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A little about myself first, my name is Krystal and I've been with Issac for the last 10 years. We're what I consider very active, both physically and sexually. Over the course of our decade together we've done many things, as we both enjoy variety and pushing each other's limits: after all, sex is supposed to take your breath away, at least now and then.

One of my girlfriends was hosting "Girls' Night", an evening of casual conversation and a little bit of cocktail food. Nothing unusual, just always great to get together with your gal pals. It was about 10 ish and time for us to all head our separate ways. As we are leaving, our hostess shouted, "Have a great night of sex ladies" and laughed. Needless to say, we all laughed.

It's about a 15 minute drive to get home, I decided as soon as I got home and saw Isaac, I was going to take down his pants and suck him good and hard. Hopefully, he then had his own plan and took me however he wanted to. I just wanted a good hard fuck at that point. I had a skirt on, not short but it is summer, and several times during the ride home I reached down between my legs and made sure I would be good and wet when I got home. All I could think about at this point was his cock, and a bit of wham-bam.

Not to be alone tonight, Isaac had invited three of his friends over to the house for what I presume would be drinks and pool. They do all love to play, it's good fun for everyone even when we have couple's night. You can imagine my disappointment when i got home to find that the guys were still all there. Not my idea, I had my own ideas on how the evening was going to go.

As expected, the guys were playing pool and when I got there Isaac suggested I take his place while he refreshed everyone's drinks. Damn, "Let's get these guys out on the road and I'll make it worth your while", I whispered in Isaac's ear, but off he went. And so there I was, playing pool with three guys while Isaac went off to grab drinks.

It was my turn, I lined my shot up and leaned over to take get a good angle. With no warning, Scott and Drew, grabbed both my arms and pulled on them so I was basically flat on the table from the waist up. Within a blink, Jon grabbed my skirt and pulled it up over my waist, while Scott grabbed my panties and pulled them to the floor. I stepped out of them instinctively, I was suddenly there with my legs a few inches apart and certainly exposed to both Jon and Scott. Scott lowered his pants pulled out his cock, God knows how he got hard so fast, but I heard him put a little spit on his hand and knew what was coming next. Scott's cock immediately pressed against my pussy lips, and he instantly started pushing. I had gotten myself pretty darn wet on the ride home knowing I was going to fuck Isaac fast and hard that night. I knew I surprised Scott though, as his pressure resulted in him driving the entire length of his rod balls deep into me in one swift move.

Now, here I was hoping all three guys would leave as quickly as possible when, without any warning, I had been stretched across the pool table, my skirt lifted over my waist and had Scott's cock buried, its deep into my wet pussy. It really takes a moment to comprehend the situation and your brain to recognize that this is reality, not a dream. Part of me naturally wanted to scream, but another part of me wanted this more than anything.

Naturally Scott was enjoying his position and started pumping away. It felt spectacular. I was gushing wet, while this was far from what I had planned out, his cock buried deep in my pussy was intoxicating. Add to this the intensity of the moment, the speed at which it all happened, that three guys had taken complete control of me, and this was easily the most extreme sexual scene I had ever experienced. I fantasized of something like this regularly.

Now Isaac and I are not prudes by any stretch. About 5 years ago while on vacation, we got drinks with another couple we had met over dinner and went back to their room to continue the conversation and drinking. One thing led to another and, both women sucked both cocks and both men ate both women. We ended the night fucking each others partners, which was I admit one sexual fantasy that came true. I always think back to that night where there was, at least in my mind, some possibility that double penetration, two guys at once. Could have happened, an opportunity lost.

Isaac and I do enjoy anal sex. I am 5 foot 8 and so taking his cock in my ass during an evening of pounding me till we collapse is normal. In fact, Isaac and I sometimes use a dildo along with his beautiful cock, and I get to experience what I've never done in real life, two cocks at once.

At this moment, Scott pushing his cock and pelvis against me hard, the edge of the pool table pressing on the clitoris in a way I never experienced. It was intense, my G-spot was being pressed on from the outside while his cock was rubbing it from the inside. Maybe it was the combination of the amount I had been touching myself and thinking about Isaac's cock for the last 15 minutes or maybe it was my unexpected situation, but I was on the verge of coming almost immediately. The pressure on the edge of the pool table was just perfect and I was going to have an orgasm for the decade, enjoying the sensation in my pussy, gripping him as hard as I could.

Just as I let my mind go completely in the moment, Isaac simply walks in right in front of me. His phone in his hand filming away. Well that sure answered one question as to whether this would be a problem or not. The little dirty side of me was already looking forward to finishing all four guys and ultimately getting to watch the video together with Isaac privately over the next few days, even after the guys left if I had the energy left. Isaac started zooming in on my pussy with Scott's cock partially drilled into my pussy.

Now I'm no stranger to stand up sex, as it's one of my favorite positions we don't do often enough. But when we do, Isaac pushes me against the wall, I push my backside out towards him and he enters me only about two or three inches and stays at that depth. It seems the head of his cock is perfectly positioned right at my G-spot, and he knows that it drives me crazy. He always reaches around and grabs my left breast, rubbing it aggressively, while his right hand goes straight between my legs and drives my poor little clit over the edge. I really love this position and Isaac has mastered the art of giving me intense orgasms.

I don't know if it was luck or Scott knew what he was doing, but standing up caused his cock to pull out just that perfect amount and the head of his cock was now pressed against my G-spot. I ground down on his wonderful rod, enjoying every bit of the sensation between my legs. Now I don't have difficulty cumming and when I do it's usually pretty loud, the guys suddenly getting a full dose of what it's like to hear me go over the top."Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" screaming loudly.

I had basically lost track of my surroundings as orgasmic wave after wave rushed over me until I realized that Scott had guided us onto a chair up against the wall without removing his cock. Jon and Drew were now both in front of me with their hands on my blouse. In one move they basically tore it wide open. I have to admit this is something I've never experienced and there was a sexual intensity having my clothes torn off me by two men. In barely 5 seconds, my shirt was off and my bra was gone as well. They may have enjoyed what they were seeing, but my view far outdid theirs; two beautiful hard cocks pointing straight at me. I knew exactly what I wanted to do next; get on my knees and take them in both hands, alternately sucking each of them. I don't cheat on Isaac, but this is Isaac's doing and I will be his slut. Only one problem, Jon and Drew had other thoughts, definitely looking to steal me away from Scott for themselves.

It took barely a moment for the two of them to pull me forward, sadly pulling me off Scotts fabulous cock that was still inside me. As Jon laid on the floor, his beautiful rod was pointing straight up, he pulled me down so that it impaled my already fucked wet pussy immediately. This was going to be an incredible night. I began to grind down on his rock hard cock, rubbing my clit on his pubic bone, something I always enjoy doing and gets me off quickly. I couldn't have been doing it for more than 30 seconds, while the other two watched, when I felt Drew behind me with his shaft pressed against my arse.

Well, as I said, I'm no prude and anal sex is one of those things that Isaac and I do regularly . But feeling Drew's head pressed against my ass with Jon's cock fully engulfing my pussy was a new sensation. I leaned forward so that my nipples were touching Jon's chest and raised my hips up higher to give Drew easier access. I guess I raised up more than intended, and Jon's cock popped out of my pussy for a moment. Drew didn't waste a moment and immediately pushed his shaft deep inside me, holding it there for a moment while I gasped and let out a shriek of pleasurable pain. He pumped away for a few times, thoroughly lubricating his dick, only to pull out and again press against my tight little ass. He was only about two or three inches in when Jon pulled my hips back down so that his cock was once again entering my dripping wet pussy. God this was an incredible feeling.

No sooner did the two guys have me full of both their cocks, when Scott came around in front of me and put his dick in my mouth. Cock in my mouth, exactly how I had thought the evening was going to start an hour ago. Scott had certainly gotten a lot of stimulation being in my pussy the way he had been, so I figured I'd be able to push him over the top pretty quickly. And indeed, that was the case. No sooner did I start hungrily sucking his cock, his balls tightened up and his breathing increased along with his own moans. Boom! he was filling my mouth with his hot seed, just another one of my favorite things. I love sucking off Isaac and milking him dry. Speaking of Isaac, where the hell was my husband?

At this point, I would really have gotten off if Isaac had stepped in front of me next and stuck his incredible cock and my mouth. But instead, Scott suggested everyone change positions. Not sure I wanted to, I really didn't want to give up having two cocks in me.... But I wasn't the one calling the shots.

Drew pulled his dick out of my ass and pulled my hips up, Jon's cock sadly popped out of my pussy. I wondered what was going to happen next, when Drew sat down on the couch with his dick now sticking straight up they led me over to him and turned me around so that it was going to be the reverse cowgirl position. I lowered myself on him, I grabbed the base of his cock and made sure that it was pointed to return to where it had just been. I moved so that his dick was now about three or four inches in me, and I was seriously getting off on the show I was giving Jon and Scott, owners of the two cocks I hoped were going to be in my mouth in the next 10 seconds.

And finally, there was Isaac. Right in front of me. His phone in hand filming away. Isaac spoke "Get on the couch, one on each side." They immediately did, I now had two cocks right there one inch from my face. It didn't take this slut more than a second to reach out with both hands and grab both, turning my head back and forth sucking them wildly leaving a mixture of my saliva and pre-cum dripping from each cock.

Isaac spoke again, "Grab both her legs and pull them up towards her shoulders, wide apart, to show off her pussy better." Well damn if Jon and Scott didn't both grab a leg and pull them up high, spreading me pretty darn wide. There I was, Drew's cock buried in my ass, as there was no way I could hold myself up any longer with my legs basically at my shoulders. Isaac just kept filming, zooming in now on my freshly shaven, freshly fucked, wet pussy.Two cocks by my mouth, Isaac making a porno with my glistening pussy on full display. I was trembling on verge of a epic orgasm.

While Isaac was playing cameraman, I could tell Jon was really close and my pace stroking and sucking his cock quickened. Isaac seen what was happening and yelled to Jon to pull out and cum all over my face.This was my fantasy as well coming true and I gripped Jon tightly by the base of his shaft and told him to cum in my mouth. I stroked him a few more times, positioned his cock slightly out of my mouth and opened my mouth wide for him to ejaculate in. Boy did he, rope after rope his angry purple head shooting hot cum filling my mouth. I just let it fill, without swallowing or letting any drip escape, when he was finally done, I turned directly to Isaac, our resident cameraman, and showed my mouth full of cum for the porno we were apparently making. Isaac got the shot, I closed my mouth and swallowed, licking my lips seductively I opened my mouth again for the camera. God I was in heaven.

At this point I was going to instruct Drew to give me the fucking I so badly needed, but finally Isaac put down the camera and took his cock that had been pointing at me for the last 10 minutes and plunged straight into me, "Yes, yes, yes!" two cocks filling this slut the way she fantasized. Life was never going to be the same.

Jon didn't miss a beat, picking up the camera and immediately began filming the fucking between my legs, two cock hammering in and out, filling me repeatedly Dree kept lifting my hips and then letting them fall back down on his cock, while Isaac kept plunging in and out of my spasming pussy. I was cumming uncontrollably . screaming . " FUCK ME ! FUCK ME! HARDER! FUUUUUUUUUCK!" And with that, I exploded a second time, this round not leaving anything to the imagination as my screaming probably woke the neighbors a block away. This was an orgasm like I had never felt before and I didn't want it to end.

Isaac had not been fucking me all that long, but I think with everything that was going on, my pulsating pussy gripping his cock, plus the pressure of feeling Drew's cock in my ass, pushed them both over the top. There I was, being filled with cum by two cocks simultaneously as my own orgasm went into over drive and sent another a lightning bolt orgasm through my body. As their orgasm started to subside, mine lasted for another 30 seconds, all of us enjoying every moment.

At this point I figured things were pretty much coming to an end as I lifted myself off Drew's cock and Isaac pulled out of my cum-filled pussy, when suddenly Scott, who had been filming this scene, immediately pushed me to my knees and stuck his cock in my mouth. I guess he had been stroking himself while he was filming, enjoying the show the entire time, and within 15 seconds he exploded into my mouth for the fifth load of the evening. I've done Isaac twice in one night several times, but I've never had a third load in my mouth. Life would never be the same. It took me a moment to come to reality about all that had happened. I stayed there on my knees looking around. There I was, totally naked, totally satisfied, thoroughly fucked with cum dripping out of basically every hole. The guys just staring at me. Finally Isaac asked me if I had had a good time. I wondered if this was all his idea from the beginning or if this was something his friends simply did spontaneously. I'm glad what happened did and Isaac was okay with it .

Well its been three nights, my pussy is still sore, as is the neighboring hole, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. The question is will anything like this ever happen again. We haven't talked Isaac worked long hours this week, Sometimes fantasies become reality. Definitely fucking of my life. I do hope this can happen again sometime. "Ding" my phone notification, it was Nicole - Drew's wife. The message read " Did you enjoy your night of sex lady ?" I instantly called her and she explained the details of her, Isaac and Drew setting up the best fucking night of my life.

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