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Becoming Swingers- How we started

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We consider ourselves swingers. A few short years ago I never thought it would happen. Like many of us it has always been a fantasy that probably started when I was about 10 years old. My best friend Bobby and I used to camp out in his back yard during summer vacation from grade school and after his parents were asleep we’d sneak out to his fathers pickup and steal away with a few of his Dad’s girlie magazines to ogle over by flashlight.

I’d had a few experiences before I met my current wife 12 years ago. My first wife and I used to have sex in front of our friends sharing a little voyeurism and technique. I just was not built to be monogamous. None of us are. They used to think geese and swans were before DNA testing. Monogamy does not exist in any species and humans are animals too. It’s an unnatural state foisted upon us by religion and early society where the legitimacy of children was important for lineage and inheritance. With modern birth control and sterilization after child bearing the idea has outlived its usefulness.

I was married twice before Lynn. In my first marriage I was miserable and used to be criticized for my libido. I found many outlets with other married women who were not getting enough sex at home. I though I could stay married that way but it really didn’t work out.

My second marriage I was content with being monogamous. My partner loved sex and it was new and interesting. But it didn’t last. After three miscarriages my lover lost her mind and never recovered from the depression. I caught depression myself in that relationship and had to move on for my mental health. We are still friends to this day and are both sad that it did not work out. She always wanted me back but I thought it too risky.

After my second divorce, I lived with a nudist and we camped at nudist parks. There were always a few swingers around. When not in a relationship or dating I used to cruise Internet sites and bulletin boards looking to be the first man for couples entering the Lifestyle. There were plenty of husbands trying to introduce their wives to swinging by giving them MFM threesome as their first experience. They needed to gage their wife’s ability to expand their sex lives without the jealously and threat of them being with another women and would tell me exactly what they were doing. Once their woman learned to enjoy sexual variety they would always extend the privilege to their man. I thought this was a loving and safe way for them to enter the lifestyle and since I loved variety and did not want a relationship at that time it was the perfect fit for me.

It was a fun time to be single.

Later I lived with a gal I thought was a swinger. We played with a two couples but really all she wanted was two dicks and some Bi pussy licking. I never got to play with the other woman. It was frustrating at best. That relationship did not last and I knew that I wanted equality.

When I met my wife I was ready to settle into a life of monogamy. I was in my 40’s and really wanted a life partner much more than a swinging lifestyle. I had a lot of partners, some half assed swinging, some soft swinging, and filled a lot of my fantasies.

My bride is a special girl. She was a virgin on her wedding night. I am only the second man she was sexual with. Since she grew up in what I call a toxic Christian family of evangelical holly rollers and ministers I really though the Lifestyle would remain a memory and it would be a fantasy for me to have equality and enjoy the variety of other women.

I’m a recovering Catholic and understand all to well the power of guilt and shame. Luckily we had both recovered from our childhoods and live a non religious life. We shook off the guilt, shame, mores and taboos from our childhood brainwashing. Naturally we are considered the Black Sheep of our families. But birds of a feather stick together. I soon knew I had hit the jackpot.

What happened over time is we became best friends through excellent intimate communication. We sit for hours at a time by the pool sipping wine and talking about everything including politics, current events, relationship, our hobbies, vacation planning, work, religion and of course sex, sexuality and our fantasies. Nothing was out of bounds. We began talking about swinging and probably would have tried it sooner but for some medical problems. She blew out her back and had to have two surgeries. Recovery seemed to take years.

While swinging was a frequent topic of our conversations we began to do some research about the Lifestyle. We live in a wonderful time where with a few keystrokes and a quick click of a mouse button there is a cornucopia of information available on any subject. Our Google’s focused on swinging and we found that the Lifestyle could actually improve our already perfect intimate relationship. We have all five of the intimacies, Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual. How could we improve our intimacy? We discovered through our research that swinging can do that.

I was encouraging, supportive and a little pushy about entering the Lifestyle. Lynn had so little experience sexually that she lacked sexual self esteem. Since we are imperfect, out of warranty, middle aged human beings, she felt that she was not attractive enough for strange men to want her. I needed her to experience how sexy, sexually desirable and talented she is with new partners to build her into the sexual animal we all suppress. With a little loving pressure, and a lot of reading and research on how swinging affects a relationship, she became game to give it a try. Now were we were ready to slip our toes into the promising waters.

I knew that her early experiences would set the tone for the rest of our swinging lives together. I had many partners over the years and have lived with nine women I was not married to. My Dad was a sailor and always told me to “Try them all, you might miss a good one.” While I had many relationships I found that even though they did not work out I always learned something about me. The experience rounded my personality, gave me self confidence as a lover and helped me learn what I wanted, what I will compromise on, and what I would not tolerate. I guess I grew boundaries and got to know myself very well.

At first we did not know how to begin. Luckily I was still friends with a couple my ex girlfriend used to play with. I had know them for 14 years and all four of us, J and C and my wife and I, were close friends sharing dinner and a movie dates. After a movie one night they invited us to their home for some relaxation in their hot tub. The topic of conversation was swinging. We wanted to learn more and thought our good friends could be our mentors and guides.

After a couple of hot tub dates we decided to take the plunge. J and C are a real together couple who had been in the lifestyle for about14 years. They were very selective and really only had a few experiences but that was vastly more than we had. After dinner one Saturday we returned to their home, got naked, and hopped in the hot tub. They have a huge spa for 8 and J equipped it with a little blow up float cushion they used for oral sex. Soon we were kissing and fondling each others partners and C hopped up on the float for me to eat her pussy. I looked over at my wife and she gave me a little nod of approval. I slowly and softly began to enjoy the new after dinner dessert.

My wife and C are both very sexy women. Lynn is 5’7’ with red hair and youthful 36 B breasts. She’s a slender 134 pounds. C is a little shorter with maybe 5’5”, a full body bronze tan, pierced 34 C breasts, a little rounder than R but not overweight and she has a pierced clit hood and nipples. Damn that turned me on. Both sexpots boast smoothly shaved pussies. I love the soft flesh of a freshly shaved woman. It makes my tongue hard just thinking about it.

So here we are in the tub. I’m going to town licking C’s dessert box enjoying the variety and gently grabbing and pulling the post of the clit piercing with my teeth and C loves every moment of it. She’s multi orgasmic and has thundering loud orgasms in quick succession. She’s very vocal. So loud in fact that the couple next door keeps their hurricane shutters up year round to block the sounds of the sex in the neighboring hot tub.

Lynn is busy too. She loves to suck cock. There is a wide lid covering the filter on one side of the spa and as I’m enjoying providing C with multiple cunnilingus orgasms she is busy on J. He’s sitting atop the filter lid, a place he calls “The BJ seat.” By the look on their faces and the sounds they make I can tell they are really enjoying getting to know each other biblically. This is a real turn on for me. I so wanted to see Lynn enjoy herself.

Soon we retire to the master bedroom and take our positions on the king size waterbed. Through Lynns’s objections we set up the video camera. I wanted to record our first swinging encounter for my future enjoyment. She’s a good sport and indulges my future voyeurism. I’m thinking, who knows? Lynn may try it and not like it. There was a chance this may be my only fantasy fulfilled. I did not want to miss out on the chance for some future reminiscing on screen.

So here we are. Our little foursome is naked, horizontal and in full swap on the waterbed. We must have touched every inch of the ladies exploring their largest organ. Deep passionate French kisses and seeing each other enjoy their sexuality turned everyone on.

Lynn and J were first to engage. C and I had to watch as J rolled Lynn onto her back, spread her legs and gently inserted his hardened manhood. Watching her deeply penetrated by my friend was live porn. It was in heaven on earth. We watched for a short time, my fingers gently rolling C’s clit while she firmly grasped my erection as J thrust deeply into my wife. We laughed as their pleasure became more evident as we were both used to the facial expressions, body reactions and the sounds our partners make during sex. We both knew they were enjoying much pleasure.

The excitement of watching and listening was too much for us to take. C lay out on the bed, legs spread wide with a sexy inviting expression on her face as she stared into my eyes. The body language and look was perfectly clear. Take me. Take me now!

I eased into position placing her calves on my shoulders so I would have an excellent view for my memory bank. I wanted to see her engulf my tool with her womanhood. Boy was she wet. I teased her Labia with my helmet and slipped my cock back and forth over her now fully engulfed and exposed clit, the hood fully retracted. The feeling of the clit piercing ring was a new and erotic sensation I had never experience before. Hers was my first pierced pussy. I quickened the pace sliding the super sensitive ridge at the base of the head of my penis faster and faster over the clit and rig. Wow that felt new and different. Unbelievable! I had arrived and we were living our fantasy.

I slipped the head into the wet opening moving ever so slowly back and forth. I wanted to get to know the feel of C’s inner joy spot first feeling the soft pink entry to her scabbard. A little further I could feel her skeins gland in the firm rigged upper part of her love canal rippling across my gland. Feeling the top of the head of my penis slide gently across the soft ridges was as erotic as it gets during sex. It’s teasing us both, an adjunct to our foreplay.

Soon I need to feel her whole womanhood. I slowly insert my penis to the hilt so I can feel the head encounter her cervix. That is so hot feeling the gentle firmness of a turned on lover’s cervix gently collide with the gland for the first time. I was relishing the sensations still looking down to burn the event in my mind.

As I looked up at C’ she was staring into my eyes with an incredibly hot pixie devil grin as she absorbed the look of my pleasure. We because so focused on each other’s pleasure that we could have been in Yankee Stadium screwing on the pitchers mound during with World Series and we would have not noticed a soul in the crowd. We hardly noticed the sounds of our partner’s pleasures filling the air as they ravaged each other just inches from us.

Soon, our pace pickup up as the rhythm of our thrusting and grinding quickened. As I slowly lay down atop C she had her fist orgasm. There is no mistaking her climax. Her body tenses, her moans in response to my deep penetrations crescendo as she wails in pleasure. Taking a woman who enjoys intercourse this much is the ultimate turn on for a man. While watching her head turn up, neck stiffen and seeing her eyes roll up I almost forgot to enjoy the sensation of her beasts pressing against my chest. Was it not for the nipple piercings pressing into my flesh I may not have noticed at all, but this too was a new and erotic sensation for me.

I’m not an easy come, not a patriot, a minuteman. I need a lot of stimulation to pop. My lovers never complain unless they need more lubrication. I don’t blame them. Who wants a painful sex session leaving your pussy sore the next two days? I always bring lube but C is so hot she did not need a fix.

Now I’m teasing C using a countdown with a ten beat melody slipping my entire penis at a slow stroking pace on the first beat followed by nine teases with just the gland brushing the inviting opening to the skeins glad. The next stanza is two deep runs to the hilt followed by 8 teasing brushes, the 7 and 3, then 4 and 6. By the time I get to 50/50 C is writhing in orgasm again. I continue my countdown to 10 and 0 and then count backwards.

The second countdown I’m up on my knees again to burn more images of the experience into my mind. I begin again 1 and 9, 2 and 8. Boom, like an explosion C is ready to come again. I watch every muscle in her body from her mons pubis to her outstretched neck slowly load with tension like drawing a string on a longbow and finally clenching, head up as she roars out another screaming orgasm.

I keep stroking C internally messaging her skeins and then trusting to her depth continuing the countdown as her eyes connect with mine. The windows of her soul are filled with lusty pleasure and I could feel she was not done with me and ready for more.

As we reconnected our eyes the interlude brought us back to reality as we suddenly focused on the sounds of sex inches from us. Our partners were reaching the point of no return. J had Lynns legs pinned back against her breasts holding her thighs firmly as he pounded his firm flesh pipe’s full length in and out of her cleanly shaven classic clam. The wet sounds of a cock and pussy being memorably fucked filled the air as did their whaling moans of ecstasy. His rhythm soon interrupted by extreme pleasure as he lost his metronomic pumping to the zenith of sexual pleasure as he exploded into my wife’s thoroughly fucked twat with a booming series of grunts that must have matched each pleasure filled spasms as he pumping her full of his load.

We continued to watch and listen and they soon disconnected and lay laughing and chatting in their afterglow. But their attention soon turned to voyeurism as they lay beside C and me watching us enjoy having each other’s sex. Their attention span was too short to watch me loose myself within C and they retired to the hot tub. Now C and I are alone.

We spend some time engaged in a little doggie style. Women are built around their asses. If a woman has a sexy hinny, the rest of their sexual appeal always seems to fall into place. C had a right size sexy behind and I just had to see it invite me into her from behind. I love to watch a woman engulf me from that angle. The view is pure live voyeur pleasure. I like to start slow and love to see the soft pink wet velvet slide out of them closely messaging the length of my shaft as I withdraw for the next deep penetration. To me watching the pink sheath sliding on my surrounded pleasure part is one of the most erotic sights of all.

Next we loose each other in a little 69. This is so much fun for me. I love to focus all my attention onto my lover’s pleasure trying to stay oblivious to the talented giving of my partner. It’s a little game I play with myself. If done correctly your pleasure sneaks up on you and it’s overwhelming.

I have great control but C soon had me at the plateau of sexual pleasure. When enjoying sex as a man the plateau is the most pleasure. While women can enjoy long penetrations, multiple orgasms and multiple partners’ men must keep an erection to stay in the game. My goal is always to enjoy the contact and extent the plateau. For men sex is like hunting. Once you pull the trigger the fun is over. I have learned over the years to control the trigger to extend my pleasure. Again, my partners never complain.

It did not seem like we were together a long time, but after our partners left the bed we did some doggy and some 69 and then we got back to regular missionary style sex. It was time for me to explode. From the time we heard our partners reach their apogee my dick was as hard as a rock. Watching Lunn doing J in and witnessing her extreme pleasure I knew this would not be the one and only time we would be sport fucking with another couple. Watching them turned me on so much by dick felt like an overinflated tire. It was like someone instantly pumped and extra 100 PSI into my throbbing cock. I felt the skin of my shaft stretch to what felt like the breaking point and it had remained at this high level of inflation for all this time.

As I entered C for the grand finally I pressed firmly against her pierce nipples to enjoy the sensation of the gold studs against my chest. We kissed passionately with wet, firm but gently pressure. Our tongues explored and messaged each other just right. C is a good kisser, not like a Pez dispenser. I hate girls that think they need to give you a tonsillectomy when they French Kiss. C’s kisses were the icing on the sexual cake.

I love to feel a woman engulf me with my hands. From the missionary position I like to slip both hands around with their legs up wrapped around me and feel the engorged outer lips of their love machine surround me. I gently press them together allowing a finger or two to feel the shaft slipping in and out while I simultaneously press the Labia Major firmly against by penis. It’s a wonderful sensation to feel the entryway compress and tighten. Doing this I can picture in my mind’s eye their pussy engulfing me and imagine every inch taking them over and over and over again as I stroke their pleasure place.

Sometimes I will slip a couple fingers into the behind. That’s really super hot too! I love feeling the texture and corona of my penis sliding in and out of a woman. The tissue between the bowel and the vagina is so thin you can feel every vein and textured feature of your thrusting penis. I did not do this with C because I did not know if the backdoor was off limits. But that’s okay. I was totally lost in great sex with a hot woman for the first time. Variety is the spice of life. And in swinging it’s free! Now I know what the cliché means. The best things in life are free.

I don’t last long at this point. I feel by organ’s skin is about to explode from all the excitement and it’s so hard and tight is borders on becoming painful. As I slip in and out, in and out at a quickened pace my plateau reached the point of no return. I’ve been fucking this scorching hot new pussy for a long time and I cannot stop the friction now.

I get so tense every muscle in my body is near cramping. I am out of control and burst deep in her vagina like a balloon popping. I feel the pressure of my built up load pump like a fire hose with each pulse, each deep contraction of by groin. I feel it gush through the length of my urethra reliving the pressure in my long plateau induced blue balls. Spasm after spasm of pumping semen sends electrified waves of pleasure jolting my entire nervous system as every cramping muscle in my body pulses with a full body release. Now that’s making memories!

Fully spent we lay together still coupled at the groin laughing, staring into each others eyes, taking about our shared pleasure and the turn on of witnessing our partners pleaser. I had one of the best climaxes I remember and C could not keep count. We remain coupled until our now relaxing lust organs part themselves and join Lynn and J outside.

They were all smiles from ear to ear. Lynn had a great first experience and they busted our balls about how long we were in the room after they popped. We were fucking each others brains out for almost an hour after our partners had left the waterbed. Every once in a while a sexual encounter burns a memory point into our brain and this was one of those most memorable sexual encounters. Just like the fist time one enjoys sex stays with you for the rest of your life, our fist swinging experience will stay with us. This is the first time Lynn and I started building erotic memories together. Memories we will share for the rest of our lives.

After our first encounter we talked even more. We have no jealously, insecurity or fear. We love each other so much and we each want the other to explore and enjoy this life. Our communication and sexual appetite is expanded. Our commitment to each other is stronger than ever.

I fish as a hobby and know that you never leave good fishing to find food fishing. So here I am for the rest of my life, sexually free and in a secure, emotionally monogamous relationship. This that the beauty of swinging over cheating. Everybody wins. We get to have a trusting relationship, see our partners fulfill their fantasies and lusty desires and we get the same in return. Swinging is the perfect lifestyle for loving couples.

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