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Another Vegas Story!!!

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Another Las Vegas Story!!

In July of this year my wife and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. I bought 2 opening night tickets to see Circue De Soliel with Criss Angel . The show was called Believe. We drove from our home in Scottsdale Arizona in my new BMW at speeds over 100mph, much to the dismay of my wife who was not happy that I was driving so fast. I wanted our weekend to be a sexual coming out party for my wife. She has been very boring in regards to our sex life. My wife is very beautiful and has a sexy figure 34D 23 35 5 ft. 7in. 123 lbs. After the birth of our second child she went in to have her breasts enhanced and I thought our sex life would skyrocket. I have been disappointed. She was brought up in a strict household and told how sex was not to be enjoyed. She only as recently as last year began having orgasms. Even those were infrequent and rare. This did not help me as I always want more and more sex. It got to a point about 9 months ago when she told me she wanted to go to a sexual counselor or a hypnotist to figure out her lack of sexual desire. I have taken her out dancing to show off her sexy body to other men to make her feel sexier. It has worked to a point and even picked up my enjoyment, because after a night of hot dancing we always go home and fuck like teenagers while I recall her night of flirting with strange men. My 7 inch cock is the only cock she has ever had. So when I pretend to be another man she met a few hours ago, it really brings up the passion as she imagines what the guy said to her on the dance floor.

When I bought the tickets to the show it was more to get my wife away for a weekend of hot sex as for anything. She got Friday off work and I took off so we could spend three full days in Vegas. I used my gambling connections and got us a two room suite comped. We arrived around noon on Friday and were at the pool by 1pm. My wife got plenty of attention from her sexy V.S. bikini. The hunk of a bartender kept her margarita full and whenever I went into the pool he would be sure to stop by and chat with her. When I would come back and tease her she told me that the counselor had taught her to flirt with men and that I would be the beneficiary of better sex later. I wondered how the counselor taught her how to flirt. I decided to let her flirt all she wanted and told her I was going to take a quick shower and would see her in the room later. Instead I went onto the bar and sat and watched as four different men in swim trunks came up and asked to buy her a drink over the next two hours. She sat with each one and chatted and smiled and had her erect nipples on display for the men to enjoy. I did not notice any noticeable bulges in their suits but I am sure she made a couple of them at least semi hard. When the bartender came over with the bill I quickly went up to our room and got into the shower to get ready for dinner and our show. When she joined me in the shower and stared soaping my cock to hardness while I was rinsing shampoo out of my hair when I opened my eyes she was standing up and guiding my hard cock into her moist cunt. I commented on her mood and she told me her flirting with strange men had made her hot for my cock. Usually it takes a minute or two for my cock to move freely. I slid my 7 inch cock to the hilt on my first thrust. She was wet and hot. Her nipples were on fire as my tongue flicked them back and forth. I withdrew my cock and turned her around and fed my cock to her while I grabbed hold of her tits and pounded into her. I started acting like I was one of her pool admirers. I choose to be the blond hunk that bought her first drink and as I pounded her I told her how hot she looked in her bikini. I told her how her husband must be dumb to let her come to Vegas without him. I told her I would fuck her all weekend until she had to go home to her dumb husband. She was having a great time and call out “Fuck me harder Mark” fuck me fuck me oooh yesss fuck me!!!. My name is Jake. She came all over my cock and I exploded and emptied a huge load of cum into her wet cunt. She collapsed on the shower bench and stayed there until her orgasm subsided. I finished my shower and was surprised that my 41 year old cock was coming back to life so soon. She took notice of this and told me she had to get ready for dinner and to let her take her shower. We went to Criss Angel and then to the Beach night club where she was a huge flirt on the dance floor all night. We went back to our room and my wife pulled out four business cards that had been slipped in her top tonight and picked out one with the name Jim Miller V.P. sales. She handed the card to me. Then quickly took it back and said “Mr. Miller did you mean it on the dance floor when you told me you could make me scream” I got the point and assured her I as Jim would have her reaching for the ceiling screaming. She told me that I had made her wet on the dance floor when I turned her around and ground my hard cock into her ass. She turned off the lights and began a slow strip tease with only the lights from the strip lighting our room. She looked hot as she took off first her thin shirt and loosened the zipper on her skirt and as she peeled it down slowly I could see she had no panties only nylons. With her bra on she walked over to me and called me Jim as she felt my hard cock thru my pants and started unbuttoning my shirt and running her hand on my chest and commenting on my smoothness telling me that her husband had too much hair on his chest. She unzipped my pants and reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled it thru my underwear and went down to her knees and swallowed my cock whole (something she has never done in16 years, I barely can get a blow job once a year). Her hand reached in my briefs and fondled my balls as she tongued my cock. I reached down to fondle her tits and I slid her silky bra aside to play with her rock hard nipples. She pulled her mouth off my cock and asked if I liked the way she is sucking my cock I told her if she sucks cock like this all the time I would marry her. She remarked she was already married. I told her that he was a very lucky guy as I fed my hard cock to her waiting mouth. In no time she grabbed my ass cheeks and started fucking my cock with her mouth. I was not thrusting at all she was in total control pulling my cock with her hands on my ass. I was close to cumimg and when I told her she was more enthusiastic and sucking my cock with abandon and I could not hold back. I flooded her mouth with my seed and was in disbelief when she stuck her long tongue out covered with my cum. She cupped a breast and wiped my cum all over her breast using her tongue to smear cum all over her tit. I helped her up and carried her over to the bed. I laid her down and pulled off her bra and started sucking her cum covered tits while she rested. I left her nipples and worked my way down her flat stomach to her trimmed snatch and using my tongue went to work on her pussy and clit. Within a few minutes she was writhing from my tongue and when I inserted a finger to her wet box. She started pulling me up off her cunt. I came up for air and she quickly motioned me by using her tongue and hand to bring my limp cock back to life. I was really enjoying the time down under as she has the best tasting pussy I have ever had.. I alternated back and forth between my tongues on her clit to two fingers massaging her g spot I was making her cry with pleasure with my hard cock stuffing her mouth full. She let my cock go for a second and begged Jim to fuck her. I turned over on the bed and aligned my cock so I was slapping her clit with my hard cock. She shook with orgasm and tried reaching for my cock to stuff in her cunt. I wrapped my fist and fed her a few inches of my cock and started pounding into her with my fist and knuckle hitting her clit with each thrust. She loved my fist hitting her clit but after a minute of this she was begging me to fuck her harder and deeper. I released my hand from around my cock and plunged it all the way into her at an angle that hit her g spot and she screamed and cried for me not to stop. I really picked up the pace and the bed was bouncing off the walls. I was telling her what a great fuck she was as she was now cooing and whimpering to me to keep fucking her. I withdrew my cock and spread her legs like scissors so my cock could penetrate her deeper and make it easier to hit her spot. This was all it took within two minutes she had her legs wrapped around my back holding my body into hers as she had a long continuous climax. With my cock deep in her she flooded my cock with her juices I could not hold back and nearly blacked out as I shot rope after rope of cum deep in her. She had passed out. As I unwrapped her legs from around my back she came back to life pulling my semi hard cock back into her. I stayed there for about a minute until she released the grip on my back. When I pulled my cock from her cunt even in the dark light I could see the river of our juices flowing from her vagina. I dove down and licked her like an ice cream cone not missing a drop and even licking her clit to give her another bed shaking orgasm. She was spent and was fast asleep within minutes. I followed soon after.

I woke up Saturday morning and she was already out of the shower and blow drying her hair. I had my usual morning woody and walked up behind her poking my cock thru her legs. She closed her legs and told me that because I was not here last night she went without and I was not getting any until tonight. Then she started putting on her bikini saying she was going to the pool. I asked if she was going alone. She told me I could cancel my golf game and take her shopping. My buddy and I have planned this game ever since I made the show reservations. I had a 10 am tee time and a 3pm massage. I told her to flirt with her sexy bartender and be ready for me tonight. We left together me walking her to the pool area before leaving. I had a 40 minute cab ride to the golf course. I got there rented clubs and was just starting to hit a bucket of balls when my buddy called cancelling on me. I went to the clubhouse to inform them and try and catch a threesome or even be a fifth on a young foursome. I let the attendant know I was hitting balls so they could get me when needed. I finished a bucket and two beers without being called to the first tee. I went into the clubhouse and was informed that they were booked solid. They did offer to drive me back to our hotel.

I was back in the casino by 1 pm. I went to the pool to look for my wife and decided to sneak up on her and she if she was having a good time, I could not find her so I made my way up to the balcony to smoke some weed, My wife does not approve and if she has gone shopping I might as well get high and watch football in the sports book. I smoked two bowls of great weed and was high as a kite when I got into the elevator to go to the sports book when I look in the mirror and saw my red eyes. I stopped on our floor to get my eye drops. When I got to our room the do not disturb sign was on the door. I know we did not put that in the door when we left. Which meant my wife was inside and I was stoned with red eyes outside. I pulled my sunglasses down and opened the door. When I got in unnoticed I heard music on in the bed room and I thought I heard her say something. I was stoned with pot breath and stoner eyes and she hates that. I reached in the refer for a cold beer only to find water which would not hide my breath. I grabbed a granola bar from the counter and decided to take a nap on the couch while she slept in our bed. I turned the TV on without sound so I could hear her music and was almost nodded off when I heard her tell me to how good that feels. Being stoned means my cock is semi hard and hearing my wife tell me she likes it gets me even harder even if she is only dreaming. I stood up and stripped naked with a roaring hard on. She was saying ooh Jake that feels so good. Ooh yes honey!! I wanted to surprise her and I tried to slowly turn the door knob and it was locked. Just like my wife to lock the door when she masturbates. I went to the kitchen and went to the bathroom door which had a thru door to our room. My cock was throbbing when I got to the bathroom and was shocked when thru the mirror which showed a reflection of our bed and I saw someone between my wifes legs. He was bigger and still wearing his Speedo bathing suit. She had a pillow over her face and was moaning into it. He was going to town on her clit. He was on his knees and had his head buried in her cunt. She was using her legs to pull his suit off. She got it past his cock and he adjusted his stance to pull it all the way off. She used her feet to stroke his big cock and then reached for his cock with her hands. He got the hint and stood up and adjusted himself so they were in a 69 with her moaning and slurping on his cock. She could not swallow his whole cock which made him bigger than me. She sure tried to suck him to his base and I was shocked when he told her stop or he would not be able to fuck her. She took this as a challenge and continued to pull his ass into her face, like she had done to me last night. She was bouncing from his tongue and trying to keep his cock buried in her face. He pulled his head up and yelled for her to suck him dry and he collapsed as I am sure her was pumping his cum into her waiting mouth. He pulled his red cock and climbed over body and he stopped at her big tits and was licking them, telling her it was the best head he has ever had. He commented he would be ready to fuck her in a few minute and went back to sucking her tits and keeping a finger on her clit dipping it in her cunt and back to her clit. In less than five minute she was begging Jake to fuck her now. He climbed over her and I saw he was very big over six feet and smooth and very tanned. He put his cock in between her tits and fucked them until she put her mouth to accept his cock as he fucked her tits. He was massive as he must have weighed well over 200lbs on top of her 120lbs. I could not see her face with his body in the way. She said please fuck me now. Please!!! FUCK ME NOW!!!.He slid back and lined his big cock against her red pussy lips. She gasped as he slowly fed her his cock. She was whimpering as his cock went deeper and deeper and finally all the way in. He started to pull out and she stopped him so she could get comfortable with his massive size. I think she had an orgasm just getting his cock all the way into her. She asked him to go slow and as he did, she was screaming how good his cock felt buried in her. She was steadily encouraging him to fucker harder until shortly she was yelling for him to fuck her and fuck her harder, harder she would say. He was fucking her so hard that he needed to stand up and pulled her to the end of the bed to feed her his cock from this position which also hits her G spot and she was having one orgasm after another and her speech was garbled between moans and ooohhhhs and YES YES YES OOH YES FUCK ME!! YES FUCK ME!! This guy was a porn stud with all the comments he was giving her right back. He was telling her he was going to fuck her from now until Monday she had a huge climax and he slowed his pace for a minute to let her come back to earth. When she was screaming again he withdrew his cock and turned her over and fed her his cock from behind with him still on the floor which meant she was on her hands and knees. She had him stay still as she backed her ass against his cock. I had a great view and when his cock was buried in her my cock exploded without my touching it. When she had his massive meat buried she slowly started backing against his cock and was soon she was doing all the moving as he stood there and tried to keep his balance from her thrusts. She had her head buried in the pillow moaning and more garble when he thought she was ready he took over the pushing and he started fucking her so hard I thought he would hurt her. He reached to grab her tits and had both hands on her tits as he pounded her cunt. She was lost and crying begging him not to stop fucking her. He called her a sexy lady and told her was gonna fuck her into submission. He stopped with her tits and started slapping her ass as he pounded her. This caused her to lift up her ass and scream for him to fuck her harder she was begging for him to fill her with his seed. He told her he had so much cum for her it would come out her mouth, then he tensed up and drilled his impaled his cock in her cunt as his body convulsed as he drained his cock in, causing her to passed out in climax. He collapsed on top of her and kept his cock buried in her. I walked back into the kitchen and got dressed and snuck out to wait for her lover to leave. He left with in five minutes in only his Speedo and a muscle shirt. He was definitely a stud and I was kind of jealous knowing he just fucked my wife to submission. I waited ten minutes before going to the room. I entered to heat the tub running. I stripped off my clothes and decided to join her and she was not to happy to see my hard on. She told me to jerk off on her tits because she wanted to wait until tonight before we fucked. I went along and as I jerked off on her tits I asked her if she teased anyone today at the pool and was surprised when she told me she had been invited to a guy’s room for lunch. I asked her if he wanted to fuck her and she told me she enjoyed teasing him but no she did not go back to his room. I asked if he had a big cock and she told me he wore a Speedo and yes he filled it out nicely. I was hitting my cock against her hard nipples which she loves and telling her she should find him and bring him back here and fuck his brains out while I watch. She asked if that would make me happy. I told her she deserved to have a strange cock once in a while and that it made my cock hard knowing other men want to seduce my wife. She asked if I wanted permission to fuck other women. I told her this is about you and your hot body getting serviced by any stud she could tease and wanted to have a good time with. She reminded me she was a married women and she was not pretty enough to make anyone but me happy that way. I had been stroking my cock against her tits thinking about the guy who only 20 minutes ago fucked her silly in our bed 20 feet away. My eyes closed and I envisioned his cock pounding my sexy wife and I erupted all over her beautiful breasts. She asked me who I was dreaming about when I closed my eyes. I told her I had a vision of a big cock attached to a big man fucking her. She washed my cum off her tits and told me to keep dreaming.

After she finished her tub I took a shower and we got ready for dinner. She wore her sexy leather skirt with a vibrant red sexy top which revealed plenty of skin and cleavage. She topped it off with three inch pumps that scream fuck me. I commented on her clothes and told her I would have to fight the men off her tonight. It was still only 5pm and had reservations for 6:30 so we went down to the lounge and had the first of many drinks that night. Her pool side bartender was working as a bar back when he walked over to her and said hello. He completely ignored me and told her how hot she looked. He brought her a margarita on the rocks on the house he said. I ordered a beer and just watched as my bride and this young bartender made small talk smiling at each other. When we went to dinner she made sure she said goodbye out of my earshot. I asked her what she told him and she told me she told him where we were going later tonight. I told her I thought we were going to gamble tonight. She told me I could go and gamble but she was going to the Beach to dance. I laughed at this because my wife will never go anywhere alone, when I said this she said she would take a cab there and back and would be ok. I decided we would go to the Beach and I would go gambling after I fucked her brains out fantasizing she is fucking one of her dance partners. She was flirting with everyone we came in contact with and when I mentioned this she said her counselor had coached her on how to flirt with different men. I asked why a married women needs to flirt with other men and she told me because she was a virgin when we got married. Her counselor told her she would have more confidence with me in bed if she could make other men want her. I laughed at that she had every guy she made eye contact with wanting to be seduced by her. She smiled stuck out her tongue and asked if the sex with her last night was proof enough it was working. She had me there, but I know she fucked a man from the pool today and wondered if it was an isolated incident or a sign of things to come. We finished dinner around 8 and she did not want to go dancing until ten. We went into the casino. While I was playing blackjack she was walking around looking for a table to play at. I was winning and she would walk back and forth looking bored and super sexy and every table she walked by another guy would offer her the empty seat next to him. It also seemed like every time I saw her she had a full drink. At 9:30 she came over and told me she entered me in a 1am poker tournament. Awesome I thought I always play when in Vegas. We took a cab to the Beach with her playing with my cock thru my pants in the cab I was rock hard when we pulled up. She kissed me as she rubbed my cock harder and got out and said she would meet me inside. I had to pay the cab and let my erection subside before I got out of the cab. When I did get out I had to stand in line for single guys. Ladies and couples were waved right in, I tried to tell the doorman my wife just walked in, I told him what she was wearing and he laughed and said every guy tonight wishes he was married to her. He told me when she leaves with me he would apologize. When I finally got in I saw a margarita on the bar with three coins behind and I knew she had already been bought four drinks. It was starting to fill up and I found her on the dance floor with a twenty something beach bum dancing. She had wasted no time in flirting on the dance floor and was showing her cleavage to the guy while she had her hands all over his chest and shoulders. After her dance she returned to the bar and was immediately met with three young men all wanting the next dance. She chose a shorter brown haired lawyer type who acted like a perfect gentleman. Once she is on a dance floor she releases her hooker personality and thinks she can seduce any man with her sexy dancing and her eyes. Throw in a boob job and leather skirt not to mention she has already broken her marriage vows just eight hours ago. She was in total control as she made this poor guy her latest in a long line of her stroking strange cocks and leaving them on the dance floor. A few times in the past the wrong guy would not take her explanation and we had to be creative to get her away so we could fuck like rabbits afterwards. This has happen less than 10 times in our marriage, but this was by far the wildest she has ever been. I was loving every bit of it. Even watching her get soundly fucked by a younger stud. She had this guy begging her on the dance floor before the first dance was over. She usually only teases the first dance and if she likes you the second dance is her chance to touch. After leaving him o the dance floor she returned to her drink and swallowed it. Starting on the second she looks up and watches as he cross the bar. She saw him and when I saw that smile I knew it was today’s fuckboy. My cock grew when he hugged her by grabbing her ass with one hand while his other hand squeezed the underside of her right breast taking her breadth away. My cock became hard when he threw her head back and drove his open mouth into hers. I was watching in disbelief that the wife I knew who had never so much as look at other men let alone fuck them had become a whore over a weekend in her efforts to spice up our sex life. I decided it was time to cool them down an as I have in the past I took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Once there I gave her everything she gave me an I can melt her eyes which means it time to leave and fuck our brains out with mind blowing sex as we relived the night’s highlights.

On the dance floor She played almost openly groping my cock hard and me returning the favor fondling her tits an slapping her ass. We were going back and forth when she asked what time we were leaving to get to my tournament. It was 1145 and I told her I wanted to fuck her before my tourney. She went back to the bar and took a strong drink and gave each admirer a nice goodbye. In the cab I put my head in her red top licking her tits and putting my finger lightly tracing her cunt thru her panties to eventually fucking her with two or three finger in a cab or limo. The driver could hardly keep his eye in front of us. We got to the hotel quick and I tried to fuck her in the elevator but no luck as she kept my cock hard until we were in the room and then all hell broke loose as I soon as I was in the door I grabbed her tit and ass the way her stud just minutes ago. I threw my mouth over hers drilling my tongue down her mouth. With and hand on her and ass an another feeling sexy boobs, my cock was bursting to break free from my pants. I had sufficiently hot and she went for my cock unbuttoning my pants and freeing my cock to go to her knees and swallow my hard seven inch cock. I carry her to the couch and lay her down and feed my cock to her waiting mouth and I go down on her clit and cunt getting her ready for my cock and the pounding she so loves. I brought her off quickly and she was pulling for my cock to fuck her, pulling my cock into her cunt and pushing her body down on my cock. I took over telling her I love seeing her tonight and I hope to see her again before she leaves. She was concentrating on her climax and continued to fuck me as hard as she could. I lost it when she told me to fuck her harder and make her cum again. Fuck me she screamed fuck me!! FUCK MEEEEE!!!! And I exploded in her and fell on top of her still slow fucking her she was still in her bliss and just smiled as her ass adjusted to my continue slow fucking. We laid together a few minute when she reminded me about my tourney, I had five minutes to get downstairs. I dressed and gave her a tender kiss telling her I will be back to fuck her again when I win the tourney and about 4 – 5 hours. I fondled her tit as I kissed her and said goodnight. She wished me luck and told me not to stay out all night.

I got to the poker room just before they started. There was about fifty players and I was both drunk and happily just fucked by the hottest woman in the hotel. I won in the beginning and was cruising until I went all in with jacks and lost to queens. It was 2:45 and I was tired and wanted to smoke a bowl before I went to bed. I took the elevator to our floor and went into the stairway to smoke my bowl. I was done quickly and went to my room and could not find my key and did not want to wake my wife, so I called down to the front desk and they were sending a bellman to let me in. I was waiting by the ice machine sucking on ice to get rid of cotton mouth when the bellman came up he could smell the pot from the stairway and told me I should not smoke in the stairs. He told me the bathrooms have a very good fan to get rid of smoke. I told him my wife was asleep and as he opened the door we heard her moan real loud and he made a remark about a vibrator. I was in the room and he was in the doorway and I cannot believe I told him to come in and see for himself. He walked in an I saw the bulge grow in his pants when we looked into the bathroom mirror and saw silhouettes of two people fucking in the dark with only the lights from the Las Vegas strip lighting the room. They were going hot and heavy and he was very vocal in his fucking of her. She was only moaning and whimpering as he continued his battering of her. I could not see his cock, but I knew she really liked it. I decided I needed another bowl and when I lit up the bellman wanted it also he asked if she was my girlfriend and I told him yes and she likes to fuck. He told me he could not see her but she sounds hot. I told to think of a reason for coming in the room and to see what happens. I then told him to tell her friend was in custody of the hotel security for a few hours because of an incident in the poker room. I told him that if she saw his bulge she would not let him leave. We smoked another bowl and set our plan into action I hid in the shower and he was to leave the bathroom light on so I could watch. She was having a huge orgasm when the light came on she screamed and shuddered as she had the climax of her life. The bell man explained I was detained and he got close enough to her that she could see his cock and when she knew I was detained she smiled at her stud and pulled on the bellman’s pants fishing his cock out drawing it to her mouth. The whole time the cock in her cunt never stopped fucking her slowly but still fucking her. When she invited the second guy to the party the first guy soon began calling her his fuck toy and telling her they both were going to fuck her silly. I was surprised that the voice was not the guy who fucked her earlier today. I did not know who he was but she really liked his cock and she cooed while sucking the cock of the bellman. She was s on her back with the mystery guy standing at the foot of the bed fucking her while she had her head turned to swallow the cock from the bellman. He was quiet and saying yes suck my cock yes suck my cock. He was really into it and shortly after the guy in her cunt erupted the bellman told to keep sucking and keep him hard so he could fuck her next. She did and soon he was fucking her to shattering orgasms I was rock hard when I saw the bartender walk around the bed to feed her his soft cock. The bellman fucked her hard for over 10 minute and filled her cunt to over flowing as she climaxed with the bartender in her mouth. The bartender quickly turned her over on her hand and knees and fucks her doggie style for over twenty minutes while she screamed and the bell man stood by stroking his cock back to life. He looks over at me and I motioned him over and told him to fuck her as soon as he cums and to yell when he was cumming so I could finish her off with her fifth cock in row. He hi fived me and went back to lying under her licking her tits as she was getting rocked by the bartender. She used his hard cock to play with her clit while getting drilled by the bartender. She tried to enjoy both of them and was constantly moaning and whimpering as her body became weak. The guy fucking her was picking up steam and telling her she was a fantastic fuck, she pulled her ass against his cock and let him know she was there and he shouted and she collapsed as he shot his cock in her cunt. He kept his cock in her for few seconds when the bellman crawled from under and tapped him and quickly fed his cock in her just fucked pussy. He wasted no time in picking her ass up and pomading her loose cunt. They both had about my size cock maybe a little bigger. Both where thicker than what she is used to. The bartender got into a sixty nine as he was licking her clit as the bellman fucked her cunt It was wild and she pulled her mouth of his semi hard to moan and tell them it feel great and keep it up. They were going good as the bellman has his hands on her tits as he fucked her doggie style and the bartender is licking his cock and her clit while she goes back and forth between his cock and her moans. When the bellman yells he gonna fill her with his hot cum I leave the shower and she tells him to fuck her harder harder, HARDER!! YESSSS!!! YESSSSS!! She screamed letting go of the cock in her mouth the bartender was licking cum dripping from her cunt. The bellman quickly pulled out and I fed her my cock to the surprise of the bartender and her the bell man fed her his cum covered cock from the front of he bed while I pounded her from behind. She is moaning as I fuck her and the bartender licks her clit and my cock It was distracting to me but I lasted about five minutes before I drilled her to another orgasm and when my cum dripped from her cunt the bartender was quick to slurp it all up. I did not want to be recognized and quickly left. The bellman thanked her and came out to where I was. He said she was awesome and I was lucky. I got dressed and stayed on the couch while the bartender fucked her yet again and she never came out when he left it was almost four in the morning and my wife has been getting strange cock nonstop for over four hours. I awoke around 8:30 and she was in the bathtub. I and my morning woody went to her and she scolded me for getting in trouble. She told me a bellman interrupted her dream by coming in the room. This made my cock spring to ever more life. I asked her about her dream and she told me she had an affair with the bartender. I climb in the tub and stand her up and tell her I want to fuck her the same way the bartender did she told me in her dream he fucked her four times. I was ready to explode and turned her around and slid my cock easily all the way in and started fucking her hard as she told me about her dream. I lost it when she mentioned the bellman and filled her again with my hot cum. We drove home after that and she only admits to a dream. I cannot wait until we return to Las Vegas.

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