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Beautiful Melissa

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A couple of weeks ago, we had some friends over for a saturday afternoon of clean family fun. Barbecue, beer, sports on TV. We even played a little freezbie and video games. Like I said: good clean fun. Our friends Rob and his wife Kara were there, as well as Dan and his long time girlfriend Sarah. Rob and Kara also invited a friend of theirs nobody else knew: Melissa.

Melissa was short and fit with short strawberry blond hair, freckles everywhere, and beautiful blue eyes. Rob is a big dude, and his wife Kara is around 5'5", maybe 140 Lbs. We have played with them before and naturally assumed Melissa was their new fuck toy. Kara is also blond with blue eyes, but her hair is a bit longer, and lighter than Melissa's.

We had never played with Dan and Sarah, but knew Rob and Kara had. We basically all knew what the party was for, but somehow were shy about getting started in such a large group. It was only after the sun had gone down that we started talking about sex. Melissa was apparently not aware this was that kind of party, and seemed taken aback at first. After reassuring her and swaping naughty stories, we started teasing her about gang banging her. She was apparently embarassed that Rob would not stop talking in very graphic details about the several threesomes they had already had and what a freak she was in the sack.

She was getting a brighter and brighter shade of red as Rob kept bragging about having done her in every hole, and how tight and loud and insatiable she was. Although it was all in good fun, we quickly got him to lay off her a bit and start talking about something else. Or someone else to be more accurate. And so he started comparing all the girls, proud of the fact he was the only one there who had fucked every single one of them. According to him, Sarah was the only one deep enough for his gargantuan cock. Of course that is not true, and the girls all called his BS as they started bragging about how they had fucked bigger, longer dicks, and had no problem taking them all in. Of course, he challenged them to prove it and we had to bring out our dirty videos. I am actually certain that is what he wanted all along.

The biggest dick My wife and Kara had taken was this young dude we found at our local swingers club a couple years ago. He had an eleven incher as thick as a woman's wrist. An absolute monster. We had to film that! It literally made Rob's 9 incher look small. Yet the video showed without the shadow of a doubt that both my wife and Kara were able to handle that kind of cock. Sarah was visibly turned on by it. She kept smiling and commenting on the action. She was particuliarly enthousiastic about how hard my dick looked in the video. Both Kara and my wife assured her that it is in fact just as hard as it looks, despite its larger than average dimensions. Sure it's not as big as Rob's pole, but his looks all droopy in comparison.

Dan seemed ok with it, not jealous or anything. He even agreed with her and threw in a few compliments for my wife, probably to see how Sarah would react. She was fine. She even went a step further and started making plans based on what she was seeing in the video. A flurry of "I wouldn't mind sucking on that!" and "I can't wait to sit on that thing" erupted from every corner of the room. The ladies seemed pretty much ready for an all out orgy.

Even Melissa started relaxing and offered to deep throat me after profusely complimenting my cock. She was really cute, and had a great body. Her tits were large and she had a thin waist. Her butt was plump and round, and after noticing me looking at it, she offered to let me have my way with it. Kara, who is always listening, didn't miss the opportunity to high five her for her very forward initiative. "He's the best in the room at it!" she told Melissa, although she was looking right at me with a naughty smile. She had in fact lost her anal cherry in my expert hands when we first started swinging.

After that she leaned toward Melissa, who was sitting between us and started licking her earlobe. Melissa then closed her eyes and started moaning gently. As I looked accross the room to see what was going on, I saw Rob and Dan standing in front of my wife and Sarah who were busy searching for their cocks inside their pants. My wife had her entire hand inside Dan's zipper, and was evidently grabbing his cock while looking up at him. Sarah had now found and liberated Rob's dick, and was looking at it with admiration, stroking it slowly with one hand, before swallowing the whole thing down until it had gotten too big to fit in her mouth.

As I brought my attention back to Kara and Melissa, I saw that they were now in a tender, sensual kiss. Kara was cupping Melissa's left breast and gently caressing it. Melissa was in turn running her hand slowly up Kara's inner thigh. Kara was wearing a very slutty looking little skirt, and an almost see-through silk shirt with the deepest clevage in the room. As I was sitting on the couch's armrest, I leaned torward them, and slid my left hand between her sensuous breasts. She puffed out her chest at the sensation, and Melissa stopped kissing her to look at my hand plunge down her shirt.

As I started running my hand under her right tit, and groping it more firmly, Melissa reached up to open Kara's shirt and started kissing and licking her left tit. From up above I could see the back of her beautiful bare neck as she was suckeling on Kara's nipple. As I drew closer, I could see a thin, light blond - almost transparent - fuzz lining the top of her beautiful thin neck. I was also close enough to smell her delicate perfume. As I started kissing the incredibly soft skin, she reached up with her right hand to touch the side of my face. She started caressing my right ear and the side of my neck so gently I almost forgot about Kara's firm breast in my hand.

Melissa's skin was soft and suple, and her scent delicate and intoxicating. As I started caressing her shoulder and the side of her neck with my right hand, she turned her head slowly and smiled at me softly. My left hand was now out of Kara's open shirt, and I grabbed the back of Melissa's head, and brought my lips an inch or so from hers. I could feel her warm moist breath as she looked into my eyes intensely. Her breathing was now a little quicker and she was caressing my arm with one hand while tugging at my shirt, pulling me ever so slightly toward her with the other. When my lips touched hers, I knew this was going to be incredible.

Our kiss must have lasted a long, long time, because when I finally came to my senses, Dan and Rob were standing butt-naked in front of my wife, Sarah and now Kara, getting their cocks sucked from all sides. The girls were also naked, except for Kara whose skirt was crumpled up above her hips revealing her shaved pussy, and her shirt wide open, her tits out rubbing against Dan's legs as she was licking the bottom side of his cock.

Melissa then looked at me and laughed. "When did that happen?" she asked. "I guess we just bored her" I replied. She was looking at me again. Her gaze was incredibly intense. She would look deep into my eyes and not even blink for what seemed like forever. She was tugging at my shirt again, and again, I leaned forward to kiss her beautiful mouth. The very tip of her tongue kept venturing through my parted lips, and she kept biting me gently as her hands were now caressing my chest and the back of my head. "Is your cock hard?" she asked. "Oh yes!" I said. "Do we have to stay here?" she inquired. "I don't know... Maybe I should ask".

And so I got up, went to my wife who was now hard at work on both Dan and Rob's cocks. They had gotten close enough so that the girls could go from one stick to the other by simply turning their heads. Melissa came right behind me, and put her arms around me, clutching at my chest with both hands. "Honey, is it ok if we go to the bedroom for a while?" I asked my wife. "Only after you put your dick in my mouth" she answered. Melissa laughed and whispered in my ear "can I hold your cock when you put it in her mouth?". I turned to face her, and asked in her ear: "whatever you want, beautiful". She seemed to like the compliment as she looked at me and smiled broadly. Then she came close and again whispered: "I want to suck your beautiful cock. Can I take it out of your pants?" I nodded, and she whispered: "I'm going to get on my knees, ok. Just relax." Ans so I did.

She went down, and opened my zipper, undid my belt, and opened my pants to reveal my bulging underwear. She first caressed my bent shaft through the fabric for a few seconds, then she pulled the elastic band out of the way, and reached down to grab my cock with her soft little hand. She wrapped her fingers all the way around my pole and squeezed it a little before actually pulling it out. When she saw the uncircumpsized tip slide out of my underware, she brought her mouth right in front of it, parted her lips and started breathing heavily on it.

Her nostrils were slightly dilated, her breath heavy and she was frowning, now intensely aroused. I watched her move forward slowly, the head of my dick now coming in contact first with her upper lip then barely brushing against her lower one. She stopped there and gently grabbed my shaft, pulling my skin down, revealing my entire tip. Her breath was hot and moist, and envelopped the part of my now pulsating cock that she was staring at between her hand and her mouth. Her tongue slowly came out of her mouth and she pressed it gently against the head of my cock. When she finally moved her head, her mouth barely open, she let her lips and tongue slide against my tip slowly from side to side, then pulled back almost imperceptibly and her lips came together against the very tip of my cock, to end in a very slow sensual kiss. She finally let her lips part, and began to slide my engorged tip inside her mouth. As her wet lips were slipping past my head, her mouth opened completely, and forward she went, slow and steady. Her tongue was pressed firmly against the bottom side of my shaft as it slid into her warm mouth.

When her lips were almost at the half point, I thought she would stop and retreat. But instead, she paused, breathed in and pushed forward. Soon I could feel the back of her mouth. She pushed even more forcefully, no doubt supressing her gag reflex. I was impressed, and didn't know what to say, so I let her continue and could not believe it when my cock went past the donward bend in the back of her mouth and litterally started sliding down her throat. Everybody was looking at us now, some even clapping at her performance. She pulled back, choked by the sudden attention, and flushing, turned her head away from the spectators, an embarassed smile on her lips. "Woooooo!" "Yeahh baby!!" said Dan and Rob. The girls were laughing too, but resumed quickly their activities, horny as they were for the two love sticks Dan and Rob kept telling them would be soon fucking their every orifice.

Of course, we didn't know how naughty Dan and Sarah were, but they both seemed to enjoy a healthy dose of dirty talk, and soon, everybody was participating. In such a big group, it is a little disconcerting, but certainly a lot of fun. My wife was now calling me: "let me suck your cock, then you can go to the bedroom with Melissa, ok?" Melissa got up, still stroking on my cock, and guided me toward my wife. She was behind me, caressing my back with her left hand, and jerking my cock slowly with her right hand. Then she pushed it down so that it was now facing my wife's mouth. She opened wide, but did not come forward. So Melissa pushed me into the back of her mouth, her right hand now wrapped around the base of my cock.

She was visibly turned on by this. Her breathing was heavy, and I could feel her tits pressing against my right arms every time she inhaled. She was rocking me slowly in and out of my wife's willing mouth, sometimes popping my cock out the side of it, and sometimes laying it flat against her face. Kara and Sarah were now both looking at us, each with a cock in their mouth. Sarah, who was in front of Rob, was the closest to us. Having never had my cock, she wanted it. I could tell by how intensely she was looking at it.

Very suddenly, she was licking the bit of my shaft that wouldn't fit in my wife's mouth, while still pulling Rob's monster pole with her left hand. Then Melissa pulled me out of one mouth and into the other. Sarah was ecstatic, groaning and frowning in pleasure. This was a new cock for her, and she really was into it. That's when Dan took Kara, and brought her in front of me as well, so that she could suck on my cock too. He, in the meantime, lied on the floor behind the three girls, his head level with Kara's butt, and started kissing her, and rubbing her sweet tits with one hand, and her shaved pussy with the other. Melissa was steering me from mouth to mouth, whispering dirty little things in my ear: "fuck those little sluts in the mouth... Rub that big cock in their face..."

Dan was now squarely under Kara, devouring her pussy like an animal. I could hear his tongue sliding through her wet slit and see her grinding herself into his face as she sucked frantically on my engorged cock. He was also playing with my wife's ass, and Sarah was rubbing her pussy all over his dick. I guess Rob was getting jealous, because he decided then to pull my wife out of the mix, and put her onto his cock. He sat on the couch, grabbed her by the hips, and slowly slid her over his huge dick. She was applying as much saliva as she could on his shaft as it was entering her, letting Rob control speed of the penetration. Soon she had that huge dick all the way up her wet cunt, and sat there for a minute before starting to go up and down on him.

In the meantime, Sarah was hard at work on my balls, and Kara kept deep throating me while pounding her ass in Dan's face. Melissa was now asking me again to take her to the room, but wanted Sarah to come with us this time. And so we left, Kara now pressing down on Dan's mouth while jerking his cock, and my wife greasing Rob's pole while he was fingering her ass and grabbing her tits.

As we were headed down toward the bedroom, Sarah was in front of me and made sure to walk close enough so that I could caress her naked butt. Melissa was walking behind me, with both her hands on my back.

When we got there, Sarah sat on the bed, facing our dresser overlooked by a huge mirror. Melissa stayed close to me as I went around lighting up candles, and a couples low wattage lights. The room was a little dim, but we could still see very well. Melissa then proceeded to remove my shirt, and gasped a little at the view of my muscular body. "I didn't expect that!" she said. "you look so unassuming!". After pawing at me for a little while, she pulled my pants down, then pushed herself against me, and breathing heavily, said: "you are so hot!" I was really surprised! I never really thought of myself as "hot", and could not believe someone as good looking as her would find me to her liking. I did not have time to say anything as she was closing in for another long sensual kiss.

She was really beautiful, and I was now regretting having Sarah tag along for this. But Melissa seemed ok with it, and so I said nothing. When she finally let go of me, she stepped back and started unbuttoning her shirt. I stepped forward to help her out of it, while kissing her neck gently. Now in her bra, she appeared to have even larger breasts than I initially thought. she also was thinner than I thought. As she too started kissing my face and caressing my chest and arms, I started undoing her jeans. Once open, I pushed them down past her hips, and let them slide down onto the floor. Her silk underwear was a deep green, laced with flowery motives, and so small it let some hair show at the very top of it. Her hips harmoniously rolled off her waist and into a pair of exquisitely smooth and soft thighs.

Without even thinking about what I was doing, I got down on my knees, grabbed the sides of her tiny panties and began to pull them down slowly, staring directly at her crotch. As I revealed more and more of her pubic hair, I was surprised to see that she had a full bush. I guess I always expect people in the lifestyle to at least trim themsleves. But she was all natural. Her hair was a light golden brown, sparse and somewhat short, but it was all there. She was of course waxed clean everywhere else. She smelled like a true blond, her subtle and light aroma was more perceptible now that I was kissing her beautiful bush. She took my face in her hands, kissed me again and said: "I didn't expect this kind of evening, I need to "freshen up". I'll be right back... don't fuck her too hard... or at least don't come yet."

Then she disappeared in the bathroom, leaving me alone with eager Sarah. "Wow, you guys are like in love" She said, laughing. "We don't even know each other" I scoffed. "I want your cock" she said. So I climbed onto the bed, and after kissing her for a few seconds, straightened up, and brought my manhood in front of her face. "You like my cock, don't you?". She was staring at it and replied: "I want to taste your big cock".

Dan's dick isn't short either, but it's pretty thin compared to mine. She really was enjoying the added girth. No question she must have loved the first time Rob slid his meat inside her mouth. She was slobbering all over my cock, licking and sucking frantically. She was groping my ass furiously while licking and sucking my shaved balls. I could hear her suppressing her gag reflex as she was jamming my engorged tip into the back of her mouth. She was moaning and groaning and asking for more, rubbing my cock all over her face while I had reached down to play with her tits. They were small, but well formed, soft and white as if they had never seen the light of day. Her pussy was trimmed very short, and her labia was thin and covered in her juices.

It wasn't long before I started licking her little clit while she was still feasting on my dick. We only sixty-nined each other for a very short while though, as her wet pussy got me so horny I could no longer resist the urge to plunge my cock inside of it. I got up and flipped her onto her stomach. Her ass was thin, a bit flat and as white as her tits. Her crack was short and shallow, and her rosebud the lightest of brown, with a wide hairless areola. As she propped her butt up in the air, her crack opened and revealed fully her wrinkled hole and parting pussy. Her juices were almost dripping down her lips when I spread her wide, and started licking her warm slit from top to bottom.

She groaned furiously when I slipped a finger inside her impatient pussy, while gently licking the entire length of her ass crack and rubbing her clit with my other hand. "Give me your cock!" she groaned. I straighened up, slapped her wet entrance with my shaft, and slowly rubbed her whole vulva with my tip. "Fuck my hole!" She pleaded. So I slid my whole dick into her tight little pussy, until I was in to my balls. There I stayed for a few seconds, enjoying her unintentional wriggling, and the warmth of her most intimate of holes. She was getting even wetter now, and I wondered how close she was to climaxing. So I started pumping her as deep as I could, going faster and faster. "Do you like what I'm doing to your pussy?" I asked. She moaned and was now so wet there was no resistance to my thrusting.

Melissa came out of the bathroom just as I was rubbing Sarah's clit and frantically pounding her little hole. A few more seconds of that and she was screaming in ecstasy, calling my name and asking for me not to stop. While she was finishing, Melissa climbed onto the bed, this time completely nude, and spread Sarah's ass as I was putting the finishing touch to this first orgasm of the night. Then she grabbed the base of my pole with one hand, and started rubbing very gently Sarah's pussy with the other. Sarah in the meantime was quivering and moaning deeply, still coming it seemed.

Melissa then kissed me passionately, and got up to face me, straddling Sarah. Her pussy was beautiful and it smelled clean and fresh. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me against her, pushing her pussy into my chest and tilting my head up into her glorious tits. I immediately let go of Sarah's hips, altough I was still thrusting into her pussy, and instead grabbed Melissa's lower back to help her push her soft bush into me. I was kissing the bottom of her tits as she hit me in the face with them. Her nipples were hard and she was again breathing heavily. I only noticed that Sarah had pulled herself off my cock when it felt cold. She was now kissing Melissa's behind and rubbing her inner thighs. "What do you guys want me to do?" She asked. I couldn't answer as Melissa's glorious tits were filling my mouth. "Suck his cock clean" Melissa said. And Sarah took my hard dick in her mouth, and proceeded to suck and lick her juices off of it.

"Are you going to lick me?" Melissa asked me. So I sat down, and started kissing her bush, both my hands now caressing her delicate behind. I could feel her warm slit underneath the hair. She started moaning as I foraged through her blond bush with my tongue and made contact with the hood of her clit. She tilted her hips, pushing her pubic bone forward so as to allow me better access.

I was now deep inside her little jungle, exploring the sides of her labia and the shallow of her vulva with my tongue. Her clit was poking from under its little hood, and I began to lick the bottom of it at the end of every upward lap. Her hips were now shivering a bit, and she was progressively lowering herself, spreading her legs in the process. I followed her down slowly, and was licking her open pussy more and more vigorously.

Her aroma was so faint I almost thought she wasn't excited at all. But she was wet and moaning loudly, calling my name and telling me where to lick and how to do it. It wasn't long before I was laying flat on my back, with her croutching down above me, her steaming hot pussy pressed hard against my wide open mouth. Then she started wriggling and rocking her hips back and forth, sliding her whole pussy against my mouth. My tongue was hard at work, sticking straight up so that it would slide inside the opening of her vagina anytime she was going forward, and frantically lick her clit when she was swinging back the other way.

My hands were still on her ass, but I was now groping it voraciously. Sarah was still sucking my cock with the same enthousiasm, deep throating me and licking my balls every so often. Then Melissa started pivoting onto my mouth, grinding herself down and stopping every few seconds to let me make an airtight seal with her little wet slit. Soon she was facing away from me, her plump little butt right above my face. And as I began again caressing her soft and smooth cheeks, she slowly leaned forward until she was mere inches from my cock. Sarah then let go of my member and came to position herself at my head, behind Melissa's ass.

Melissa then dove into my crotch, mouth wide open. My cock went right into the back of her mouth. Then she started sucking my pole even more vigourously than Sarah had. Her pussy was moving fast, still in contact with my mouth. Her juices started literally flowing out of her hole, as I was licking her feverishly. Her slit was now wide open, and so was her ass, which Sarah started kissing in concentric circles until she reached her crack. The golden pubic hair that lined her pussy disappeared very suddenly lower in her taint, where thinner almost transparent hairs took over, running up to surround her little rosebud and disappearing higher up in her crack. Sarah was apparently contemplating the possiblity of licking Melissa's little backdoor, but didn't make a move. So I reach for the edge of her crack, and lightly pulled her cheeks apart as an invitation. Sarah finally moved in, and with her lips parted, began to kiss Melissa's rosebud tenderly at first, then more and more sloppily until she was litterally making out with it, then licking her entire ass crack, from taint to tail bone.

Melissa was still hard at work on my cock and I was sucking hard on her little clit while flicking it vigourously with the tip of my tongue. It wasn't long before she was whimpering and convulsing randomly. She was about to come in my mouth which her juices were now flooding. I redoubled me efforts, this time inserting a finger in her little slit, and sliding it in until I reached her G-spot, which I started massaging. She was now trembling in her pre-climax state which seemed to go on for quite some time. A couple thrust of my cock into the back of her mouth drove her over the edge, and she was now whimpering loudly and convulsing incontrollably with our two tongues hard at work on her pussy and ass.

She was grabbing at my ass and pushing her mouth down onto my cock, shaking all over. Then she pulled her head up and let out a loud and long "YESSSS!!!" as she was bearing down on our busy mouths. Her orgasm was long and powerful, resonating throughout her entire body in spasms and convulsions that could be heard in her loud groan. When her orgasm was finally subsiding, she asked me breathless: "Can you fuck me?". So I got up from under her, grabbed her by the hips, and in one swift thrust, slid my entire cock inside her quivering wet slit. "Oh yes, fuck me with that big cock!" She exclaimed.

Rob was right, she was really thight. And so shallow I had to push hard to get my whole shaft in there. As I started fucking her little hole, I could feel her relax and take it more easily, smacking her ass against me at every thrust. She was still wrapped pretty tightly around my cock, especially at the base and the tip, and I could feel her cervix sliding over my engorged tip as I drove my cock deep into her belly.

She was still moaning and whimpering loudly, and her spasms were slowing down, but not stopping. Then Sarah put a hand under her, and from what I could tell from above, started rubbing her clit. She was aslso cupping and caressing my balls with her other hand, and kissing my abs as I was pounding my meat into Melissa's willing pussy. In no time, her spasms started accelerating again, and again she was coming and shaking, this time convulsing around my thick hard cock, and letting herself fall flat against the bed.

Sarah kept rubbing her clit and even started rubbing her butthole with plenty of saliva. Melissa was not trying to stop her from stimulating her clit, and kept shaking as if her orgasm was not letting down. Then she reached back for my hand, and applied it to her wide open ass crack. She picked my thumb out of the bunch, and pressed it against her little rosebud. So I slowly pushed it in, with Sarah lubricating my thumb with her saliva as it was forcing open the funnel of Melissa's little anus. Once the whole thing was in, I resumed pounding my meat into her and Sarah accelerated her clit rubbing until again Melissa convulsed into a third and soon fourth rapid orgasms.

Soon she was now red in the face, out of breath, whimpering and crying at the same time. Her torso was flat against the mattress, and her arms were laying motionless, her hands near her face. She was still convulsing slowly, but this time was slowing down and shivering everytime my cock went in too far. So I removed my thumb from her butt and slid my dick slowly out of her. Sarah stopped rubbing her tired clit and began to caress her back and arms softly.

Melissa then slowly sat up to face me, and softly asked Sarah if she could leave us, which she did after giving each of us a gentle kiss on the lips. Melissa then leaned back on her hands, and put her feet on my shoulders, sreaping her kees apart and sliding her pussy close to my cock. She was looking at me quietly but still as intensely as before, and with a tired smile asked: "can you come?" Without saying a word, I penetrated her little pussy as gently as I could, and began to fuck her in a slow, rythmic roll. I could only put in a few inches in this position. And when she was moaning again softly, I began to accelerate, knowing I wouldn't have far to go before coming.

"Take it out when you come, ok? I want to see you squirt all over me". She said. I did. I took it out, and started jerking the bulging tip of it slowly for a few seconds, while looking at her wide open pussy, and her large tits bouncing slowly as she was matching my rythm with her hips. When I came, the first squirt hit her squarely in the mouth. Her lips were parted just enough that half of it went in, and she swallowed it immediately. Of course that kind of aim is pure luck, and the second squirt, just as big as the first, splattered all over her chest, right in between her two magnificient tits.

I angled the third lower so that it would land on her stomach, and the fourth landed in her spread pubic hair, the rest of it falling in her still open pussy, some of it dripping down to her butthole. She was lathering herself with my batter and licking her fingers clean as she asked me to put my still pulsating cock in her mouth. She spun around so that her head was now between my legs, and let me put my dick in her barely open mouth. It started pulsating again when she ran her tongue all over my sensitive tip, then came to a gradual stop. I was now getting soft and I was able to fit more of it in her mouth.

She let me do whatever I wanted, caressing my balls and stomach while I was enjoying her soft mouth. I could hear her swallowing the last of my cum, with her eyes closed, and started caressing the rest of her body.

We were still in this position when I heard noises in the hallway, and everybody came through the door and started commenting on the state of things in the bedroom. Apparently the party was moving here, as Dan and Rob wasted no time flipping Kara and my wife over onto the bed to fuck them in the ass in tandem. Melissa in the meantime had gotten up, and was being licked clean by Sarah on the bed, while still stroking my deflated cock, and smiling at me broadly: "remember what I said earlier?" She asked me. "Do you want to have your way with my behind? We can try any position you want."

And so she got on her hands and knees, and backed into me as I was leaning forward to bury my face in between her peachy little cheeks. She drove the licking by rubbing her butt all over my face, and, like she did with her pussy, was grinding into my mouth and opening wide so that I could apply my entire mouth to her backside. Soon she was slippery all over and her little hole started relaxing in my mouth.

I could feel the wrinkles of her backdoor fading as her little funnel was expanding slowly under my tongue. She was ready to be sodomised. And so I got up, and applied the tip of my still partially limp cock to her little hole, and started pushing in gently, giving her all the time she needed to relax. My cock was now getting hard again, my tip now partially buried in her tight little anus, and soon I was pushing forward. Her hole was wrapping itself slowly around my head. Soon she had envelopped my entire tip, and my shaft started sliding in slowly and steadily until half of it had disappeared in her tightest of holes.

She was again moaning and groaning in pleasure, and was pushing back against me as if to tell me she was ready for the whole thing. And so I met her push with a gentle thrust, and saw the rest of my shaft sliding in slowly until her hole was tightly gripping the very base of my cock. "Oh yes, your cock is filling my ass up! Fuck that little hole!" I obeyed and started pumping slowly into her ass. The walls of her rectum were pressing hard against my cock, and it wasn't long until I felt like I could come again if need be. But she was ok with the sensation and even seemed to enjoy it a lot. She was grinding into me, bumping into me, and Sarah was again rubbing her clit furiously.

We were going pretty fast when she again seemed like she was going to erupt into another orgasm. She took Sarah's hand off of her clit and closed her eyes tightly before saying breathlessly: "pound your cock into my ass". I did. I was now sliding my whole dick through her little tunnel, and was picking up speed. "faster... Harder!" she said in a huff. I was now pounding as hard as I could, as fast as I could, and as deep as I could, when she suddenly erupted in her most intense orgasm yet.

As she was convulsing frantically, she reached for Sarah's hand who was standing by, and forced her into her crotch. Sarah then rubbed her clit fast and hard, and I was still pounding her as much as I could when she hit another orgasm, and another, and another, and so forth for probably five minutes. I had never seen that and was myself about to explode, her wide open ass gripping my entire cock, beating and convulsing around it, as if to milk it. In one deep thrust, I was buried to my balls in her magnificient ass, and stayed there, enjoying the climactic buildup, and the tightness of her rectum.

Her anus was wrapped tightly around the base of my cock and I could feel its spasms when mine started. It was a slow orgasm, building up progressively as she was now yelling for my hot cum. My cock got so hard I could feel the pressure from her tightness build up along the entire length of me, and could feel renewed resistance against my bulging tip. The first squirt was exceptionally long, and exceptionally well received! She was pushing back against me as hard as she could, and was telling me that she could feel everything my cock was doing inside of her.

In four to five big squirts, I had emptied my batter into her depths, and she was quivering anew, loving every second of it, convulsing with me as I finished pumping her ass full of my cum. Once my own spasms started fading, I began fucking her hole slowly again, then rapidly as she also was finishing up. Soon I was going limp again and one last time pushed myself as deep as possible inside of her, and stayed buried in her rump until I was finally soft enough that my cock slid out on its own. We were now laying flat on the bed, me spooning her, my cock still comfortably laying in her ass crack, my arms wrapped around her beautiful little body. We spent a few minutes like this enjoying the view of our friends still hard at work.

We saw all three girls take it in every hole and get covered in cum before getting up, and again, join in the fun.

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