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Better then I ever dreamed, a wife's story...

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Let me start off by saying that I never thought it would happen. For over a year me and my husband, James, has talked about having a foursome and during sex we would talk about it to enhance our orgasm. One day on the internet we were searching people with the word swinger in their profile. We came across a few couples in our area and decided to write those with pics and that we found attractive. No need to lie they don?t have to be Ken and Barbie but looks do count. The next day we had mail from two couples that we wrote. We had more in common with one couple (Joey and April) then we did with the other. There was one rule to all of this that we would not break, we wanted to get to know the other couple and be friends before anything happen. They had been I the lifestyle for 6 years so in a sense the were going to be our teachers. After a few late nights of chatting online we decided to meet for dinner and then go to the club. All four of us agreed that nothing had to happen on out first meeting, which made me feel better. The less the pressure the better. We all met at the Mexican restaurant at 8p.m. I wasn?t sure what to wear, I wanted something sexy but not to sexy and something I could dance in at the club. I decided on my hip hugger blue jeans and my black silk shirt (which was a waist shirt that cut low down on the neck just enough to see my breast and the playboy bunny tattooed on my left tit). My husband always said that I had beautiful breast so why not let them be seen. My husband looked good as always, in his blue jeans, white T and button up shirt which wasn?t buttoned. Before we left I took a long look at him and thought about how turned on to him I still was. We got to the restaurant a little early so we decided to have a drink before our guest arrived. Shortly after I finished my margarita they showed up. With how nervous I was it was a good think they showed up when they did. I was about to have another drink to try and calm my nerves. They looked just like the pics on their profile. She was my height 5?4? and about my size 150pds, her breast were bigger then mine. He was a little taller then my husband about 5?11? and about 240pds. So they were about the same height and weight, which is good I have always liked big guys. We had talked about all of this on the internet but you never know, some people lie and send pics taken in better years so it was a relief to know they were honest with us.

We ordered out meals and while we were waiting on them we all had a drink. This time I had a beer as did everyone else. Didn?t want to get to drunk. We talked as we waited and I was surprised to see that it wasn?t about sex but just everyday things. Shortly after finishing our beers our order arrived. I wasn?t really hungry, I was to nervous to eat, but I was able to eat one of the two taco?s on my plate. The club didn?t get busy til around 11p.m. on Saturday nights and since we were all done eating by 9:30 we decided to go riding. Since it was July and we had a Ford Mustang convertible we all went in our car. I love riding in our car with the top down at night. It?s so nice at night. Us women let the men ride up front and we set in the back. It was a good thing we all liked the same kind of music cause when my husband turned the key on Lil John came blaring out of the speakers. We decided the we would go ride on the river front, it is nice with all the lights bouncing off the river. I wasn?t as nervous now as I was before, they were very nice people who you could relax around. At about 10:30 we started heading back to the restaurant to get their truck so we could go to the club. It wasn?t far about 15 mins. On the ride to the club I asked my husband what he thought about them, he said he really liked them. After we paid out cover into the club April asked me to go to the restroom with her, we told the men where we were going and to go ahead and get a drink for us. Once done we found them standing on the side lines of the dance floor with our drinks. My husband James loves to watch but hates to dance, unless he is really drunk. We got our drinks and I led April to the dance floor. I decided then I would give the guys something to look at. Fifty Cent was on with the song Candy Shop, I eased April in front of me so that her ass was rubbing on me. In one hand I had me drink and in the other I had her right hip. Our bodies were rubbing all over each other. At one point she turned and faced me, our cunts were rubbing each others legs. After the song all four of us went to the bar. When I am at the club I love to shoot tequila with salt and lime. When April saw what I was shooting she told me if I wanted my lime I would have to get it from her. She picked up my lime off the bar and put it between her lips. Now I know what she meant. By then with the drinks and the way we were dancing on the dance floor I was ready to kiss her. I licked me hand, sprinkled the salt on the wet spot, picked up my shot, licked the salt, shot my shot and pressed my lips to hers. After I got the juices out of the lime I took it out of my mouth and set it on the bar. When I turned back to her I could tell she wanted what I wanted, to kiss again. But this time it would be a real kiss. With our husbands and other men looking on our lips embraced each other. Her lips were so soft as was her tongue. I could hear the men around us cheering us on and before I knew it her hand was on my breast caressing it thru my shirt. I wanted to feel hers in my hand so I did the same. We started to end our kiss so I was sure she would let go of my breast but she didn?t instead she leaned over and whispered in my ear. What she asked to do I was sure she needed to ask my husband, I was all game but I didn?t know how he would act. She pulled my husbands ear close to her mouth and he must have been ok with it cause she lifted my tit out of my shirt and started sucking on my nipple. All the guys in the bar was there now watching and cheering us on. After a few seconds of doing that she lifted my shirt back up over my tit. We all ordered another round of beers and headed back out to the dance floor. The guys once again stayed on the side lines and watched. There was another set of girls on the dance floor dancing together. They came over and asked if we would all like to dance together. WE said that would be fine. When the song went off we were dancing to they told us they were really turned on by what we had done at the bar and wanted to know if we wanted company. We told them we were both married but that we would talk to our husbands and see what they wanted to do. We left the dance floor and told our husbands to follow us outside. We had to find a quite place to talk. When we told them what we wanted they were both game. At this point I was so horny, I was ready to go to the motel. The guys went to get the vehicles and April and I went to get the two other girls. Both girls were the same height as me and April, one was about our size but the other was a little smaller then us. Their names were Ashley and Jennifer, they were both Bi but had been a couple for almost a year. We explained that I was new and nervous, they said if something was happening that I didn?t like just say so and they would stop. Ashley and Jennifer got their car and were going to follow us to the motel. Once we got there we let the men go in and get the room.

Once in the room I wasn?t sure how everything would begin but I found out really quick. April started kissing me as soon as we walked in the door and the same with Ashley and Jennifer. As April was kissing me her hands were on my breast, caressing my nipples with her fingertips. She asked if I wanted to take my shirt off, I told her yes. First she took my shirt off of me and then I took her shirt off of her, during this I caught a glisp of Ashley and Jennifer who already had their shirts off and their breast exposed. Our husbands were watching all the action in the room. After a few minutes of sucking on each others nipples all four of us women got on the bed together. I was laying on my back kissing Ashley when I felt a tug at my button on my jeans. It was April, she asked if I wanted them off and I told her yes. Not sure what was going to happen next, I soon found out. I was still kissing Ashley when I felt April?s tongue in my pussy. I had Ashley?s breast in my hand, I wanted to feel her pussy lips wrapped around my finger. I moved my hand down toward her pussy, hoping this was what she wanted and I soon knew it was by how hot and met her pussy was once my fingers slipped into her pussy. I glanced down at April to see another girl eating my pussy, that?s when I saw Jennifer, she had April doggy style eating her pussy. There were moans coming from all four of us. When I looked over at the men, it turned me on even more to see their cocks hard in their hands as they stroked them. Feeling a little sorry for them I asked Ashley and Jennifer if they wanted our husbands to fuck them. They were both in the doggy style position so it was easy. Both women said yes. My husband got behind Ashley while she sucked on my breast he fucked her and Joey got behind Jennifer while she was eating April and fucked her. All the moans sounded so good, having a women eat my pussy and watching my husband fuck another women was such a turn on. Joey and April knew there was one thing I wanted to try, we had talked about it, I wanted two dicks in my pussy at the same time. But at this point I was so turned on I had forgotten about it. It was April that spoke up and said, ?Since Jaime is new we have to give her what she wants, two dicks at once?. Everyone was game, April and Ashley wanted to watch so on one side of the bed they were kissing and fingering each other and watching is too. Jennifer wanted to be with us some how so we decided to do it like this. James laid down on his back, I sit on his dick and laid down so that I was also in the doggy style position for Joey. Joey slid his dick into my pussy, Jennifer was on her knees at James? head and he was fingering her. Joey had to do all the work. It felt so good having 2 dicks in my pussy at once. Both men said it was very tight, they also liked it. We decided to change things up, the men were so hot and ready to cum. Me and Ashley started kissing and I asked her if she wanted my husband to fuck her, she said yes. James said he wanted both of us in the doggy style position on the edge of the bed. First he slid his dick into my pussy, he hit it a few times, then he went to Ashley, slid it into her pussy and hit it a few times, he kept switching back and forth. Joey, April and Jennifer were on the other side of the bed, Jennifer was fucking his dick by riding him and he was eating April?s pussy. April was on his face, her and Jennifer were facing each other. James switched between me and Ashley four or five times when he couldn?t take it anymore, he had to cum. He was fucking me, I was laying on my back with my legs on his shoulders and he was fingering Ashley at the same time. A few seconds after we started I heard Joey moaning, he was cumming in April, at some point they had switched up. It didn?t take James long to shoot his cum into my pussy. Before we left we got Ashley and Jennifer?s number, we are all going to hook up again soon.

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