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An evening she will not soon forget

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I make arrangements with a female I know to go out on the town one evening. She is told in advance that she is being taken somewhere that she can let loose after a long week at work. I have already picked out what she is to wear for the evening. It is very short, very thin, very sexy that accentuates her ever curve in a most flattering manner. Low-cut to show off her sexy cleavage and large gorgeous tits and so short on the bottom that it shows off her great legs as well. The outfit, the thigh-high stockings, the boots, the choker collar, the leash, everything. she looks amazing!! As we are driving along, I smile at her and tell her I have a big evening planned for her. Finally, as we get closer to our destination, she asks Me where it is we are going. As I park the car, I simply respond: "you are being taken to a place where I will kiss my date goodbye as we get out of the car and tell the slut in her hello as we walk in." she is quite shocked and aroused by my response and equally excited to learn more about our evening.

When we arrive and walk up to the front door, she is lead in at the end of a leash... she has done leash training before so she is quite comfortable with her collar and leash and knows how to command attention upon an entrance. Once inside, we walk ahead and off in the distance I see a table of about five guys all sitting around. This girl is a ravenous cock whore and loves to show off her talents, so I instruct her to be a good slut for her Master and crawl under the table.... and when she is finished telling my friends hello, she can come out and show Me what a good girl she was. After a little while, she crawls out and proudly displays her reward: she shows her Master and everyone around her the remaining cum she has dripping from her chin and down her cleavage and onto her hot dress. She smiles when I tell her she shall remain like that for the rest of the evening.

We proceed further and walk into the main ballroom. Once inside, a quick look around shows hooks in the ceiling, hooks on the wall, play areas set up, sex machines, cages off to the sides, etc., and a large group of very sexy people from all walks of life in attendence. All of the other women are dressed extremely sexy as well so she feels even more comfortable with the outfit I had chosen for her. We spend a few minutes walking around and discussing the various things we see and continue talking to people we meet. We spend the next hour or so enjoying drinks and food and showing her off in her outfit. she gets many compliments from both the men and the women. Before too much longer, "rumbles" within the ballroom give clues that the evening's events are about to get under way.

We walk back into the ballroom as she is lead to a pre-determined place within, moved in close to the wall, stripped down naked and shackled by her hands and feet. She starts to look nervous and almost resist, but I quickly lock eyes with her and she relents. I tell her everything is alright and that this was her night to relax and enjoy. I look deep into her eyes and tell her I am proud of her. she has a calm, nervous yet excited smile settle about her as I put the blindfold on her. she is to remain blindfolded the entire time. There she shall stay for the balance of the evening unless someone wants for her. she knows she is safe as I will be within sight or sound of her the entire time.

This is done to all of the women, and the men are free to roam around the room and partake of what they might like the looks of. At times, the women are unlocked and walked around the room too, others are allowed to run free by their Masters. It is up to the men. Throughout the evening various men (and women) walk up to her, touch, fondle, spank, finger, and play with her. she is a bit uncertain of it all at first, but as her tits are fondled and her pussy played with, she starts to enjoy it all immensely. Some spread her legs apart and lick her pussy, other women force her to bend over and do the same to theirs. Some men enjoy bending her over for her to suck them off. Seems rumor spread fast about her love of sucking cock from the table of men earlier. All the while she hears the countless other women orgasming and screaming. she hears the sounds of men groaning as they have their ways with the women they have chosen to remove from the wall. The sounds she hears accompanied by what she is having done to her forces her to orgasm even more as the scenes become overwhelming for her. During many ocassions throughout the evening, she is removed from her shackles and led over to the play area. Throughout the evening she is fucked, 3-way'd, passed around between multiple men, sprayed with cum, forced to cum by toys, 69'd by other sexy women, swallows multiple loads of cum, is tied off and flogged, and used how ever she is wanted. she cannot see who it is that "owns" her for that brief period in time. she does not know if they are white or black, but just submits to their will and does like she is told as they lead her down the path of total debauchery. she is made to feel hotter and more slutty than she ever thought imaginable and craves more. As the evening wears on, her slut training takes on a whole new life of its own. she is in her zone, has found her sub-space and has long since removed all emotion and feelings and has just learned to go with the intense passion of being a true slut. I keep a watchful eye on her and am very pleased to see her doing so well. she knows I am watching her and she wants to please Me.

During one brief break, I walk over to her, tell her it is me and I tell her how proud I am of her and ask her if she is doing alright and still feels safe. She says she does. I ask her is she is having a good time and she says she can't believe how hot she feels. I remind her she is a good slut and that she is making Me proud that I brought her. I ask if she would like to take a walk. she says she would love to. I unshackle her and lead her away on her leash. We walk around and I stop occassionally so someone can cop a feel of her tits, while a female buries her in a deep wet kiss. I even stop and instruct her to get on her knees so a friend can fuck her mouth as he had yet to be able to get over to her. Once he is done with her, I help her up and we continue walking. she is drenched in hot cum and is loving the feeling. I ask her if she would like to visit some of the girls... she said yes. As we walk along I describe some of the women to her. I tell her if they are cute, gorgeous, have a nice ass, or a sexy pussy, or even how big their tits are. Just various things to keep the mood and describe who it is we are passing. If she shows interest in any particular one, I walk her over and allow them to feel up on each other and kiss. A few times I told them they look good together and that I wanted her to lick the girl's pussy. So she would bend over and lick her until the girl came for Me. After a while of allowing her to roam, I return her back to her perch, shackle her back secure, and tell her it was pretty hot to watch her.

I tell her to have a good time and then pretend to walk away but turn around as if I am someone yet different and lead her off to the play area once again. Once there, I give her over to a friend who strings her up so her arms are tied straight off to her side, but yet her legs are free to move around. He motions for some of the guys to bring over the sybian and they get it set up in front of her. The large dildo on the sybian is properly lubed up as well as My slut's swollen pussy. In one swoop, she is hoisted straight up, moved forward and carefully seated down onto the machine. By this time a small crowd has gathered to witness what is going to happen. Different than other times before during the evening, she is told what will happen. As he starts it out in low, he turns it on and she almost instantly orgasms.... He asks her if she wants more and she says yes. she has never felt anything so intense. As he steadily increases the intensity, he walks over and removes her blindfold. she is so turned on by neing naked in front of everyone and of being on the sybian and seeing other naked people around her - all eyes on her - watching her get off that she screams in a constant uncontrollable orgasm. Sensory overload like she had never experienced before. Only after a few minutes of her uncontrollable orgasms, when he feels she has had enough, he turns down the dial and slowly shuts it off. she is left for a moment to gather her scattered thoughts, naked, used, totally spent. she is removed from the machine and a crowd of women flock to be next. My little slut can barely walk, but smiles all the way back to her spot as a group of guys carries her back.

When she is seated, she lifts her head, opens her eyes and asks Me if I saw her. I told her I did and she looked hot as hell, as she did all evening long. After a few minutes of sitting there with her, I asked if she was ready to play some more or was she ready to go home. she said she was ready to go home but had had an incredible time.

The end..... (Or is it???)


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