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Being taken continued

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Tom had just put his cock into my mouth while his wife Karen was fucking my ass. I tasted my wife's pussy juices all over his cock and gotten his cum shot into my mouth. Then Karen pulled out of me and so did Tom. I was in shock and just kept leaning over the bed. My wife asked me if I was ok with what just happened as she enjoyed seeing me being fucked and sucking a guy's cum like she does mine.

I got up and said that it made me feel so fucking hard, that I needed to fuck now. Karen said that is fair and got on all 4's on the bed. She told me to fuck her wet pussy with that cock of mine. E said that she wanted to do Tom, just like I had be done and went for her strap-on. While I'm slowly fucking Karen, Tom told me that I took that "cock" very well and that I sucked a good cock. He asked me if it was my first time and I said yes. He then told me that his first ass fucking was by Karen and ever since then loved to have his ass fucked. But he also likes to fuck her ass as well as...and he didn't finish. E had gotten him bent over and was lubing him. Tom put his hands behind him and opened his ass. E pushed her toy into him and started to slowly fuck him. This got me excited and I started to fuck Karen faster and harder. Pounding her pussy hard enough that she was begging me to stop, which I did long enough to tell E to fuck his ass like she is being. E told her that she wasn't getting my ass fucked and Karen told me to fuck her ass then. I put my very wet cock into Karen and started to fuck her. I was about to cum and unloaded into her as Tom shot his load onto the bed. It wasn't a big load, but it was a load.

I pulled out of Karen and we sat on the bed resting, with her kissing my neck telling me that I was a great fuck. Tom and E had got on the bed next to us and Tom was kissing E telling her that I was pretty good and wondered if I was as good as she was.

Well we got up for a drink and it was asked if I wanted to try fucking Tom. Karen told me that Tom sometimes likes to get fucked by a guy and loves to fuck guys as well as gals. I guesss it was the alchol in me or what, but I agreed that it might feel good. But I said that I might be done for a bit as I'd cum alot in a short time.

Well, Tom said that maybe the girls could help you. Karen agreed and got her toys back on and started to fuck E. Now I don't know what happened next, as I had gotten into postion to watch Karen's "cock" slide in and out of her pussy, but I noticed that Tom was behind me watching this and taking some pictures. Then I felt Tom's hard cock against me. The girls stopped quickly and grabbed my hands. Tom put his hands on my hips and started to push into my ass. Tom didn't stop pushing into me. I started to protest and Karen told me that it will feel good quickly. Then Tom leaned againt me and asked me if I was ready, ready for what I said. That is when E told me that she had arranged for me to have my cock sucked, my ass fucked by both of them and that I was going to be fucked by him till he filled my ass with cum.

Before I could tell him no, he started fuck my ass hard. Pulling me back into his thrusts. The wife and Karen was watching all this and kept cheering him on, till he let out a groan and jammed his cock into me. I felt him unload his cum into my ass. But it didn't seem like he was getting soft very fast as he started to feel my cock pulsate. Then he started to fuck me again till I came for the third time, which turned out to be the last time that night. Both of the girls started asking me if I enjoyed my ass getting fucked and having sucked my first cock. I finally admitted that it did feel great. Tom finally pulled out of me and told me that I was a good sport about tonight.

By this time it was getting very late and we all were done. I woke up the next morning to feel what I thought was Karen's "cock" against me. But it was Tom. Tom asked me if he could do me again and I agreed and followed him to another room. This time, Tom told me to lay down on my back. He lifted my legs up and started to lube me again. I felt him pushing into me and it felt good. He loved watching my facial expressions as he fucked me. Tom woudl fuck fast, then slow down as it looked like my cock was about to pulsate adn cum. Then he'd start on me again, but this time he finished and cum in my ass again.

He then told me that since I was such a good fuck, he wanted me to fuck him as long as I could. I said how and he said for me to lube my cock and he'd get on all 4's. He told me to push in a little at a time, then he'd tell me when I could fuck him good. I followed his instructions as long as I could. Tom told me to slow down but I couldn't. I started to cum in him and cum and cum. I got off Tom and laid next to him, exhausted. Tom told me that he thought with more practice that I might be a good top fucker. But for now, he told me that I was much better at getting my ass fucked. Which I agreed.

After breakfast, we drove them back to their car and told them that we'd have to do this again. Karen leaned over to give me a kiss and whispered that E had already told Tom to fuck me when ever he wanted to as she enjoyed it alot. To this day, the day before we all get together, either Karen or Tom fuck me till I can't shoot any more cum. I've gotten better as fucking Tom's ass, but can't go as long as he can.

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