June 20, 2018
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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Bettys Birthday Party".



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With Betty's birthday comming up soon, Jane and I thought we would have a little party for her. We thoght that a small party would be best, so Jane called afew friends and let them know about it. I told Jane to think of a great present for Betty and that I also wanted Jane to take Betty to the beauty shop and get her the works. Jane said that she would also take Betty shopping and buy her something sexy.

Saturday came and Jane and Betty took off for the day, first stop was to be the beauty shop than shopping.Jane had also told me that she got Betty a present that Betty would most likly not buy for herself, and thats all Jane told me about the present.

The ladys got home around 4pm and all I could say was WOW when I saw what they both looked like. Jane had her hair cut short and had it frosted, she also told me that she has her pussy area waxed. Betty had her hair also frosted and cut and again a wax job. I said to them both OK lets se the wax jobs, the inturn dropped their pants and showed me. I said to them both that it looked great, as both of them had the exact same thing done all they had was a little landing strip and the rest of the area was smooth.I said to the ladys that they better go and get ready for the party, so off they went. Around 7 they both reappeared and may I say they both looked of of this world. Jane had a silk top on with a shelf bra under it with avery short skirt and thigh highs. She had the outfit topped of with 4" heels.Betty's new outfit was smoking HOT, it was a see thru top again with a shelf bra (that really makes her nipples look even greater) a skirt with a slit up the front(almost to her pussy) thigh highs and heels. I of course asked were either of them wearing panties, both ladys pulled their sirts up and showed me they were not.

Friends started showing up around 7:30, Jane had invited just 1 couple and 1 single lady and a single guy.After everyone had a few drinks and Betty opened her presents from everyone but Jane and I, I said to Jane where is the present you bought she said that she would give it to Betty later.Troy(the single guy)asked Betty if she would like to dance. They started dancing real slow and Troy was busy feeling Betty's ass, he had raised her skirt and everyone started to tell Betty how great her ass looked. Betty just laughed and said "eat your hearts out" Troy then started to get a little more forward to start to feel Betty's tits, this got her turned on and she had Troy start to suck and pinch her nipples. Gina (the single lady) got together with Jane andSally and the 3 of them started dancing and showing their tits. Mike and I went to help the ladys out and things really started to get going. We had all 3 of the ladys topless in a mater of seconds. Mike started to play with Jane tits and Jane said to everyone" lets go into the bedroom where we all can get more comfy. It whatseemd like a flash everyone was naked and on the bed. Then the fun began. Gina and Troy went to work on Betty. Gina was in between Bettys legs just eatingher pussy for all she was worth. From the sounds Betty was making she was enjoying it tothe max. Betty had Troy get on his knees and was blowing him and I know he was enjoying Betty's cocksucking ablities.All of Betty stopped sucking Troy and gabbed Gina by the hair and was shoving Gina's face into her pussy. She kept saying "eat my pussy you nasty little girl, thats it tongue my clit" this seemed to really get Gina hot and the more things Betty said to her the better she ate Betty's pussy. Betty started cumming the more she came the faster Gina tongue was going her her clit.Mike had gone over and put his dick into Gina and she was bucking up to meet his dick but never missed alicking on Betty's pussy. This must have gotten to Troy as Betty grabbed ahold of his dick a put it in her mouth and almost as soon as Betty got it into her mouth Troy shot his load. Like the trooper she is Betty did not miss a drop of it either.Sally and Jane were taking turns sittting on my face and blowing me. Sally has a big clit and loves it to be sucked on and when she is ready she will tell you to bite it. Well she was ready and she started telling me to bite her clit, I did as told and she said HARDER so I started to really bite it and this got her off. She started cumming and as she did Betty reached over and started pinching her nipples. Well I have seen my share of ladies cum but it had been a long time since I seen anyone cum like Sally.She rocked, she bucked, she moaned, she groaned, and then she started screaming!!!!

Jane disappeared for a few mintues and when she came back she has Betty's present. She had Betty open it right there on the bed. To everyone's surprise Betty was given a strap on dildo.Betty was very happy with the present and said she could not wait to try it out. Then Jane came up with another surprise, she had 3 sheets of paper with a name on each, those name sbeing the ladys that were there.Jane told Betty to be a sheet of paper and unfold it and who's ever name she picked 1st got to do Betty with her present or else Betty could do that lady.

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