as deep as she could get it, alternating and sucking the other. She then looked at me and slid the purple vibrator down to her pussy while sucking on the flesh-toned vibrator. She rubbed the purple vibrator across her shaved pussy, getting it nice and wet. And finally she slid the purple toy in her, and with a slight moan she slid the flesh tone one deep into her mouth.

At this I couldn?t take it any more, I went over to her and started rubbing her pussy as she fucked herself and blew her toy. I then went down on her pussy so I could lick her clit while watching her continue to suck on her toy. She was soaking wet. I pulled off my pants and she eagerly dropped her toys and started to suck on my cock while cupping my balls. I was not going to last, and she sensed that, so I rolled on to my back and she climbed up to start fucking me. I grabbed the toy she was sucking and offered it to her mouth and she eagerly sucked it while grinding herself closer to an orgasm. We both came and the same time and I could feel her gush down my shaft and balls. She fell on top of me panting and said, ?If you are late again tomorrow, you might not get the show?. I replied, ?are you planning on picking up the guys at the bar??. She said, ?You know how horny I get the day after getting fucked, and we are also on vacation in a hotel?. I said, ?I don?t care how horny you are, you don?t have it in you.? She retorted, ?If you are late again you might find out what I have in me?. She kissed me and rolled over to go to sleep.

I woke up at 6:00 AM the next day and left my sleeping well-fucked wife to sleep in. I kissed her and cupped her tit on my way out of the room. I called her after noon and got her on the cell phone by the pool. I told her it looks like instead of leaving the day after next we may be leaving tomorrow, and I would likely be working late again. She wasn?t ecstatic about either part of the news and asked, ?Will you at least be back at a reasonable hour?. I said I couldn?t tell. And she said, ?Well I guess I will have to make my own fun tonight then, remember what I said last night.? I laughed and said, ?Good luck with that. You don?t have it in you.? ?You never know what I might have in me if you are late again.?, she replied.

I had called again at 9:00 and said I would be there at 10:30, which again turned into 11:00. When I got to the bar Anne was up dancing with both Joe and Rob from the night before. While they danced I went to the washroom. They were back at a booth by the time I got out of the bathroom. I went up the table and Anne was sitting between them. I grabbed a chair on the outside of the table and ordered a drink. There was no question that Anne was pretty bombed by now. There were a bunch of empty glasses on the table. Joe and Rob seemed to be in good spirits. I asked Anne how the night was going. She said it had been great. She had lain around the pool all day when Joe and Rob showed up. Then the acted has her escorts for the day, and took her to dinner and back here dancing.

She said she was having such a good time with them that she told them that if her husband was late he had given her permission to pick up some guys to fuck her. I replied, ?That was not quite how the conversation went?. She said, ?well you ignored me last night while I gave you a show, and then you said ?I don?t have it in me?, and I told you if you were you would be surprised by what I had in me?. I told her if that?s how she remembered it she should go ahead. Joe and Rob were grinning from ear to ear at this point.

I could see Anne then put her hands under the table, which happened to be glass. She rubbed their thighs and said, ?Well if they don?t mind sharing me?. In a shot their hands went under Anne?s dress and Anne spread her legs and moved down in the booth so they could get better access to her pussy. Anne?s hands moved from their thighs to the bulge in their pants and stroked them through their pants. I was surprised with Anne and at the same time was also getting hard. Anne said, ?let?s go back to our room and I will do the show I did for my husband last night and see if you would stop working for it?. We hopped in the elevator, and I said to Anne, ?are you sure you want to do this?? She took my hand and placed under her dress and against her soaking wet pussy and whispered to me, ?We are leaving tomorrow and we will never see these guys again, so I am going to fill in my end of the threesome?. I said, ?I hope you mean foursome?, and guided her hand to my hard cock.

When we got into the room Anne excused herself and went into the bathroom. While we each grabbed a drink from the mini-bar Anne came out from the bathroom in the top she was wearing the last evening but without the G-String. She said to me, ?Don?t you have some work to do?? I sat down at my computer as Anne positioned herself between Joe and Rob. Their hands were all over her body in a flash. They were kissing her neck and her boobs while their fingers were sliding up her clit and around her ass. She used her hands to unzip their pants. They each helped her release their rock hard cocks. Joe was incredibly hung. Porno hung!! Anne looked down and said, ?Well what have we got here?. She slowly crouched down between them and said, ?this is how I sucked on my vibrators last night, and my husband just kept working?. In all honesty she sure did not suck like that last night. She was sucking off both of the hard cocks back and forth back and forth. They then picked her up and lay her on the bed. They knelt on either side of her head so she could keep blowing them as they rubbed her tits and reached for her pussy.

My cock was rock hard. I moved down between her legs and started to lick her pussy as she sucked on their cocks. Anne was incredibly wet. I slowly inserted a finger into her ass, and she stared to hump my mouth and hand while she sucked on the cocks.

Anne then decided that she wanted Joe?s huge cock in her. So Joe and I changed places. He wet his hard cock by rubbing it up and down Anne?s shaved pussy, and then slowly started to spread her lips and push in. She stopped sucking on our cocks as she let the huge cock move inside of her. Once she got the whole thing in she returned to sucking on our cocks.

Anne was taking a steady fucking and was enjoying Joe?s large cock in her pussy. She then decided to stop fucking Joe and climb on top of me. She climbed on top and her pussy was so lubricated I nearly slipped out. Joe and Rob stood on the bed beside us so Anne could resume the cock sucking.

Anne was riding my cock and grinding in to me, while alternating hand jobs and blowjobs above me. I could not hold on any longer and shot my load into her pussy. Anne sensing my come said it was time Rob fucked her. So she got on her hands and knees and had Rob take her doggy style. The thirty minutes of Anne?s blowjob must have done the trick, as Rob shot his load in no time. Anne then turned to Joe and said I want to ride you big cock. So Joe lay on the bed and Anne got on top of him. The sight of Anne getting fuck by that massive cock got me hard again, so I stood on the bed and put my cock in front of Anne. She smiled and said, ?I see you are liking this? and started to suck my cock to a good stiffness. Joe was doing an admirable job of being ridden by Anne. He was squeezing her big soft tits. Rob got hard again and also stepped back onto the bed to get sucked.

Anne told me that it was now or never of if I wanted to DP her.

With that I got behind her and slowly inserted my finger in her ass. She was well lubed from her previous gusher. She said, ?Are you going to try something bigger?. With that Joe slowed down and I slid my hard cock into Anne? ass. She gasped slightly but the pleasure she was getting from Joe?s cock seemed to override the usual pain of my cock in her ass. She started moving back and forth like a pro. She was no longer sucking on Rob as she was focussing on herself and she slowly built up to a huge orgasm just while I was filling her ass and Joe was re-filling her pussy.

We all rolled off of Anne and she lay between Joe and me. Rob had gone to take a shower. Anne was exhausted and no longer seemed to drunk. I asked how she liked it and she said, ?It was way too much work, but it was fun?. Joe got up once Rob was out of the shower and took one himself. There was that usual awkward moment when everyone realized what alcohol and hormones could do. Rob and Joe left shortly thereafter.

Anne and I took a shower where we kissed and soaped each other up. We went back to bed and Anne rolled over to cuddle me and said, ?so why did you dare me to bring back two guys?? I replied, ?I figured that there was no way you would do it, and by the time you got it started I was too horny not to see it through?.

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