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Beth with Father and Son at the Beach

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Beth with Father and Son at the Beach

One of the lucky things about my job is that I get to go on travel from time to time. Now... when I have to go alone and it takes me away from the family... it is not so nice. However... there are occasions when I get to bring them with me... and that is when it becomes a benefit that we all get to enjoy.

One of my favorite places to stay when I travel to the California coast is at Mandalay Beach. If any of you have ever had the opportunity to visit the resort there... then you know what I am talking about. It is right on the beach. And when I say right on the beach... I mean you walk out of your room... across a little bike bath or the grassy lawn... depending on your particular room... and you are on the sand. It's that simple.

The view is breathtaking... the rooms are absolutely gorgeous... and the amenities they offer are awesome as well. Besides the phenomenal breakfast spread they offer daily... the free happy hour is one of my favorites. I could never afford to stay there normally... but being that it is covered at my business rate... these trips make it possible for me to travel in style.

Back in July of last year I had the opportunity to stay there for two nights while on travel for some business in the area. The best thing about the trip... however... was that I did not have to take it alone. Beth and I were able to secure a sitter for the little ones... so we were able to use the trip as a little escape to spend some quality time together...alone. Well...uh...sort of alone.

One of my co-workers... a very close and long time buddy of mine... was also going on the travel with me. He divorced his wife a couple years ago... and although he had no special lady in his life at the time... he was able to use the trip as a mini vacation for someone close to him as well. Unlike Beth and I... Chance had his children at a younger age instead of waiting until later in life. So... the trip provided a great opportunity for him to bring his son Tyson... home from college for the summer... along for the ride.

So... the four of us were off to the Beach for a couple days of work and relaxation. We didn't travel together... but we all met once arriving down there on that Wednesday afternoon. We had dinner at the resort restaurant... had a few drinks and conversation... and generally had a nice evening. We then all retired to our rooms... which were next to each other... facing the ocean.

Each room has its own little patio outside... and we all ended up out on ours... chatting some more... fawning over the beautiful view... the smell of the ocean... and the wonderful time we were all sure to have. At around 10:00 we all said goodnight and headed into our rooms. That being the first night alone together that Beth and I had enjoyed without the kids in a while... we took full advantage of the privacy.

Once back in the room Beth and I attacked each other. Our hands... fingers and mouths were touching and tasting every inch... nook and cranny we could find. We spent the next hour or so in pure bliss...running our hands and mouths over every inch of each other...building into some great... stress relieving pounding...sweating and screaming... doing everything we could to please each other to the fullest... before falling asleep in each other's arms... somewhere around midnight.

The next morning we saw Chance and Tyson at breakfast... both of us undoubtedly still aglow from the night before. They both had smirky grins on their faces... and I had no doubt they had heard everything last night. Beth is quite the screamer... and she does nothing to hide her pleasure when she is being pleased.

As we ate... Chance and I discussed our work plans for the day. We hoped to get through our schedule efficiently and be back at the resort no later than 6:00 PM. That way we could hit the happy hour and get a bite and still be able to catch the sunset. For their parts... Beth and Tyson had much more enjoyable days in mind.

Beth planned to relax for a bit... catch up on some reading she had been wanting to do... and hit the beach and work on her tan. Tyson had brought along his laptop. He said he was going to surf the web... send some emails... maybe watch a movie and probably hit the beach too. They talked and decided they would meet at about 11:00... have an early lunch and then head to the beach together.

With that we headed back to our rooms to get our stuff and then head our separate ways. Once in our room Beth and I talked about her upcoming day. I asked her if she noticed the expressions on their faces and she said she had not. Do you think they heard me last night?... she coyly asked. Of course... I told her. She blushed a bit. I don't care... she added... I needed that! Me too baby... I assured her.

I bet Tyson has never heard a woman make sounds like that before... I told her. Those young college girls haven't even learned to cum yet. Don't say that... I'll be embarrassed around him all day now... she claimed. Yeah know you like it. She just grinned in agreement. Well... maybe a little... she admitted. He's awfully young though... and not to mention the son of your good friend.

So what are you going to wear to the beach?... I asked her. Oh no... I know where this is going ... she replied. I am not showing my tits and ass to that kid! He's use to college girls with firm... young 20 year old bodies anyway. I am way too old for him. I just waited patiently for all her protesting to conclude. First of all... you are as sexy and hott as any college girl on this planet... and second of all...I was just going to remind you to bring your sunscreen baby... I said. We both laughed.

Just about then I heard Chance knock on the door. It was time for us to head out. I opened the door and Beth came to kiss me goodbye at the door. As we kissed and I hugged her... and having the opportunity... I took it and brought my right hand around and cupped her left tit...lifting it... firmly kneading her flesh. I held her tightly with my other arm so she couldn't squirm away... all right in front of Chance.

As we broke our kiss she punched me in the arm...Jerk... she said. I just smiled. Thanks for reminding me that I am here without a woman dude... Chance said. We all chuckled a bit. Sorry man... I gotta play with them when I can... I told him. We almost never get time alone and now you're dragging me away from her to go to work. Hey... no explanation necessary... Chance said. If I had the opportunity to play with those I'd probably never leave the house. We all chuckled again... and off to work we went. I couldn't help but notice a little glimmer in Beth's eye at his comment though.

The work day was busy... boring... stressful and uneventful all at once. We couldn't wait to get back to the resort. We finally did so at about 5:30. I had been wondering how Beth's day had went... and no sooner had I entered the room and gotten comfortable... that I inquired about just that.

Beth was grinning wildly... actually giggling a bit under her breath. I had a GREAT day... she said. And I think you are going to like hearing all about it. I knew something good must have happened. Beth knows I thrive on hearing about her being naughty... getting all the details... and although we hadn't explicitly planned for anything this day... she always has the green light to let her little slut shine through.

Beth said they met at 11:00 and had a quick bite as planned. She said that from there they went and spent about two hours at the beach. She could feel him checking her out in her bikini the whole time... loving the attention. It was one that clearly showed her nipples through the thin material when she got excited... and she had been in such a state for basically the entire day. She also admitted to unhooking her top when she was on her stomach... pushing up on her elbows as she read her book... the sides of her massive tits in clear view.

Tyson commented to her more than once about how pretty she was and how nice a body she had... and she ate it all up. Of course... she shared the compliments as well... telling him his physique was amazing... watching as his taught muscles flexed each time he moved. Tyson played college baseball and had a very athletic build. She made sure to let him catch her staring as often as possible throughout their day.

They had a great day... flirting and getting to know one another. She said he had confided in her that he had broken up with his girlfriend a few months ago... and that he hadn't been able to move on. He was struggling with that... and that he wished he could have a little fling and snap out of his trance. She privately wished she could help him with that... and wondered if his bringing it up showed his interest as well. It was all so enticing and fun... and it made for a wonderful day.

I was glad to hear they had such a good time. Chance and I had previously agreed to meet up about 6:00 and head to the bar for happy hour. I told Beth I was going next door to check on them and that she should get ready. I gave her a big hug and a kiss as I went next door... reminding her to dress sexy for her new boyfriend. She just hit me and told me to shut up... but I knew she was thinking the exact same thing. I told her I would check on them and be back in a second. She said that was fine.

I went out the patio and went next door. I found Chance and Tyson all ready to go. Chance already was on his first drink of the night and offered to make me one as well. I accepted... and as he did... I asked Tyson if he would go and tell Beth we were all ready. I told him she was over there all ready to go and just waiting on us to let her know that we were also ready.

In fact... I privately knew she was still getting ready... and that there was no telling what stage of dress or undress she might be in when Tyson walked over. Tyson happily accepted the task and out the patio door he went. It was several minutes later when Tyson came back in... Beth in tow... both laughing. What's so funny... we asked. Nothing... Beth replied... and they chuckled again. What took so damn long... I asked... eyeing Beth. She became a bit flushed and offered... well... uh. Tyson was helping me make sure my makeup looked just right.

I knew better... and her little grin betrayed her answer as well. I just said OK... though... and off we went to the bar. I got us all drinks and we settled in out by the pool. The sun was dropping behind the hotel and a nice ocean breeze was making the air quite brisk. I first realized that when I looked over at Beth and noticed her nipples were standing at full attention. I also realized then that she was not wearing a bra under her top... and that she was wearing one of the sexiest tops that she owns.

It is off-white in color... and it is made out of a knit type material...sort of a thin... sweater type weave. It ties behind her neck... the shoulders are exposed... and the fabric crosses under her arms and ties again in the back. It is about waist length... and that night she was wearing it with a pair of her shortest daisy dukes and a pair of sandals. The top covered her upper chest completely and showed no cleaveage... but the material clings tightly to her tits... and when she is braless... their jiggling and the outline of her nipples is unmistakable. She looked breathtaking!

As we were finishing our second round... I got up to get our third for the table. Do you want another babe?... I asked Beth. Oh yeah... she replied... this tequila just warms you right up! They all laughed. What's the matter hun... you feeling a bit nipply out here?... I asked. Both Chance and Tyson erupted in laughter with me... as did Beth... her massive... braless tits bouncing under the thin material... her huge nipples clearly outlined. My comment gave us all the excuse to stare right at them... and we all three did just that. Get out of here... she told me. Tyson held up his hand and I gave him a high-five as I left for the drinks.

When I returned and passed out the drinks Beth said... thank God you are can protect me. From what... I asked. She sat with her arms crossing her chest. They have been threatening to throw me in the pool if I don't uncross my arms! We all laughed loudly again... the alcohol undoubtedly kicking in. Hell... I'll help 'em... I said... and we all laughed again. You would... you bastard... Beth complained.

It's not like your topless babe. All our nipples are hard too... just look...and we all three lifted our t-shirts for her. We all laughed again. OK... OK... we promise we won't look...or at least we won't stare!... and we erupted yet again. With that the tension was gone... Beth dropped her guard... and we could all enjoy the view of her amazing nipples once again.

After two more rounds and lots of laughs... we all did realize it was starting to get quite chilly. We all then also realized the sun had indeed gone down. As we talked about what to do... Tyson offered up the idea of the hot tub. There was a big main hot tub... but also... down between two of the resort buildings... there was a much more private one. It was in a very tropical setting... lots of foliage around... almost no lighting to speak of... and very out of sight. With this being a Thursday night... there weren't as many occupants as normal at the resort... and as such... it was currently empty.

We all seemed to like the idea... including Beth... who was ready to get into a warmer setting. Plus... we all teased her that her bathing suit would probably do a better job of covering her up than that top anyway. With that... we all went and changed and agreed to meet back at the hot tub.

Beth was very drunk and playful while we changed in our room. I kept grabbing her... touching her here and there... and she pulled my cock more than once as it stuck out... waiting for my suit to find its way up my legs. Don't try any funny business in the hot tub mister... she warned me as we headed out. Who me?... I replied. She just punched me and off we went.

When we arrived... both Chance and Tyson were just stepping into the water. I could see Beth looking them over... enjoying the fact that the old man was in almost as good of shape as the son. Both looked good... and I could tell she was enjoying herself immensely. That enjoyment only increased as she slipped out of her own robe and exposed her bikini clad body to them as she rather quickly jumped in the warm water.

They both hooted and hollered at her as she did... and grinning ear to ear... she scolded them and told them to hush. As they all got comfortable I ran and got the next round of drinks. When I returned... they were all laughing and having a good time. I joined them and enjoyed the beautiful setting... my beautiful friends... and my beautiful wife as well.

The water felt great... and it was very... very relaxing. It was black as molasses with no lights under the water... so you could not see a thing below the surface. And although there were no bubbles like in a Jacuzzi... the water did gently swirl from the low powered jets creating a very tranquil setting.

It wasn't long before Beth took advantage of the dark water and started squeezing my dick through my suit. She did it over and over... regardless of what we were talking about... torturing me... and driving me nuts. It came time for the next round... everyone was quite lit by now... and they all started barking at me to get up and go fetch it.

I paused for a moment... trying to get myself under control. He can't get up right now... Beth blurted out. Why not?... Chance asked. He's got a bit of a problem... she added... motioning towards my lap. They all laughed. Wait a minute... Tyson blurted... how exactly do you know that? We all looked at her. Beth was speechless. Yeah Beth... I added... how the hell do you know that? We all laughed... glaring at her... waiting.

Uh... she began... I guess I accidentally touched him and found out...totally by accident... totally by accident... she exclaimed. Yeah right... the both yelled in protest. Chance continued... we're sitting over here... all alone... drunk... horny and lonely... and you sit over there looking all hott in your bikini and you play with his dick under that water?!!! That is just cruel! Yeah... Tyson chimed in... you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Well...I'm not... Beth replied. We all roared. As we came back to earth I had recovered and was now able to go get drinks. When I returned... the three of them were getting pretty loud and raucous. What is going on?... I asked... as I handed out the drinks. They are trying to get me naked in here... Beth replied. Sounds damn good to me... I added... and the three of us guys erupted in cheer.

Shut up you pervs... she responded. Look... the only way I would even consider it is if you guys lose your suits too. Really?... I asked. Beth smiled. Before she could even respond... Tyson and Chance had their suits off and over their heads and tossed them to the side of the hot tub. We all laughed again. There you go!!... they exclaimed. I tossed mine next.

Beth looked on... appearing to be in shock. Well?... I asked. Well... she replied... I was just kidding. WHAT?!... we all yelled... the protests raging on as we got a bit too loud and out of control with our expression of displeasure. Beth quieted us back down. You guys have to be quiet or we are going to get kicked out of here. Then do what you said... Tyson shouted.

Look... there is no way I am sitting in here... the only woman... naked with a bunch of men. You guy's private parts are covered by the water. If I take off my top... then I will be exposed! You can just sit low in the water Beth... Tyson replied. The water is so dark... we'll never see a thing. You have an answer for everything... don't you... Beth replied. Yeah... when it comes to this subject... I do... Tyson responded... smiling ear to ear. Beth smiled back at him.

It's still not the same... one slip up and you guys get to see it all... Beth said... looking down at her chest... squeezing her big tits as she did. Mmm... do that again... Tyson said. She glared at him... smiling. Look babe... I'll make sure you stay covered... I said. Yeah right... Beth replied... and we all laughed loudly at that one. Chance spoke up next. Look Beth... not to be rude... but we already saw just about everything you got when you had on that hott little top earlier... so there really is no reason for you to act so shy now!

We all cheered at his comment... but then Beth shushed us back to being quiet. No... no... no... Beth replied. Seeing me braless and seeing my bare breasts is two totally different things... Beth said... looking down... and again touching her breasts. Believe me boys... she looked up... making eye contact with all three of us... there is a big difference! We sat in silence a moment... contemplating how much she must be right. The silence was broken by Tyson... Beth's new verbal adversary.

She's right dad...he paused...there is a big difference! Beth glared at him... her eyes on fire... but a small grin crossed her mouth. She shook her head in a no motion at him. Tyson just smiled back at her. What?... his father asked. Beth pointed a finger at Tyson threateningly... but he continued anyway. Well... when I went to get her earlier to go out for drinks... I....uh...well...I...accidentally walked in on her changing! WHAT?... his father yelled. It was only for a second... but for that split second... I saw her. I saw the most amazing pair of tits I have ever seen! They are perfect!!

With that us three men exploded again... both Chance and I giving Tyson high-fives... hooting and hollering as we did. I knew it!... I yelled. We all laughed and howled. Beth reached over and punched Tyson... giving him the not-so-evil eye as she did. As this new revelation hung in the air we all chucked and the guys were near giddiness. After quite a few minutes of raising the roof... we all calmed down and regained some composure.

Well?!... Chance asked. Well what?... Beth replied. That was completely accidental. I didn't know it was Tyson in the living room and not Alan! I just wanted his opinion on which top I should wear... and instead I got the shock of my life when I walked out topless in front of Tyson. Son... you are one lucky little shit... Chance said to Tyson.

Wow... that was pretty LUCKY... I added. Beth punched me. You know Beth... Tyson started... I thought that too... at first. But then...when you didn't make any efforts to cover up once you saw me... and when you then took your time trying on both tops for me... one after the other... never covering your tits in between or trying to put on a bra... I started to think it wasn't so accidental after all. Chance and I just stared at her... mouths agape.

She was squirming now... trying to explain her way out of it. Well... I just wanted you to make a thoughtful decision before giving me your opinion... that's all... Beth replied. We all roared at that one. Beth hitting first me... then Tyson. Once we all regained our composure again I looked back at Beth. I think you're busted... I told her. She just grinned... and while she turned and looked at the other men she too knew she was caught.

You can't leave me hanging here... Chance started back in. His face was bright red... his arm stretched out in his frustration. It is not fair to make me the only one that hasn't seen them! There were a few seconds of silence as Beth contemplated his latest plea. With that... Beth looked at me... grinning that naughty grin...I nodded approvingly...and that was all she needed. She reached behind her... undid her top... and proudly sat forward... her massive tits bouncing into full view.

They looked amazing...droplets of water covering them...just enough light shining on them to make them visible. Her nipples were stiff and swollen from the excitement and the cool night air. Her perfect... sliver dollar sized areolas as their backdrop... creating the perfect setting for Beth's all natural... teardrop shaped... 38DD's. The air was completely without sound as we all looked on... taking in every inch.

They stared deeply at her tits... taking them and then the other. She sat there... shoulders back... chest out... proudly putting herself on display now. She gently lifted water in the palm of her right hand and let it trickle down over them... splashing oh so lightly off her nipples. I was staring too... but at her face...watching the fire in her eyes... the glow... as she proudly displayed them for two strangers to enjoy... gently touching them from time to time in front of them... making the night one they would never forget. I love it when she lets that slut come out to play!!

As the moment seemed to go on forever... Beth suddenly ended it by dipping below the water's surface. The groans and complaints fell on deaf ears though... as she proclaimed the show was over. The boys wanted more though. They hounded Beth until... like us three guys... she was bottomless as well. Now she removed her bottoms under the water... but just knowing her pussy was bare made the night even hotter.

They both kept complimenting her... telling her great she looked... how much they appreciated her fun attitude... and how they would never forget our time in the hot tub. That was very... very smart too because their appreciation was all that Beth really wanted. Every few minutes... to reward their admiration... she would stretch up... fixing her hair... or making some other excuse to do so... and would hold herself there...her beautiful tits in complete... clear view again...before slowly dropping them back below the water's surface...smiling from ear to ear the whole time.

This game went on for some time... and for my part... I thought that was the only game the other two guys were engaging in. Boy... was I wrong... as I soon found out. During all this time... Beth... now having my exposed cock to tease... kept one hand in my lap...squeezing... stroking and fondling me to perfection. I was in heaven and in once wanting her to stop torturing me with her skillful touch and at the same time wanting her to jump on my lap and fuck my brains out.

I also noticed during this time that Tyson had moved over a bit closer to Beth as well. He sat to her left... me to her right... and Chance straight across from her. I didn't think anything of it... however... figuring that he was doing so only to improve his vantage point for when she raised her gorgeous tits out of the water. I soon learned I was mistaken.

My revelation came as Beth had just lowered her tits back in to the water once again... ending another session of exhibitionism. Her hand then expertly returned to working my cock again. This time... her grip and pace had increased and it was rapidly causing me a big problem. I did not want to cum in that hot tub! All three of us guys were discussing her tits... tits in general... and how much we love them and all the while she was pumping me faster and faster. I finally had to pull away... jerking a bit as I did... although I tried to appear as inconspicuous as I could.

Just as I broke from her grip... Beth blurted out... you guys are such wimps! I was trying to catch my breath... and I almost didn't notice that she was looking back and forth at both me and Tyson when she said that...and that she said you guys... not just you. I thought about that for a minute. Then I looked at Beth... I studied her face... and it was then that I knew it...her expression making it perfectly clear. She wasn't touching just me under the water...she was touching both me and Tyson. The slut was really coming out now!

It was then that I also noticed that she was breathing a bit heavy and that she was making a lot of eye contact with Tyson as well. I wondered if... like me... he had been reaching over with his free hand and touching her tit that was closest to him... her left. I decided to find out. I reached over and started squeezing her tit that was closest to me... her right tit... and Beth responded as she always did. She groaned approvingly... letting me know she loved my touch... and she pushed her chest forward... forcing her tit even more into my hand.

I did this for a couple moments and then I moved even closer... sliding my hand across her and towards her left tit... the one farthest from me. I looked at her...she had her head back... her eyes closed... and she was clearly in a state of bliss. She wasn't going to stop me. I continued on...and as I was reaching my goal... I did encounter an obstacle...but not one that I had expected.

It was a foot! I pulled my hand back a bit... having only touched it gently. The owner of the foot clearly could not know it was me that touched them... as it just as likely would have been Beth as it would have been me. As I thought about it... the angle at which the foot was placed being the key had to be Chance's foot. So... now I was realizing that Chance was running his foot all over my beloved wife's big ass tits.

I looked again at her face... and Beth was still in another world... oblivious to my investigation. I moved my hand back to her right tit... fondled it firmly... and realized her body was trembling quite strongly now. As I felt her twitching... her shifting on the seat... I slowly slid my hand down her stomach. As I did... my hand crossed her right arm. It was clear to me at this point from the position of her arm that she had her right hand in her lap.

Based on her breathing and body movements... I assumed she must be touching herself... enjoying all this attention... and releasing the tensions all this teasing had caused to build up. The two other fellas were still making conversation... carrying on... and I did my best to chime in when I could. They weren't really engaging Beth in the chit chat though... and she continued to lie back... her mind completely elsewhere from the scene before me.

As I hit Beth's arm... she grabbed my hand and pushed it down to her right leg. As I touched it... I found her right thigh to be taught... as her leg was completely stretched out before her. I looked over at Chance... and it was then I came to know that just as he was running his foot all over Beth's big tits... she was returning the favor with her foot... moving it back and forth... pointed directly at his groin...and no doubt at the hard-on he must be sporting as well.

Beth turned her face towards me then... as she was now making sure I was aware of the entire event that was taking place. She slid my hand back up her thigh... along its inner slope... up to the entrance of her lovely... sweet pussy. But as she did so... I could feel the force being applied to her body... and I knew before I confirmed it... just what that force would be.

It was Tyson! He wasn't touching her tit as I had thought...although I had no doubt that he had explored them thoroughly prior to that moment...instead... he was gently sliding a finger or two up into her swollen wetness. He was fingering my Beth... a woman old enough to be his mother! Now I understood... and as that surely shown across my face... I met Beth's gaze. The sheer lust and pleasure I saw there is what I live to give my wife... and what she so graciously allows me to enjoy...fulfilling my every fantasy... my every indulgence...and managing to enjoy the most earth shattering orgasms along the way.

I leaned over and kissed her... deeply... my tongue probing her mouth. I love you... she told me... and I responded in kind. The protests of our two fellow hot tub occupants broke our intimate moment. No fair!... Chance exclaimed. Yeah... added Tyson. They both chuckled... still unaware I was on to their games.

If you think that's unfair...I this... I said. And in one motion... up I stood. My throbbing hard-on right in front of Beth's face. Without a seconds hesitation she moved forward... taking me in her mouth... both hands grasping my ass as I fucked her face with long... slow motions.

The yelling and protests got really loud now. I pulled away from Beth briefly... shushing the guys before they got us some attention that we did not want. I turned towards them... all of us laughing now. Look... I said... I didn't complain about you rubbing her tits with your foot... or you fingering her did I? They both looked at each other... mouths agape... obviously not aware of what each other had been doing.

You fingered her?... Chance asked Tyson. He smiled and nodded at his dad. You sly little bastard!... Chance exclaimed... as they exchanged high-fives. We all laughed. Wait a minute... wait a minute... Chance complained... I've been getting the short end of the stick all damn night long!!! I didn't even get to touch those awesome tits... let alone anything else. All I got to do was play a little footsy! We all laughed.

Beth never removed her mouth from my cock. Her pace and sucking pressure increased as we all talked and her two admirers looked on in amazement. I couldn't take it any longer... and with a violent thrust of my hips... I held her head in my hands and shot a massive load in the back of her throat.

Beth let out a loud groan as I started feeding her my cum... her actions now a frenzied effort to get every drop... swallowing me one mouthful at a time. I nearly fell as my legs grew week from the pleasure she was giving to me. I slowly lowered myself back in the water as the finished... turning to face our friends... licking a few remaining drops of cum from her lips and showing her appreciation for the taste of a man's load.

You lucky bastard... Chance blurted out. You have got to have the sexiest wife on earth. What I wouldn't give to have some of the fun you have been having... he added. Hell... I haven't even been as lucky as my boy! At least he got to play a little bit. Why do I always get the short end of the stick?... he finished.

I looked over at Beth. She grinned back at me. You're such a whiner... Beth said... as she stood up and crossed the hot tub. I could see Chance grinning from ear to ear as she approached. She went right to him and put her tits right in his face... smothering him... as he moved his mouth from one to the other... sucking and kissing in a frenzy. Beth pulled her face into her... loving the pleasure he was giving her beautiful breasts.

Chance was loving this... but probably out of worry for our friendship... he paused for just a moment. He looked at me... the lust in his eyes... and asked if I was sure this was OK. I assured him... I loved nothing more than seeing how much pleasure my wife was giving him... and how much pleasure he was giving to my wife. He grinned... and turned back towards Beth.

She had started to move away when Chance paused... and was now facing towards Tyson and I. Chance quickly reached around her and grabbed her tits from behind... lifting them gently... knowing them completely. Beth groaned in pleasure... as she loves the reach around so very much. As she moved back towards Chance... she was lowering herself in the water as well.

We knew what was coming... and the gleam in her eye was amazing to watch. Slowly... and with complete deliberation... she lowered herself onto Chance's throbbing cock. She gasped as she did so... his hands still running over her breasts... as she slowly stated moving up and down... taking all he could give to her. As they started pumping faster... Tyson started to move towards them... making a wake as he rushed over.

Beth... straddling Chance... looked over her shoulder. Happy now?... she asked him between her groans of pleasure. God yes... he yelled. I could hear Beth beginning to talk dirty to him... making him tell her how hot her pussy was... how good it felt... and how much he loved her tits. It was then that I told Tyson to shut her up. He did so... and he did it in just the manner I hoped he would. Standing before her... never interrupting the fucking his dad was giving my wife from behind... he stuffed his cock in her mouth. My cock jumped back to life at the scene before me.

Beth hungrily slurped and sucked at his cock... her moans muffled by his thick shaft. Beth was in heaven as she continued riding his father's cock for all it was worth. It didn't seem to take long... as maybe after about ten or twenty more bounces on his hard dick... Chance let out a loud grunt... placing his hands on her shoulders and pulling Beth down onto him with as much force as he could muster.

Tyson's cock popped out of her mouth as Beth's head flung back... her own orgasm crashing over her body as Chance filled her with his cum... roughly forcing each blast deep into her swollen pussy. I was in heaven... my wife was in complete bliss... and I know our friends could not have been happier.

Before she had long to recover... Tyson lifted her out of the water in his big arms and sat her on the edge of the spa. He slowly pushed her back and moved between her legs. I want to see that big cock tear your pussy up baby... I told her... and the group readily agreed. Tyson was huge... his cock much bigger than his father's or mine... and I knew Beth was dieing to get it inside her.

He wasted no time. She was so swollen and wet... still so full of his dad's cum... that Tyson's cock entered her rather easily... as he slowly fed her what had to be nine or ten hard inches of young... strong cock. Beth immediately began squirming... writhing under its pressure... groaning and gasping for air as well.

Get that pussy son... I heard Chance say. Tyson was obviously very excited and began pounding her in no time. Beth was fighting back the screams as his massive cock tore into her... and I knew she was experiencing pleasure like she hadn't felt in years. His pace picked up as Tyson reached under Beth... lifting her ass and pulling her to him with every thrust.

I'm gonna cum... he announced... as his movements became a blur. Beth squirming and cumming below him Tyson slammed into her... the thud surely being audible throughout the resort. He held her there... his cock completely buried... his ass muscles twitching as the spasms raked over him... his cum jutting into my lovely wife before me. It was such a site... so amazing... and we all could have probably stayed right there forever.

But we couldn't. Beth finally recovered... sat up... grinning widely... gasping for air. Tyson took her in his arms... they kissed deeply... and he thanked her for the pleasure he had just received. He turned and thanked me too. I nodded... and reached over and shook Chance's hand... as he thanked me as well.

She then turned back to me. I love you... she said... as she kissed me deeply. I love you too baby... I told her... kissing her myself. You are the hottest fucking woman I have ever met... and I don't know what I would do without you. I second that... said Chance...and I third it... said Tyson. We all chuckled a bit... still reveling in what had just happened... each of us enjoying it thoroughly... but still also in a bit of shock at how it all unfolded so quickly... and yet so perfectly.

I'm gonna have fun with you men tonight... Beth said... her gaze moving over each of us. Sounds good... I told her. I'm heading to the room... she said. You boys come along in a few minutes and I'll be ready for you. She turned to my two friends. I want you both to fuck me at the same time... with Alan watching. I want a father and son to completely exhaust me... and I want to taste both of you in my mouth before the night is over.

I think we can get on board with that plan Chance blurted out. We all laughed. Damn fucking right... added Tyson. I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk straight... he told her. You better... she replied. Chance reached over the high-fived Tyson. With that... she stepped out of the hot tub... threw on her robe... and left us.

Are you cool with this Alan?... Chance asked. There's no turning back now fellas... I told them. But yes... Chance... I am completely cool with this. Now let's get our asses to the room! We all high-fived... and headed off to meet back up with Beth. The rest of that night and the next day were magnificent.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as we did!

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