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Bitchy wife

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When I met Melissa at a party there was no attraction as she was stuck-up and arrogant. She was with her boyfriend and was quite a bitch. She was completely covered up with a large sweater and loose jeans. She intrigued me as she was cute but nothing else. At the end of the night she was slightly drunk and came out of the bathroom without her sweater. Wow! She was hot. What a body and those breasts were huge. I thought about her often. When I ran into mutual friends years later they mentioned she was still in town with a boyfriend she cannot stand. Knowing from friends that she wasn't with more than two guys in her life, I got very curious. I sent the word out to her best friend I would love to meet her again. First things first she was 23 38dd tits and a banging 120lb body. She covered everything up so I had to guess what everything might have looked like. Knowing she only had two guys had me quite hard but I knew she was uptight and a bitch. Her friend came back and said she wants you to call her. We talked and even went on a "fake" date with her boyfriend and me with her best friend. She was still a bitch but that body and only two guys had my mind wondering. On the ?fake? date she was exactly the same as the party. Covered up with a sweater and bitchy toward her man and waiter. One night she called and stated she got rid of her boyfriend and would like to be with me. We dated for about three years and got married. The sex was fair. She didn?t like semen, anal, blowjobs, hand jobs, masturbating, role playing or anything that?s fun. One day three of my friends advised me they are tired of her bitchy attitude. They told me to accidentally stick it in her uptight ass. I said I could not but they can. So we advised a plan. One night all was over to play cards. Again she came downstairs and bitched so we started our plan. She went upstairs to the bath, which I knew she was in the Jacuzzi tub not the shower. I slightly opened the door and had my entire three friends peek in. They were shocked she had this type of body covered up all of these years. They said her body was a "10". To my friends surprise she stood up in the tub and soaked her tits and soaked her cunt. They were shocked for a white girl how big and brown her nipples were. They are like to gigantic chocolate cookies. They were quite impressed and I was quite proud. When she got out of the tub my friends watched her dress and ran downstairs like nothing happened. She came downstairs and bitched some more about nothing. I gave her a wine cooler which led to five within an hour. She hardly ever drinks but when she does it is not in moderation so it hit her hard. After the fifth one she was quite quiet so I told her I want some alone time with her. Somewhat drunk was the only way to get her to shut up and have sex. I told her to turn off the lights and get naked I'll be in. I told her we have been fighting a lot lately so let?s make tonight a no talking sex night. Just pure sex. I can?t believe it but she agreed. I opened the blind so slightly before this so I can see in from the enclosed porch. She did not know. There was a glare from the other room so I knew I would be able to see. My one friend walked in that had the biggest of the three dicks and started to kiss my wife. He had the same body as mine so with that and the wine coolers she had no idea it wasn?t me. He was packing at least ten inches, two more than me. She hated big dicks and bitched mine hurt her all the time. So she deserved this. He licked her neck and exposed her breasts. As he licked her gigantic brown nipples, she moaned a little and tried to flip my friend off to mount him. She wanted just pure sex, as usual. He did not let her as he was dead set on teaching her a lesson. He kept sucking her tits and then started to finger her. She tried to mount him again and he mumbled "no-no" and started to finger her again. She was not happy but moaned a little. As she doesn?t care about my pleasure she never attempted to touch the dick so she still did not know it wasn?t me. My friend decided to eat her out. He licked her cunt with gusto but again some small moaning. He was learning how big of a bitch she is. He tried to kiss her and she said ?hell no? as she never kissed after being eaten out. Finally my friend had enough and left her on her back and mounted her. He kissed her large brown nipples and then started to penetrate. She screamed her head off with just the head and some shaft. He slammed all of it in her very hard. This was payback for her being a bitch to all of us. As she was screaming who is this and screaming no, he was like a dog, Super fast like he wanted to come in three seconds. To my surprise she stopped yelling no and started screaming yes. She dug her nails into his back and started to gyrate her hips to the rhythm. She never did this in her 28 years. He started to grunt like he was going to cum and she screamed in my mouth! He got up and blew a huge load into her mouth. She always hated semen and never once got it near her mouth in all of our years so I was quite shocked. She swallowed all of it and wouldn?t let it out of her mouth until it was completely finished. Without any words she grabbed my friend put him on his back and started to suck him to hard. Once hard, she mounted him and screamed how big it was as he was penetrating her. I knew she must know by now so I sent in my other friend. He took his pants off and put his dick near her mouth to see if she would take it. She started to lick it and then swallowed it whole. Wow, I only got blowjobs once a year if lucky. Where were these skills all of our relationship? Her sucking was the same rhythm that her hips were making riding my friend. My friend in her mouth screamed he?s cumming and she never let it leave her mouth. I can see a huge load in her mouth with some trickling out of it. She lapped it all up like a puppy. My third friend went in and she started to suck him off also. My friend on the bottom put her on all fours and started to doggy her. She hates this position so I was shocked how much she liked it today. My friend in her mouth again screamed he?s cumming and again she lapped up every drop. It was now my turn. My friend that was fucking her doggy let her mount him again from the top. I stripped naked and started eat out her ass. She started to scream she?s cumming. After she came my friend kept pushing up that he is cumming. He let his load blow into her like a hydrant. She started to moan from it. I was the only man she ever let blow his load into her so again I was shocked. My second friend laid down and she mounted him. I stopped eating her ass and put my dickhead into her ass. She squirmed and fought it but asked me to fuck her ass. Wow the first time ever anything was in her ass. I had to concentrate not to cum how tight it was. There we were one friend she?s mounted, my third friend is now hard and back in her mouth and me in her ass. My third friend slammed her head on his dick .You could hear her gagging and struggling to swallow the dick. My third friend gave her the fourth load in her mouth. My second friend blew in her cunt as my wife gurgled she was cumming. She yelled louder than before but it was hard to hear from the load in her mouth. I finally could not hold out and blew my load in her ass. My third friend did not enter her yet so her left her face down and fucked her from behind. She licked her tits and yelled over and over again fuck me. He screamed he?s cumming and she pushed back violently and then he blew his load in her. That was her third of the night. As she lied there I could see the large amount of cum dripping out of her cunt and ass and I was quite proud of her. She collapsed on the bed and after some silence stated she heard us planning this encounter. That is why she took a bath, bitched more than usual today and let me turn out the lights. She was intrigued so she let us do this. She stated is this what?s going to happen every time I bitch? We said yes. She smiled and said great. We now repeat this five days a week.

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