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Afternoon Delight 4 Sure

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Hi I?m Karen and this is about my friend Annie and our afternoon escapades. The guys were at work during the work day and since we both have a membership to the local country club we would hang out by the pool catching rays and checking out the golfers and other bathers around the ?cement pond? as Annie called it. When I inquired where that came from she said the hillbilly movie and that she was looking for any of the men that looked like they had cement in their bathing suits. I mentioned that since wood floats we should be interested in a man with lots of ?wood? instead of cement. Turns out we were both looking for the same asset in the men around the pool.

The waiter showed up with two ?sea breeze? drinks claiming that the two men over under the umbrella at a table sent them over to us. I started to send them back but Annie said ?OOOH, I?ll take whichever one you don?t want? and accepted the drinks. Then she told the waiter to make sure they were thanked for their kindness and include her comments when he did. It didn?t take long and they were both standing over us. I was a little self-conscience about a strange man standing so close when all I had n was my bikini. Each sat down on the lounge chairs next to us and started a conversation. The one next to Annie was about 10 years younger than either one of us women and the one next to me was only a year or two older than the other. Introductions of Tom who was next to me and Dan was sitting next to Annie and focusing on Annie?s physic and skimpy bikini top.

Small talk at first and then the little sexy comments and innuendoes began. Annie was pouring in on with lots of sugar and the boys got a little braver and personable with each of us. When asked what we were doing there letting two strange men buy us drinks and flirt with us, Annie commented that we were checking out the stable of men looking for the ones with the best junk package. I was embarrassed and it got worse when the one next to me gathered his junk and stretched his trunks around the rather large bulge between his legs. Annie liked that and asked the guy on her side of the foursome to do likewise. His too was impressive to the point that Annie commented that she wouldn?t know which one of them to play with first. The boys got even more aggressive and sat closer on the lounge chairs with us.

Annie repositioned herself asking Dan to rub lotion on her back. They ended up facing the same direction and Annie was handily between Dan?s legs rubbing them while he applied the lotion. Tom?s hand started to rub my feet, which I?m a sucker for and I put up no resistance to the foot massage. Every once in a while his hand came up my leg then to my knee then his courage was called up and his hand traveled the distance between my knee and my crotch along my inner thigh. I asked what he was up to and he bravely said ?You know what we want to do?. With that his hand remained at my crotch and his fingers lightly touched my bikini bottom, and I do mean in the right place to raise my temperature and interest in letting him continue. Annie observed the man?s forwardness with me and said ?You guys should get a room?. Dan perked up with we have one in the guest quarters on the other side of the clubhouse. I gulped when Annie suggested that they show us the room.

I knew what was expected of us by the two men if e followed them to the room but they were hot young and flirtatious to the point of my wanting to have a ?quickie?. We gathered our things and the boys carried our bags as we donned our cover-ups and followed them across the way to the rooms. The facilities were for traveling members when in town from another associated country club. Bungalows more than rooms and it was our first time to be invited inside one. First class appointments complete with a wet bar and in room Jacuzzi tub. Dan offered drinks and Tom moved in close behind me touching my arms then rubbing my shoulders, down my back, then up under my cover-up to touch my bare skin between my bikini parts. I was melting with the attention and completely aware of what his intentions were. I turned to face him and we kissed but his hands never left the touch of my body and I was engulfed in his embrace so I opened my mouth and wrapped my arms around him.

The kiss was interrupted with Dan offering us a drink. Annie had removed her cover-up and struck a sexy pose for Dan to see as he returned back to her side of the room. As soon as he was close enough to touch Annie?s hand cupped his package and they kissed with hot desire for one another. Tom took my glass after a sip then a gulp and we resumed our passionate make out session. Soon my top was untied. Then my top was tossed to the nearby chair. My breasts were caressed and kissed but I managed to slide my hand down the front of Tom?s bathing suit. He was larger than my husband by quite a bit and it was already standing tall and prepared for sex. I felt my string being untied on the side of my bottoms and paused only long enough from the kissing to feel them peel off of me. I pulled the drawstring on his trunks and tugged them down his legs. On the kissing his member and feeling it flinch with pleasure and anticipation.

I tuned to look over at Annie and I saw her with Dan?s cock in her mouth and she was busy pleasing him as he tried to keep his balance. He must have been getting light headed because he asked to move to the sofa where he returned her oral attention as soon as her bottoms were removed. On his knees he must have been good at it because Annie was moaning like prom night right away. That was short lived for me to watch as Tom turned me around to kiss his way down my body and lightly tease by pubic area with his tongue. I asked to move the love seat across the room from the occupied sofa, where I sat Tom down spread his legs and gobbled his cock with my best blow job technique. I wanted to get n it and feel it inside me but when I tried to mount his manhood, he rolled me to a sitting position and immediately dove with his face between my legs. I like a good session of ?head? so I put up no resistance. He was very good with his tongue and I got a clear shot of my friend Annie fucking the daylights out of her new friend Dan.

I arched my back as the pleasure was increasing and my temperature and blood pressure were automatically rising toward a sexual peak. Tom gave me a few more licks down there then trailed kisses up to each breast and one nipple then the other got attention from his tongue. Simultaneously my legs were spread and my bottom was pulled to the edge of the love set only bot met by that big cock of his bumping my wet vagina. I lay there spread eagle watching as he toyed with his penis teasing me with bumps and rubs with it as he worked in between my lips. I think he knew full well what he was doing to me with this playfulness and I was living it. My husband long since forgot to be playful in the bedroom but today there was no routine sex to be had in the room only hot monkey sex.

Annie gave out with a loud moan, causing me to look around Tom to check on her. Dan was sitting on the sofa and Annie was bounce fucking him from above. She was into being the aggressive one in the bedroom and Dan didn?t seem to mind at all. While making the observation across the room Tom ready his stance on his knees between my legs to aligned himself with my love hole to push into me. His large penis was more than I expected at first but in did feel wonderful and I raised my legs and moved my hips slightly to give him a better angle to penetrate me. We were soon into a pounding fucking action. The depth of his thrusts in me became breathtaking. I had never remembered a man that deeply penetrating me and it became obsessive to me to have him bottom out into me. With each exciting thrust I became even closer to reaching my orgasm. I felt him getting closer to his ejaculation and all the sign of him nearing his climax heightened my sense of desire. He pushed full in and held it in me, I felt him throb inside me and I began to feel my orgasm come over me. I reached down to push my hand between our bodies and play with my clit. As quick as I ever have touched myself and reached the euphoric state of sexuality, it happened to me right then and there. Enhanced in its intensity by the big member inside me I gave out with a pleasure ridden oration of grunts and moans thrashing under him but never wanting his cock to leave my body. That was the hottest sex I had had it years. He slumped onto me which I loved and welcomed with a nice hug, kiss and whispered thanks.

Dan and Annie were finished and enjoying a drink across the room. We sat around naked drinking the rest of our beverages but when the first offer to refill was made we turned our attention to getting dressed and returning home before our husbands made it there from work. We kissed and teased like first time sex partners do when it?s recreational in nature. Out the door, Annie and I said very little on the way home. The silence was broken when Annie said ?What happens in the bungalow stays in the bungalow?. We laughed and agreed, then suddenly realized we had not gotten their last names or contact information and didn?t even know where they were in town from. We laughed as we realized that we were just a couple of cougars out to get laid by some younger men for a good time afternoon delight.

Next day we went shopping for skimpier bathing suits and some provocative short outfits and sexy tops. A good cougar needs to market herself if she wants to get a nice young man to fuck her brains out. Annie and I are now part of the movement we like to call ?catch and release?.

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